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1999978-1-55266-005-8Carol AylwardCanadian critical race theory: Racism and the law
  ''978-1-55266-006-5Dave Broad · Wayne Andrew AntonyCitizens or Consumers?: Social Policy in a Market Society
  ''978-1-55266-008-9Elizabeth ComackLocating law: Race/class/gender connections
2000978-1-55266-023-2Carl JamesExperiencing difference
  ''978-1-55266-024-9Kelly Hannah-MoffatAn Ideal Prison?: Critical Essays on Women's Imprisonment in Canada
  ''978-1-55266-032-4Agnes CallisteAnti-Racist Feminism: Critical Race and Gender Studies
2000978-1-55266-036-2Nicholas GuyattAnother American Century?
  ''978-1-55266-037-9John MadeleyHungry for Trade
  ''978-1-55266-038-6Robert Ali Brac De La PerriereBrave New Seeds
  ''978-1-55266-039-3Daniel PaulWe Were Not the Savages: A Mikmaq Perspective on the Collision Between European and Native American Civilizations New Twenty-First Century Edit
2001978-1-55266-046-1Edward HedicanUp in Nipigon Country: Anthropology as a Personal Experience
  ''978-1-55266-050-8David Bedford · Danielle IrvingThe Tragedy of Progress: Marxism, Modernity and the Aboriginal Question
2001978-1-55266-051-5Errol BlackBuilding a Better World
  ''978-1-55266-055-3Riccardo PetrellaThe Water Manifesto
  ''978-1-55266-058-4Leo PanitchA World Of Contradictions
  ''978-1-55266-061-4Stephen McbrideParadigm shift: Globalization and the Canadian state
  ''978-1-55266-065-2Harry ShuttA New Democracy
2001978-1-55266-066-9Vandana ShivaProtect or Plunder?
2002978-1-55266-068-3Christian ComelieuThe Impasse Of Modernity
  ''978-1-55266-072-0Anne BishopBecoming an Ally
2004978-1-55266-073-7Michael HartSeeking Mino-Pimatisiwin: An Aboriginal Approach to Helping
  ''978-1-55266-080-5Grace J. M. W. OuelletteThe Fourth World: An Indigenous Perspective on Feminism and Aboriginal Women's Activism
2003978-1-55266-081-2Helen MolnarSonglines to Satellites
  ''978-1-55266-085-0James GoodmanProtest and Globalisation
  ''978-1-55266-089-8John SavilleJohn Saville
2004978-1-55266-090-4Joseph MensahBlack Canadians
2003978-1-55266-098-0A. G. NooraniIslam and Jihad
2003978-1-55266-103-1Dean NeuAccounting for Genocide
  ''978-1-55266-114-7Isaac SaneyCuba: A Revolution in Motion
2005978-1-55266-142-0Fyre Jean GravelineHealing Wounded Hearts
  ''978-1-55266-143-7Barbara CottrellWhen Teens Abuse Their Parents
2004978-1-55266-146-8Larry PatriquinInventing Tax Rage: Misinformation in the National Post
2005978-1-55266-150-5Michael MasonGlobalization and Development
2004978-1-55266-151-2Damien MilletWho Owes Who?: 50 Questions about World Debt
  ''978-1-55266-153-6Peggy AntrobusThe Global Women's Movement: Issues and Strategies for the New Century
2005978-1-55266-154-3C. Lesley Biggs · Pamela J. DowneGendered Intersections: An Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies
  ''978-1-55266-155-0Debra J. Davidson · Kierstin C. HattConsuming Sustainability: Critical Social Analyses of Ecological Change
2005978-1-55266-156-7Jamie BrownleeRuling Canada: Corporate Cohesion and Democracy
  ''978-1-55266-157-4Lisa PriceFeminist Frameworks: Building Theory on Violence Against Women
  ''978-1-55266-160-4Carl E JamesPossibilities and Limitations: Multicultural Policies and Programs in Canada
  ''978-1-55266-161-1Faculty of Social Work Sheila Neysmith · Kate Bezanson · Anne O'ConnellTelling Tales: Living the Effects of Public Policy
  ''978-1-55266-163-5Anne BishopBeyond Token Change: Breaking the Cycle of Oppression in Institutions
2006978-1-55266-168-0Anthony & Anthony Fenton FentonCanada in Haiti: Waging War on the Poor Majority
2005978-1-55266-169-7Yves EnglerPlaying Left Wing
2006978-1-55266-171-0Yakov M. RabkinA Threat from Within: A Century of Jewish Opposition to Zionism
2006978-1-55266-175-8Ted RichmondSocial Inclusion: Canadian Perspectives
2007978-1-55266-186-4Professor Department of Sociology Bernard SchisselStill Blaming Children: Youth Conduct and the Politics of Child Hating
2006978-1-55266-187-1Gillian Balfour · Elizabeth ComackCriminalizing Women: Gender and Injustice in Neo-Liberal Times
  ''978-1-55266-191-8Jim Silver · Joan Hay · Darlene KlyneIn Their Own Voices: Building Urban Aboriginal Communities
