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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1988978-1-55882-001-2Ellery QueenEllery Queen Omnibus
1989978-1-55882-004-3Peter DickinsonPerfect Gallows
  ''978-1-55882-007-4Craig Rice8 Faces at 3
  ''978-1-55882-010-4Leslie CharterisKnight Templar (The Saint Series)
  ''978-1-55882-012-8P. G. WodehouseFull Moon (Blandings Castle Novel)
  ''978-1-55882-015-9Carter DicksonThe Unicorn Murders (Sir Henry Merrivale Golden Age Classic)
1989978-1-55882-017-3John Dickson CarrTill Death Do Us Part
  ''978-1-55882-019-7Carter DicksonThe Reader Is Warned (Crime Classic)
  ''978-1-55882-021-0Paul GallicoMrs. 'Arris Goes to Paris
  ''978-1-55882-022-7Craig RiceThe Corpse Steps Out (Crime Classic)
  ''978-1-55882-023-4Jonathan LatimerMurder in the Madhouse (Library of Crime Classics)
1995978-1-55882-027-2Carter DicksonMerrivale Holds the Key: Two Classic Locked-Room Mysteries: The Plague Court Murders/the Red Widow Murders (Library of Crime Classics)
1995978-1-55882-028-9Ngaio Marsh · Douglas G. GreeneAlleyn and Others: The Collected Short Fiction of Ngaio Marsh (Library of Crime Classics)
1989978-1-55882-050-0Ngaio MarshThe Collected Short Fiction of Ngaio Marsh
  ''978-1-55882-051-7Margaret MillarVanish in an Instant (Library of Crime Classics)
  ''978-1-55882-052-4Jonathan Latimer · Peter CoffinThe Search for My Great-Uncle's Head (Library of Crime Classics)
1990978-1-55882-054-8Daniel H. GarrisonWho's Who in Wodehouse
1989978-1-55882-055-5Leslie CharterisAngels of Doom (THE SAINT SERIES)
  ''978-1-55882-058-6P. G. WodehouseIf I Were You
1990978-1-55882-059-3E. Richard JohnsonDead Flowers
  ''978-1-55882-060-9Leslie CharterisThe First Saint Omnibus: An Anthology of Saintly Adventures (The Saint series)
1990978-1-55882-062-3Carter DicksonThe Plague Court Murders (Library of crime classics)
  ''978-1-55882-066-1Margaret MillarA Stranger in My Grave
  ''978-1-55882-069-2Jonathan LatimerHeaded for a Hearse (Library of Crime Classics)
1991978-1-55882-072-2Carter DicksonWhite Priory Murders (Library of Crime Classics)
  ''978-1-55882-078-4Craig RiceThe Right Murder (Library of Crime Classics)
  ''978-1-55882-082-1Jonathan LatimerThe Dead Don't Care (Library of Crime Classics)
1991978-1-55882-084-5Leslie CharterisGetaway (THE SAINT SERIES)
  ''978-1-55882-090-6Kyril BonfiglioliSomething Nasty in the Woodshed (Library of Crime Classics Series)
  ''978-1-55882-093-7J. H. H. Gaute · Robin OdellThe New Murderers' Who's Who
  ''978-1-55882-094-4Jonathan LatimerRed Gardenias (The Library of Crime Classics Series)
1995978-1-55882-097-5Paul GallicoThe Abandoned
1991978-1-55882-102-6John Dickson CarrThe Door to Doom (Library of crime classics)
  ''978-1-55882-103-3Carter DicksonThe Skeleton in the Clock: Another Sir Henry Merrivale Mystery Classic
1992978-1-55882-109-5Peter DickinsonThe Sinful Stones (Library of Crime Classics)
1991978-1-55882-114-9Margaret MillarMermaid (Library of Crime Classics Series)
1991978-1-55882-115-6Margaret MillarAsk for Me Tomorrow (Library of Crime Classics)
1999978-1-55882-119-4P. G. WodehouseThe Uncollected Wodehouse
1995978-1-55882-129-3P. G. Wodehouse · D. R. BensenPlum's Peaches: Women in Wodehouse
1996978-1-55882-133-0Ngaio MarshAlleyn and Others: The Collected Short Fiction of Ngaio Marsh