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1990978-1-55885-003-3Luis ValdezLuis Valdez Early Works: Actos, Bernabe and Pensamiento Serpentino
1989978-1-55885-006-4Rolando HinojosaBecky and Her Friends (Klail City Death Trip Series)
1990978-1-55885-012-5Americo ParedesGeorge Washington Gomez: A Mexicotexan Novel
  ''978-1-55885-015-6Judith Ortiz CoferSilent Dancing: A Partial Remembrance of a Puerto Rican Childhood
  ''978-1-55885-016-3Roberta FernandezIntaglio: A Novel in Six Stories
  ''978-1-55885-018-7Tomas RiveraThe Searchers: Collected Poetry (English and Spanish Edition)
1991978-1-55885-026-2Dolores PridaBeautiful Señoritas & Other Plays (English, Spanish and Spanish Edition)
  ''978-1-55885-027-9Victor VillasenorMacho!
1991978-1-55885-030-9Victor VillasenorRain of Gold
  ''978-1-55885-032-3Ramon T PerezDiary of an Undocumented Immigrant
  ''978-1-55885-033-0Lorna Dee CervantesFrom the Cables of Genocide: Poems on Love and Hunger
  ''978-1-55885-034-7Ed VegaCasualty Report
1994978-1-55885-035-4Pat MoraCommunion
1992978-1-55885-039-2Julian OlivaresTomas Rivera: The Complete Works
  ''978-1-55885-041-5Cherrie Moraga · Migdalia Cruz · Caridad Svich · Josefina Lopez · Edit Villarreal · Diana SaenzShattering the Myth: Plays by Hispanic Women
1992978-1-55885-046-0of Social and Cultural Analysis Juan FloresDivided Borders: Essays on Puerto Rican Identity
  ''978-1-55885-047-7Carlos MortonJohnny Tenorio and Other Plays
  ''978-1-55885-048-4Luis ValdezZoot Suit and Other Plays
  ''978-1-55885-049-1Floyd SalasBuffalo Nickel
1994978-1-55885-056-9Leonor Villegas De Magnon · Leonor Villegas de MagnonThe Rebel (Recovering the U.s. Hispanic Literary Heritage)
1993978-1-55885-057-6Jesus Colon · Jesus Cohon · Jesus Coln · Jesus ColanThe Way It Was and Other Writings (Recovering the U.s. Hispanic Literary Heritage)
2001978-1-55885-060-6Alvar Nunez Cabeza De VacaThe Account: Alvar Nunez Cabeza de Vaca's Relacion (Recovering the Us Hispanic Literary Heritage)
1993978-1-55885-064-4Tato LavieraLa Carreta Made A U-Turn (English and Spanish Edition)
  ''978-1-55885-067-5Jose BarreiroThe Indian Chronicles
1993978-1-55885-068-2Rolando HinojosaThe Useless Servants
1994978-1-55885-071-2Americo ParedesThe Hammon and the Beans and Other Stories
1993978-1-55885-073-6Graciela LimonIn Search of Bernabe
1995978-1-55885-076-7Roberto FernandezHoly Radishes!
  ''978-1-55885-077-4Ofelia Dumas LachtmanPepita Talks Twice/Pepita Habla DOS Veces (English and Spanish Edition)
1989978-1-55885-079-8Judith Ortiz CoferTerms of Survival
1995978-1-55885-081-1Maria Amparo Ruiz De Burton · Rosaura Sanchez · Beatrice PitaWho Would Have Thought It? (Recovering the U.S. Hispanic Literary Heritage)
  ''978-1-55885-082-8Matias Montes-HuidobroEl Laud del Desterrado (Recovering the U.S. Hispanic Literary Heritage) (Spanish Edition)
  ''978-1-55885-083-5Tomás Rivera...y no se lo tragó la tierra / ...And the Earth Did Not Devour Him (English and Spanish Edition)
1996978-1-55885-088-0Anilu BernardoJumping Off to Freedom
  ''978-1-55885-091-0Graciela LimonSong of the Hummingbird
1996978-1-55885-092-7Himilce NovasMangos, Bananas, and Coconuts: A Cuban Love Story
  ''978-1-55885-093-4Floyd SalasState of Emergency
  ''978-1-55885-096-5James Roberto CurtisShango
  ''978-1-55885-099-6Oscar Zeta AcostaUncollected Works: Oscar Acosta
1991978-1-55885-104-7Alejandro MoralesThe Rag Doll Plagues
1994978-1-55885-108-5Ronald L. RuizHappy Birthday Jesus
  ''978-1-55885-111-5Rafael CampoThe Other Man Was Me: A Voyage to the New World
1994978-1-55885-112-2Floyd SalasWhat Now My Love
  ''978-1-55885-117-7Rosaura SanchezChicano Discourse: Socio-Historic Perspectives
1995978-1-55885-124-5Tina JuarezCall No Man Master
  ''978-1-55885-125-2Alba AmbertA Perfect Silence
  ''978-1-55885-127-6Joe RosenbergAplauso! Hispanic Children's Theater (English and Spanish Edition)
  ''978-1-55885-130-6Rick P RiveraA Fabricated Mexican
1995978-1-55885-131-3Gloria VelasquezMaya's Divided World (Roosevelt High School) (Roosevelt High School (Paperback))
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1996978-1-55885-151-1Tomas RiveraY No Se Lo Trago LA Tierra (Spanish Edition)
