Steve Jackson Games

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1986978-1-55634-051-2Steve JacksonGURPS Basic Set [BOX SET]
1995978-1-55634-096-3Jon ZeiglerGURPS Greece
1988978-1-55634-099-4Steve JacksonMurphy's Rules...and Other Strange Stuff From Space Gamer
1995978-1-55634-113-7Lane GrateGURPS Blood Types (GURPS: Generic Universal Role Playing System)
  ''978-1-55634-115-1Steve JacksonGURPS Time Travel (GURPS: Generic Universal Role Playing System)
1991978-1-55634-127-4   ''GURPS Basic Set
978-1-55634-139-7GURPS Places of Mystery
1989978-1-55634-143-4Sasha Miller · Ben W. MillerGURPS Witch World
1991978-1-55634-164-9David L. PulverGurp's Ultra-Tech: A Sourcebook of Weapons and Equipment for Future Ages
1995978-1-55634-168-7Loyd BlankenshipGurps Cyberpunk: High-Tech Low-Life Roleplaying
1991978-1-55634-172-4Steve Jackson · William A. BartonGURPS Space: Roleplaying in the Worlds of Tomorrow (GURPS: Generic Universal Role Playing System)
  ''978-1-55634-179-3J. M. Caparula · Scott D. HaringGurp's Horror: The Complete Guide to Horrific Roleplaying
978-1-55634-180-9Thomas M. KaneGURPS China
1990978-1-55634-181-6Chris McCubbinGurps Space Bestiary (Gurps)
1991978-1-55634-183-0Chris W. McCubbinGurp's Fantasy Folk
1999978-1-55634-184-7Steffan O'SullivanGURPS Fantasy Bestiary reprint (GURPS: Generic Universal Role Playing System)
  ''978-1-55634-190-8Chris McCubbinGURPS Magic Items 1
1991978-1-55634-192-2Robert M. SchroeckGURPS International Super Teams: A Heroic World for Super-Powered Roleplaying (GURPS: Generic Universal Role Playing System)
  ''978-1-55634-194-6Lloyd BlanekenshipGurp's Supers: Super-Powered Roleplaying Meets the Real World
2000978-1-55634-195-3Ken WaltonGURPS Celtic Myth (GURPS: Generic Universal Role Playing System)
1995978-1-55634-196-0David PulverGURPS Psionics reprint
1995978-1-55634-198-4Russell Brown · Mark WaltzGURPS Space: Terradyne
1994978-1-55634-202-8Janet NaylorGURPS Religion
1993978-1-55634-203-5David L. PulverGurps Vehicles: From Chariots to Cybertanks...and Beyond!
1992978-1-55634-205-9Michael HurstGurps High Tech: Weapons and Equipment Through the Ages
2000978-1-55634-206-6Elizabeth McCoyGURPS IOU (GURPS: Generic Universal Role Playing System)
1992978-1-55634-207-3Drew BittnerGURPS Magic Items 2 (GURPS: Generic Universal Role Playing System) (No. 2)
1996978-1-55634-223-3Findley NigelGURPS Illuminati (GURPS: Generic Universal Role Playing System)
1992978-1-55634-224-0C. J. CarellaGurps Imperial Rome
  ''978-1-55634-227-1Michael Hurst · Graeme DavisGURPS Middle Ages 1 Chivalrous Roleplaying in Medieval England
1997978-1-55634-233-2David PulverGURPS Robots (Steve Jackson Games)
1993978-1-55634-235-6Paul HumeGurps Cyberworld: High-Tech Low-Life in the One-And-Twenty
978-1-55634-237-0GURPS Bunnies & Burrows
1997978-1-55634-239-4David PulverGURPS Mecha (GURPS: Generic Universal Role Playing System)
