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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1990978-1-55921-001-0Margret WittmerFloreana: A Woman's Pilgrimage to the Galapagos
2007978-1-55921-015-7Madame RolandThe Memiors of Madame Roland: A Heroine of the French Revolution
  ''978-1-55921-017-1Helene HanffUnderfoot in Show Business
2004978-1-55921-022-5Pearl S. BuckLiving Reed: A Novel of Korea
1990978-1-55921-024-9Pearl S. BuckPavilion of Women (Oriental Novels of Pearl S. Buck)
2006978-1-55921-033-1   ''Dragon Seed (Oriental Novels of Pearl S. Buck)
  ''978-1-55921-034-8   ''A House Divided (Oriental Novels of Pearl S. Buck)
2004978-1-55921-035-5   ''Imperial Woman: The Story of the Last Empress of China (Oriental Novels of Pearl S. Buck)
  ''978-1-55921-037-9   ''Mandala (Oriental Novels of Pearl S. Buck)
2005978-1-55921-039-3Pearl S. BuckSons (Good Earth Trilogy)
2008978-1-55921-040-9   ''Three Daughters of Madame Liang
1991978-1-55921-043-0V. Sackville-WestPassenger to Teheran
1995978-1-55921-055-3Niccolo TucciBefore My Time
1991978-1-55921-056-0Jacques PrevertBlood and Feathers: Selected Poems of Jacques Prevert (English, French and French Edition)
1995978-1-55921-064-5Helene HanffLetter from New York: BBC Woman's Hour Broadcasts
1993978-1-55921-070-6Shena MacKayA Bowl of Cherries
2005978-1-55921-076-8Noam ChomskyLanguage & Thought (Anshen Transdisciplinary Lectureships in Art, Science and the Philosophy of Culture)
1993978-1-55921-077-5Geraldine A. FerraroChanging History: Women, Power and Politics
  ''978-1-55921-081-2Veronica Jane O'Mara · Fionnuala O'ReillyA Trifle, a Coddle, a Fry: An Irish Literary Cookbook
1995978-1-55921-086-7Pearl S. BuckEast Wind: West Wind (Oriental Novels of Pearl S. Buck)
2004978-1-55921-091-1   ''The Mother
1993978-1-55921-100-0Andrew WilsonThe abode of snow: Observations on a journey from Chinese Tibet to the India Caucasus, through the upper valleys of the Himalaya (Exotic travel)
1994978-1-55921-104-8David L. Groover · Cecil C. Conner Jr.Skeletons from the Opera Closet: An Irreverent Appreciation
1995978-1-55921-126-0Niccolo TucciSun & Moon
  ''978-1-55921-139-0Laura Adler · McGrath James MorrisGrant Seekers Guide: Foundations That Support Social & Economic Justice (4th ed (Paper))
2007978-1-55921-140-6Helene Hanff84, Charing Cross Road
1995978-1-55921-144-4   ''Duchess of Bloomsbury Street
  ''978-1-55921-146-8Essie SakhaiOriental Carpets: A Buyer's Guide
  ''978-1-55921-149-9Angela ThirkellGrowing Up
1995978-1-55921-150-5Angela ThirkellThe Headmistress
1996978-1-55921-154-3Susan Mayor · Diana FowleSamplers (The Treasury of Decorative Art)
2004978-1-55921-156-7Pearl S. BuckKinfolk (Oriental Novels of Pearl S. Buck)
1995978-1-55921-158-1Angela ThirkellAnkle Deep
  ''978-1-55921-159-8   ''The Demon in the House
1997978-1-55921-160-4Eugene GrassetArt Nouveau Floral Designs (The Treasury of Decorative Art)
  ''978-1-55921-162-8Christopher SpringAfrican Textiles (Treasury of Decorative Art)
