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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1999978-1-55748-011-8Barbour PublishingGODS SMUGGLER-COMIC
1988978-1-55748-059-0Oswald ChambersMy Utmost for His Highest
1999978-1-55748-065-1Barbour PublishingCROSSFIRE
1989978-1-55748-080-4C. S. LewisThe Screwtape Letters
1999978-1-55748-086-6Barbour PublishingARCHIE & MR. WEATHERBEE
1989978-1-55748-102-3Kjersti H. BaezCorrie Ten Boom (Young reader's Christian library)
978-1-55748-105-4Barbour PublishingThe Bible Promise Book KJV
1989978-1-55748-110-8A. J. RussellGod Calling (Inspirational Library)
1990978-1-55748-114-6Lew WallaceBen Hur (Young Readers Christian Library)
1999978-1-55748-115-3Barbour PublishingCHILDREN BIBLE STUDY ACTI
1990978-1-55748-137-5Charles M. SheldonIn His Steps: What Would Jesus Do? (Young Reader's Christian Libarary)
1999978-1-55748-184-9Barbour PublishingUP FROM HARLEM
  ''978-1-55748-186-3   ''GOOD NEWS:GOSPELS OF JES
  ''978-1-55748-191-7   ''BIBLE TEACHES PATIENCE
1991978-1-55748-212-9Grace Livingston HillMiranda
1999978-1-55748-218-1Barbour PublishingMY UTMOST/#P V/P TEAL
1991978-1-55748-235-8Barbour PublishersThe Bible Promise Book: One Thousand Promises from God's Word (New International Version)
  ''978-1-55748-241-9Ken AbrahamArmed and Dangerous (Ephesians 6:11: Straight Answers from the Bible; Inspirational Library)
1999978-1-55748-244-0Barbour PublishingBROTHERS-HANG IN THERE
  ''978-1-55748-249-5   ''COLOR-ME TALES OLD TESTA
1992978-1-55748-259-4Dan LarsenDavid Livingstone (Young Reader's Christian Library)
1992978-1-55748-260-0Susan Martins MillerYoung Readers Christian Library: Esther
  ''978-1-55748-261-7Grace Livingston HillMarcia Schuyler (The Miranda Trilogy)
  ''978-1-55748-262-4   ''Phoebe Deane (Miranda Trilogy)
1995978-1-55748-264-8Daniel PartnerBedtime Bible Story Book: 365 Read-aloud Stories from the Bible
1992978-1-55748-283-9Clarence BlasierBible Answers for Every Need: The Right Scripture at the Right Time, Every Time
1997978-1-55748-284-6Inc. Barbour & CompanyBible Promise Book for Graduates: New International Version
1992978-1-55748-288-4Lana BatemanPoems for the Healing Journey
1993978-1-55748-296-9Eleanor H. PorterPollyanna
1992978-1-55748-299-0Andrew MurrayAbsolute Surrender: Prayer and Devotional Library
1999978-1-55748-316-4Barbour PublishingARCHIES DATE BOOK
978-1-55748-322-5Colleen L. ReeceA Torch for Trinity (Heartsong Presents #1)
1992978-1-55748-323-2Colleen L. ReeceWildflower Harvest (Heartsong Presents #2)
  ''978-1-55748-324-9Sara MitchellRestore the Joy (Heartsong Presents #3)
978-1-55748-325-6Saly LaityReflections of the Heart (Heartsong Presents #4)
978-1-55748-328-7Marlene J. ChaseThis Trembling Cup (Heartsong Presents #5)
978-1-55748-329-4Marlene ChaseThe Other Side of Silence (Heartsong Presents #6)
978-1-55748-330-0Colleen L. ReeceCandleshine (United We Stand, Book 1) (Heartsong Presents #7)
1993978-1-55748-331-7Colleen L. ReeceDesert Rose-HP#8:
1992978-1-55748-332-4Irene B. BrandHeartstrings (Heartsong Presents #9)
  ''978-1-55748-333-1Lauraine SnellingSong of Laughter (Washington Series #1) (Heartsong Presents #10)
978-1-55748-334-8Jacquelyn CookRiver of Fire (Heartsong Presents #11)
1992978-1-55748-335-5Norene MorrisCottonwood Dreams (Tumbleweeds Series #1) (Heartsong Presents #12)
1993978-1-55748-338-6Susan Martins MillerHudson Taylor (Young Reader's Christian Library)
  ''978-1-55748-340-9Robyn MartinsThe Fun Book of Bible Trivia 2
  ''978-1-55748-349-2Mahlon L. HetrickThe Money Workbook: Banking on the Bible for a Balance Budget
1995978-1-55748-350-8Kjersti Hoff BaezYoung Readers Christian Library: Miriam
978-1-55748-355-3Kjersti Hoff BaezPassage of the Heart (Heartsong Presents #13)
1993978-1-55748-357-7Maryn LangerWhispers on the Wind (Heartsong Presents #15)
