year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
978-1-55701-067-4Bn1993 Directories of Northern California Licensed C
978-1-55701-069-8BnCalifornia Architectural Barriers Law
978-1-55701-084-1   ''State of California 1992 Electrical Code Title 24
978-1-55701-086-5   ''Work Area Traffic Control Handbook, 7/E
978-1-55701-087-2   ''Cal/Osha-State of California Construction Safety O
978-1-55701-088-9   ''City of Los Angeles 1993 Zoning
978-1-55701-089-6BnCity of Los Angeles 1993 Department of Building
978-1-55701-090-2   ''County of Los Angeles 1993 Electrical Code Amendme
1997978-1-55701-181-7Bni Publications · Bni Buildings NewConstruction Dictionary, Pocket Edition
  ''978-1-55701-198-5William ShakespeareHamlet (Cyber Classics)
  ''978-1-55701-200-5HomerThe Iliad (Cyber Classics)
2000978-1-55701-216-6HomerThe Iliad
1998978-1-55701-220-3John MiltonParadise Lost (Cyber Classics)
  ''978-1-55701-221-0William ShakespeareHamlet (Cyber Classics)
1999978-1-55701-226-5Harriet Beecher Stowe · Harriet StoneUncle Tom's Cabin
1998978-1-55701-231-9John MiltonParadise Lost
  ''978-1-55701-237-1William ShakespeareRomeo and Juliet (Cyber Classics)
1998978-1-55701-259-3James AcretNational Mechanics Liens Handbook: The Mechanics Lien Laws of th 50 Stats and the District of Columbia
1991978-1-55701-307-1J. Hardy LegwinProject Notebook, Professional Edition
2002978-1-55701-365-1Building News Inc.Construction Dictionary: Illustrated
2001978-1-55701-368-2James AcretConstruction industry guide to mechanics liens: Arizona, California, Nevada
2000978-1-55701-369-9Society for Marketing Professional ServicesMarketing Handbook for the Design & Construction Professional: Society for Marketing Professional Services
2002978-1-55701-392-7James AcretNational Construction Law Manual
  ''978-1-55701-427-6Andrew M. Civitello Jr.Contractor's Guide to Change Orders (2nd Edition)
2007978-1-55701-561-7Building News Inc.Bni General Construction 2007 Costbook (GENERAL CONSTRUCTION COSTBOOK)
2008978-1-55701-616-4William D. MahoneyStandard Estimating Practice: American Society of Professional Estimtors
  ''978-1-55701-628-7Bni Building NewsSweets Repair & Remodel Cost Guide 2009
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2008978-1-55701-642-3William D. MahoneyConstruction Inspection Manual
2010978-1-55701-658-4Society for Marketing Professional ServicesMarketing Handbook for the Design & Construction Professional
2009978-1-55701-663-8William MahoneyBni Electrical 2010 Costbook (Building News Electrical Costbook)
2011978-1-55701-706-2Thomas A. WesterkampMaintenance Manager's Standard Manual
  ''978-1-55701-725-3BNI PublicationsBNI Facilities Manager's Costbook (Building News Facilities Manager's Costbook)
2012978-1-55701-755-0William Mahoney2012 Work Area Traffic Control Handbook
  ''978-1-55701-768-0William D. MahoneyBNI Building News Home Remodeler's Costbook 2013
2014978-1-55701-836-6   ''BNI Building News Home Remodeler's Costbook 2015 (Home Remodler's Costbook)
2017978-1-55701-910-3   ''BNI Building News Home Remodeler's Costbook 2017 (Home Remodler's Costbook)
2017978-1-55701-932-5Bni Building News2018 Bni Mechanical/Electrical Costbook
  ''978-1-55701-933-2Building News Inc2018 Bni Electrical Costbook
2018978-1-55701-959-2William D MahoneyBni 2019 Mechanical/Electrical Costbook

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