1995978-1-55921-173-4Angela ThirkellO, These Men, These Men
1995978-1-55921-174-1Angela ThirkellMiss Bunting (Angela Mackail Thirkell Works)
  ''978-1-55921-188-8   ''Peace Breaks Out
  ''978-1-55921-189-5   ''Private Enterprise (Angela Thirkell Barsetshire Series)
1997978-1-55921-190-1Stephen PotterOne-Upmanship
  ''978-1-55921-192-5Leon ForrestTwo Wings to Veil My Face: A Novel
2007978-1-55921-200-7Pauline GedgeHouse of Illusions: A Novel
1997978-1-55921-203-8Essie SakhaiThe Story of Carpets
1995978-1-55921-204-5Angela ThirkellLove Among the Ruins
2007978-1-55921-205-2   ''The Old Bank House (Angela Thirkell Barsetshire Series)
1997978-1-55921-206-9Thomas BassCamping With the Prince
2004978-1-55921-209-0Pearl S. BuckThe Promise (Oriental Novels of Pearl S. Buck Series)
1995978-1-55921-213-7Angela ThirkellCounty Chronicle
  ''978-1-55921-214-4   ''The Duke's Daughter (Angela Thirkell Barsetshire Series)
1995978-1-55921-215-1Angela ThirkellThree Houses
2010978-1-55921-223-6Stephen PotterTheory & Practice of Gamesmanship
1999978-1-55921-226-7Barbara PymJane and Prudence
  ''978-1-55921-228-1Barbara PymA Few Green Leaves
2005978-1-55921-232-8E. F. BensonMapp and Lucia
1999978-1-55921-233-5E. F. BensonLucia's Progress (Lucia Series)
2000978-1-55921-236-6Angela ThirkellEnter Sir Robert
  ''978-1-55921-243-4Barbara PymCrampton Hodnet
1995978-1-55921-249-6Angela ThirkellA Double Affair
1999978-1-55921-250-2Alice Thomas EllisThe 27th Kingdom
1998978-1-55921-251-9Georg TraklAutumn Sonata
2000978-1-55921-252-6E. F. BensonQueen Lucia
1995978-1-55921-255-7Angela ThirkellHappy Returns (Angela Thirkell Barsetshire)
1998978-1-55921-257-1Alice Thomas EllisThe Sin Eater
2007978-1-55921-259-5Pauline GedgeTwelfth Transforming
1998978-1-55921-261-8Regina MarlerSelected Letters Vanessa Bell
1999978-1-55921-264-9Barbara PymSome Tame Gazelle
1998978-1-55921-266-3Geraldine A. FerraroChanging History: Women, Power, and Politics
1999978-1-55921-273-1Angela ThirkellJutland Cottage (Angela Thirkell Barsetshire Series)
1999978-1-55921-274-8Angela ThirkellWhat Did It Mean?
2005978-1-55921-275-5E. F. BensonMiss Mapp
1999978-1-55921-277-9   ''Lucia in London
2000978-1-55921-284-7Alice Thomas EllisPillars of Gold
2001978-1-55921-285-4Melinda GuttmannThe Enigma of Anna O
1995978-1-55921-287-8Pearl S. BuckPavilion of Women
  ''978-1-55921-290-8Angela ThirkellClose Quarters (Angela Thirkell Barsetshire Series)
2005978-1-55921-296-0Stephen PotterLifemanship:Some Notes on Lifemanship with a Summary of Recent Research in Gamesmanship
1995978-1-55921-297-7Angela ThirkellLove at All Ages: A Novel (Angela Thirkell Barsetshire Series)
2001978-1-55921-298-4E. F. BensonTrouble For Lucia (Lucia Series)
2002978-1-55921-301-1Barbara PymThe Sweet Dove Died
2010978-1-55921-302-8Angela ThirkellPomfret Towers: a novel
2006978-1-55921-303-5Shi Nai'an · Luo GuanzhongAll Men Are Brothers
2005978-1-55921-304-2James McGrath MorrisGrant Seekers Guide, 6th Edition
