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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1994978-1-55138-038-4David BoothStory drama: Reading, writing, and roleplaying across the curriculum
1995978-1-55138-052-0Larry SwartzDramathemes
  ''978-1-55138-054-4Janet GrantStudent Led Conferences Using Portfolios to Share Learning With Parents
  ''978-1-55138-055-1Betsy Struthers · Sarah KuassenPoets in the classroom
1996978-1-55138-064-3Susan OhanianAsk Ms. Class
  ''978-1-55138-067-4Suzanne GirardPartnerships for classroom learning: From reading buddies to pen pals to the community and the world beyond
1997978-1-55138-081-0Harry BlackCanadian scientists and inventors: Biographies of people who made a difference
  ''978-1-55138-085-8Carol KoechlinInformation power pack: Junior skillsbook
2000978-1-55138-120-6Faye Brownlie · Judith KingLearning in Safe Schools
2000978-1-55138-126-8Jo-Anne LakeLiterature & Science Breakthroughs
2001978-1-55138-128-2Katherine Luongo-OrlandoA Project Approach to Language Learning
  ''978-1-55138-132-9Cathy MiyataSpeaking Rules!
  ''978-1-55138-133-6Carol Koechlin · Sandi ZwaanBuild Your Own Information Literate School: Building Skills in Reading, Writing and Research
  ''978-1-55138-135-0Cheryll DuquetteStudents at Risk
2002978-1-55138-141-1Larry SwartzThe New Dramathemes, 3rd Edition
  ''978-1-55138-146-6David Booth · Jennifer RowsellThe Literacy Principal
2002978-1-55138-147-3David BoothEven Hockey Players Read
  ''978-1-55138-148-0Graham FosterI Think, Therefore I Learn
  ''978-1-55138-150-3Harry BlackCanada and the Nobel Prize: Biographies, portraits, and fascinating facts
2003978-1-55138-151-0Shirley-Dale Easley · Kay MitchellPortfolios Matter
  ''978-1-55138-155-8Oliver Caviglioli · Ian HarrisThinking Visually
2004978-1-55138-161-9Bob Barton · David BoothPoetry Goes to School
  ''978-1-55138-165-7Kathleen Gould LundyWhat do I do about the kid who... ?
2004978-1-55138-166-4Catherine Walker · Edgar SchmidtSmart Tests
  ''978-1-55138-169-5Kellie BuisWriting Every Day: Reading, writing, and conferencing using student-led language experiences
  ''978-1-55138-172-5Lori Jamison Rog · Paul KroppThe Write Genre
  ''978-1-55138-173-2David Booth · Larry SwartzLiteracy Techniques: For building successful readers and writers
  ''978-1-55138-175-6David BoothThe Arts Go to School
2004978-1-55138-180-0Jan Wells · Janine ReidWriting Anchors
2005978-1-55138-185-5Irma CoucillCanada's Prime Ministers, Governors General and Fathers of Confederation
  ''978-1-55138-187-9Janine Reid · Betty Schultze · Ulla PetersenWhat's Next for this Beginning Writer?
  ''978-1-55138-190-9Les ParsonsBullied Teacher: Bullied Student: How to recognize the bullying culture in your school and what to do about it
  ''978-1-55138-192-3David BoothStory Drama, 2nd Edition
  ''978-1-55138-193-0Susan ChurchThe Principal Difference
2006978-1-55138-197-8Carol Koechlin · Sandi ZwaanQ Tasks: How to empower students to ask questions and care about answers
2006978-1-55138-198-5Faye Brownlie · Catherine Feniak · Leyton SchnellertStudent Diversity, 2nd Edition
  ''978-1-55138-201-2Paul JohnsonGet Writing!
  ''978-1-55138-203-6Adrienne GearReading Power: Teaching students to think while they read
  ''978-1-55138-209-8Norah Morgan · Juliana SaxtonAsking Better Questions, 2nd Edition
2007978-1-55138-211-1Susan Church · Jane Baskwill · Margaret SwainYes, but ... if they like it, they'll learn it!