2007978-1-55266-209-0Daniel N. PaulWe Were Not the Savages: Collision Between European and Native American Civilizations
  ''978-1-55266-212-0Karen Busby · Dorothy E. ChunnLocating Law: Race/Class/Gender/Sexuality Connections
  ''978-1-55266-218-2Susan C. Boyd · Lenora MarcellusWith Child: Substance Use During Pregnancy, a Woman-Centred Approach
  ''978-1-55266-220-5Joyce GreenMaking Space for Indigenous Feminism
2008978-1-55266-221-2John Loxley · Jim Silver · Kathleen SexsmithDoing Community Economic Development
2007978-1-55266-223-6Akua Benjamin · Donna BainesDoing Anti-Oppressive Practice: Building Transformative Politicized Social Work
2007978-1-55266-224-3Les Samuelson · Wayne Andrew AntonyPower & Resistance: Critical Thinking about Canadian Social Issues
  ''978-1-55266-226-7Jim HardingCanada's Deadly Secret: Saskatchewan Uranium and the Global Nuclear System
  ''978-1-55266-227-4Michelle Hebert BoydEnriched by Catastrophe: Social Work and Social Conflict After the Halifax Explosion
  ''978-1-55266-237-3Terry Pugh · Darrell McLaughlinOur Board Our Business: Why Farmers Support the Canadian Wheat Board
  ''978-1-55266-240-3Doug SmithBig Death: Funeral Planning in the Age of Corporate Deathcare
2008978-1-55266-242-7Carolyn Brooks · Bernard SchisselMarginality & Condemnation: An Introduction to Criminology
2007978-1-55266-244-1John CalvertLiquid Gold: Energy Privatization in British Columbia
2008978-1-55266-246-5Pat Armstrong · Hugh ArmstrongAbout Canada: Health Care
2009978-1-55266-256-4James D. Le SueurBetween Terror and Democracy: Algeria Since 1989
2008978-1-55266-258-8Elizabeth ComackOut There/In Here: Masculinity, Violence and Prisoning
2008978-1-55266-259-5Rick RennieThe Dirt: Industrial Disease and Conflict at St Lawrence, Newfoundland
  ''978-1-55266-260-1Errol Black · Jim SilverBuilding a Better World: An Introduction to Trade Unionism in Canada
  ''978-1-55266-262-5John W WarnockCreating a Failed State: The U.S. and Canada in Afghanistan
  ''978-1-55266-263-2Marie Hammond Callaghan · Matthew HaydayMobilizations, Protests & Engagements: Canadian Perspectives on Social Movements
  ''978-1-55266-267-0Renee Hulan · Renate EigenbrodAboriginal Oral Traditions: Theory, Practice, Ethics
2009978-1-55266-268-7Dawn AndersonManufacturing Guilt (2nd Edition): Wrongful Convictions in Canada
2008978-1-55266-269-4Joanne NaimanHow Societies Work: Class, Power, and Change in a Canadian Context
2008978-1-55266-272-4Jim StanfordEconomics for Everyone: A Short Guide to the Economics of Capitalism
  ''978-1-55266-273-1David LeadbeaterMining Town Crisis: Globalization, Labour, and Resistance in Sudbury
  ''978-1-55266-275-5Judith Fingard · John RutherfordProtect, Befriend, Respect: Nova Scotia's Mental Health Movement, 1908-2008
2009978-1-55266-276-2Ross A KleinParadise Lost at Sea: Rethinking Cruise Vacations
2008978-1-55266-279-3Assistant Professor Faculty of Law Robert DiabGuantanamo North: Terrorism and the Administration of Justice in Canada
2015978-1-55266-281-6shawn-wilsonResearch Is Ceremony: Indigenous Research Methods
2008978-1-55266-282-3Leo PanitchRenewing Socialism: Transforming Democracy, Strategy, and Imagination
2009978-1-55266-289-2Sandra Rollings-MagnussonAnti-Terrorism: Security and Insecurity After 9/11
  ''978-1-55266-291-5Martha Friendly · Susan PrenticeAbout Canada: Childcare
  ''978-1-55266-293-9Pat Armstrong · Madeline Boscoe · Barbara ClowA Place to Call Home: Long-Term Care in Canada
2009978-1-55266-297-7Aziz Choudry · Jill Hanley · Steve JordanFight Back: Workplace Justice for Immigrants
  ''978-1-55266-314-1Yves EnglerThe Black Book of Canadian Foreign Policy
  ''978-1-55266-316-5Andrew WoolfordThe Politics of Restorative Justice: A Critical Introduction
  ''978-1-55266-317-2Raven Sinclair · Michael Anthony Hart · Gord BruyereWicihitowin: Aboriginal Social Work in Canada
  ''978-1-55266-319-6Scott Thompson · Gary GenoskoPunched Drunk: Alcohol, Surveillance and the LCBO, 1927-1975
2010978-1-55266-322-6MaDonna MaidmentWhen Justice Is a Game: Unravelling Wrongful Conviction in Canada
2010978-1-55266-323-3Paula C. MaddenAfrican Nova Scotian-Mi'kmaw Relations