1994978-1-55634-243-1Daniel U. Thibault · S. John RossGurps Grimoire: Tech Magic, Gate Magic and Hundreds of Spells for all Colleges
2006978-1-55634-245-5Jon ZeiglerGURPS Space Fourth Edition (GURPS: Generic Universal Role Playing System)
1992978-1-55634-253-0Steve JacksonKiller: The Game of Assassination
  ''978-1-55634-254-7Thomas M. KaneGurps Espionage: The Secret World of Assassins, Spies and Counterspies
2002978-1-55634-258-5Steve Jackson GamesGURPS Russia
1993978-1-55634-260-8Aurelio LocsinGurps Aztecs: Sacrifice and Glory in a Lost Civilization (Steve Jackson Games)
1998978-1-55634-261-5Phil Masters · Terry PratchettGurps Discworld
1997978-1-55634-263-9James CambiasGURPS Planet Krishna (GURPS: Generic Universal Role Playing System)
1993978-1-55634-266-0Phil MastersGURPS Arabian Nights (GURPS: Generic Universal Role Playing System)
1994978-1-55634-273-8Scott MaykrantzCreatures of the Night: Sixty-Seven Original Horrors to Haunt Your Dreams
1993978-1-55634-275-2Jeff KokeGURPS Vampire The Masquerade *OP (GURPS: Generic Universal Role Playing System)
  ''978-1-55634-276-9Robert SchroeckGURPS Werewolf The Apocalypse (GURPS: Generic Universal Role Playing System)
  ''978-1-55634-279-0Thomas KaneGURPS Operation Endgame
1996978-1-55634-281-3Derek PearcyIn Nomine
1994978-1-55634-283-7Sean BarrettGurps Lensman: Starkly Astounding Space-Opera Adventure
1994978-1-55634-284-4Robert M. SchroeckGURPS Mage The Ascension *OP (GURPS: Generic Universal Role Playing System)
  ''978-1-55634-285-1Chris W. McCubbin · Jeff KokeGURPS Vampire Companion *OP (GURPS: Generic Universal Role Playing System)
  ''978-1-55634-286-8Steve JacksonGURPS Magic 2nd ed *OP (GURPS: Generic Universal Role Playing System)
1996978-1-55634-289-9Sam Chupp · Derek PearcyIn Nomine Night Music (In Nomine: Revelations)
1997978-1-55634-290-5Sean PunchGurps Compendium I: The Indispensible Companion for All Gurps Players (GURPS: Generic Universal Role Playing System)
  ''978-1-55634-299-8Steve JacksonINWO CCG Illuminati New World Order One With Everything 1995 Factory Set By Steve Jackson (Collectible Card Game Original Version 1.1 March 1995)- Factory Set
1996978-1-55634-300-1C. J. CarellaGURPS Voodoo: The Shadow War
2002978-1-55634-302-5Steve Jackson Games1994-1995 ILLUMINATI NEW WORLD ORDER Card Game Factory SEALED CCG (INWO: Unlimited Booster Pack POP)(576 cards total)By Steve Jackson(Unlimited Edition ORIGINAL VERSION 1.1 MARCH 1994-1995)
1995978-1-55634-303-2NAIlluminati New World Order Card Game Unlimited Edition Starter set Second Printing with colored Titles by Steve Jackson 1994-1995
2000978-1-55634-309-4Chris W. McCubbin · Sean PunchGURPS Fantasy Folk *OP (GURPS: Generic Universal Role Playing System)
1996978-1-55634-314-8C. CarellaGURPS Martial Arts (GURPS: Generic Universal Role Playing System)
