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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1988978-1-55566-002-4Paul JorgensenPoul Jorgensen's Book of Fly Tying: A Guide to Flies for All Game Fish
1987978-1-55566-019-2Joe BackBack Country: Two Tales by Joe Back
1988978-1-55566-032-1George V. FaganThe Air Force Academy: An Illustrated History
1989978-1-55566-036-9James C. Halfpenny · Roy Douglas OzanneWinter: An Ecological Handbook
  ''978-1-55566-054-3James McTigheRoadside History of Colorado
1990978-1-55566-065-9Jan PettitUtes: The Mountain People
  ''978-1-55566-071-0James C. BurbankVanishing Lobo: The Mexican Wolf and the Southwest
1991978-1-55566-077-2Jim KnopfThe Xeriscape Flower Gardener: A Waterwise Guide for the Rocky Mountain Region
  ''978-1-55566-078-9Melinda AllanThe Inflatable Kayak Handbook
  ''978-1-55566-087-1Anthony J. RouteFlies for Alaska: A Guide to Buying & Tying
1992978-1-55566-089-5Cornelia Fleischer Mutel · John C. EmerickFrom Grassland to Glacier: The Natural History of Colorado and the Surrounding Region
1992978-1-55566-091-8Alex PattersonA Field Guide to Rock Art Symbols of the Greater Southwest
  ''978-1-55566-095-6Ernest WilkinsonSnow Caves for Fun and Survival
  ''978-1-55566-099-4Grover S KrantzBig Foot-Prints: A Scientific Inquiry into the Reality of Sasquatch
1993978-1-55566-111-3Hiram RogersExploring the Black Hills & Badlands
  ''978-1-55566-113-7Barry Reynolds · John BerrymanPike on The Fly: The Flyfishing Guide to Northerns, Tigers, and Muskies (Spring Creek Pr Bk)
  ''978-1-55566-116-8J. McKim Malville · Claudia PutnamPrehistoric Astronomy in the Southwest
1993978-1-55566-117-5Warren Witherell · David EvrardThe Athletic Skier
  ''978-1-55566-118-2Mark RashidConsidering the Horse: Tales of Problems Solved and Lessons Learned
1994978-1-55566-133-5Louisa Ward Arps · Elinor Eppich Kingery · Hugh E. KingeryHigh Country Names: Rocky Mountain National Park and the Indian Peaks
1995978-1-55566-140-3Jon M. CoscoEcho Park (Colorado): Struggle for Preservation
1994978-1-55566-141-0Joe BackHorses, Hitches and Rocky Trails
1996978-1-55566-142-7Mark RashidA Good Horse Is Never a Bad Color
  ''978-1-55566-144-1Lee GregoryColorado Scenic Guide: Northern Region
  ''978-1-55566-145-8   ''Colorado Scenic Guide: Southern Region
1995978-1-55566-150-2Anthony J. RouteFlyfishing Alaska
  ''978-1-55566-152-6Kim LongSquirrels: A Wildlife Handbook (Johnson Nature Series)
1995978-1-55566-161-8Rick Hafele · Scott RoedererAn Angler's Guide to Aquatic Insects and Their Imitations for All North America
1996978-1-55566-166-3Anne Bruner EalesArmy Wives on the American Frontier: Living by the Bugles
  ''978-1-55566-167-0Vici DehaanState Parks of the South: America's Historic Paradise: A Guide to Camping, Fishing, Hiking, & Sightseeing
1989978-1-55566-171-7Ann Zwinger · Beatrice E. WillardLand Above the Trees: A Guide to American Alpine Tundra
1997978-1-55566-186-1Barry Reynolds · Brad Befus · John BerrymanCarp on the Fly: A Flyfishing Guide
  ''978-1-55566-191-5Thomas MaierNewhouse: All the Glitter, Power, & Glory of America's Richest Media Empire & the Secretive Man Behind It
  ''978-1-55566-193-9E. Steve CassellsThe Archaeology of Colorado
1998978-1-55566-200-4Kim LongOwls: A Wildlife Handbook (Johnson Nature Series)
1997978-1-55566-202-8Jessica KerrShakespeare's Flowers
  ''978-1-55566-203-5Porter BibbTed Turner: It Ain't As Easy at Is Looks: A Biography
1997978-1-55566-204-2Colorado Mountain ClubThe Colorado Mountain Club Pocket Guide to the Colorado 14Ers
  ''978-1-55566-207-3Barry Reynolds · Brad Befus · John BerrymanCarp on the Fly: A Flyfishing Guide
  ''978-1-55566-209-7Varian FrySurrender on Demand
1999978-1-55566-212-7Steve IlgThe Winter Athlete: Secrets of Wholistic Fitness for Outdoor Performance
1998978-1-55566-225-7David PetersenElkheart: A Personal Tribute to Wapiti and Their World
  ''978-1-55566-227-1Merrill GilfillanChokecherry Places: Essays from the High Plains
  ''978-1-55566-230-1Kim LongThe Moon Book: Fascinating Facts About the Magnificent, Mysterious Moon
1999978-1-55566-237-0Kristen IversenMolly Brown: Unraveling the Myth
1999978-1-55566-240-0Hiram RogersExploring the Black Hills and Badlands: A Guide for Hikers, Cross-Country Skiers, & Mountain Bikers
  ''978-1-55566-246-2Terry GroszWildlife Wars: The Life and Times of a Fish and Game Warden
  ''978-1-55566-248-6Stephen KeatingCutthroat: High Stakes & Killer Moves on the Electronic Frontier
2000978-1-55566-249-3Mark RashidHorses Never Lie: The Heart of Passive Leadership
1999978-1-55566-250-9Charles F. WilkinsonThe Eagle Bird: Mapping a New West
2000978-1-55566-251-6Kim LongBeavers: A Wildlife Handbook (Long, Kim. Johnson Nature Series.)
