year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2009978-1-55521-010-6Castle BooksWhy Do We Say? The Stories Behind the Words, Expressions and Cliches We Use
1993978-1-55521-033-5Bloomsbury · Peter HinceIllustrator's Figure Reference Manual (Illustrators Reference Manuals)
1987978-1-55521-068-7George EvansAn Introduction to Calligraphy
1986978-1-55521-096-0Peter HainingThe Art of Mystery and Detective Stories: The Best Illustrations from over a Century of Crime Fiction
1987978-1-55521-100-4Bazalel NarkissPicture History of Jewish Civilization
1989978-1-55521-118-9Robert OpieThe Art of the Label: Designs of the Times
1987978-1-55521-123-3Charles LindleyLord Halifax's Complete Ghost Book
1988978-1-55521-140-0Simon JenningsThe Complete Guide to Advanced Illustration and Design
  ''978-1-55521-146-2Noel RileyA History of Decorative Tiles
1987978-1-55521-161-5Chris Bishop · Ian DruryCombat Guns
1988978-1-55521-178-3Ted BarrisSpirit of the West
1990978-1-55521-213-1Linda BoltonThe History and Techniques of the Great Masters: Gauguin
2008978-1-55521-225-4Frank Oppel · Tony MeiselTales of Old Florida
1988978-1-55521-251-3Christopher (Intro.) LeeRealms of Darkness
  ''978-1-55521-254-4Pierre J. RedouteThe Most Beautiful Flowers
  ''978-1-55521-259-9Roger PasseronImpressionist Prints
  ''978-1-55521-283-4R. Ian LloydBali
1988978-1-55521-287-2Lisa SharpSingapore
  ''978-1-55521-293-3Patricia Bayer · Mark WallerThe Art of Rene Lalique
  ''978-1-55521-322-0Gary FlowerPinball
1989978-1-55521-356-5Edouard GarnierThe Soft Porcelain of Sevres
  ''978-1-55521-375-6Derek AveryThe Complete History of North American Railways
  ''978-1-55521-379-4Edward BoehmBehind Enemy Lines: WWII Allied / Axis Propaganda
1989978-1-55521-389-3Geoffrey WillsWedgwood
  ''978-1-55521-394-7Edward R BraceAn illustrated dictionary of chess
  ''978-1-55521-395-4Gilbert E. OddThe Encyclopedia of Boxing
1990978-1-55521-409-8Edward Lucie-SmithArt Now
1988978-1-55521-415-9Elizabeth PalmerIkebana: The Art of Japanese Flower Arranging
1989978-1-55521-416-6Thor LarsenWorld of the Polar Bear
1996978-1-55521-436-4Joe DavidsonThe Art of the Cigar Label
2001978-1-55521-439-5Venetia MorrisonArt of George Stubbs
1990978-1-55521-440-1Diana BellThe Complete Gilbert & Sullivan
  ''978-1-55521-443-2John BoothArt of Faberge
1989978-1-55521-450-0Timothy NewarkEmile Galle
  ''978-1-55521-471-5Pascal BonafouxVan Gogh: Self Portraits With Accompanying Letters from Vincent to His Brother Theo
1989978-1-55521-472-2Leslie Brown · Dean AmadonEagles, Hawks and Falcons of the World
1993978-1-55521-506-4Peter HinceIllustrator's Reference Manual: Hands and Faces
  ''978-1-55521-507-1   ''Illustrator's Reference Manual: Nudes
1991978-1-55521-511-8Robert OpiePackaging Source Book
1990978-1-55521-516-3Genio ScottFishing in American Waters
1986978-1-55521-518-7Pierre Joseph Redoute · Peter and Frances MallaryA Redoute Treasury: 468 Watercolours from Les Liliacees of Pierre-Joseph Redoute
2011978-1-55521-525-5Silvio CalabiThe Collector's Guide to Antique Fishing Tackle
1991978-1-55521-537-8Alexander StarbuckHistory of the American Whale Fishery
