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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
978-1-55864-034-4Life Revisions
978-1-55864-049-8Little Bear - Professional
978-1-55864-051-1Teen Graffiti
978-1-55864-052-8Everything I Ever Wanted
978-1-55864-054-2My Family, Your Family Curriculum
1997978-1-55864-056-6Empower & Trust, Respect & Cherish Set
978-1-55864-059-7Child Safety: Zona Privada (Spanish)
978-1-55864-060-3Everything I Ever Wanted (Spanish)
978-1-55864-064-1Teen Drug Awareness: Alcohol 50pk
978-1-55864-066-5Children Of Trauma: Tools To Help/Helper
978-1-55864-067-2Little Bear Video (Age 4-9)
978-1-55864-071-9Kids in Court
978-1-55864-074-0Randall G. HollandAbout Me, 4Th Edition 10Pk
978-1-55864-077-1Child Safety: Strangers ...Big Bad Wolf
978-1-55864-079-5Hacia la Luz (Spanish),3rd Edition 10pk"
2002978-1-55864-082-5Howard SchorA Place for Starr: A Story of Hope for Children Experiencing Family Violence
978-1-55864-084-9Elementary Dealing W/Stress: Bullies 50P
978-1-55864-085-6Sexual Harassment: FYI Sexual Harassment
978-1-55864-086-3Elementary Life Skills: Tolerating Diffe
978-1-55864-088-7My Mom Is an Alcoholic 10pk
978-1-55864-089-4My Dad Is an Alcoholic 10pk
978-1-55864-102-0Angry Animals Game
978-1-55864-106-8Prevention Series:3 R's of Violence(25)
978-1-55864-108-2Prevention Series: Undrstnd./Deal...(25)
978-1-55864-109-9Prevention Series:Facts abt.Sexual..(25)
1998978-1-55864-129-7Geraldine Crisci · Marilynn Lay · Liana LowensteinPaper Dolls and Paper Airplanes: Therapeutic Exercises for Sexually Traumatized Children
2003978-1-55864-140-2Constance CarlisleHope Of Awakening Video
2004978-1-55864-148-8Robert OrndorffBecoming the Best Me: 10 Career and Character Education Essentials
2005978-1-55864-150-1Marie Watkins · Linda BraunService Learning: From Classroom To Community To Career
  ''978-1-55864-151-8Marie WatkinsService-Learning Instructor's Manual
  ''978-1-55864-156-3JIST EditorsExploring Your Character
  ''978-1-55864-157-0JIST EditorsExploring Your Character
  ''978-1-55864-158-7Shaping/Future/Bldg.Character Stdnt.(Vd)
2005978-1-55864-159-4Shaping/Future/Bldg.Character Stdnt.Dvd
  ''978-1-55864-163-1JIST LifeYoung Person's Character Education Handbook (Jist's Young Person's Handbook)
2006978-1-55864-167-9Betsy KrebsOn Your Own As a Young Adult(Dvd)
2005978-1-55864-168-6Robert P BradyYouth Risk & Resilience Inventory
2006978-1-55864-177-8Rus Ervin FunkReaching Men: Strategies for Preventing Sexist Attitudes, Behaviors, And Violence