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978-1-55479-014-2Jonathan TownsendSorrow turned into joy: A sermon deliver'd at Medfield, October 25. 1759.
2008978-1-55479-020-3William DouglassA summary, historical and political Vol. 1: of the first planting, progressive improvements, and present state of the British settlements in North America
978-1-55479-032-6Israel MauduitConsiderations on the present German war
978-1-55479-036-4Jeremiah DummerA defence of the New-England charters
978-1-55479-044-9abbé MaillardAn account of the customs and manners: of the Micmakis and Maricheets savage nations, now dependent on the government of Cape-Breton.
978-1-55479-064-7William HoweNarrative of Lieut. Gen. Sir William Howe: in a committee of the House of Commons, on the 29th of April, 1779, relative to his conduct, during his late command of the King's troops in North America
2008978-1-55479-089-0Georg HornGeorgi Horni De originibus americanis: libri quatuor (Latin Edition)
978-1-55479-119-4Henry HowardThe anatomy, physiology and pathology of the eye
978-1-55479-131-6William BrownThe commercial crisis;: its cause and cure
978-1-55479-189-7Charles SangsterHesperus and other poems and lyrics: Data Not Found
978-1-55479-195-8Philippe Aubert de GaspeìThe Canadians of old: Data Not Found
978-1-55479-226-91821-1889., James HowardA Trip to America: two lectures: A trip to America. Two lectures by James Howard, M.P.
978-1-55479-261-0William KingsfordImpressions of the West and South: during a six weeks' holiday.
978-1-55479-264-1Ivan Gavrilovich GolovinStars and stripes: or, American impressions.
978-1-55479-273-3Francis ParkmanThe Jesuits in North America: in the seventeenth century
2009978-1-55479-316-7George VaseyBeauties and utilities of a library: forming the student's guide to literature, science and philosophy, and containing an analysis of the Canadian parliamentary library
  ''978-1-55479-318-1William BullockSongs of the church
  ''978-1-55479-319-8George WarburtonConquest of Canada, v. 1: The conquest of Canada.
  ''978-1-55479-320-4George WarburtonConquest of Canada, v. 2: The conquest of Canada
  ''978-1-55479-341-9William SommervilleExclusive claims of David's Psalms
2009978-1-55479-387-7James Carmichael SmythPrecis of the wars in Canada: from 1755 to the Treaty of Ghent in 1814. With military and political reflections.
  ''978-1-55479-395-2Bernard Homer DixonSelected hymns
  ''978-1-55479-464-5Jacob BigelowThe Wars of the Gulls: an historical romance in three chapters; chap. I, Shewing how and why and with whom the Gulls went to war: chap. II, Shewing ... general of the Gulls goes forth to play.
  ''978-1-55479-482-9Governor GeneralAddresses to His Excellency the Governor: Addresses to His Excellency the Governor in chief from different parts of Lower-Canada, with His Excellency's answers Canada
  ''978-1-55479-497-3William Foster Coffin1812; the war, and its moral: a Canadian chronicle
2009978-1-55479-508-6John George HodginsSchool history of Canada: and of the other British North American provinces
  ''978-1-55479-511-6Charles Edward GreyRemarks on the proceedings as to Canada: in the present session of Parliament
  ''978-1-55479-515-4Charles Jacobs PetersonMilitary heroes of the war of 1812: with a narrative of the war
  ''978-1-55479-595-6William DunlopStatistical sketches of Upper Canada: for the use of emigrants.
  ''978-1-55479-608-3David AndersonThe seal of apostleship: an ordination sermon preached at St. Andrew's church, Red River, on Sunday, December 22, 1850.
2009978-1-55479-611-3David AndersonThe heart given to God and the work: an ordination sermon, preached in the cathedral of Christ Church, Oxford, on Sunday, December 21, 1856.
  ''978-1-55479-612-0   ''The truth and the conscience: an ordination sermon preached at St. Andrew's church, Red River, on Sunday, July 21, 1861.
  ''978-1-55479-630-4James Douglas D. GordonThe Last Martyrs of Eromanga: Being a Memoir of the Rev. George N. Gordon and Ellen Catherine Powell, His Wife.
  ''978-1-55479-634-2Joseph SansomTravels in Lower Canada: with the author's recollections of the soil, and aspect, the morals, habits, and religious institutions, of that country
  ''978-1-55479-658-8Alexander WalkerHours Off and on Sentry: Or, Personal Recollections of Military Adventure in Great Britain, Portugal, and Canada.
2009978-1-55479-659-5Thomas Chandler HaliburtonThe Letter-Bag of the Great Western: Or, Life in a Steamer.
978-1-55479-678-6Charles Guérin: Roman De Moeurs Canadiennes. (French Edition)
978-1-55479-682-3Les Anciens Canadiens: Les Anciens Canadiens. (French Edition)
2009978-1-55479-693-9Francis FulfordFive Occasional Lectures: Delivered in Montreal
  ''978-1-55479-696-0Thomas Chandler HaliburtonJudge Haliburton's Yankee Stories
  ''978-1-55479-702-8Thomas FraserSermons
  ''978-1-55479-711-0Dugald BuchananLaoidhean Spioradail: Le Dughall Buchannan (Scots Gaelic Edition)
  ''978-1-55479-717-2Andrew Learmont SpedonTales of the Canadian Forest
2009978-1-55479-720-2Thomas Chandler HaliburtonThe Clockmaker: Or, the Sayings and Doings of Samuel Slick of Slickville
  ''978-1-55479-733-2R. J. Smith M.D.Lecture on the History of Medicine: And the Science of Homeopathy
  ''978-1-55479-746-2Henry CaswallThe Western World Revisited
  ''978-1-55479-770-7Henry Youle HindLectures on Agricultural Chemistry: Or, Elements of the Science of Agriculture
  ''978-1-55479-772-1Narcisse CyrMemoir of the Rev. C. H. O. Cote, M. D.: With a Memoir of Mrs. M. Y. Cote, and a History of the Grande Ligne Mission, Canada East
2009978-1-55479-804-9William M. MitchellThe Under-Ground Railroad
  ''978-1-55479-811-7John Nicholas NortonLife of Bishop Stewart of Quebec
  ''978-1-55479-813-1David MarksThe Life of David Marks: To the 26th Year of His Age, Including the Particulars of His Conversion, Call to the Ministry and Labours in Itinerant Preaching for Nearly Eleven Years
  ''978-1-55479-837-7George Frederick PlayterThe History of Methodism in Canada: With an Account of the Rise and Progress of the Work of God Among the Canadian Indian Tribes, and Occasional Notices of the Civil Affairs of the Province
  ''978-1-55479-861-2Canada. Legislature. Legislative Council.Standing Rules and Regulations: Of the Legislative Council of Canada Adopted in the First Session of the First Provincial Parliament
2009978-1-55479-866-7Alexander ForresterThe Teacher's Text Book
  ''978-1-55479-881-0Newfoundland and British North America Society for Educating the PoorProceedings
  ''978-1-55479-891-9John Herbert SangsterElements of Algebra: Designed for the Use of Canadian Grammar and Common Schools
  ''978-1-55479-944-2David AndersonThe Seal of Apostleship: An Ordination Sermon Preached at St. Andrew's Church, Red River, on Sunday, December 22, 1850
  ''978-1-55479-962-6William Ross KingThe Sportsman and Naturalist in Canada: Or, Notes on the Natural History of the Game, Game Birds, and Fish of That Country
2009978-1-55479-966-4William MurdochPoems and Songs
  ''978-1-55479-993-0Flavien DurocherAiamie Kushkushkutu Mishinaigan