  ''978-1-55634-315-5David L. PulverGURPS Ultra-Tech: A Sourcebook of Weapons & Equipment for Future Ages
1996978-1-55634-317-9Malcolm DaleGURPS Goblins (GURPS: Generic Universal Role Playing System)
1999978-1-55634-318-6Ken HiteGURPS Alternate Earths *OP (GURPS: Generic Universal Role Playing System)
1996978-1-55634-319-3Steve JacksonKnightmare Chess: The Original Game of Chaos on the Chessboard: Cards
1994978-1-55634-320-9Steve Jackson · Andrew Hackard · Derek PearcyPrincipia Discordia
1998978-1-55634-325-4David PulverGURPS Vehicles (GURPS: Generic Universal Role Playing System)
1996978-1-55634-327-8Sean PunchGURPS Compendium II (GURPS: Generic Universal Role Playing System)
1997978-1-55634-328-5S. RossGURPS Warehouse 23 (GURPS: Generic Universal Role Playing System)
  ''978-1-55634-330-8David PulverGURPS Reign of Steel
  ''978-1-55634-331-5Sam ChuppIn Nomine The Marches (In Nomine: Revelations)
2002978-1-55634-332-2Steve Jackson GamesKnightmare Chess 2ed
1997978-1-55634-333-9Jeff KokeGURPS Black Ops (GURPS: Generic Universal Role Playing System)
1998978-1-55634-336-0David Pulver · Steve JacksonGURPS Bio-Tech *OP (GURPS: Generic Universal Role Playing System)
1997978-1-55634-337-7David L. PulverGURPS Ultra-Tech 2 *OP (GURPS: Generic Universal Role Playing System) (No. 2)
  ''978-1-55634-339-1James CimbaisIn Nomine Heaven and Hell (In Nomine: Revelations)
  ''978-1-55634-340-7James Cambais · Sam ChuppIn Nomine Angelic PG
1998978-1-55634-341-4SellersIn Nomine Fall of the Malakim (In Nomine: Revelations)
1998978-1-55634-342-1Thomas KaneGURPS Egypt (GURPS: Generic Universal Role Playing System)
2002978-1-55634-343-8Evan JamiesonGURPS Low-Tech (Steve Jackson Games)
2004978-1-55634-344-5James Cambias · Sam Chupp · Genevieve CogmanIn Nomine Infernal Player's Guide
1998978-1-55634-345-2Laura Davidson · David EdelsteinLiber Reliquarum: The Book of Relics (In Nomine)
  ''978-1-55634-346-9Ken HiteIn Nomine The Final Trumpet (In Nomine: Revelations)
1999978-1-55634-347-6James DesboroughMunchkins Guide to Power Gaming (Steve Jackson Games)
1997978-1-55634-348-3Steve JacksonKnightmare Chess Set 2
1998978-1-55634-351-3   ''Killer: The Game of Assassination
2002978-1-55634-352-0Sean PunchGURPS Undead
1998978-1-55634-354-4Sam ChuppIn Nomine Liber Canticorum *OP
1999978-1-55634-357-5Steve Jackson GamesGURPS Basic Set (HC) *OP
1998978-1-55634-358-2Michael HurstGURPS High-Tech (GURPS: Generic Universal Role Playing System)
  ''978-1-55634-360-5Isaac BonewitsAuthentic Thaumaturgy
  ''978-1-55634-361-2David PulverGURPS Traveller Alien Races 1 (No. 1)
  ''978-1-55634-362-9Thomas ScovilleSilicon Valley Tarot (Steve Jackson Games)
1999978-1-55634-364-3Martin DoughertyGURPS Traveller: Star Mercs
1999978-1-55634-365-0Mark Allen · Genevieve CogmanIn Nomine Liber Castellorum: The Book of Tethers
2003978-1-55634-369-8R. BorgstromIn Nomine Liber Servitorum
