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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1988978-1-55778-004-1Gordon McVayEsenin: A Life
1989978-1-55778-024-9Jacques RossiThe Gulag Handbook: An Encyclopedia Dictionary of Soviet Penitentiary Institutions and Terms Related to the Forced Labor Camps
1991978-1-55778-043-0Arthur S. Berger · Joyce BergerThe Encyclopedia of Parapsychology and Psychical Research
1990978-1-55778-044-7Herbert HunckeGuilty of Everything: The Autobiography of Herbert Huncke
1989978-1-55778-054-6William C. JohnsonThe Politics of Urban Planning
  ''978-1-55778-064-5Lesley Poling-KempesThe Harvey Girls: Women Who Opened the West
1988978-1-55778-067-6Arthur Knight · Kit KnightKerouac and the Beats: A Primary Sourcebook
1990978-1-55778-076-8William B. McCloskeyFish Decks: Seafarers of the North Atlantic
1988978-1-55778-079-9Ted Coleman · Robert WenkamJack Northrop and the Flying Wing: The Story Behind the Stealth Bomber
1989978-1-55778-083-6Lao TzuThe Tao Te Ching: A New Translation With Commentary
1988978-1-55778-108-6Josephine BakerJosephine
1989978-1-55778-110-9Ray OldenburgThe Great Good Place: Cafes, Coffee Shops, Community Centers, Beauty Parlors, General Stores, Bars, Hangouts and How They Get You Through the Day
2019978-1-55778-113-0Elisabeth HereschBlood on the Snow: Eyewitness Accounts of the Russian Revolution
1988978-1-55778-114-7Robert Fossum · John RothAmerican Ground: Vistas, Visions and Revisions (A Reader in American Studies)
1989978-1-55778-119-2Paul EluardLetters to Gala (European sources) (English and French Edition)
  ''978-1-55778-127-7Doug BoydMystics Magicians and Medicine People Tale (Omega Book)
1990978-1-55778-137-6James R. ArnoldCrisis on the Danube: Napoleon's Austrian Campaign of 1809
1988978-1-55778-144-4Louis L. SnyderEncyclopedia of the Third Reich
1990978-1-55778-158-1Jean CocteauSouvenir portraits: Paris in the Belle Epoque
  ''978-1-55778-160-4Kyriacos C. MarkidesFire in the Heart: Healers, Sages and Mystics
1989978-1-55778-169-7Babette RosmondRobert Benchley: His Life and Good Times
  ''978-1-55778-180-2Sidney Field · Peter HayKrishnamurti: The Reluctant Messiah
1989978-1-55778-186-4Nathan MillerSpying for America: The Hidden History of U.S. Intelligence
  ''978-1-55778-187-1John K. Roth · Michael BerenbaumHolocaust: Religious and Philosophical Implications
1998978-1-55778-189-5Drew HylandPhilosophy of Sport (Paragon Issues on Philosophy Series)
1989978-1-55778-190-1William C. JohnsonThe Politics of Urban Planning
1991978-1-55778-193-2Carl E. RollysonThe Lives of Norman Mailer: A Biography
1992978-1-55778-194-9Nancy TuanaWomen and the History of Philosophy
1998978-1-55778-196-3Emilie Zum BrunnWomen Mystics in Medieval Europe
  ''978-1-55778-200-7Roger CorlessVision of Buddhism: The Space Under the Tree
1990978-1-55778-201-4David IngramCritical Theory and Philosophy (Paragon Issues in Philosophy)
1998978-1-55778-204-5John F. PostMetaphysics: A Contemporary Introduction
  ''978-1-55778-208-3Richard SchiffmanSri Ramakrishna: A Prophet for the New Age
  ''978-1-55778-212-0John Roth · Michael BerenbaumHolocaust: Religious and Philosophical Implications
1989978-1-55778-215-1Paul FerrisDylan Thomas: A Biography
1989978-1-55778-216-8W. Somerset MaughamThe gentleman in the parlour: A record of a journey from Rangoon to Haiphong (Armchair traveller series)
  ''978-1-55778-225-0John SteinbeckA Russian Journal (Armchair Traveller Series)
  ''978-1-55778-232-8Barrie PittThe Crucible of War: Western Desert 1941
1998978-1-55778-238-0Ellen ChenTao Te Ching: A New Translation with Commentary
1989978-1-55778-239-7Nancy Lisagor · Frank LipsiusA Law Unto Itself: The Untold Story of the Law Firm Sullivan & Cromwell
  ''978-1-55778-240-3Donald WindhamLost Friendships: A Memoir of Truman Capote Tennessee Williams and Others
1990978-1-55778-244-1Georg FeuersteinEncyclopedic Dictionary of Yoga (1st Edition) (Paragon Living Traditions Series)
  ''978-1-55778-245-8Georg FeuersteinEncyclopedic Dictionary of Yoga (Paragon Living Traditions Series)
1991978-1-55778-250-2   ''Holy Madness: The Shock Tactics and Radical Teachings of Crazy-Wise Adepts, Holy Fools, and Rascal Gurus (An Omega Book)
1989978-1-55778-254-0Claude EatherlyBurning Conscience: The Case of the Hiroshima Pilot (English and German Edition)
1992978-1-55778-255-7Frédéric VitouxCeline: A Biography (European Sources)
1991978-1-55778-260-1Lou Andreas-SaloméLooking Back: Memoirs (European sources)
