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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2001978-1-55369-004-7Wyatt AkinsInk: A collection of words
  ''978-1-55369-048-1Ron PalmerTravels With Himself (To Boldly Go Where So many Have Gone Before)
  ''978-1-55369-064-1James M. GreenBicycle Accident Reconstruction for the Forensic Engineer
2005978-1-55369-087-0Henry J.T. DorenThe Artist's Atelier: Reference guide to Structural Concepts and Principles
2001978-1-55369-098-6Muriel Williams · Bill WilliamsLife in the Spirit World: The Mind Does Not Die
2002978-1-55369-127-3Norman SouthergillA Combat Engineer Remembers
  ''978-1-55369-132-7Harold D. FosterWhat Really Causes AIDS
2001978-1-55369-133-4J. H. HeinbockelIntroduction to Tensor Calculus and Continuum Mechanics
2003978-1-55369-136-5Patricia G. PopeColored Waiting Room
2002978-1-55369-138-9Ann Llewellyn EvansShinto Norito: A Book of Prayers
  ''978-1-55369-139-6J.W.T MasonThe Meaning of Shinto
2002978-1-55369-144-0Bob TaylorA Few Good Memories: Tales from USMC Boot Camp
  ''978-1-55369-175-4David CortesiSecular Wholeness: A Skeptic's Paths To A Richer Life
978-1-55369-180-8Robert KulaczThe Roots of Disease - The connection between dentistry and medicine
2002978-1-55369-196-9Chuck Hitt · Wendy BrownIsland of the Passion
  ''978-1-55369-199-0Rabon, Jr. VincentThe Holy Scriptures
  ''978-1-55369-206-5Jim LynnThe Miracle of Healing in Your Church Today
  ''978-1-55369-211-9Bruce KostThe Youngblood Project
2002978-1-55369-212-6Sylvain BeauregardPassion Celine Dion: The Book: The ultimate guide for the fan!
  ''978-1-55369-225-6Louis S Berger DrPsychotherapy as Praxis: Abandoning Misapplied Science
  ''978-1-55369-250-8Peter H. RiddleFourteenth Concerto
  ''978-1-55369-265-2Tome: Our World, Our Times
  ''978-1-55369-294-2Gabriel I. H. WilliamsLiberia: The Heart of Darkness
2003978-1-55369-298-0Veryl L. SeamanOur Ancestors: Seloivre - France, Waldron - England, Schermerhorn - Holland, Van Egmont - Belgium, Swick - Germany, Reid - Scotland,
2002978-1-55369-319-2Debbie SennettAmerican Symbols Commemorative Edition
2002978-1-55369-321-5Captain Fred EversonA Bar Player's Guide to Winning Darts
  ''978-1-55369-327-7Joyce BalentineNana's Nursery Rhymes
  ''978-1-55369-328-4Walter Edward SkeldonEscort Carriers in The Pacific
  ''978-1-55369-380-2Raymond DennehyAnti-Abortionist At Large: How To Argue Abortion Intelligently And Live To Tell About It
2004978-1-55369-404-5Claudine CrangleLiving Well with Celiac Disease: Abundance Beyond Wheat and Gluten
2002978-1-55369-411-3Brian S. LangtonA First Step - Understanding Guillain-Barre Syndrome
2003978-1-55369-415-1Jay TracyPain - It's Not All in Your Head: The Tests Don't Show Everything
2002978-1-55369-450-2Gabriel WingerLife Through My I's
  ''978-1-55369-460-1Donna HarrisRoad to Adelphi
2002978-1-55369-461-8Floyd FusselmanEnvironmental Concerns: Learn the Acronyms
  ''978-1-55369-470-0Jeanette LandenwitchCreating With Precious Metal Clay
  ''978-1-55369-492-2Edward Michel-BirdDiamonds from the Darkside
978-1-55369-493-9George KayerWe Unfold Together: Sacred Language Glossary of Earth
2002978-1-55369-497-7Patricia HaakonsonEasy Low Carb Cooking
2001978-1-55369-505-9Lisa Ann BargemanThe Egyptian Origin of Christianity
2002978-1-55369-534-9Chuck N. Baker · Ian JackmanFlowers for Princess Diana
978-1-55369-543-1George A. ReynoldsSpacecraft and Earthquake Plus
2002978-1-55369-549-3Eulalio Paul CaneHarmony: Radical Taoism Gently Applied
2003978-1-55369-562-2Don AdamsHead for Mexico: The Renegade Guide
2002978-1-55369-570-7Amy L. SnowThe Endless Tour: Vietnam, Ptsd, and the Spiritual Void
  ''978-1-55369-603-2David M. GonzalezThe Insider's Guide to Household Staffing
2003978-1-55369-604-9Jude Acers · George LavenThe Italian Gambit (and) A Guiding Repertoire For White - E4!