1999978-1-55634-373-5Christopher Thrash · Jim MacLean · Steve DanielsGURPS Traveller: Far Trader
  ''978-1-55634-374-2Steve JacksonSteve Jackson Games Illuminati Y2K
1998978-1-55634-384-1   ''Illuminati
  ''978-1-55634-386-5Phil Masters · Terry PratchettGurps Discworld: Adventures on the Back of the Turtle
1999978-1-55634-388-9Lee GoldGurps Japan: Beauty, Terror, Adventure (GURPS: Generic Universal Role Playing System)
  ''978-1-55634-389-6David EdelsteinIn Nomine Corporeal PG
  ''978-1-55634-390-2Steve Jackson · David PulverGURPS Space, 3rd Edition
2004978-1-55634-392-6Andrew SlackGURPS Traveller Alien Races 2 (No. 2)
1999978-1-55634-393-3John GoffGURPS Warriors (GURPS: Generic Universal Role Playing System)
1999978-1-55634-394-0Russell GoodwinGURPS Swashbucklers
2003978-1-55634-396-4Benedict ChapmanGurps India
  ''978-1-55634-398-8Lynette CowperGURPS Rogues
1999978-1-55634-399-5Kenneth HiteGURPS Alternate Earths 2 (GURPS: Generic Universal Role Playing System)
2000978-1-55634-400-8Steve JacksonGURPS In Nomine
1999978-1-55634-401-5John FordGURPS Traveller Starports
  ''978-1-55634-406-0John FordGURPS Y2K (GURPS: Generic Universal Role Playing System)
1998978-1-55634-408-4Loren WisemanGurps Traveller: Science Fiction Adventure in the Far Future, 2nd Edition
2004978-1-55634-409-1R. BorgstromIn Nomine Superiors 1: War & Honor
1999978-1-55634-411-4John DarbroChez Geek (Steve Jackson Games)
2000978-1-55634-412-1Steffan O'SullivanGURPS Bestiary 3ed (GURPS: Generic Universal Role Playing System)
  ''978-1-55634-414-5James LowderGURPS Villains (GURPS: Generic Universal Role Playing System)
1999978-1-55634-415-2David EdelsteinIn Nomine Game Masters Guide *OP
2000978-1-55634-422-0Mark AllenIn Nomine Superiors 2
2001978-1-55634-428-2Steve JacksonIn Nomine Superiors 3
2002978-1-55634-429-9Kenneth HiteGURPS Cabal
2003978-1-55634-430-5William BornefeldIn Nomine Ethereal Players Guide
2000978-1-55634-431-2Andy SlackGurps Traveller Alien Races 3: Hivers, Droyne, Ancients, and Other Enigmatic Races
2004978-1-55634-432-9Loren WisemanGURPS Traveller Nobles
2001978-1-55634-433-6   ''GURPS Traveller Alien Races 4
2000978-1-55634-436-7Jon ZeiglerRim of Fire: The Solomani Rim Sourcebook, GURPS Traveller
2002978-1-55634-438-1James CambiasGURPS Castle Falkenstein (GURPS: Generic Universal Role Playing System)
  ''978-1-55634-442-8Emily Dresner · Eric Burns-White · Jo HartIn Nomine Superiors 4
2000978-1-55634-444-2Douglas BerryGURPS Traveller Ground Forces
2000978-1-55634-446-6C. CarellaGURPS Imperial Rome (GURPS: Generic Universal Role Playing System)
  ''978-1-55634-447-3Phil Masters · Terry PratchettGURPS Discworld Also (Gurps Series: Generic Universal Roleplaying System)
  ''978-1-55634-448-0Derek PearcyIn Nomine (HC)
2001978-1-55634-450-3John Darbro · Steve JacksonChez Geek 2 Slack Attack
2003978-1-55634-451-0Nicholas CaldwellGURPS Age of Napoleon
