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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1988978-1-55806-001-2Graham StaplehurstMinas Tirith: Cities of Middle-earth (Middle Earth Role Playing/MERP)
  ''978-1-55806-007-4Charles CrutchfieldFar Harad, the Scorched Land (Middle Earth)
1990978-1-55806-010-4Not AvailableMouths of the Entwash (Middle Earth)
1988978-1-55806-013-5Shadow in the South (Middle Earth Role Playing/MERP)
  ''978-1-55806-015-9Tom Loback · Peter C. FenlonHalls of the Eleven King (Fortresses of Middle Earth)
  ''978-1-55806-017-3Aaron AllstonStrike Force: A Campaign Sourcebook for Champions Role Playing Game (Hero Games)
1990978-1-55806-018-0Not AvailableMirkwood: The Wilds of Rhovanion (MERP/Middle Earth Role Playing)
1989978-1-55806-019-7J. R. R. TolkienCreatures of Middle-Earth (Middle Earth Game Rules, Intermediate Fantasy Role Playing, Stock No. 8005)
1990978-1-55806-030-2Not AvailableGhosts of the Southern Anduin (Middle Earth)
  ''978-1-55806-032-6William B. Feild Jr. · Peter G. StassunPerils on the Sea of Rhun (Middle Earth Game Supplements, Stock No. 8110)
1990978-1-55806-041-8Scott F. HeineMind Games (An Organization Book for Champions, 402)
  ''978-1-55806-044-9Classic Enemies (Super Hero Role Playing, Stock No. 403)
1989978-1-55806-048-7Wolfgang BaurTreasures of Middle-Earth (Middle Earth Game Rules, Intermediate Fantasy Role Playing, Stock No. 8006)
  ''978-1-55806-050-0Don Coator · Darrin AndersonRolemaster Companion 3
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  ''978-1-55806-069-2Carl Willner · Angus McBride · Darrell MidgetteMount Gundabad (Middle Earth Ser.)
1990978-1-55806-078-4Not AvailableMiddle-Earth Adventure Guidebook II (Intermediate Fantasy Role Playing, Stock No. 2210)
1990978-1-55806-081-4Not AvailableDenizens of the Dark Wood (Middle Earth Game Supplements, Stock No. 8111)
  ''978-1-55806-083-8   ''Rogues of the Borderlands (Middle Earth Game Supplements, Stock No. 8014)
  ''978-1-55806-084-5   ''Forest of Tears (MERP/Middle Earth Role Playing #8015)
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1990978-1-55806-094-4George MacDonaldHero System Rulesbook (Universal Role Playing, Stock No. 500)
  ''978-1-55806-100-2Not AvailableGreater Harad (Middle Earth Game Supplements, Stock No. 3111)
1991978-1-55806-101-9Scott BennieDay of the Destroyer (Champions Ser.)
1990978-1-55806-104-0Phil · Bell, Rob (editor) MastersKingdom of Champions (Super Hero Role Playing, Stock No. 410)
  ''978-1-55806-107-1John M. FerroneGhost Warriors (Middle Earth Series)
  ''978-1-55806-109-5Not AvailableChampions in 3-D (Super Hero Role Playing, Stock No. 411)
  ''978-1-55806-110-1Charles BrownDemons Rule (An Adventure Supplement for, CHAMPIONS)
1991978-1-55806-119-4iron-crown-enterprisesClassic Organizations (An Organizations Book for Champions)
1991978-1-55806-123-1Scott Sigler · Phil Masters · Dean Edgell · Dana EdgellChampions Presents #1
  ''978-1-55806-127-9Not AvailableRolemaster Companion IV
1990978-1-55806-134-7Agnus McBrideCharacters of Middle Earth (Intermediate Fantasy Role Playing, Stock No. 8007)
1991978-1-55806-143-9Mark RabuckMinas Ithil (Middle Earth Series)
1992978-1-55806-160-6Brannon Boren · Patrick E. Bradley · Monte Cook · Storn CookNormals Unbound
  ''978-1-55806-167-5Monte CookChampions Universe (A Sourcebook for Champions)
  ''978-1-55806-171-2Mark RabuckNorthwestern Middle-Earth Gazetteer (Middle Earth Campaign Atlas)
  ''978-1-55806-173-6Sean P. Fannon · Storn Cook · Greg Smith · Monte CookHigh Tech Enemies (Champions)
1993978-1-55806-178-1Timothy Keating, Cliff Christiansen Stan WestChampions Presents #2 (#424 Three Adventures for Champions)
1993978-1-55806-179-8iron-crown-enterprises-staffViper: A Sourcebook for Champions (Iron Crown Enterprises Staff)
  ''978-1-55806-194-1Steven S. Long · Scott Ruggles · Bruce HarlickJustice, Not Law
  ''978-1-55806-196-5P. FenlonValar & Maiar: Peoples (Middle-Earth Role Playing)
1994978-1-55806-199-6Graham StaplehurstMinas Tirith (Middle Earth: Citadel Series #2007)
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2006978-1-55806-205-4First, Heal the Children...and the Planet Will Follow
1994978-1-55806-206-1James Andrysik · David West · Cliff Christiansen · Steven S. LongMurderer's Row
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2004978-1-55806-605-2HARP: High Adventure Role PlayingHARP: Martial Law
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