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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2001978-1-55394-004-3Monier Monier-WilliamsSanskrit - English and English - Sanskrit Dictionary: Etymologicall Arranged With Special References to Cognate Indo-European Languages Greatly Enlarged and Improved With the Collaboration of Leumann
  ''978-1-55394-009-8E. Genouvrier · C. Desirat · T. HordeDictionnaire des Synonymes (Larousse De Poches)
2002978-1-55394-029-6C. RajagopalachariMahabharata
2010978-1-55394-031-9Le Robert and Collins Mini Plus Allemand: German-french/French-german Mini Dictionary
1994978-1-55394-041-8W., Ph.D. Niniows'kyiUkrainian-English / English-Ukrainian Dictionary
2003978-1-55394-045-6Amma C. L. MeenakshiLearn Malayalam in 30 Days
978-1-55394-047-0Learn Punjabi in 30 Days
2005978-1-55394-064-7A. Rey · Josette Rey-DeboveLe Petit Robert 2006: Dictionnaire Alphabetique Et Analogique De La Langue Francaise
2006978-1-55394-086-9Shakuntala DeviThe Book of Numbers
2005978-1-55394-115-6CheiroCheiro's Book of Numbers
2008978-1-55394-127-9Pierre Varrod · Lorna Sinclair Knight · Michela ClariLe Grand Robert & Collins: Volume/Tome 1, Francais-anglais ; Volume/Tome 2, Anglais-francais, Super Senior
2006978-1-55394-143-9Guha CharuchandraThe Modern Anglo-bengali Dictionary
  ''978-1-55394-197-2Marie-Helene Correard · Valerie Grundy · Jean-Benoit Ormal-Grenon · Nicholas RollinThe Oxford-Hachette French Dictionary / Le Grand Dictionnaire Hachette-Oxford: French-English English-French / Francais-Anglais Anglais-Francais
2007978-1-55394-199-6Anna Stevenson · Nadia Cornuau · Stuart Fortey · Laurence Larroche · Kate NicholsonHarrap's Unabridged Pro: Dictionairre Anglais-Francais/ Dictionnaire Francais-Anglaid