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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1989978-1-55558-017-9Richard F. WaltersABCs of MUMPS: An Introduction for Novice and Intermediate Programmers
  ''978-1-55558-023-0Paul AnagnostopoulosVAX/VMS: Writing Real Programs in DCL (Digital Press Vax Users Series)
  ''978-1-55558-034-6Philip BourneUnix for VMS Users (Digital Press Vax Users Series)
1990978-1-55558-041-4Guy SteeleCommon LISP. The Language. Second Edition
  ''978-1-55558-052-0Randi J. RostX. and Motif Quick Reference Guide (Digital Press X and Motif series)
  ''978-1-55558-056-8Kirby McCoyVMS File System Internals (VAX - VMS Series)
1987978-1-55558-059-9Lawrence Kenah · Ruth GoldenbergVAX/VMS Internals and Data Structures: Version 5.2
1991978-1-55558-072-8George A. ChampineMIT Project Athena: A Model for Distributed Campus Computing (Educational Networking)
1992978-1-55558-088-9David Rosenthal · Jim Flowers · Robert Scheifler · James GettysX Window Sytem, Third Edition: The Complete Reference to Xlib, X Protocol, ICCM, XLFD, X Version 11, Release 5 (Digital Press X and Motif Series)
1992978-1-55558-089-6Marshall BrainMotif Programming: The Essentials... and More (HP Technologies)
1993978-1-55558-114-5Margie SherlockUsing DECwindows Motif for OpenVMS (X Window & Motif)
  ''978-1-55558-118-3Randi RostX and MOTIF Quick Reference Guide, Second Edition (Digital Press X and Motif Series)
1996978-1-55558-122-0David Solomon · Debra WassermanWindows NT for OpenVMS Professionals
1994978-1-55558-123-7Mike GancarzThe UNIX Philosophy
1995978-1-55558-126-8Joginder SethiOpenVMS Performance Management (HP Technologies)
  ''978-1-55558-127-5Frederick M Avolio · Paul VixieSendmail: Theory and Practice
1996978-1-55558-133-6Margie Sherlock · Leonard SzubowiczWriting OpenVMS Alpha Device Drivers in C: Developer's Guide and Reference Manual
  ''978-1-55558-139-8L. BrownDesigning and Developing Electronic Performance Support Systems
1995978-1-55558-141-1Al Wojtas · Mark Parenti · Tim BurkeWriting Device Drivers: Tutorial and Reference
  ''978-1-55558-143-5Lawrence BaldwinOpenVMS System Management Guide (HP Technologies)
1997978-1-55558-148-0Donna Converse · James Gettys · Al Mento · Robert ScheiflerX Window System: Core and Extension Protocols (Bk. 3)
1998978-1-55558-155-8Richard Holstein · Joseph McMullen · Philip BourneUNIX for OpenVMS Users (HP Technologies)
1997978-1-55558-156-5Ruth Goldenberg · Saro Saravanan · Denise DumasOpenVMS Alpha Internals: Scheduling and Process Control (HP Technologies)
1997978-1-55558-157-2David MillerOpenVMS Operating System Concepts (HP Technologies)
2002978-1-55558-159-6Ruth GoldenbergOpenVMS Alpha Internals and Data Structures: Memory Management (HP Technologies)
1997978-1-55558-167-1Richard WaltersM Programming: A Comprehensive Guide
  ''978-1-55558-174-9SIMON COLLINSetting up a Web Server
1998978-1-55558-179-4Bob MorganBuilding an Optimizing Compiler
  ''978-1-55558-184-8Dave ChaffeyGroupware, Workflow and Intranets: Re-engineering the Enterprise with Collaborative Software
  ''978-1-55558-191-6Steve Hoffman · Paul AnagnostopoulosWriting Real Programs in DCL, Second Edition (HP Technologies)
  ''978-1-55558-194-7Lesley Ogilvie RiceIntroduction to Open VMS
1998978-1-55558-202-9Alpha Architecture CommitteeAlpha Architecture Reference Manual (HP Technologies)
  ''978-1-55558-203-6Patrick Holmay Manager Analysts International CorporationThe OpenVMS User's Guide (HP Technologies)
2002978-1-55558-207-4Tony KenyonHigh Performance Data Network Design: Design Techniques and Tools (IDC Technology (Paperback))
1999978-1-55558-210-4Amrit TiwanaWeb Security
  ''978-1-55558-212-8John RhotonProgrammer's Guide to Internet Mail: SMTP, POP, IMAP, and LDAP (HP Technologies)
1998978-1-55558-213-5Tony RedmondMicrosoft Exchange Server 5.5: Planning, Design and Implementation (HP Technologies)
1999978-1-55558-214-2Michael Gallo · William M. HancockNetworking Explained
