Irwin Law

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1996978-1-55221-002-4Law of Evidence
  ''978-1-55221-005-5Eileen E GilleseThe law of trusts
1997978-1-55221-007-9David VaverIntellectual Property Law: Copyright, Patents, Trade-Marks
2001978-1-55221-009-3David MullanAdministrative Law
2008978-1-55221-014-7Stephen CoughlanCriminal Procedure
2005978-1-55221-018-5John D. McCamusThe Law of Contracts
1997978-1-55221-022-2David M Tanovich · David Paciocco · Steven SkurkaJury Selection in Criminal Trials: Skills, Science, and the Law
1999978-1-55221-031-4Simon FoddenFamily Law
  ''978-1-55221-043-7David PacioccoGetting Away with Murder: The Canadian Criminal Justice System
2000978-1-55221-045-1Allan C HutchinsonThe law school book: Succeeding at law school
2002978-1-55221-052-9Patrick MonahanConstitutional Law
  ''978-1-55221-061-1Jamie BenidicksonEnvironmental law
  ''978-1-55221-068-0David Paciocco · Lee StuesserThe Law of Evidence
2003978-1-55221-072-7Alan D. GoldExpert Evidence in Criminal Law: The Scientific Approach
2003978-1-55221-079-6Law Society of Upper CanadaLaw Society Special Lectures: Real Property Law
  ''978-1-55221-080-2Craig JonesTheory of Class Actions
2004978-1-55221-084-0Law Society of Upper CanadaSpecial Lectures 2003: The Law of Evidence
  ''978-1-55221-091-8Kent RoachCriminal Law
  ''978-1-55221-098-7Ted TjadenLegal Research and Writing
2005978-1-55221-102-1MR Justice Saul Nosanchuk · Edward L Greenspan QcCounsel for the Defence: The Bernard Cohn Memorial Lectures in Criminal Law
  ''978-1-55221-105-2Craig Forcese · Aaron FreemanThe Laws of Government: The Legal Foundations of Canadian Democracy
2005978-1-55221-106-9David M. Paciocco · Lee StuesserThe Law of Evidence
  ''978-1-55221-108-3Robert J. Sharpe · Kent RoachThe Charter of Rights and Freedoms
  ''978-1-55221-109-0Eileen E Gillese · Martha MilczynskiThe Law of Trusts
  ''978-1-55221-110-6Ronald C. C. Cuming · Roderick J. Wood · Catherine WalshPersonal Property Security Law
  ''978-1-55221-113-7Michael GeistIn the Public Interest: The Future of Canadian Copyright Law
2007978-1-55221-120-5Hon Richard D Schneider · Hy Bloom · Mark HeeremaMental Health Courts: Decriminalizing the Mentally Ill
2006978-1-55221-121-2Hy Bloom · Richard SchneiderMental Disorder and the Law: A primer for legal and mental health professionals
2006978-1-55221-126-7Julien D. Payne · Marilyn A. PayneChild Support Guidelines in Canada
  ''978-1-55221-128-1Patrick J. MonahanConstitutional Law
  ''978-1-55221-129-8Allan C HutchinsonLegal Ethics and Professional Responsibility, 2/E
2008978-1-55221-131-1Jamie BenidicksonEnvironmental Law
2007978-1-55221-134-2John H. Currie · Craig Forcese · Valerie OosterveldInternational Law: Doctrine, Practice, and Theory
  ''978-1-55221-135-9Law Society of Upper CanadaThe Law Society of Upper Canada: Special Lectures 2006: Family Law
2008978-1-55221-139-7John H CurriePublic International Law, 2/E
  ''978-1-55221-154-0David Paciocco · Lee StuesserThe Law of Evidence
2008978-1-55221-156-4Roderick J WoodBankruptcy and Insolvency Law
2009978-1-55221-160-1John D Holding · Harvey CrushThe British Manual of International Air Carriage
2008978-1-55221-161-8Kent RoachCriminal Law
2009978-1-55221-169-4John D Holding · Harvey CrushUs Manual of International Air Carriage
  ''978-1-55221-173-1Allan C HutchinsonThe Law School Book, 3/E: Succeeding at Law School
  ''978-1-55221-175-5Robert SharpeThe Charter of Rights and Freedoms
2010978-1-55221-176-2Ted TjadenLegal Research and Writing
2011978-1-55221-196-0Craig Forcese · Aaron FreemanThe Laws of Government, 2/E: The Legal Foundations of Canadian Democracy
  ''978-1-55221-208-0Law Society of Upper CanadaSpecial Lectures 2010: A Medical-Legal Approach to Estate Planning and Decision Making for Older Clients
  ''978-1-55221-212-7Philip H. OsborneThe Law of Torts
978-1-55221-218-9The Law of Evidence 6/E
2012978-1-55221-292-9Fay Faraday · Judy Fudge · Eric TuckerConstitutional Labour Rights in Canada: Farm Workers and the Fraser Case
2012978-1-55221-316-2Professor Faculty of Law Nicholas Bala · Sanjeev AnandYouth Criminal Justice Law, 3/E
2013978-1-55221-343-8Marilyn A. Payne Julien D & PayneCanadian Family Law 5th edition
2015978-1-55221-410-7Craig Forcese · Kent RoachFalse Security: The Radicalization of Canadian Anti-Terrorism
2016978-1-55221-412-1Caitlin PakoshThe Lawyer's Guide to the Forensic Sciences
2017978-1-55221-462-6Marvin J HubermanA Practitioner's Guide to Commercial Arbitration
2018978-1-55221-484-8James G WigmoreWigmore on Cannabis: The Forensic Toxicology of Marijuana for Lawyers and Other Medicolegal Professionals
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  ''978-1-55221-505-0Steve Coughlan · Alex GorlewskiThe Anatomy of Criminal Procedure: A Visual Guide to the Law