978-1-55748-358-4Colleen L. ReeceSilence in the Sage (Heartsong Presents #16)
978-1-55748-361-4Janelle JamisonA Place to Belong (Heartsong Presents #19)
1993978-1-55748-362-1Kate BlackwellShores of Promise (Heartsong Presents #20)
  ''978-1-55748-363-8VeraLee WigginsLlama Lady (Heartsong Presents #17)
1993978-1-55748-364-5Eileen M. BergerEscort Homeward (Heartsong Presents, No. 18)
1994978-1-55748-365-2Mary Carpenter ReidRebar (Heartsong Presents, No. 25)
1993978-1-55748-366-9Mary Louise CollnMountain House (Heartsong Presents #26)
1999978-1-55748-368-3Barbour PublishingLIFES LITTLE HANDBOOK-M
  ''978-1-55748-372-0   ''BARNEY BEAR LOST & FOUND
  ''978-1-55748-383-6   ''AC-DONALD G. BARNHOUSE #1
1993978-1-55748-389-8B. BancroftIndy Girl (Heartsong Presents #22)
  ''978-1-55748-390-4Kathleen KarrGone West-HP#23:
  ''978-1-55748-391-1Colleen L. ReeceWhispers in the Wilderness (Heartsong Presents #24)
1994978-1-55748-399-7Jacquelyn CookBeyond the Searching River (Heartsong Presents #27)
1994978-1-55748-400-0Dakota Dawn: The Dakota Plains Series #1 (Heartsong Presents #28)
1993978-1-55748-401-7VeraLee WigginsSweet Shelter (Heartsong Presents #33)
1994978-1-55748-402-4Sara MitchellFrom the Heart (Heartsong Presents #29)
  ''978-1-55748-403-1Brenda BancroftA Love Meant to Be (Heartsong Presents #30)
1993978-1-55748-404-8Sally LaityDream Spinner (Heartsong Presents #31)
  ''978-1-55748-405-5Kathleen KarrThe Promised Land (Destiny's Dreamers, No. 2 / Heartsong Presents, No. 32)
  ''978-1-55748-406-2Veda Boyd JonesUnder a Texas Sky (Heartsong Presents #34)
1994978-1-55748-407-9Brenda BancroftWhen Comes the Dawn (Heartsong Presents #35)
1993978-1-55748-408-6JoAnn A. GroteThe Sure Promise (Minnesota Mysteries Series #1) (Heartsong Presents #36)
  ''978-1-55748-409-3Yvonne LehmanDrums of Shelomoh (Heartsong Presents, No. 37)
1993978-1-55748-410-9Eileen M. BergerA Place to Call Home (Heartsong Presents #38)
  ''978-1-55748-411-6Norene MorrisRainbow Harvest (Heartsong Presents #39)
  ''978-1-55748-412-3Janelle JamisonPerfect Love (Heartsong Presents #40)
  ''978-1-55748-425-3Norma Jean LutzFields of Sweet Content (Heartsong Presents #41)
  ''978-1-55748-426-0Mary HawkinsSearch for Tomorrow (Heartsong Presents, HP#42)
1993978-1-55748-427-7Colleen L. ReeceVeiled Joy (Veiled Joy Series #1) (Heartsong Presents #43)
  ''978-1-55748-428-4Lauraine SnellingDakota Dream: The Dakota Plains Series #2 (Heartsong Presents #44)
1999978-1-55748-429-1Barbour PublishingBROTHERS-CULT ESCAPE
1997978-1-55748-430-7Corrie Ten Boom Library StaffHiding Place: Comic Book
1999978-1-55748-431-4Barbour PublishingJESUS-COMIC
1993978-1-55748-434-5Janet GortsemaDesign for Love (Heartsong Presents #45)
  ''978-1-55748-435-2Veda Boyd JonesThe Governor's Daughter (Heartsong Presents #46)
  ''978-1-55748-436-9Janelle JamisonTender Journeys (Heartsong Presents #47)
978-1-55748-437-6Kate BlackwellShores of Deliverance (Heartsong Presents #48)
1993978-1-55748-440-6Linda HerringYesterday's Tomorrows: The Thornton Saga #1 (Heartsong Presents #49)
  ''978-1-55748-441-3Kjersti Hoff BaezDance in the Distance (Heartsong Presents #50)
1999978-1-55748-444-4Barbour PublishingIN HIS STEPS-COMIC
1994978-1-55748-452-9Kay CorneliusMore Than Conquerors (Heartsong Presents #60)
978-1-55748-460-4Jerold PotterBible Study Organizer & Notebook
1999978-1-55748-470-3Barbour PublishingCROSSFIRE (NEW)
1999978-1-55748-471-0Barbour PublishingPRODIGAL SON (NEW)
  ''978-1-55748-504-5   ''PAR-BIBLE STUDY NOTEBOOK
1994978-1-55748-541-0Carl S. ShoupTest Your Bible Knowledge
  ''978-1-55748-548-9John MyersVoices from the Edge of Eternity: Unlocking the Mystery Behind Life After Death
  ''978-1-55748-560-1Kay CorneliusSign of the Bow (Frontiers of Faith #1) (Heartsong Presents #87)
