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1990978-1-55617-226-7W. G. VogtModeling and Simulation: Economics, Geography, Regional Science: Expert Systems, Artificial Intelligence, Vision.. (PITTSBURGH CONFERENCE ON MODELING AND SIMULATION//MODELING AND SIMULATION)
  ''978-1-55617-240-3Standards and Practices for Instrumentation and Control: Installation, Operation and Maintenance of Hydrogen Sulfide Detection Instruments (Standards ... for Instrumentation & Control) (Pt.2)
  ''978-1-55617-242-7David W. SpitzerVariable Speed Drives: Principles and Applications for Energy Cost Savings
1991978-1-55617-297-7Paul W. MurrillFundamentals of Process Control Theory (An Independent Learning Module from the Instrument Society of America)
  ''978-1-55617-323-3Hans D. BaumannControl Valve Primer: A User's Guide
1991978-1-55617-330-1Sam G. DukelowThe Control of Boilers
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  ''978-1-55617-392-9Bill G. TompkinsConceptual Design Analysis Applied to Offshore Control Systems (INDEPENDENT LEARNING MODULE FROM THE INSTRUMENT SOCIETY OF AMERICA)
1994978-1-55617-501-5Advances in Instrumentation and Control, Vol 49 (I S A INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE AND EXHIBIT//ADVANCES IN INSTRUMENTATION)
1995978-1-55617-516-9Tore HagglundPID Controllers: Theory, Design, and Tuning
1994978-1-55617-517-6Safety Standard for Electrical and Electronic Test, Measuring, Controlling, and Related Equipment - General Requirements: Harmonized Standard to Iec
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  ''978-1-55617-590-9Application of Safety Instrumented Systems for the Process Industries
1997978-1-55617-628-9Ronald H. DieckMeasurement Uncertainty: Methods and Applications (INDEPENDENT LEARNING MODULE FROM THE INSTRUMENT SOCIETY OF AMERICA)
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978-1-55617-763-7Maintainability & Maintenance Management
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  ''978-1-55617-778-1Theodore G. DimonThe Automation, Systems, and Instrumentation Dictionary
  ''978-1-55617-800-9Dave PolkaMotors and Drives: A Practical Technology Guide
2002978-1-55617-814-6Gary KirckofCascading Logic: A Machine Control Methodology for Programmable Logic Controllers
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