  ''978-1-55566-257-8Grace Marmor Spruch · Nurit KarlinSquirrels at My Window: Life With a Remarkable Gang of Urban Squirrels
  ''978-1-55566-264-6Terry GroszFor Love of Wildness: The Journal of a U.S. Game Management Agent
2002978-1-55566-270-7Kim LongPrairie Dogs: A Wildlife Handbook (Johnson Nature)
2000978-1-55566-272-1David QuammenBlood Line: Stories of Fathers and Sons
2001978-1-55566-273-8David PetersenWriting Naturally: A Down-To-Earth Guide to Nature Writing
2002978-1-55566-279-0Ann ZwingerBeyond the Aspen Grove
2002978-1-55566-280-6Joyce GellhornSong of the Alpine: The Rocky Mountain Tundra Through the Seasons
  ''978-1-55566-281-3Terry GroszA Sword for Mother Nature: The Further Adventures of a Fish and Game Warden
2003978-1-55566-283-7Mark RashidLife Lessons from a Ranch Horse
  ''978-1-55566-284-4Shannon K. JacobsHealers of the Wild: Rehabilitating Injured and Orphaned Wildlife
  ''978-1-55566-285-1Betty Lynne HullDenver's Elitch Gardens: Spinning a Century of Dreams
  ''978-1-55566-286-8Edward AbbeyBlack Sun: A Novel
2003978-1-55566-287-5Edward Abbey · David PetersenConfessions of a Barbarian: Selections from the Journals of Edward Abbey
  ''978-1-55566-289-9Janet L. Wingate · Loraine YeattsAlpine Flower Finder: The Key to Rocky Mountain Wildflowers Found Above Timberline
2004978-1-55566-291-2Barry ReynoldsMastering Pike on the Fly: STRATEGIES AND TECHNIQUES
2003978-1-55566-295-0David PetersenHeartsblood: Hunting, Spirituality, and Wildness in America
  ''978-1-55566-296-7Merrill GilfillanRivers and Birds
  ''978-1-55566-298-1Terry GroszNo Safe Refuge: Man As Predator in the World of Wildlife
2001978-1-55566-307-0Ruth M. Wright · Alfredo Valencia ZegarraThe Machu Picchu Guidebook: A Self-Guided Tour
  ''978-1-55566-311-7Bruce BergerMusic in the Mountains: The First Fifty Years of the Aspen Music Festival
2001978-1-55566-316-2Terry GroszDefending Our Wildlife Heritage: The Life and Times of a Special Agent
2002978-1-55566-318-6Scott RoedererBirding: Rocky Mountain National Park
2003978-1-55566-319-3Andrea PeacockLibby, Montana: Asbestos and the Deadly Silence of an American Corporation
2011978-1-55566-327-8Ruth M. Wright · Alfredo Valencia ZegarraThe Machu Picchu Guidebook: A Self-Guided Tour
2004978-1-55566-328-5David HalvargThe War Against the Greens: The "wise-Use" Movement, the New Right and the Browning of America (REV and Updated)
  ''978-1-55566-331-5Philip L. FradkinFallout: An American Nuclear Tragedy
  ''978-1-55566-333-9William BrightColorado Place Names
  ''978-1-55566-335-3Michael C. YagerHorse Trails of Arizona: Mountain Trails and Camps
2007978-1-55566-337-7Jerome Malitz · Suzy MalitzAcadia National Park Dayhiker's Guide: Maine's Coastal Gem (Dayhiker's Guides)
2004978-1-55566-339-1Dave ForemanThe Lobo Outback Funeral Home
2008978-1-55566-340-7Jerome MalitzRocky Mountain National Park Dayhiker's Guide
2006978-1-55566-346-9Julie Hoffman MarshallMaking Burros Fly: Cleveland Amory, Animal Rescue Pioneer
2004978-1-55566-347-6Roland H. WauerButterflies Of The Lower Rio Grande
  ''978-1-55566-348-3Terry GroszThe Thin Green Line: Outwitting Poachers, Smugglers, And Market Hunters
2005978-1-55566-349-0John LehndorffDenver Dines: A Restaurant Guide And More