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  ''978-1-55885-171-9Floyd SalasColor of My Living Heart
1996978-1-55885-172-6Latins Anonymous · Rick Najera · Cris Franco · Luisa Leschin · Armando Molina · Diane RodríguezLatins Anonymous: Plays
1997978-1-55885-175-7Jovita Gonzalez · Jovita Gonzalez MirelesDew on the Thorn (Recovering the U.S. Hispanic Literary Heritage)
  ''978-1-55885-183-2Diane Gonzales BertrandCaldo, Caldo, Caldo/Sip, Slurp, Soup, Soup (English and Spanish Edition)
  ''978-1-55885-185-6Maria Amparo Ruiz De BurtonThe Squatter and the Don (Recovering the U.S. Hispanic Literary Heritage)
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1997978-1-55885-194-8Mario BencastroDisparo En La Catedral (Spanish and English Edition)
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1998978-1-55885-225-9Robert E. CopleyThe Tall Mexican: The Life of Hank Aguirre All-Star Pitcher, Businessman, Humanitarian
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2008978-1-55885-244-0Isabel DelgadoChave's Memories/ Los Recuerdos De Chave (English and Spanish Edition)
1998978-1-55885-246-4Pat MoraDelicious Hulabaloo/Pachanga Deliciosa (English and Spanish Edition)
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1998978-1-55885-254-9Genaro GonzalezThe Quixote Cult
1999978-1-55885-256-3Mario BencastroOdyssey to the North
1998978-1-55885-262-4Henry A J RamosThe American GI Forum: In Pursuit of the Dream, 1948-1983
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1999978-1-55885-266-2Mario BencastroOdisea al Norte / Odyssey to the North (Spanish Edition)
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1999978-1-55885-274-7Graciela LimonThe Day of the Moon
  ''978-1-55885-275-4Raulrsalinas · Raul SalinasUn Trip Through the Mind Jail y Otras Excursiones (Pioneer (Arte Publico)) (English and Spanish Edition)
2003978-1-55885-276-1Ireneo PazVida y Aventuras del Mas Celebre Bandido Sonorense, Joaquin Murrieta: Sus Grandes Proezas En California (Recuperacion de la Herencia Literaria Hispana en los Eeuu =) (Spanish and English Edition)
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2008978-1-55885-307-2Mary Sue GalindoIcy Watermelon/Sandia Fria (English and Spanish Edition)
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2002978-1-55885-375-1Ofelia Dumas LachtmanLo Que Pepita Descubre/Pepita Finds Out (Pinata Bilingual Picture Books)
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2003978-1-55885-387-4Ignacio M. GarciaHector P. Garcia: In Relentless Pursuit of Justice (The Hispanic Civil Rights Series)
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  ''978-1-55885-407-9Samuel CaraballoMis Abuelos Y Yo / My Grandparents And I (Spanish and English Edition)
2004978-1-55885-410-9Xavier GarzaCreepy Creatures and Other Cucuys
2005978-1-55885-413-0Daniel A. Olivas · Gabriela Baeza VenturaBenjamin And The Word/ Benjamin Y La Palabra (English and Spanish Edition)
  ''978-1-55885-417-8Luis ValdezMummified Deer and Other Plays
2003978-1-55885-418-5Victor VillasenorMacho! (PIONEERS OF MODERN US HISPANIC LITERATURE)
2005978-1-55885-420-8   ''The Stranger and the Red Rooster/ El forastero y el gallo rojo (English and Spanish Edition)
2004978-1-55885-421-5Lucha CorpiCrimson Moon
2005978-1-55885-423-9Maurice JourdaneThe Struggle For The Health And Legal Protection Of Farm Workers: El Cortito (Hispanic Civil Rights)
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2004978-1-55885-428-4Victor Villasenor · Guadalupe Vanessa TurciosMother Fox and Mr. Coyote / Mamá Zorra Y Don Coyote: Como Mama Zorrita Salvo A Sus Tres Bebes (English and Spanish Edition)
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2005978-1-55885-435-2Graciela LimonEl Dia de la Luna (Spanish Edition)
2004978-1-55885-436-9Himilce NovasPrincess Papaya
2005978-1-55885-437-6Anilu BernardoFitting in
2005978-1-55885-440-6Rolando Romero · Amanda Nolacea HarrisFeminism, Nation and Myth: La Malinche
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2003978-1-55885-490-1Victor VillasenorMacho! (Spanish Edition)
2008978-1-55885-493-2Gwendolyn ZepedaGrowing Up With Tamales / Los tamales de Ana (English and Spanish Edition)
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