  ''978-1-55748-564-9   ''Sign of the Eagle (Frontiers of Faith #2) (Heartsong Presents #91)
1999978-1-55748-569-4Barbour PublishingGOD CALL/GOD @ EVENTIDE 2
978-1-55748-582-3Kay CorneliusSign of the Dove (Frontiers of Faith #3) (Heartsong Presents #95)
1999978-1-55748-601-1Barbour PublishingMOVIE REPORTER VOLUME 2
1995978-1-55748-603-5Kjersti H. BaezSamuel Morris (Young Reader's Christian Library)
1995978-1-55748-618-9The Hiding Place
  ''978-1-55748-637-0Hannah Whitall SmithHannah Whitall Smith Collection
1996978-1-55748-639-4Barbour Books StaffThe Bible Promise Book: New International Version
1994978-1-55748-660-8Eleanor H. PorterPollyanna (Young Reader's Christian Library)
1995978-1-55748-699-8Kay CorneliusA Matter of Security (Dixie Hearts Series #1) (Heartsong Presents #130)
1995978-1-55748-700-1Kay CorneliusSign of the Spirit (Frontiers of Faith #4) (Heartsong Presents #135)
  ''978-1-55748-704-9Sam WellmanChristopher Columbus (Young Reader's Christian Library)
  ''978-1-55748-727-8Dan HarmonMartin Luther: The Great Reformer (Heroes of the Faith)
  ''978-1-55748-728-5J. C. CarlieHeroes of the Faith: Charles Spurgeon (1834-1892)
  ''978-1-55748-729-2Sam WellmanCorrie Ten Boom: Heroine of Harlem (Heroes of the Faith)
1995978-1-55748-730-8Sam WellmanDavid Livingstone: Missionary and Explorer (Heroes of the Faith)
  ''978-1-55748-731-5Bernard RuffinHeroes of the Faith: Fanny Crosby (1820-1915): The Hymn Writer
  ''978-1-55748-732-2Susan MillerHeroes of the Faith: Jim Elliot (1927-1956) (Heroes of the Faith (Barbour Paperback))
1999978-1-55748-746-9Barbour PublishingLIFES LITTLE HANDBOOK-GI
1995978-1-55748-758-2Grace Livingston HillThe Grace Livingston Hill Collection (According to the Pattern, An Unwilling Guest, The Esselstynes, Marcia Schuyler, Phoebe Deane, Miranda, Lo Michael, The Story of a Whim, The Finding of Jasper Holt
1996978-1-55748-784-1Sam WellmanBilly Graham: The Great Evangelist (Heroes of the Faith)
  ''978-1-55748-785-8Anne SendbergJohn Newton: Author of "Amazing Grace" (Heroes of the Faith)
  ''978-1-55748-796-4Colleen L. Reece · Maryn Langer · Norene Morris · Tracie PetersonInspirational Romance Reader Historical Collection #1
1999978-1-55748-797-1Barbour PublishingHEROES OF FAITH 48 COPY P
2002978-1-55748-815-2Charles M. SheldonIn His Steps
1999978-1-55748-825-1Barbour PublishingCOLORING BOOK PACK
1995978-1-55748-832-9Barbour Books StaffJumbo Bible Crossword Collection #1
1999978-1-55748-839-8Barbour PublishingHEARTSONG ASST PACK A
1999978-1-55748-841-1Barbour PublishingHEROES OF THE FAITH 36 PA
  ''978-1-55748-847-3   ''KIDS ACTIVITY BOOKS 72 C
  ''978-1-55748-851-0   ''BIBLE REF LIBRARY 48 ASST
  ''978-1-55748-855-8   ''LITTLE LIBRARY 48 COPY-NE
1996978-1-55748-878-7W. Terry WhalinSamuel Morris: The Apostle of Simple Faith (Heroes of the Faith)
  ''978-1-55748-879-4Sam WellmanJohn Bunyan: Author of The Pilgrim's Progress (Heroes of the Faith)
1996978-1-55748-880-0W. Terry WhalinBilly Sunday: Young Readers Christian Library
  ''978-1-55748-884-8Henry M. RobertRobert's Rules of Order: Modern Edition
  ''978-1-55748-886-2Phil A. SmouseAwesome Bible Rhyme TIme
  ''978-1-55748-896-1Jill RichardsonFriend of a Friend (Heartsong Presents #180)
  ''978-1-55748-897-8Robyn MartinsFun Facts about the Bible
1996978-1-55748-922-7Colleen L. ReeceA Kindled Spark (Heartsong Presents #189)
1999978-1-55748-945-6Barbour PublishingCHRISTIANS COMPANIONTHE
1997978-1-55748-946-3Al HartleyIt Takes a Family: How to Create Hope and Celebrate Your Future
  ''978-1-55748-978-4Sam WellmanJohn Wesley: The Great Methodist (Heroes of the Faith)
  ''978-1-55748-979-1   ''C. S. Lewis: Writer and Scholar (Heroes of the Faith)
  ''978-1-55748-980-7Veda Boyd Jones · Yvonne Lehman · Tracie Peterson · Kathleen YappSummer Dreams