  ''978-1-55634-452-7Robert SchroeckGURPS Shapeshifters
2002978-1-55634-453-4Kenneth HiteGURPS Horror
  ''978-1-55634-454-1David PulverTranshuman Space (HC) *OP (Transhuman Space S)
2001978-1-55634-455-8Andrew HackardGURPS Deadlands Weird West
2002978-1-55634-458-9Lisa SteeleGURPS Cops
2002978-1-55634-459-6Jon ZeiglerTransHuman Space: Fifth Wave
2001978-1-55634-473-2Steve JacksonMunchkin
2003978-1-55634-475-6Thomas BontGURPS Traveller Starships
2002978-1-55634-476-3John KovalicSteve Jackson Games Chez Geek
  ''978-1-55634-478-7Phil MastersGURPS Atlantis
2003978-1-55634-482-4Jonathan WoodwardTransHuman Space: In the Well
2001978-1-55634-485-5Steve JacksonIlluminati Brainwash
2000978-1-55634-493-0Loyd BlankenshipGURPS: Supers Second Edition (Superhero Roleplaying)
2002978-1-55634-494-7John BaichtalBest of Pyramid: Volume 1
2000978-1-55634-495-4Steve Jackson · Loren WisemanGURPS Traveller Planetary Survey 1: Kamsii, the Pleasure Planet
2002978-1-55634-512-8Graeme DavisGURPS Vikings 2ed
  ''978-1-55634-516-6Stephen KensonGURPS Spirits
2004978-1-55634-519-7William StoddardGURPS Fantasy HC
2003978-1-55634-521-0Jon Zeigler · Loren WisemanGURPS Traveller: Humaniti
2002978-1-55634-527-2Sean BarrettGURPS Lensman
2001978-1-55634-533-3Paul ElliottGURPS Atomic Horror 2ed
2002978-1-55634-546-3Christopher ShyRonin The Art of Christopher Shy
  ''978-1-55634-547-0Jo RamsayGURPS Screampunk *OSI (Steve Jackson Games)
  ''978-1-55634-554-8Steve JacksonMunchkin 2 - Unnatural Axe
2002978-1-55634-561-6Chris W. McCubbinGURPS CthulhuPunk: Ancient Horror Crawls into the Dark Future
2001978-1-55634-562-3John Darbro · Steve JacksonChez Geek 3 Block Party
2002978-1-55634-565-4Gene SeaboltGURPS WWII (World War 2)
  ''978-1-55634-576-0Patrick SweeneyOrbital Decay (Transhuman Space)
  ''978-1-55634-579-1Steve Jackson · Margaret WeisThe Art of Matthew Stawicki
2003978-1-55634-586-9David PulverDeep Beyond (Transhuman Space)
  ''978-1-55634-588-3William StoddardGurps Blue Planet
2002978-1-55634-589-0Brian UnderhillGURPS Cliffhangers
  ''978-1-55634-592-0Shawn FisherGURPS WWII Hand of Steel
2002978-1-55634-593-7Gene SeaboltGURPS WWII: Iron Cross
  ''978-1-55634-594-4Brian J. UnderhillGURPS WWII Return to Honor
  ''978-1-55634-595-1Steve Jackson GamesVigilante (In Nomine)
  ''978-1-55634-597-5David PulverTHS Spacecraft of the Solar System (Transhuman Space)
2004978-1-55634-599-9Phil MastersGURPS Dragons
2003978-1-55634-608-8Michael Suileabhain-WilsonGURPS Deadlands Varmints
  ''978-1-55634-610-1Steve Jackson · Greg HylandNinja BurgerOP
2002978-1-55634-625-5Greg RoseGURPS Special Ops 3ed
2002978-1-55634-626-2Jon FosterProgressions: The Art of Jon Foster
  ''978-1-55634-629-3Robin LawsRobin's Laws of Good Game Mastering
2003978-1-55634-631-6Bill KoebReMemory The Art of Bill Koeb (Cartouche Press)
  ''978-1-55634-636-1Shawn FisherGURPS WWII Dogfaces