  ''978-1-55138-212-8Kathleen Gould LundyLeap into Literacy
2007978-1-55138-215-9Kathy Paterson3-Minute Motivators: More than 100 ways to reach, teach, and achieve more than you ever imagined
  ''978-1-55138-216-6David Booth · Jennifer RowsellThe Literacy Principal, 2nd Edition: Leading, supporting, and assessing reading and writing initiatives
  ''978-1-55138-217-3Sylvia GunneryThe Writing Circle
  ''978-1-55138-219-7Lisa DonohueGuided Listening
  ''978-1-55138-220-3Kellie BuisReclaiming Reluctant Writers
2008978-1-55138-221-0Betty SchultzeBasic Tools for Beginning Writers
2008978-1-55138-222-7Harry BlackCanadian Scientists and Inventors: Biographies of people who shaped our world
  ''978-1-55138-223-4Sheree Fitch · Larry SwartzThe Poetry Experience
  ''978-1-55138-225-8Lisa DonohueIndependent Reading Inside the Box
2007978-1-55138-227-2Jo-Anne LakeMath Memories You Can Count On: A literature-based approach to teaching mathematics in the primary classrooms
2008978-1-55138-228-9David BoothIt's Critical! Classroom strategies for promoting critical and creative comprehension
  ''978-1-55138-229-6Adrienne GearNonfiction Reading Power: Teaching students how to think while reading in all subject areas
2009978-1-55138-231-9Kathleen Gould LundyTeaching Fairly in an Unfair World
  ''978-1-55138-236-4Christopher M. SpenceLeading with Passion and Purpose
2009978-1-55138-237-1Leyton Schnellert · Mehjabeen Datoo · Krista Ediger · Joanne PanasPulling Together
  ''978-1-55138-246-3Lisa DonohueThe Write Beginning
  ''978-1-55138-248-7Christopher M. SpenceAchieving, Believing, and Caring
2010978-1-55138-252-4Mark Thurman · Emily HearnGet Graphic! Using storyboards to write and draw picture books, graphic novels, or comic strips
  ''978-1-55138-253-1Larry Swartz · Debbie NymanDrama Schemes, Themes & Dreams: How to plan, structure, and assess classroom events that engage all learners
  ''978-1-55138-255-5Judy GreenHow Bullets Saved My Life: Fun ways to teach some serious writing skills
2011978-1-55138-256-2Sheree FitchBreathe, Stretch, Write
2010978-1-55138-257-9Katherine Luongo-OrlandoThe Cornerstones to Early Literacy
2010978-1-55138-260-9Lisa DonohueKeepin' It Real: Integrating new literacies with effective classroom practice
2011978-1-55138-261-6Krista Flemington · Linda Hewins · Una VilliersJourney to Literacy: No Worksheets Required
  ''978-1-55138-263-0Adrienne GearWriting Power: Teaching writing strategies that engage thinking
  ''978-1-55138-266-1Faye Brownlie · Judith KingLearning in Safe Schools, 2nd Edition
  ''978-1-55138-267-8Jennifer Harper · Brenda Stein DzaldovLiteracy Smarts
  ''978-1-55138-268-5Lisa DonohueThe Write Voice: Using rich prompts to help student writing come alive
2012978-1-55138-269-2Myra Barrs · Bob Barton · David BoothThis book is not about drama... it's about new ways to inspire students
2011978-1-55138-270-8Kathleen Gould Lundy · Larry SwartzCreating Caring Classrooms: How to encourage students to communicate, create, and be compassionate of others
2012978-1-55138-273-9Lori Jamison RogGuiding Readers: Making the most of the 18-minute guided reading lesson
2012978-1-55138-274-6Janine Reid · Betty Schultze · Ulla PetersenWhAt's Next for this Beginning Writer? Mini lessons that take writing from scribbles to script, Revised & Expanded
  ''978-1-55138-275-3Michelann Parr · Terry CampbellBalanced Literacy Essentials: Weaving theory into practice for successful instruction in reading, writing, and talk
  ''978-1-55138-276-0Lisa Donohue100 Minutes: Making every minute count in the literacy block
2013978-1-55138-277-7Doreen Scott-DunneWhen Spelling Matters: Developing writers who can spell and understand language
2014978-1-55138-292-0Lori Jamison RogStruggling Readers: Why band-aids don't stick and worksheets don't work
  ''978-1-55138-293-7Adrienne GearNonfiction Writing Power
2015978-1-55138-303-3Lori Jamison RogMarvelous Mini-Lessons for Teaching Nonfiction Writing, K-3
  ''978-1-55138-310-1Adrienne GearReading Power, Revised & Expanded Edition: Teaching students to think while they read
2016978-1-55138-313-2Kyla Hadden · Adrienne GearPowerful Readers: Thinking strategies to guide literacy instruction in secondary classrooms
2017978-1-55138-321-7Lori Jamison RogReading, Writing, Playing, Learning: Finding the sweet spots in kindergarten literacy
2017978-1-55138-325-5Mary Fiore · Maria Luisa LebarMoving Math: How to use thinking skills to help students make sense of mathematical concepts and support numeracy development
  ''978-1-55138-326-2Larry SwartzTake Me to Your Readers
2018978-1-55138-328-6Adrienne GearPowerful Understanding: Helping Students Explore, Question, and Transform Their Thinking about Themselves and the World Around Them
  ''978-1-55138-332-3Mary Fiore · Ryan TackaberryMaking Sense of Number, K-10: Getting to Know Your Students So You Can Support the Development of their Mathematical Understanding
2020978-1-55138-341-5Larry SwartzTeaching Tough Topics: How Do I Use Children's Literature to Build a Deeper Understanding of Social Justice, Equity, and Diversity?
  ''978-1-55138-344-6Adrienne GearPowerful Writing Structures: Brain Pocket Strategies for Supporting a Year-Long Writing Program
  ''978-1-55138-345-3Anne Elliott · Mary LynchCultivating Writers: Elevate Your Writing Instruction Beyond the Skills to Ignite the Will
2020978-1-55138-347-7Kara DymondThe Autism Lens: Everything teachers need to connect with students, build confidence, and promote classroom learning