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2002978-1-55921-306-6Barbara PymNo Fond Return of Love
2007978-1-55921-308-0Alice Thomas EllisThe Evening of Adam
2010978-1-55921-310-3Tom HoltLucia Triumphant: a novel
2008978-1-55921-311-0Angela ThirkellSummer Half
  ''978-1-55921-312-7   ''Cheerfulness Breaks In
2007978-1-55921-313-4Angela Mackail ThirkellNorthbridge Rectory
1995978-1-55921-314-1Angela ThirkellThree Score and Ten
2007978-1-55921-316-5Enoch Carter CloudEnoch's Voyage
2010978-1-55921-320-2Angela ThirkellAugust Folly: a novel
  ''978-1-55921-321-9   ''The Brandons: a novel
2009978-1-55921-322-6   ''Before Lunch
  ''978-1-55921-323-3Angela Mackail ThirkellMarling Hall
2008978-1-55921-324-0Angela ThirkellWild Strawberries (Angela Thirkell Barsetshire Series)
2008978-1-55921-327-1Robert GravesThe Greek Myths: Complete And Unabridged
2007978-1-55921-331-8Barbara Pym · Hilary Pym · Hazel HoltNo Fond Return of Love
2005978-1-55921-332-5David ArmstrongThe Rising Place
978-1-55921-333-2Directory of Literary Magazines: Year 2002
2007978-1-55921-336-3Pearl S. BuckEast Wind, West Wind (Oriental Novels of Peal S. Buck Series)
2006978-1-55921-338-7Pearl S. BuckPeony: A Novel of China
2008978-1-55921-349-3Pauline GedgeHouse of Illusions: A Novel
2010978-1-55921-350-9F. G. Fowler · H. W. FowlerKing's English
2006978-1-55921-352-3Mark CosmanIn the Wake of Death: Surviving the Loss of a Child
2008978-1-55921-353-0Barbara PymGlass of Blessings: A Novel
2010978-1-55921-354-7   ''An Unsuitable Attachment: a novel
2007978-1-55921-357-8Lloyd H. ElliottThe University and Corporate America: Bridging the Two Worlds
2006978-1-55921-358-5Michael LewisWorld Cup Soccer: Germany 2006
2010978-1-55921-359-2Seana McGee · Maurice TaylorNew Couple
2006978-1-55921-360-8Barbara GordonI'm Dancing As Fast As I Can
2007978-1-55921-362-2Maurice Taylor · Seanna McGeeWhat is the State of Your Union
2006978-1-55921-363-9Britt BellAbcs of Self Publishing: A Guide to Self Publishing That Helps Ease the Way into Print
2005978-1-55921-367-7National Employment Writers GroupLos Angeles Job Finder: The Guide To Permanent, Temp, Full-time Or Part-time Job. Make Your Way To The Job You Want
2004978-1-55921-380-6Robert DaleyPrince of the City: The True Story of a Cop Who Knew Too Much
2006978-1-55921-382-0Charles BoerThe Homeric Hymns: Revised 2nd Edition
2009978-1-55921-383-7Mark LevineNegotiating a Book Contract: A Guide for Authors, Agents and Lawyers
2005978-1-55921-387-5Marshall BrementDay of the Dead
2008978-1-55921-388-2Barbara PymLess Than Angels: A Novel
2007978-1-55921-390-5Ralph Nader · Clarence Ditlow · Center for Auto SafetyLemon Book: Consumer Rights for Car Owners
2010978-1-55921-391-2Pearl S. BuckNew Year: a novel
  ''978-1-55921-393-6Alice Thomas EllisThe 27th Kingdom: a novel
  ''978-1-55921-395-0Jostein GaarderThe Christmas Mystery
  ''978-1-55921-398-1Ken McAdamsBon Courage: Rediscovering the Art of Living (In the Heart of France)
1993978-1-55921-998-3Don't Look Back