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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1988978-1-55902-000-8Aerie MmAerie Jungle Bk I-Aus
  ''978-1-55902-001-5   ''Aerie Invisible Man-Aus
  ''978-1-55902-002-2   ''Aerie Billy Bud-Aus
  ''978-1-55902-003-9   ''Aerie Kidnapped-Aus
2009978-1-55902-004-6The Time Machine
1988978-1-55902-005-3Aerie MmAerie Black Beauty-Aus
  ''978-1-55902-006-0   ''Aerie Dracula-Aus
1988978-1-55902-007-7Aerie MmAerie Daisy Miller-Aus
978-1-55902-008-4Baroness (Emmuska) OrczyAerie Scarlet Pimpernal-Au
1988978-1-55902-009-1Aerie MmAerie Secret Garden-Aus
1988978-1-55902-010-7Aerie MmAerie Scarlet Pimpernel
  ''978-1-55902-011-4   ''Aerie Daisy Miller
  ''978-1-55902-013-8   ''Aerie Daisy Miller-Cn
  ''978-1-55902-015-2   ''Aerie Stories By E.Poe
  ''978-1-55902-016-9   ''Aerie Stories By E.Poe-Cn
1988978-1-55902-017-6Aerie MmAerie Scarlet Pimpernel-Cn
1988978-1-55902-018-3Aerie MmAerie Time Machine-Cn
1993978-1-55902-019-0   ''Aerie Jungle Book 2
  ''978-1-55902-020-6   ''Aerie Hans Brinker
2000978-1-55902-579-9Zane GreyThe Short-Stop
  ''978-1-55902-583-6Zane GreyAvalanche/The Kidnapping of Roseta Uvaldo
1995978-1-55902-751-9O.HenryStories by O.Henry Complete and Unabridged
2000978-1-55902-776-2Mark TwainThe Adventures Of Tom Sawyer, Complete And Unabridged
1979978-1-55902-779-3H. G. WellsThe Time Machine
1994978-1-55902-900-1Aerie MmAerie Little Women
1993978-1-55902-901-8   ''Aerie Rip Van Winkle & Other
  ''978-1-55902-902-5   ''Aerie Sea Wolf
1993978-1-55902-903-2Aerie MmAerie Tom Sawyer Detective
  ''978-1-55902-904-9   ''Aerie Turn of Screw
1994978-1-55902-905-6   ''Aerie Anne of Avonlea
  ''978-1-55902-906-3   ''Aerie Anne of Greengables
  ''978-1-55902-907-0   ''Aerie Little Women
1994978-1-55902-908-7Aerie MmAerie Lost World
  ''978-1-55902-909-4   ''Aerie Rip Van Winkle & Other Storie
  ''978-1-55902-910-0   ''Aerie Sea Wolf
  ''978-1-55902-911-7   ''Aerie Tom Sawyer Detective
  ''978-1-55902-912-4   ''Aerie Turn of Screw
1994978-1-55902-913-1Aerie MmAerie 20000 Leaguesunder Sea
1988978-1-55902-919-3Alexandre DumasAerie Three Musketeers: Defiant-Cn16dp
  ''978-1-55902-922-3Charlotte BronteJane Eyre
1992978-1-55902-938-4The Adventures of Reddy Fox
1900978-1-55902-983-4Emily BronteWuthering Heights
1988978-1-55902-989-6L. Frank BaumDorothy and the Wizard in OZ