  ''978-1-55558-222-7Jesus MenaData Mining Your Website
2000978-1-55558-224-1Tony RedmondMicrosoft Exchange Server for Windows 2000: Planning, Design and Implementation (HP Technologies)
2001978-1-55558-227-2Steven HancockTru64 UNIX File System Administration Handbook (HP Technologies)
2002978-1-55558-229-6Paul Vixie · Frederick M AvolioSendmail, Second Edition: Theory and Practice
2000978-1-55558-232-6Mike DaughertyMonitoring and Managing Microsoft Exchange 2000 Server (HP Technologies)
2001978-1-55558-240-1Micky Balladelli · Jan De ClercqMission-Critical Active Directory: Architecting a Secure and Scalable Infrastructure (HP Technologies)
  ''978-1-55558-241-8Ken England Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer and a Microsoft Certified TrainerThe Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Performance Optimization and Tuning Handbook
2001978-1-55558-242-5Barry de VilleMicrosoft Data Mining: Integrated Business Intelligence for e-Commerce and Knowledge Management
2003978-1-55558-243-2Lawrence Baldwin · Steve Hoffman · David MillerOpenVMS System Management Guide (HP Technologies)
2002978-1-55558-244-9Kevin Laahs · Emer McKenna · Don VickersMicrosoft SharePoint Portal Server: Building Knowledge Sharing Applications (HP Technologies)
  ''978-1-55558-249-4Norman LawrenceCompaq Visual Fortran: A Guide to Creating Windows Applications
2001978-1-55558-251-7Thomas RedmanData Quality: The Field Guide
  ''978-1-55558-255-5Matthew Cheek · Scott Fafrak · Steven Hancock · Martin Moore · Gregory YatesTru64 UNIX System Administrator's Guide (HP Technologies)
2002978-1-55558-259-3Scott Fafrak · Jim Lola · Dennis O'Brien · Gregory Yates · Brad NicholsTruCluster Server Handbook (HP Technologies)
2003978-1-55558-260-9Paul Fortier D.Sc. · Howard MichelComputer Systems Performance Evaluation and Prediction
2002978-1-55558-264-7Alan WinstonOpenVMS with Apache, WASD, and OSU: The Nonstop Webserver (HP Technologies)
2003978-1-55558-266-1Alain LissoirUnderstanding WMI Scripting: Exploiting Microsoft's Windows Management Instrumentation in Mission-Critical Computing Infrastructures (HP Technologies)
  ''978-1-55558-267-8John Robert WisniewskiLinux and OpenVMS Interoperability: Tricks for Old Dogs, New Dogs and Hot Dogs with Open Systems (HP Technologies)
  ''978-1-55558-269-2Bria SchenkenbergerOpenVMS File Systems Internals
2002978-1-55558-272-2Tim DonarTru64 UNIX-Oracle9i Cluster Quick Reference (HP Technologies)
2003978-1-55558-273-9Mike GancarzLinux and the Unix Philosophy
2002978-1-55558-274-6Martin Moore · Steven HancockTru64 UNIX Troubleshooting: Diagnosing and Correcting System Problems (HP Technologies)
2003978-1-55558-276-0Philip Bourne · Richard Holstein · Joseph McMullenUNIX for OpenVMS Users (HP Technologies)
2003978-1-55558-277-7Duane SharpCall Center Operation: Design, Operation, and Maintenance
  ''978-1-55558-278-4Tony RedmondMicrosoft Exchange Server 2003 (HP Technologies)
2002978-1-55558-279-1Michael D DuffyGetting Started with OpenVMS: A Guide for New Users (HP Technologies)
  ''978-1-55558-280-7Anura GurugeCorporate Portals Empowered with XML and Web Services
2003978-1-55558-281-4David MillerGetting Started with OpenVMS System Management (HP Technologies)
2004978-1-55558-283-8Jan De ClercqWindows Server 2003 Security Infrastructures: Core Security Features (HP Technologies)
2005978-1-55558-284-5John RhotonWireless Security Explained
2003978-1-55558-285-2Nigel StanleyMicrosoft .NET: Jumpstart for Systems Administrators and Developers (Communications (Digital Press))
2002978-1-55558-286-9Sue MosherMicrosoft Outlook Programming: Jumpstart for Administrators, Developers, and Power Users
2003978-1-55558-287-6Lilian Hobbs · Susan Hillson MS in CIS Boston University · Shilpa LawandeOracle9iR2 Data Warehousing
  ''978-1-55558-288-3Murali VallathOracle Real Application Clusters
  ''978-1-55558-294-4Jerry CochranMission-Critical Microsoft Exchange 2003: Designing and Building Reliable Exchange Servers (HP Technologies)