  ''978-1-55266-324-0James N. McCrorieThe Guy in the Green Truck: John St. Amand - A Biography
  ''978-1-55266-325-7John ReidNova Scotia: A Pocket History
  ''978-1-55266-326-4Thom WorkmanIf You're in My Way, I'm Walking: The Assault on Working People Since 1970
  ''978-1-55266-327-1Susan Boyd · Donald MacPherson · Bud OsbornRaise Shit!: Social Action Saving Lives
2010978-1-55266-338-7John Loxley · Salim LoxleyPublic Service, Private Profits: The Political Economy of Public-Private Partnerships in Canada
  ''978-1-55266-340-0Jeannine CarriereAski Awasis/Children of the Earth: First Peoples Speaking on Adoption
2011978-1-55266-344-8Judy Rebick · Ian AngusThe Global Fight for Climate Justice: Anticapitalist Responses to Global Warming and Environmental Destruction
2010978-1-55266-345-5Joseph MensahBlack Canadians: History, Experience, Social Conditions
  ''978-1-55266-353-0Murray E. G. SmithGlobal Capitalism in Crisis: Karl Marx & the Decay of the Profit System
  ''978-1-55266-354-7Carl James · David Este · Wanda Thomas BernardRace & Well-Being: The Lives, Hopes, and Activism of African Canadians
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2010978-1-55266-356-1John SorensonAbout Canada Animal Rights
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  ''978-1-55266-375-2Dennis RaphaelAbout Canada: Health & Illness
  ''978-1-55266-376-9Kouri T. Keenan · Joan BrockmanMr. Big: Exposing Undercover Investigations in Canada
  ''978-1-55266-378-3Rebecca Haskell · Brian BurtchGet That Freak: Homophobia and Transphobia in High Schools
978-1-55266-393-6Doyle Canning · Patrick ReinsboroughRE: Imagining Change: How to Use Story-Based Strategy to Win Campaigns, Build Movements, and Change the World
2011978-1-55266-401-8Paul W. BennettVanishing Schools, Threatened Communities: The Contested Schoolhouse in Maritime Canada, 1850-2010
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2011978-1-55266-432-2Elizabeth M ElliottSecurity, with Care: Restorative Justice and Healthy Societies
  ''978-1-55266-440-7Kathleen E. AbsolonKaandossiwin: How We Come to Know
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2011978-1-55266-451-3Garry M. LeechThe Farc: The Longest Insurgency
2012978-1-55266-475-9Elizabeth ComackRacialized Policing: Aboriginal People's Encounters with the Police
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  ''978-1-55266-478-0Stephanie Ross · Larry SavageRethinking the Politics of Labour in Canada
2012978-1-55266-523-7Pamela Dickey YoungReligion, Sex and Politics: Christian Churches and Same-Sex Marriage in Canada
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2013978-1-55266-542-8Stephen KimberWhat Lies Across the Water: The Real Story of the Cuban Five
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978-1-55266-582-4Indians Wear Red: Colonialism, Resistance, and Aboriginal Street Gangs
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  ''978-1-55266-592-3John McMurtryCancer Stage of Capitalism: From Crisis to Cure
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978-1-55266-658-6Decolonizing Trauma Work: Indigenous Stories and Strategies
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978-1-55266-744-6Debriefing Elsipogtog: The Anatomy of a Struggle
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978-1-55266-780-4More Will Sing Their Way to Freedom: Indigenous Resistance and Resurgence
978-1-55266-816-0Screening Justice: Canadian Crime Films, Culture and Society
978-1-55266-828-3Burnley Rocky Jones Revolutionary: An Autobiography by Burnley Rocky Jones
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978-1-55266-850-4More Harm Than Good: Drug Policy in Canada
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978-1-55266-879-5Doing Anti-Oppressive Practice: Social Justice Social Work, Third Edition
978-1-55266-889-4Unsettled Expectations: Uncertainty, Land and Settler Decolonization
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978-1-55266-975-4Agroecology: Science and Politics
978-1-55266-976-1Busted: An Illustrated History of Drug Prohibition in Canada
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978-1-55266-991-4Inuit Qaujimajatuqangit: What Inuit Have Always Known to Be True