1998978-1-55778-273-1Don IhdePhilosophy of Technology: An Introduction (Paragon Issues in Philosophy)
1989978-1-55778-276-2Peter HayOrdinary Heroes: The Life and Death of Chana Szenes, Israel's National Heroine
1998978-1-55778-278-6Alan SobleEros, Agape and Philia: Readings in the Philosophy of Love
1990978-1-55778-281-6John DiamondLife Energy: Using the Meridians to Unlock the Hidden Power of Your Emotions
1998978-1-55778-284-7Randolph M. Feezell · Curtis HancockHow Should I Live?: Philosophical Conversations about Moral Life
1989978-1-55778-286-1Anthony SummersConspiracy
1998978-1-55778-300-4Jay L. Garfield · Murray KiteleyMeaning and Truth: The Essential Readings in Modern Semantics (Paragon Issues in Philosophy)
1998978-1-55778-303-5John WhiteKundalini, Evolution and Enlightenment (Omega Book)
  ''978-1-55778-305-9Frank BiancoVoices of Silence: Lives of the Trappists Today
  ''978-1-55778-309-7Tsenay SerequeberhanAfrican Philosophy: The Essential Readings (Paragon Issues in Philosophy)
1990978-1-55778-311-0John SteinbeckBombs Away!: The Story of a Bomber Team
1992978-1-55778-315-8Ted SchwarzWalking With the Damned: The Shocking Murder of the Man Who Freed 30,000 Prisoners from the Nazis
  ''978-1-55778-319-6Blaise CendrarsSky: Memoirs (European sources)
1990978-1-55778-332-5Lucy FreemanThe Story of Anna O
  ''978-1-55778-334-9Paul R. FleischmanThe Healing Spirit: Explorations in Religion and Psychotherapy
1991978-1-55778-336-3Gerald L. Belcher · Margaret L. BelcherCollecting Souls, Gathering Dust: The Struggles of Two American Artists, Alice Neel and Rhoda Medary
1990978-1-55778-337-0Vilhjalmur StefanssonHunters of the Great North (Armchair Traveller Series)
1990978-1-55778-342-4Paul Dong & Aristide H. EsserChi Gong Ancient Chinese Way to Health
1991978-1-55778-347-9Roberta RogowFuturespeak: A Fan's Guide to the Language of Science Fiction
1998978-1-55778-353-0David IngramCritical Theory: The Essential Readings (Paragon Issues in Philosophy)
1991978-1-55778-360-8Dermot ColeHard Driving: The 1908 Auto Race from New York to Paris
1998978-1-55778-363-9Hermann LangbeinAgainst all Hope: Resistance in the Nazi Concentration Camps
  ''978-1-55778-381-3Gini Graham ScottShamanism and Personal Mastery: Using Symbols, Rituals, and Talismans
1991978-1-55778-382-0Wilbur CrossZeppelins of World War I: The Dramatic Story of Germany's Lethal Airships
1990978-1-55778-404-9Radek SikorskiDust of the Saints: A Journey to Herat in Time of War
1992978-1-55778-408-7Edmund, Sir HillaryAscent: Two Lives Explored: The Autobiographies of Sir Edmund and Peter Hillary
1991978-1-55778-416-2Gerald HowardThe Sixties: Art, politics, and media of our most explosive decade
  ''978-1-55778-419-3Charles Schlaifer · Lucy FreemanHeart's Work: Civil War Heroine and Champion of the Mentally Ill, Dorothea Lynde Dix
  ''978-1-55778-420-9Jessica Amanda SalmonsonThe Encyclopedia of Amazons: Women Warriors from Antiquity to the Modern Era
  ''978-1-55778-436-0Liu DaThe Tao of Health and Longevity: The Master Who Brout T'ai Chi Ch'uan to America Shows How Chinese Exercises Can Help You Attain a Long and Healthy Life
1991978-1-55778-440-7Anthony SerafiniLinus Pauling: A Man and His Science
1998978-1-55778-447-6Huston SmithHuston Smith: Essays in World Religion
1992978-1-55778-449-0Stanton T FriedmanCrash at Corona: The U.S. military retrieval and cover-up of a UFO
1998978-1-55778-453-7Maurice FriedmanEncounter on the Narrow Ridge: A Life of Martin Buber
  ''978-1-55778-457-5Eve Browning ColePhilosophy of Feminist Criticism: An Introduction (Paragon Issues in Philosophy)
1992978-1-55778-467-4Robert T. MannLegacy to Power: Senator Russell Long of Louisiana
1991978-1-55778-469-8Rolf H TheenUssr First Congress of Peoples Debuti V3
  ''978-1-55778-479-7Malcolm XMalcolm X: Speeches at Harvard
1998978-1-55778-480-3James FetzerFoundations of Philosophy of Science: Recent Developments (Paragon Issues in Philosophy)
  ''978-1-55778-481-0James FetzerPhilosophy of Science (Paragon Issues in Philosophy)
  ''978-1-55778-501-5Charles H. Lippy · Robert Choquette · Stafford PooleChristianity Comes to the Americas 1492-1776
1998978-1-55778-504-6Carol Rittner · John RothDifferent Voices: Women and the Holocaust
1992978-1-55778-507-7Jay Robert NashEncyclopedia of western lawmen & outlaws (Paragon House true crime library)
  ''978-1-55778-508-4Jay Robert NashWorld Encyclopedia of Organized Crime (Paragon True Crime Library)