  ''978-1-55369-612-4Beatrice WatsonSimply Madear: It Ain't My Business, But...
2002978-1-55369-613-1Philip G., M.D. YoungThyroid Guardian of Health
2002978-1-55369-636-0Sal V. DenaroEnergizing Isometrics: A Total Body Workout in Only 5 Minutes a Day
  ''978-1-55369-641-4Fraser SmithThe Smith Manoeuvre
  ''978-1-55369-657-5Goldena Roland HowardVine and Fig Tree: Salt River County Chronicles
  ''978-1-55369-662-9Peter BirrenObjects in the Heavens
  ''978-1-55369-676-6Kirk A. HackenbergA Peace Corps Profile
978-1-55369-678-0Relocation 101: Focus on the Greater Vancouver Area
2002978-1-55369-684-1Joanne M. SchumTaking Flight: Inspirational Stories of Lung Transplantation
2002978-1-55369-711-4Smith PanhEnglish-Mienh and Mienh-English Dictionary
  ''978-1-55369-714-5Dorothy Jane MillsBallerina Bess
978-1-55369-722-0Reverend Doctor Jean SpearThe Mantle of the Beast: A Book About Capital Cultism in the George Bush Years
978-1-55369-723-7   ''Commy Systems Jubilee
978-1-55369-724-4   ''The Highness Proclamation
2002978-1-55369-731-2Andy SlavenVideo Game Bible, 1985-2002
978-1-55369-761-9Susan FraserEverything and Nothing (a play on words, numbers and pictures)
2002978-1-55369-762-6Alan ZeleznikarRome Explorations: The Ancient Rome Walking Tour
  ''978-1-55369-764-0James P. SmithStrategic and Tactical Considerations on the Fireground Study Guide, First Edition
978-1-55369-773-2Eya ManiWatehica - That Which You Hold Dear... Book II
978-1-55369-777-0Ed.D William F. GrossReshuffle and Deal Again: Recollections of a Blind Psychologist
2002978-1-55369-781-7Jimmy Allen DavisUseful Programs for the Ti-89
  ''978-1-55369-792-3Edward L. PaulConquering Macular Degeneration: The Latest Breakthroughs & Treatments
  ''978-1-55369-793-0R. B. HerathSri Lankan Ethnic Crisis: Towards a Resolution
2002978-1-55369-806-7John CrawfordThe Lockerbie Incident: A Detective's Tale
  ''978-1-55369-812-8Tom KessenichExaminations
2003978-1-55369-824-1R. Ernest OlsonDon't Call Me A Hero
2007978-1-55369-825-8Adam GibsonAdvanced Taekwondo: Sparring and Hapkido Techniques
2003978-1-55369-837-1Lee HartleyAftershocks of Stress, Crisis and Trauma
2002978-1-55369-841-8Sabrina AllenDiary of the Other Woman
  ''978-1-55369-842-5Muhammad HedayetullahDynamics of Islam: An Exposition
  ''978-1-55369-844-9Edward T MiyakawaTule Lake
2003978-1-55369-845-6Mark Adrian GroenewoldKarate the Japanese Way
2002978-1-55369-853-1Barbara Ann LambertRusty Nails and Ration Books: Memories of the Great Depression and WWII 1929-1945
  ''978-1-55369-855-5Chester L. Mirsky · David PorterMegamall on the Hudson: Planning, Wal-Mart and Grassroots Resistance
2002978-1-55369-858-6Jordan SalesSo You Want to Be a Model?
978-1-55369-862-3Jean SpearLSD, Love's Saving Day: Diary of a Commy Mommy
978-1-55369-863-0   ''The First Etymological Dictionary of Bible Prophesy
978-1-55369-864-7   ''How Grandma Cooks
2003978-1-55369-866-1Ardell Sheridan-CastellanoDivine Intervention and a Dash of Magic unraveling The Mystery of "The Method" (Behind the scenes of Godfather 1)
2002978-1-55369-871-5Roland Thomas ReimerWalk Good
  ''978-1-55369-885-2Edwin GereThe Unheralded: Men and Women of the Berlin Blockade and Airlift
  ''978-1-55369-886-9Chris AldrichThe Aldrich Dictionary of Phobias and Other Word Families
  ''978-1-55369-894-4Jabulani C. ButheleziRolihlahla Dalibhunga Nelson Mandela: An Ecological Study
978-1-55369-897-5Mandy Jeszenszky McRaeIt's Only Life