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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1989978-1-55571-049-1Jose Placencia · Don Oliver · Bruce WelgeFinancial Accounting Guide for Small Business
1991978-1-55571-124-5Art DethomasFinancial Management Techniques for Small Business (Psi Successful Business Library)
  ''978-1-55571-156-6Jose Placencia · Bruce Welge · Don OliverBusiness Owner's Guide to Accounting & Bookkeeping (Psi Successful Business Library)
1995978-1-55571-348-5Dennis M. Powers · Linda PinkhamLegal Expense Defense: How to Control Your Business' Legal Costs and Problems (Psi Successful Business Library)
1996978-1-55571-376-8Luigi Salvaneschi · Camille AkinLocation, Location, Location: How to Select the Best Site for Your Business (PSI Successful Business Library)
1997978-1-55571-390-4Nancy DrescherWhich Business?: Help in Selecting Your New Venture (Psi Successful Business Library)
1999978-1-55571-462-8Roger .C. RuleNo Money Down Financing for Franchising (Psi Successful Business Library)
1998978-1-55571-464-2Kevin W. FinckCalifornia Corporation Formation Package & Minute Book (Psi Successful Business Library)
1999978-1-55571-466-6Wilbur H. MorrisonPilots, Man Your Planes!: The History of Naval Aviation
  ''978-1-55571-484-0Roger C. RuleFranchise Redbook: Easy-to-Use Facts and Figures (Psi Successful Business Library)
  ''978-1-55571-489-5Ira NottonsonThe Secrets to Buying and Selling a Business (Psi Successful Business Library)
2010978-1-55571-493-2Thomas D. DinackusOrder of Battle: Allied Ground Forces of Operation Desert Storm
1999978-1-55571-495-6Paul B. Morgan · Paul B. ShawK-9 Soldiers: Vietnam and After (Memories Series) (Hellgate Memories Series)
  ''978-1-55571-510-6Joseph F. Callo · Joseph MetcalfLegacy of Leadership: Lessons from Admiral Lord Nelson
1999978-1-55571-511-3James AcreProject Omega: Eye of the Beast (Memories Series)
2010978-1-55571-513-7Claus SellierWalking Away From the Third Reich: A Teenager in Hitler's Army (Hellgate Memories World War II)
  ''978-1-55571-514-4Samuel G. HigginsSurvival: Diary of an American POW in World War II (Memories Series)
2000978-1-55571-525-0Doris Winter HubbardWidow-Makers & Rhododendrons: Loggers-The Unsung Heroes of Wwii
  ''978-1-55571-526-7Erwin J. KeupFranchise Bible: How to Buy a Franchise or Franchise Your Own Business
2010978-1-55571-528-1Paul C ScottiCoast Guard Action In Vietnam: Stories of Those Who Served
  ''978-1-55571-533-5Anthony J. BlondellHonor And Sacrifice (Hellgate Memories Series)
2003978-1-55571-538-0Randall D. PonderThe Leader's Guide: 15 Essential Skills (PSI Successful Business Library)
2001978-1-55571-549-6Robert T. ReedLost Black Sheep: The Search for WWII Ace Chris Magee
  ''978-1-55571-550-2Wilbur H. MorrisonBirds from Hell: History of the B-29
2001978-1-55571-553-3Kathy KobliskiAdvertising Without an Agency (PSI Successful Business Library)
2002978-1-55571-555-7Ronald L. BondRetail in Detail: How to Start and Manage a Small Retail Business
2001978-1-55571-560-1Carl SniffenThe Essential Corporation Handbook (Psi Successful Business Library)
2002978-1-55571-611-0Luigi SalvaneschiLocation, Location, Location (Psi Successful Business Library)
2001978-1-55571-612-7Wilbur H. MorrisonThe Elephant and the Tiger: The Full Story of the Vietnam War
2010978-1-55571-619-6Norman BergMy Carrier War: The Life and Times of a Naval Aviator in WWII (Hellgate Memories Series)
  ''978-1-55571-623-3Ernest C. BraceA Code To Keep: The True Story of America's Longest-Held Civilian POW in the Vietnam War (Hellgate Memories Series)
  ''978-1-55571-625-7Michael KelleyWhere We Were in Vietnam: A Comprehensive Guide to the Firebases and Militar
  ''978-1-55571-633-2Evan McGormanLife in the French Foreign Legion: How to Join and What to Expect When You Get There
2003978-1-55571-638-7Peter H. TveskovConquered, Not Defeated: Growing Up in Denmark During the German Occupation of World War II
2010978-1-55571-643-1Michael ArcherA Patch of Ground: Khe Sanh Remembered
2006978-1-55571-647-9Rober T. ReedLost Black Sheep: The Search for WWII Ace Chris Magee
2008978-1-55571-657-8Mark BagleyThe G Stands for Guts: A Glider Pilot Remembers WWII
  ''978-1-55571-658-5Jeff GoldenUnafraid: A Novel of the Possible
2009978-1-55571-662-2Ray MorrisThe Ether Zone: U.S. Army Special Forces Detachment B-52, Project Delta
2009978-1-55571-663-9Gail O'Sullivan DwyerTough As Nails: One Woman's Journey Through West Point
2010978-1-55571-664-6Gary FosterPhantom in the River: Flight of Linfield Two Zero One
  ''978-1-55571-665-3Kit CrumbCutter's Legacy: The Search for Yamashita's Gold
  ''978-1-55571-667-7David CurranCanoe Trip: North to Athabasca
  ''978-1-55571-670-7Donna E. ElliottKeeping the Promise: The Story of MIA Jerry Elliott, a Family Shattered by His Disappearance, and a Sister's 40-Year Search for the Truth
  ''978-1-55571-671-4Guy MaynardThe Risk of Being Ridiculous
2016978-1-55571-673-8David CurranCanoe Trip: Alone in the Maine Wilderness
2011978-1-55571-698-1Leon Weckstein200,000 Heroes: Italian Partisans and the American OSS in WWII
2012978-1-55571-700-1Jay GruenfeldCommissioned in Battle: A Combat Infantryman in the Pacific, WWII
2012978-1-55571-720-9Jack Lawson · Sully de FontaineSlaver's Wheel: A Green Beret's True Story of His CLASSIFIED MISSION in the Congo
2014978-1-55571-740-7Stuart NammA Whistleblower's Lament: The Perverted Pursuit of Justice in the State of New York
  ''978-1-55571-768-1Stephen L. GoldsteinThe Dictionary of American Political Bullshit: The Words and Phrases Politicians Use to Fool You
2020978-1-55571-975-3Tony Garel-FrantzenFull Measure of Devotion: The Stirring Story of Illinois Native Philip Leckrone - One of the Few American "Eagle" Pilots to Fight in the Battle of Britain