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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1988978-1-55818-100-7Rodney CollinMysteries of the Seed
1991978-1-55818-137-3Gerald MasseyThe Historical Jesus and the Mythical Christ
1989978-1-55818-162-5Vladimir SolovyevTale of the Anti-Christ
1990978-1-55818-168-7W. L. WilmshurstParsifal: A Study of Wagner's Music Drama
2001978-1-55818-204-2ProclusThe Elements of Theology
1993978-1-55818-228-8Julius EvolaThe Path of Enlightenment in the Mithraic Mysteries
  ''978-1-55818-231-8Alphonse MinganaThe Yezidis: The Devil Worshippers of the Middle East: Their Beliefs & Sacred Books
1994978-1-55818-270-7Aleister CrowleyAbsinthe: The Green Goddess
  ''978-1-55818-277-6Michael Maier · J. V. AndraeA Rosicrucian Primer: Ancient Landmarks of the Rosicrucians
  ''978-1-55818-278-3C. J. S. ThompsonCeltic Healing: The Healing Arts of Ancient Britain, Wales & Ireland
2001978-1-55818-305-6Albert PikeThe Point Within the Circle: Freemasonry Veiled in Allegory and Illustrated by Symbols
1996978-1-55818-325-4W. Wynn WestcottThe Complete Golden Dawn Cipher Manuscript (Golden Dawn Studies No 1)
1993978-1-55818-329-2Julius EvolaZen: The Religion of the Samurai
1996978-1-55818-331-5Darcy Kuntz · R. A. GilbertThe Golden Dawn Source Book (Golden Dawn Studies No 2)
  ''978-1-55818-332-2Darcy Kuntz · R. A. GilbertThe Golden Dawn Source Book (Golden Dawn Studies No 2)
1996978-1-55818-333-9Akiba Ben JosephSepher Yetzirah: the Book of Formation and the 32 Paths of Wisdom with Hebrew Text (Golden Dawn Studies No 3) (English and Hebrew Edition)
2005978-1-55818-334-6Darcy KuntzThe Golden Dawn Source Works: A Bibliography (Golden Dawn Studies No 4)
1996978-1-55818-337-7Florence FarrThe Magic of a Symbol (Golden Dawn Studies No 6)
  ''978-1-55818-338-4A. E. WaiteThe Golden Dawn Tarot: The Great Dance of the Royal Figures (Golden Dawn Studies No 8)
2001978-1-55818-339-1W. Wynn Westcott · A. E. WaiteThe Serpent Myth (Golden Dawn Studies No 9)
2005978-1-55818-340-7Florence FarrThe Enochian Experiments of the Golden Dawn: Enochian Alphabet Clairvoyantly Examined (Golden Dawn Studies No 7)
  ''978-1-55818-354-4Darcy Kuntz · Mary K. GreerChronology of the Golden Dawn: Being the Chronological History of a Magical Order (Golden Dawn Studies No 11)
2001978-1-55818-360-5Patrick SmithThe Emerald Tablet of Hermes
1997978-1-55818-364-3Ellic HoweFringe Masonry in England, 1870-1885 (Golden Dawn Studies No 12)
  ''978-1-55818-366-7Eliphas LeviThe Elements of the Kabbalah in Ten Lessons (Golden Dawn Studies No 13)
  ''978-1-55818-368-1W. Wynn WestcottThe Kabbalah of the Golden Dawn (Golden Dawn Studies No 16)
1998978-1-55818-370-4E. J. Langford GarstinAspects of Occultism (Golden Dawn Studies No 19)
1997978-1-55818-382-7Franz Anton MesmerMesmerism: The Discovery of Animal Magnetism
1997978-1-55818-393-3R. A. Gilbert · Aleister CrowleyBaphomet and Son: A Little Known Chapter in the Life of the Beast 666 (Golden Dawn Studies No 22)
  ''978-1-55818-394-0S. L. MacGregor Mathers · Paul Foster CaseThe Secret Knowledge of the Neophyte (Golden Dawn Studies No 18)
1998978-1-55818-398-8Sunny ShahAustin Spare: An Introduction to His Life and Works
  ''978-1-55818-402-2Scott S. SmithThe Soul of Your Pet: Evidence for the Survival of Animals After Death
  ''978-1-55818-404-6Michael Sendivogius · Patrick SmithThe Alchemical Letters of Michael Sendivogius to the Rosicrucian Society
  ''978-1-55818-410-7S. L. MacGregor Mathers · Moina MathersThe Golden Dawn Legacy of MacGregor Mathers (Golden Dawn Studies No 23)
2005978-1-55818-423-7L Saint-Didier · Patrick SmithTHE HERMETICAL TRIUMPH & THE ANCIENT WAR OF THE KNIGHTS: The Victorius Philosopher's Stone
2001978-1-55818-470-1Hans Thomas HaklUnknown Sources: National Socialism and the Occult
2006978-1-55818-479-4Robert August · R. W. O. LangThe Comacine Builders: A Critical Examination of a Theory on the Origins of Freemasonry.
2007978-1-55818-481-7Michael CharlesA Roger Bacon Reader
2006978-1-55818-483-1ParacelsusA Paracelsus Reader