  ''978-1-55634-639-2Hunter JohnsonGURPS WW II Frozen Hell
2004978-1-55634-640-8Brian UnderhillGURPS WWII All the Kings Men
2003978-1-55634-641-5Michele ArmelliniGURPS WW II Grim Legions
2004978-1-55634-642-2Hans-Christian VortischGURPS WWII Motor Pool
2003978-1-55634-650-7Jamais CascioBroken Dreams (Transhuman Space)
2002978-1-55634-652-1David PulverTranshuman Space (GURPS Roleplaying Game)
  ''978-1-55634-654-5Phil Masters · Jonathan WoodwardHellboy Sourcebook and Roleplaying Game
2003978-1-55634-661-3Ken HiteGURPS WW II Weird War II
2002978-1-55634-663-7Steve JacksonSteve Jackson Games Star Munchkin
2004978-1-55634-666-8Steve Jackson Games Burn in Hell
2003978-1-55634-667-5Andrew Hackard · Steve JacksonMunchkin Player's Handbook (D20 Generic System)
2003978-1-55634-668-2Andrew HackardMunchkin Masters Guide (D20 System)
  ''978-1-55634-669-9John MangrumMunchkin d20 Monster Manual (D20 Generic System)
2004978-1-55634-670-5John W. MangrumStar Munchkin Roleplaying Game
2003978-1-55634-677-4Steve JacksonMunchkin Fu
2002978-1-55634-679-8Phil MastersTHS Personnel Files (Transhuman Space)
  ''978-1-55634-685-9Gene SeaboltGURPS WWII (World War 2)
2006978-1-55634-686-6ReedCar Wars Vehicle Design System
2002978-1-55634-687-3John FordDiscworld (HC)
  ''978-1-55634-690-3Steve Jackson · John KovalicChez Greek
2003978-1-55634-700-9Richard KerrMunchkin Level Counter (Munchkin D20)
  ''978-1-55634-709-2David PulverTHS High Frontier (Transhuman Space)
978-1-55634-713-9Steve JacksonMunchkin 3 - Clerical Errors
2003978-1-55634-718-4Andrew HackardMunchkin Masters Screen
2005978-1-55634-720-7Steve JacksonIlluminati Crime Lords
2004978-1-55634-722-1John MangrumMunchkin Monster Manual 2.5
2004978-1-55634-723-8GURPS All-Star Jam 2004
  ''978-1-55634-724-5Steve JacksonStar Munchkin 2 Clown Wars
  ''978-1-55634-725-2Paul DryeGURPS Traveller Sword Worlds
  ''978-1-55634-726-9Jamais CascioToxic Memes (Transhuman Space)
  ''978-1-55634-728-3Steve Jackson GamesChez Goth (Misc)
2016978-1-55634-729-0Steve Jackson · David PulverGURPS Basic Set: Characters, Fourth Edition
2016978-1-55634-730-6Steve Jackson · David PulverGURPS BASIC SET Campaigns
2004978-1-55634-731-3Steve Jackson GamesSteve Jackson Games Munchkin Blender
  ''978-1-55634-732-0Steve JacksonGURPS GMs Screen
2005978-1-55634-733-7Steve JacksonGURPS Magic 4th Ed
  ''978-1-55634-734-4Kenneth HiteGURPS Infinite Worlds (GURPS 4th Edition Roleplaying)
2004978-1-55634-735-1R. BorgstromMunchkin Bites
978-1-55634-737-5Steve Jackson Games Munchkin Dice
2005978-1-55634-738-2Fade Manley · Steve Jackson · Giles Schildt · Phil FoglioSPANC Space Pirate Amazon Ninja Cat (Steve Jackson Games)
  ''978-1-55634-739-9Greg HylandSteve Jackson Games SJG 1441 Munchkin Fu 2 Monkey Business
  ''978-1-55634-740-5Armin SykesGURPS Character Assistant
  ''978-1-55634-741-2Steve Jackson · Greg HylandNinja Burger 2 - Sumo Size Me!
