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1988978-1-55851-001-2Jim CongerC programming for MIDI
  ''978-1-55851-002-9Alan DeikmanUNIX programming on the 80286/80386
  ''978-1-55851-003-6Namir Clement ShammasQuickbasic: Programming Techniques and Library Development
  ''978-1-55851-004-3Mamir C. ShammasQuickbasic Programming/Book and Disc
978-1-55851-005-0Thom HoganTaming MS-DOS
1989978-1-55851-006-7Stephen R. DavisDesqview: A Guide to Programming the Desqview Multitasking Environment/Book and Disk
1988978-1-55851-007-4James E HendrixA Small C compiler: Language, usage, theory, and design
  ''978-1-55851-008-1PC Accounting Solutions/Book and Disk
1988978-1-55851-009-8PC accounting solutions
1989978-1-55851-010-4Patrick H. Corrigan · Aisling GuyBuilding Local Area Networks With Novell's Netware
1988978-1-55851-011-1Rusel Demaria · George R. FontainePublic-Domain Software and Shareware: Untapped Resources for the PC User
  ''978-1-55851-012-8Namir Clement ShammasQuickBASIC: Programming techniques and library development
  ''978-1-55851-013-5Michael SwaineDr. Dobb's essential HyperTalk handbook
  ''978-1-55851-014-2Rusel DemariaPublic-Domain Software and Shareware: Untapped Resources for the PC User
  ''978-1-55851-018-0Roger T. StevensGraphics Programming in C: A Comprehensive Resource for Every C Programmer: Covers Cga, Ega, and Vga Graphic Displays and Includes a Complete Toolb
1988978-1-55851-019-7Roger T. StevensGraphics Programming in C (Book and Disk)
  ''978-1-55851-020-3Graphics Programming in C - a Comprehensive Resource for Every C Programmer
1989978-1-55851-021-0Steve De Furia · Joe ScacciaferroMidi Programming for the Macintosh
1988978-1-55851-022-7Steve De Furia · Joe ScacciaferroMidi Programming for the Macintosh
  ''978-1-55851-023-4Steve De FuriaMIDI programming for the Macintosh
1989978-1-55851-024-1James E. HendrixSmall Assembler: An 80X86 Macro Assembler Written in Small C/Disk and Manual
1988978-1-55851-025-8Patrick H. CorriganBuilding Local Area Networks
1989978-1-55851-027-2Dr. Dobb's Journal: Software Tools/1988
  ''978-1-55851-028-9Stephen R. DavisDesqview: A Guide to Programming the Desqview Multitasking Environment
  ''978-1-55851-030-2James E. HendrixSmall Assembler: An 80X86 Macro Assembler Written in Small C/Book and Disk
1989978-1-55851-031-9James E. HendrixA Small Assembler: Language, Usage, Theory and Design/Book and Disk
1988978-1-55851-033-3PC accounting solutions
1990978-1-55851-034-0Edward DowgialloSQL for dBASE Programmers
  ''978-1-55851-035-7   ''SQL for dBASE Programmers
1989978-1-55851-036-4   ''SQL for dBase programmers
  ''978-1-55851-037-1Roger T. StevensFractal Programming in C
  ''978-1-55851-038-8   ''Fractal Programming in C
  ''978-1-55851-039-5Roger T StevensFractal programming in C
1989978-1-55851-052-4Craig ChaikenBlueprint of a Lan
  ''978-1-55851-053-1Jim Aspinwall · Rory Burke · Mike ToddPC User's Survival Guide
1993978-1-55851-056-2Mark A. MillerLan Troubleshooting Handbook
1990978-1-55851-099-9Mark A. MillerLan Protocol Handbook
  ''978-1-55851-118-7Roger T. StevensFractal Programming and Ray Tracing With C++
  ''978-1-55851-124-8James E. HendrixA Small C Compiler, 2nd Edition
1991978-1-55851-173-6Roger T. Stevens · Christopher D. WatkinsAdvanced Graphics Programming in C and C++
  ''978-1-55851-216-0Mark NelsonThe Data Compression Book
1992978-1-55851-247-4Christopher WatkinsPhotorealism and Ray Tracing in C
1992978-1-55851-259-7Running Windows on Netware
  ''978-1-55851-281-8Mark NelsonSerial Communications: A C ++ Developer's Guide: A Comprehensive Guide to Writing Serial Communications Applications Using Object-Oriented Techniqu
1993978-1-55851-298-6Julien Clinton SprottStrange Attractors: Creating Patterns in Chaos/Book and Disk
1995978-1-55851-397-6Bruce F. WebsterPitfalls of Object-Oriented Development
1996978-1-55851-433-1Doug HousemanOpen Doc Programming for the Mac
1995978-1-55851-434-8Mark Nelson · Jean-Loup GaillyThe Data Compression Book
  ''978-1-55851-438-6William WongRemote Lan Connections
1996978-1-55851-463-8Scott Robert LaddC++ I/O Streams, Containers, and Standard Classes
  ''978-1-55851-465-2Scott Robert LaddC++ Templates and Tools
  ''978-1-55851-486-7Mark A. MillerAnalyzing Broadband Networks: Isbd, Frame Relay, Smds, & Atm (Network Troubleshooting Library)
1996978-1-55851-493-5Mark AndrewsC++ Windows Nt Programming
1997978-1-55851-503-1Tom ArmstrongDesigning and Using ActiveX Controls
1995978-1-55851-552-9Valluru B. Rao · Hayagriva RaoC++ Neural Networks and Fuzzy Logic
1997978-1-55851-561-1Mark A. MillerManaging Internetworks With Snmp: The Definitive Guide to the Simple Network Management Protocol, Snmpv2, Rmon, and Rmon2 (Network Troubleshooting Library)
  ''978-1-55851-569-7Eric Foster-JohnsonGraphical Applications With Tcl and Tk