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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1999978-1-55306-000-0Betty F WheelerVictims or victors?: The question that faces each one of us today
  ''978-1-55306-014-7A. C SimmonsGod's instructions to wives and women
  ''978-1-55306-020-8F. Wayne MacLeodEzekiel: A devotional commentary on the prophecy of Ezekiel
  ''978-1-55306-022-2Angelina Fast-VlaarThe valley of cancer: A journey of comfort and hope
  ''978-1-55306-024-6Terry W SmithThe mark of a champion
1999978-1-55306-026-0Diane L Smitley-KingWhere you are
  ''978-1-55306-029-1Jean FinlaysonTangled Web
  ''978-1-55306-037-6Glenn DromgooleThe perfect hamburger: You will find it at Kincaid's in Fort Worth, Texas, just ask those who eat there
2000978-1-55306-049-9Diane BissonIt's Okay to Make a Mistake, But...
1999978-1-55306-068-0Dream Fragments
2000978-1-55306-072-7Mary A MoeggenborgThe Tarantella dancers: Beyond the breaking
  ''978-1-55306-107-6Walter De SousaThe evangelical experience: A historical and theological analysis
  ''978-1-55306-122-9Diane BissonIt's Okay to Feel Upset, But...
2000978-1-55306-123-6Diane BissonIt's Okay to Be Afraid, But...
2001978-1-55306-143-4Alex W. NessTransference of Spirits
2000978-1-55306-153-3Steve MoseychukStewardship Book: Practical Christian Home Budgeting
  ''978-1-55306-154-0   ''Home Budget Book: Take Control of Your Finances
978-1-55306-204-2Personality Transplant: A Miracle Breakthrough
2001978-1-55306-207-3Mary KennedyThis Is My Story
  ''978-1-55306-209-7Jessica June DavisImago Dei by a black woman: Essay on the images of God
  ''978-1-55306-280-6Don YoungThe Infallible Roulette System
  ''978-1-55306-320-9Laurence CroswellTHE LION, THE ROOT, & THE LAMB
2002978-1-55306-336-0Richard M. SipleyPrepare for Revival
2002978-1-55306-385-8Christ, Who Is Our Life (Colossians 3:4): The Source, Substance, Solace, Object and Crown of Our Life
  ''978-1-55306-403-9Pat CockingThird Heaven, Angels And...Other Stuff
  ''978-1-55306-427-5Fred Austin VaughanTrailblazers: Life Stories of Pastors and Missionaries, Book Two
  ''978-1-55306-440-4Lloyd B. JonesLiving By the Chase: The Native People of Crow and Bobs Lakes
2003978-1-55306-490-9Gary LeBlancGrieving the Unexpected: The Suicide of a Son
  ''978-1-55306-509-8Maxine RandallBright Gems for His Crown: Ninety-Three Daily Devotionals to Help Build Qualities of Character in Children
2003978-1-55306-520-3Christianity and Islam: The Son and the Moon
  ''978-1-55306-522-7Curt FletemierChristianity and Islam: The Son and the Moon
978-1-55306-538-8Beth CarsonPastor Bob
2003978-1-55306-542-5Mark Virkler · Patti VirklerCounseled by God: Emotional Wholeness Through Hearing God's Voice
2002978-1-55306-546-3Ezra LevantFight Kyoto
2003978-1-55306-550-0Barry M. FellingerThe Almost True Adventures of Brandon and Josh
  ''978-1-55306-552-4VertesiBroken Promises: Why Canadian Medicare Is in Trouble and What Can Be Done
  ''978-1-55306-556-2Nancy L HagermanIn the Pit: A Testimony of God's Faithfulness to a Bipolar Christian
  ''978-1-55306-595-1Richard H. PerryOf the Last Days: Listen, I Tell You a Mystery
2003978-1-55306-678-1Shannon EthridgeWords of Wisdom for Women at the Well: Quenching Your Heart's Thirst for Love and Intimacy
  ''978-1-55306-683-5the long way Home: A Journey Through Alzheimer's
  ''978-1-55306-702-3James LincolnBelieve, Believe, Believe: And Be Set Free
  ''978-1-55306-712-2Stefano PivaAll Roads Lead Somewhere: A Journey Through the Apostle's Creed
2004978-1-55306-734-4James R. NikkelChurch Planting
  ''978-1-55306-755-9Micheal O. OjewaleEmotional Wellness: A Biblical Recourse to Mental and Emotional Well-Being
2000978-1-55306-784-9Ross Maracle Linda MaracleMedley of First Nations Cooking: Creating a Family Heirloom
978-1-55306-789-4Growing Lavender: A Guide for Cooler Climates
2004978-1-55306-879-2Canada Enroute to Prosperity
2005978-1-55306-882-2The Treasure of His Company (A Collection of Devotional Poetry & Meditations, Volume 1)
2005978-1-55306-914-0J. E. B. GrahamSow's Ear to Silk Purse
  ''978-1-55306-941-6Julie RollinsVashua's Messenger: Book 2 of the Vadelah Chronicles
978-1-55306-943-0Here Comes Ishmael: The Kairos Moment for the Muslim People
2005978-1-55306-965-2Ross PerryThundering Silence A Masculine Journey
2006978-1-55306-981-2Arie C. LederFor God So Loved The World
2005978-1-55306-985-0Hope for the Small Church