2005978-1-55634-742-9Sean Punch · Phil MastersGurps Powers, Fourth Edition
  ''978-1-55634-744-3Phil MastersGURPS Banestorm (GURPS 4th Edition Roleplaying)
  ''978-1-55634-745-0Steve Jackson · John KovalicSteve Jackson Games Super Munchkin
2006978-1-55634-746-7Paul Drye · Loren Wiseman · Jon ZeiglerGurps Traveller Interstellar Wars (Gurps Traveller Sci-fi Roleplaying)
2005978-1-55634-747-4Steve JacksonSteve Jackson Games Munchkin Bites 2 Pants Macabre
2010978-1-55634-749-8Steve Jackson · John KovalicMunchkin 4 - Need for Steed
2007978-1-55634-751-1Steve JacksonIlluminati Bavarian Fire Drill
2006978-1-55634-752-8David Morgan-Mar · David PulverGurps Bio-Tech
2007978-1-55634-753-5David L. Pulver · Kenneth PetersGURPS Ultra-Tech
2006978-1-55634-754-2Steve Jackson GamesChez Guevara
  ''978-1-55634-755-9John Kovalic · Steve JacksonSuper Munchkin: The Narrow S Cape
  ''978-1-55634-756-6Steve JacksonMunchkin Impossible
2008978-1-55634-758-0Phil MastersGURPS Thaumatology *OP
2007978-1-55634-759-7Steve Jackson GamesEvil Ted
2007978-1-55634-760-3Steve Jacksonop Munchkin Cthulhu
2008978-1-55634-761-0Lisa J. SteeleGURPS Mysteries (4ed) *OP
2007978-1-55634-762-7Sean Punch · Peter Dell'OrtoGURPS Martial Arts
978-1-55634-764-1Steve JacksonMunchkin 5 - De-Ranged
2008978-1-55634-767-2Steve Jackson Games Munchkin Quest Board Game
2010978-1-55634-768-9Steve Jackson · John KovalicMunchkin Cthulhu 2 Call of Cowthulhu
978-1-55634-769-6Steve JacksonThe Good the Bad and the Munchkin
2007978-1-55634-770-2Hans-Christian Vortisch · Shawn FisherGurps High-Tech
2008978-1-55634-771-9Steve Jackson Games · William H. StoddardGURPS Supers (4ed) *OP
  ''978-1-55634-772-6Steve Jackson GamesMunchkin Bobblehead
  ''978-1-55634-773-3Steve Jackson · GoomiMunchkin Cthulhu 3 The Unspeakable Va*OP
  ''978-1-55634-775-7David L. PulverGURPS Spaceships (4ed) *OP
978-1-55634-776-4Steven Jackson Games Lord of the Fries
978-1-55634-778-8Steve Jackson Games Munchkin 6: Demented Dungeons
978-1-55634-780-1Steve Jackson Games Munchkin Quest 2: Looking for Trouble
978-1-55634-783-2Munchkin Booty
978-1-55634-784-9Munchkin Booty 2: Jump the Shark
978-1-55634-786-3Steve Jackson Games Munchkin 7: More Good Cards Expansion
2012978-1-55634-793-1SJG Revolution 2nd Printing Card Game
978-1-55634-794-8Bag o Munchkins
2009978-1-55634-795-5Andrew Hackard · Jeff Rose · Abrar AjmalGURPS Magic 4E Softcover
  ''978-1-55634-796-2William H. StoddardGURPS Fantasy 4E Softcover *OP
2009978-1-55634-797-9Jon F Zeigler · James L CambiasGURPS Space 4E Softcover *OP
  ''978-1-55634-798-6Jason LevineGURPS Psionic Powers
  ''978-1-55634-799-3Steve Jackson GamesGURPS Ultra-tech softcover *OP
2011978-1-55634-800-6   ''GURPS Mass Combat
2010978-1-55634-802-0William H. Stoddard · Peter Dell'Orto · Dan Howard · Matt Riggsby · Abrar AjmalGURPS Low-Tech
2011978-1-55634-803-7SjgGURPS Horror 4th Edition (GURPS: Generic Universal Role Playing System)
  ''978-1-55634-804-4Hans-Christian VortischGURPS Tactical Shooting
2016978-1-55634-806-8Steve Jackson GamesDiscworld Roleplaying Game
  ''978-1-55634-811-2Steve Jackson · S. John Ross · Daniel U. Thibault · Michael Suileabhain-WilsonGURPS Magic
2017978-1-55634-812-9S. A. Fisher · Michael Hurst · Hans-Christian VortischGURPS High-Tech
2019978-1-55634-868-6Steve Jackson · Drew MetzgerOgre Scenarios: Books 1-3: (Color Interior)