1990978-1-55521-541-5Sara RossiCollector's Guide to Paperweights
  ''978-1-55521-542-2Bridget McConnelCollectors Guide to Thimbles
1991978-1-55521-546-0Susan MayorA Collector's Guide to Fans
1990978-1-55521-547-7A. DesaintIdeas in Stencilling
1989978-1-55521-556-9Michael HorshamThe Art of the Shakers
1991978-1-55521-564-4Peter JacksonTigers (Endangered Species)
1993978-1-55521-565-1Carolyn King · Peter HinceIllustrator's Reference Manual: Children
1991978-1-55521-579-8Gordon OwenThe Bonsai Identifier
1990978-1-55521-609-2John RaynesFigure Drawing and Anatomy for the Artist
  ''978-1-55521-620-7Chester GouldThe Celebrated Cases of Dick Tracy, 1931-1951
1991978-1-55521-638-2Errol MannersCeramics Source Book
1990978-1-55521-645-0Barbara ArnsteinWhat's Your Excuse
  ''978-1-55521-659-7S. Peter DanceThe Collector's Encyclopedia of Shells
1990978-1-55521-661-0John GouldJohn Gould's Hummingbirds
1991978-1-55521-665-8Silvio CalabiTrout and Salmon of the World
  ''978-1-55521-672-6John GossThe Mapping of North America: Three Centuries of Map-Making, 1500-1860
  ''978-1-55521-726-6Gerald WelandA Collectors Guide to Swords, Daggers, and Cutlasses
1994978-1-55521-731-0Sabine BartelsSlot Machines and Coin-Op Games: A Collector's Guide to One-Armed Bandits and Amusement Machines
1991978-1-55521-749-5Paper Airplanes
  ''978-1-55521-753-2Emma CalleryThe Complete Hot and Spicy Cookbook
1992978-1-55521-766-2Aleister CrowleyMagick in Theory and Practice
1993978-1-55521-767-9E. W. W. FowlerNazi Regalia
  ''978-1-55521-769-3Pamela WestlandMaking Wreaths
1999978-1-55521-783-9Frank OppelLimericks, Limericks, Limericks: The Famous Paris Edition, Complete & Unexpurgated, 1700 Examples with Notes, Variants and Index
1992978-1-55521-806-5Montague SummersThe History of Witchcraft and Demonology
1992978-1-55521-808-9David Burgess WiseNew Illustrated Encyclopedia of Automobiles
1993978-1-55521-837-9Martin GibbonsPalms: The New Compact Study Guide and Identifier
  ''978-1-55521-851-5Tonia TodmanClever Crafts to Decorate Your Home
  ''978-1-55521-878-2J. Riha · Subik R.The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Cacti and Succulents
  ''978-1-55521-882-9B. InkrisaThe Illustrated Encyclopedia of Flowering Plants
1994978-1-55521-887-4John GrenhamClans and Families of Ireland: The Heritage and Heraldry of Irish Clans and Families
1993978-1-55521-918-5Lynsy PinsentFace Painting: From Cowboys to Clowns, Pirates to Princesses, 40 Amazingly Original Designs for the Perfect Chilren's Party (Art for Children)
1994978-1-55521-920-8Ellen BedingtonMake and Clothe Your Own Dollhouse Dolls
1993978-1-55521-932-1Henry Pasten-BedingfeldHeraldry
1994978-1-55521-954-3Eva WeberGreat Photographers of the Civil War
1993978-1-55521-975-8Dorothy Meserve Kunhardt · Philip B. , III KunhardtTwenty Days: A Narrative in Text and Pictures of the Assassination of Abraham Lincoln and the Twenty Days and Nights That Followed-
1994978-1-55521-999-4Paul SassieneThe Comic Book: The One Essential Guide for Comic Book Fans Everywhere

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