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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2005978-1-55447-001-3Jan ZwickyThirty-seven Small Songs & Thirteen Silences
  ''978-1-55447-003-7Peter SangerWhite Salt Mountain: Words in Time
  ''978-1-55447-004-4   ''White Salt Mountain: Words in Time
  ''978-1-55447-008-2Don McKayDeactivated West 100
  ''978-1-55447-009-9Don McKayDeactivated West 100
2005978-1-55447-011-2John TerpstraThe Boys, or, Waiting for the Electrician's Daughter
  ''978-1-55447-013-6John TerpstraBrendan Luck
2006978-1-55447-014-3Peter SangerAiken Drum
  ''978-1-55447-016-7Tim BowlingFathom
  ''978-1-55447-017-4Tim BowlingFathom
  ''978-1-55447-018-1John Ralston SaulJoseph Howe and the Battle for Freedom of Speech
2006978-1-55447-023-5K.I. PressTypes of Canadian Women
2008978-1-55447-024-2Robert BringhurstThe Tree of Meaning: Thirteen Talks
2007978-1-55447-025-9Robert BringhurstThe Tree of Meaning: Thirteen Talks
2006978-1-55447-026-6John TerpstraTwo or Three Guitars: Selected Poems
  ''978-1-55447-031-0Ian LeTourneauDefining Range
  ''978-1-55447-032-7Robert BringhurstThe Typographic Mind
  ''978-1-55447-033-4Triny FinlayPhobic
2007978-1-55447-035-8Tim BowlingThe Bone Sharps
  ''978-1-55447-037-2George Elliott ClarkeTrudeau: Long March, Shining Path
2007978-1-55447-043-3Elizabeth Paul · Peter SangerThe Stone Canoe: Two Lost Mi'kmaq Texts
  ''978-1-55447-044-0Robert BringhurstEverywhere Being is Dancing: Twenty Pieces of Thinking
  ''978-1-55447-048-8Dennis LeeThe Bard of the Universe
2009978-1-55447-051-8Carmine StarninoThis Way Out
2008978-1-55447-052-5Johanna SkibsrudLate Nights With Wild Cowboys
  ''978-1-55447-054-9Jan ZwickyWisdom & Metaphor
2009978-1-55447-060-0Robert BringhurstUrsa Major
2008978-1-55447-063-1Ami McKayJerome: The Historical Spectacle
  ''978-1-55447-064-8Paul HeadrickThat Tune Clutches My Heart
2009978-1-55447-068-6Robert BringhurstSelected Poems
2009978-1-55447-071-6Anne SimpsonThe Marram Grass: Poetry & Otherness
  ''978-1-55447-075-4Jan ZwickyPlato as Artist
  ''978-1-55447-078-5Johanna SkibsrudThe Sentimentalists
  ''978-1-55447-079-2John TerpstraSkin Boat: Acts of faith and other navigations
  ''978-1-55447-081-5George Elliott ClarkeExecution Poems
2010978-1-55447-090-7Alison SmithFishwork, Dear
2011978-1-55447-097-6Jan ZwickyForge
2012978-1-55447-107-2Stephen MarcheLove and the Mess We're In
2011978-1-55447-108-9Don McKayThe Shell of the Tortoise: Four Essays & an Assemblage
2013978-1-55447-122-5Sue GoyetteOcean
2015978-1-55447-147-8Andrew SteevesRod McDonald @ Gaspereau Press