2003978-1-55558-295-1William WheelerIntegrating Wireless Technology in the Enterprise: PDAs, Blackberries, and Mobile Devices
2004978-1-55558-297-5John R. Vacca · Scott EllisFirewalls: Jumpstart for Network and Systems Administrators
2003978-1-55558-298-2Tim Speed · Juanita EllisInternet Security: A Jumpstart for Systems Administrators and IT Managers
  ''978-1-55558-299-9Alain LissoirLeveraging WMI Scripting: Using Windows Management Instrumentation to Solve Windows Management Problems (HP Technologies)
2006978-1-55558-300-2Pierre BijaouiMicrosoft® Exchange Server 2003 Scalability with SP1 and SP2 (HP Technologies)
2004978-1-55558-301-9Kevin Laahs · Emer McKenna · Veli-Matti VanamoMicrosoft SharePoint Technologies: Planning, Design and Implementation (HP Technologies)
  ''978-1-55558-302-6Mike DaughertyMonitoring and Managing Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 (HP Technologies)
2003978-1-55558-305-7Gavin JT PowellOracle High Performance Tuning for 9i and 10g
  ''978-1-55558-307-1Robert Charles MetzgerDebugging by Thinking: A Multidisciplinary Approach (HP Technologies)
2008978-1-55558-308-8Pierre Bijaoui · Juergen HasslauerDesigning Storage for Exchange 2007 SP1 (Digital Press Storage Technologies)
2004978-1-55558-311-8Greg SchulzResilient Storage Networks: Designing Flexible Scalable Data Infrastructures (Digital Press Storage Technology (Paperback))
  ''978-1-55558-315-6Fiach ReidNetwork Programming in .NET: With C# and Visual Basic .NET
2004978-1-55558-316-3Kieran McCorryMicrosoft® Exchange Server 2003 Deployment and Migration (HP Technologies)
  ''978-1-55558-317-0John Rittinghouse · James F. RansomeWireless Operational Security
  ''978-1-55558-318-7Jun-ichiro itojun HaginoIPv6 Network Programming
2007978-1-55558-319-4Ken England Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer and a Microsoft Certified Trainer · Gavin JT PowellMicrosoft SQL Server 2005 Performance Optimization and Tuning Handbook
2006978-1-55558-321-7Murali VallathOracle 10g RAC Grid, Services and Clustering
2004978-1-55558-322-4Lilian Hobbs · Susan Hillson MS in CIS Boston University · Shilpa Lawande · Pete SmithOracle 10g Data Warehousing
  ''978-1-55558-323-1Gavin JT Powell · Carol McCullough-DieterOracle SQL: Jumpstart with Examples
2019978-1-55558-325-5Shaun EllisOpenVMS for Unix Users
2005978-1-55558-326-2Sue Mosher · Robert Sparnaaij · Charlie Pulfer · David HookerConfiguring Microsoft Outlook 2003
  ''978-1-55558-328-6Edward HaletkyDeploying LINUX on the Desktop
2006978-1-55558-329-3Kuassi MensahOracle Database Programming using Java and Web Services
2004978-1-55558-330-9Tony RedmondTony Redmond's Microsoft Exchange Server 2003: with SP1 (HP Technologies)
2006978-1-55558-331-6Lynne Dunckley · Larry GurosOracle 10g Developing Media Rich Applications
2004978-1-55558-332-3James F. Ransome · John RittinghouseVoice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Security
2004978-1-55558-333-0René J. ChevanceServer Architectures: Multiprocessors, Clusters, Parallel Systems, Web Servers, Storage Solutions
2005978-1-55558-334-7Ron Ben NatanImplementing Database Security and Auditing
  ''978-1-55558-335-4Gavin JT PowellOracle Data Warehouse Tuning for 10g
  ''978-1-55558-338-5John Rittinghouse · James F. RansomeIM Instant Messaging Security
2007978-1-55558-343-9Jan De Clercq · Aric BernardMission-Critical Active Directory: Architecting a Secure and Scalable Infrastructure
2006978-1-55558-345-3Gavin JT PowellOracle Performance Tuning for 10gR2
2007978-1-55558-346-0Sue MosherMicrosoft Outlook 2007 Programming: Jumpstart for Power Users and Administrators
  ''978-1-55558-347-7Tony RedmondMicrosoft Exchange Server 2007: Tony Redmond's Guide to Successful Implementation (HP Technologies)
2006978-1-55558-349-1Kieran McCorryMicrosoft Exchange Server 2003, Deployment and Migration SP1 and SP2
2008978-1-55558-355-2Tony RedmondMicrosoft Exchange Server 2007 with SP1: Tony Redmond's Guide to Successful Implementation