  ''978-1-55778-512-1W. J. WeatherbyConversations with Marilyn
1998978-1-55778-516-9Sachiko Murata · William ChittickVision of Islam (Visions of Reality)
1993978-1-55778-525-1Simone de BeauvoirAll said and done
1992978-1-55778-526-8Harold L KlawansLife, death, and in between: Tales of clinical neurology
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1992978-1-55778-529-9Douglas B. ElliottWildwoods Wisdom: Encounters With the Natural World
1998978-1-55778-539-8Lowell Kleiman · Stephen LewisPhilosophy: An Introduction Through Literature
  ''978-1-55778-567-1Charles E.M. DunlopGlossary Cognitive Science (Paragon House Glossary for Research, Reading, and Writing)
1993978-1-55778-579-4Lawrence JamesThe golden warrior: The life and legend of Lawrence of Arabia
  ''978-1-55778-583-1Fred Lawrence GuilesNorma Jean: The life of Marilyn Monroe
1993978-1-55778-584-8Eva ShawTrade Secrets: Moneymaking and Timesaving Tips and Advice for Writers (Paragon House Writer's)
1998978-1-55778-596-1Maurice FriedmanEncounter on the Narrow Ridge: A Life of Martin Buber
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1998978-1-55778-708-8Helmut ThielickeNotes from a Wayfarer: The Autobiography of Helmut Thielicke
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  ''978-1-55778-715-6Lucy BregmanFirst Person Mortal
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1998978-1-55778-739-2James FetzerPhilosophy of Cognitive Science (Paragon Issues in Philosophy)
1996978-1-55778-745-3Gene KiefferKundalini: Empowering Human Evolution: Selected Writings of Gopi Krishna
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1999978-1-55778-765-1Kinue TokudomeCourage to Remember
1998978-1-55778-766-8Georges Van VrekhemBeyond the Human Species: The Life and Work of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother (Omega Books)
1999978-1-55778-768-2James LewisPeculiar Prophets: A Biographical Dictionary of New Religions
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1998978-1-55778-770-5A. Okechukwu OgbonnayaOn Communitarian Divinity: An African Interpretation of the Trinity
1999978-1-55778-771-2John RothEthics After the Holocaust
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2000978-1-55778-780-4Robert MorrisEnvironmental Case for Nuclear Power: Economic, Medical, and Political Considerations
1999978-1-55778-781-1Richard GordonHoryo: Memoirs of an American POW
2000978-1-55778-782-8John CanalSilencing the Lone Assassin: The Murders of JFK and Lee Harvery Oswald
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2000978-1-55778-786-6Arthur VersluisWisdom's Book: The Sophia Anthology
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2000978-1-55778-791-0Frederick SwartsPantanal: Understanding and Preserving the World's Largest Wetland
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2002978-1-55778-829-0Andrée Aelion BrooksThe Woman Who Defied Kings: The Life and Times of Dona Gracia Nasi
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  ''978-1-55778-846-7Brad ReynoldsWhere's Wilber At?: Ken Wilber's Integral Vision in the New Millennium
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2006978-1-55778-858-0Marc PrenskyDon't Bother Me Mom--I'm Learning!
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2008978-1-55778-870-2Thomas Pogge · Keith HortonGlobal Ethics: Seminal Essays (Paragon Issues in Philosophy)
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  ''978-1-55778-873-3Judith BlackstoneThe Enlightenment Process: A Guide to Embodied Spiritual Awakening (Revised and Expanded)
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2010978-1-55778-877-1Henry GreenspanOn Listening to Holocaust Survivors: Beyond Testimony, 2nd, Revised and Expanded Edition
2009978-1-55778-882-5Hermann LangbeinAgainst all Hope: Resistance in the Nazi Concentration Camps
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  ''978-1-55778-895-5Elliott S. DacherAware, Awake, Alive: A Contemporary Guide to the Ancient Science of Integral Health and Human Flourishing, Practice CD included
2014978-1-55778-909-9Doug WhiteAbusing Donor Intent: The Robertson Family's Epic Lawsuit Against Princeton University
2015978-1-55778-917-4Judith S. MillerHealing the Western Soul: A Spiritual Homecoming for Today's Seeker
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  ''978-1-55778-935-8Jeffrey S. CopelandPlague in Paradise: The Black Death in Los Angeles, 1924