2005978-1-55566-350-6Mary Alice Evans · Edward Osborne WilsonThe Man Who Loved Wasps: A Howard Ensign Evans Reader
  ''978-1-55566-351-3Leslie AngelButterflies Of Rocky Mountain National Park: An Observer's Guide
2007978-1-55566-352-0Richard A. Bailowitz · Hank BrodkinFinding Butterflies in Arizona: A Guide to the Best Sites
2005978-1-55566-353-7Roland H. WauerThe American Kestrel: Falcon Of Many Names
2004978-1-55566-355-1Dayton O. HydeDon Coyote: The Good Times And The Bad Times Of A Much Maligned American Original
  ''978-1-55566-356-8Drew LittonGive My Regards To Elway: A Cartoon Tribute To John Elway
2005978-1-55566-364-3Mark RashidHorsemanship Through Life
  ''978-1-55566-365-0Gary Wockner · Gregory McNamee · SueEllen CampbellComeback Wolves: Western Writers Welcome the Wolf Home
2006978-1-55566-366-7Roland H. WauerFinding Butterflies in Texas: A Guide to the Best Sites
2005978-1-55566-367-4James H PickeringEnos Mills' Colorado
  ''978-1-55566-369-8Marilyn RaffOrnamental Grasses for Western Gardens
2007978-1-55566-370-4Kathleen CainThe Cottonwood Tree: An American Champion
2006978-1-55566-371-1Thomas Reed Petersen · Annie ProulxRoad Runs Through It: Reviving Wild Places
2006978-1-55566-373-5Terry GroszGenesis of a Duck Cop: Memories & Milestones
2012978-1-55566-374-2Pat HaganSeasonal Disorder: Ranger Tales from Glacier National Park
2006978-1-55566-376-6Rob ProctorGardening on a Shoestring
  ''978-1-55566-378-0Rosalie Cooper-chaseClose Encounters of the Bovine: Recollections of a Rural Veterinarian
  ''978-1-55566-379-7Barbara B. Poppe · Kristen P. JordenSentinels of the Sun: Forecasting Space Weather
  ''978-1-55566-386-5Kathleen LindleyIn the Company of Horses: A Year on the Road With Horseman Mark Rashid
2007978-1-55566-387-2Marcia TatroeCutting Edge Gardening in the Intermountain West
2006978-1-55566-390-2Mark RashidBig Horses Good Dogs And Straight Fences: Musings of Everyday Ranch Life
2012978-1-55566-391-9Sally J. ColeLegacy on Stone: Rock Art of the Colorado Plateau and Four Corners Region
2006978-1-55566-393-3Jeff Lee · John Calderazzo · Sueellen Campbell · David Waag · Evan CantorThe Landscape of Home: A Rocky Mountain Land Series Reader
2007978-1-55566-396-4Tom McCourtCowpokes to Bike Spokes: The Story Of Moab, Utah
  ''978-1-55566-397-1Joyce GellhornWhite-tailed Ptarmigan: Ghosts of the Alpine Tundra
2007978-1-55566-400-8Laura Pritchett · Richard L. Knight · Jeff Lee · Teresa JordanHome Land: Ranching and a West That Works
  ''978-1-55566-401-5Mike NelsonColorado Weather Almanac
  ''978-1-55566-407-7Mark Rashid · Kathleen LindleyA Life With Horses: Spirit of the Work
2012978-1-55566-414-5J. McKim MalvilleA Guide to Prehistoric Astronomy in the Southwest
2008978-1-55566-417-6Ann WesterbergCastles of Colorado: Scandals, Hauntings, and Tales of the Past
  ''978-1-55566-424-4Ruth M. WrightMachu Picchu Revealed
  ''978-1-55566-426-8Terry GroszSlaughter in the Sacramento Valley: Poaching and Commercial-Market Hunting - Stories and Conversations
2009978-1-55566-431-2Mark Scott-NashColorado 14er Disasters:: Victims of the Game
2010978-1-55566-440-4Joseph R. EvansDeath, Despair, and Second Chances in Rocky Mountain National Park
2010978-1-55566-442-8Mark D Williams · W Chad McPhailColorado Flyfishing: Where to Eat, Sleep, Fish