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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1998978-1-55848-015-5Bob GriswoldExercise Motivation (Love Tapes)
1992978-1-55848-031-5GriswolMemory Improvement (Love Tape/Audio Cassette)
  ''978-1-55848-043-8Bob GriswoldImprove Your Self Image (Love Tape/Audio Cassette)
1981978-1-55848-046-9Robert GriswoldSlim Image II/Weight Control (The Love Tapes)
1996978-1-55848-052-0Bob GriswoldTaking Charge of Your Life (Love Tapes)
1988978-1-55848-055-1Robert E. GriswoldAnger Control (Love Tapes)
2004978-1-55848-100-8Bob GriswoldSuper Strength Weight Loss + Stay Slim
  ''978-1-55848-101-5   ''Super Strength Self-Esteem / Self-Image Programming
  ''978-1-55848-103-9   ''Super Strength Memory Power and Learning Power
  ''978-1-55848-104-6Robert E. GriswoldLetting Go of the Past / Up from Depression: Overcome Past Negative Events and Get a Fresh Start With the Help of These Powerful and Enjoyable Audio Programs (Super Strength)
2010978-1-55848-105-3Bob GriswoldAttracting More Love + Personal Magnetism (Super Strength)
2004978-1-55848-108-4   ''Increase Your Energy + Conquer Procrastination (Super Strength)
2004978-1-55848-110-7Bob GriswoldTotal Relaxation + How to Manage Stress Easily: You'll Relax Like Never Before and Learn to Conquer Stress Completely With the Help of These Excellent, Enjoyable Audio Programs (Superstrength Series)
  ''978-1-55848-111-4   ''Positive Thinking Made Easy / Instant Mood Brightener (Super Strength)
2005978-1-55848-150-3Bob GriswoldDeep Relaxation (Love Tapes)
  ''978-1-55848-151-0   ''Exercise Motivation (Love Tapes)
  ''978-1-55848-153-4   ''Improve Your Self-Image (Love Tapes)
  ''978-1-55848-154-1   ''Slim Image II Weight Control (Love Tapes)
  ''978-1-55848-157-2   ''Anger Control: 3-in-1 Audio, Guided Mediatation-subliminal Programming (Love Tapes)
2005978-1-55848-158-9Bob GriswoldHow to Attract Money (Love Tapes)
2009978-1-55848-220-3Robert E GriswoldAttract Money and More: How you can begin enjoying a prosperous, happy, purposeful life...today
2004978-1-55848-706-2Bob Griswold · Deirdre GriswoldAchieve Your Ideal Weight Auto-Matically (While-U Drive)
  ''978-1-55848-709-3Bob Griswold · Deirdre GriswoldBecome Totally Positive... Auto-Matically (While-u-drive!)
2010978-1-55848-711-6Bob Griswold · Deirdre GriswoldStrengthen Your Self-Image: Auto-matically (While-U-Drive)
  ''978-1-55848-713-0   ''Become Super Self-Confident... Auto-Matically (While-U-drive!)
2004978-1-55848-715-4   ''Overcome Fears and Anxiety Auto-matically (While-U-Drive)
2013978-1-55848-999-8Deirdre Marie CaponeUncle Al Capone: The Untold Story from Inside His Family