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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1995978-1-55109-012-2Alphonse Deveau · Sally RossAcadians of Nova Scotia
1992978-1-55109-034-4Janet KitzidThe Survivors: Children of the Halifax Explosion
  ''978-1-55109-037-5Shirley E. WoodsCinders and Saltwater: Story of Atlantic Canada's Railways
1993978-1-55109-041-2Laurie LaceyMicmac Medicines
  ''978-1-55109-043-6Joanne Light MillerCoastal Nova Scotia
  ''978-1-55109-049-8William S CrookerOak Island Gold: Startling new discoveries in the world's most famous treasure hunt
  ''978-1-55109-055-9Linda JohnsSharing a Robin's Life
1993978-1-55109-056-6Daniel N. PaulWe Were Not the Savages: A Micmac Perspective on the Collision of European and Aboriginal Civilizations
1995978-1-55109-069-6David SchmidtMi'kmaq Hieroglyphic Prayers
1994978-1-55109-093-1Phonse JessomeMurder at Mcdonald's
2001978-1-55109-096-2Lyall CampbellSable Island Shipwrecks
1994978-1-55109-103-7William G. StairsVictorian Explorer: African Diaries of Captain William G.Stairs, 1887-92
1997978-1-55109-105-1David LawleyA Nature and Hiking Guide to Cape Breton's Cabot Trail
1995978-1-55109-111-2Gerry ParkerEastern Coyote
2007978-1-55109-122-8Frederick J. PohlPrince Henry Sinclair
1995978-1-55109-125-9GORDONCape Breton Island 1996 Calend
  ''978-1-55109-126-6Michael J BirdThe Town That Died: The True Story of the Greatest Man-Made Explosion Before Hiroshima
  ''978-1-55109-131-0Scott Robson · Sharon MacDonaldCouterpoints anciennes du nouvelle-ecosse
  ''978-1-55109-134-1James MAHARI've Been Everywhere I'm Going
1996978-1-55109-153-2Terry JamesBuildings of Old Lunenburg
1997978-1-55109-180-8Stephen A DavisMi'kmaq
  ''978-1-55109-196-9Gerry ChildsImages du Nouveau- Brunswick
1996978-1-55109-206-5A J B JohnstonLouisbourg: Reflet d'un Époque
1997978-1-55109-210-2A.J.B. JohnstonLouisbourg: Reflet d'un Époque
1997978-1-55109-214-0Donald GoobieSt.John's Street Guide
  ''978-1-55109-221-8Kenneth SolwayStory of the Chestnut Canoe
1998978-1-55109-231-7Gail MacMillanBreed Apart, A HC
  ''978-1-55109-260-7Barrett & MacKay Photographic · Harry ThurstonBuilding the Bridge to PEI
1999978-1-55109-279-9Deanne FitzpatrickHook Me a Story
2002978-1-55109-293-5Andria HillMona Parsons: From privilege to prison, from Nova Scotia to Nazi Europe
2000978-1-55109-301-7Don LedgerSwissair Down
  ''978-1-55109-316-1Nova Scotia TourismCruising Nova Scotia
  ''978-1-55109-329-1Laurie MartinThe Original Annetastic Colouring Book
2000978-1-55109-331-4Laurie MartinThe Original AnneTastic Colouring Book (Fr)
  ''978-1-55109-338-3Kristin Bieber DommAhmed and the Nest of Sand
  ''978-1-55109-343-7Gabriella CristianiGabriella's Kitchen: Recipes & Tales From a Greek Island
  ''978-1-55109-349-9Janet KitzSurvivors: Children of the Halifax Explosion
2001978-1-55109-362-8Theresa WilliamsLexicon Vol IV
  ''978-1-55109-390-1Confederacy of Mainland Mi'kmaq · Robert S Peabody Museum of ArchaelologyLet Us Remember the Old Mi'kmaq: Mikwite'Imanej Mikmaqi'
2001978-1-55109-405-2Theresa MeuseMedicine Pouch
2002978-1-55109-407-6Donna BarnettRiver of Dreams: The Saga of the Shubenacadie Canal
2003978-1-55109-424-3Douglas BaldwinAbegweit
2002978-1-55109-425-0Deirdre KesslerLena and the Whale
978-1-55109-426-7Lighthouses & Lights of NS
2002978-1-55109-431-1J E BelliveauRunning Far In: The Story of Shediac
2003978-1-55109-446-5George FischerFenêtres Sur Les Îles: Maisons des Îles de la Madeleine
  ''978-1-55109-448-9Douglas BaldwinLand Of the Red Soil
  ''978-1-55109-450-2Theresa MeuseThe Sharing Circle: Stories about First Nations Culture
  ''978-1-55109-461-8Lance WoolaverHeart on the Door, The
2004978-1-55109-472-4Donna BarnettHalifax: Regional Municipality
2003978-1-55109-475-5Dianne MarshallGeorges Island: The Keep of Halifax Harbour
2004978-1-55109-489-2Theresa WilliamsLexicon Best of Vol 1-3
  ''978-1-55109-490-8Janet KitzShattered City: The Halifax Explosion & the Road to Recovery
2004978-1-55109-493-9Theresa WilliamsLexicon Vol V
978-1-55109-504-2Weeds of the Woods: Small Trees & Shrubs of the Eastern Forest
2005978-1-55109-510-3Harvey Sawler · David BedfordOn the Road with Dutch Mason: Prime Minister of the Blues
2004978-1-55109-513-4William S. CrookerPirates of the North Atlantic
2005978-1-55109-518-9Kristin Bieber DommAtlantic Puffin
  ''978-1-55109-519-6Blake MaybankBirding Sites of Nova Scotia
  ''978-1-55109-524-0Joleen GordonAcadian Root Baskets: of Atlantic Canada
  ''978-1-55109-532-5Lucy Maud MontgomeryThe Alpine Path
  ''978-1-55109-542-4Theresa WilliamsLexicon, Volume 6
2005978-1-55109-544-8Bruce HynesNoble Newfoundland Dog
978-1-55109-556-1Sidney Crosby: A Hockey Story
2006978-1-55109-563-9Interpretation Resources Consulting IncNova Scotia Street & Road Atlas
  ''978-1-55109-568-4George FischerHaida Gwaii Queen Charlotte Islands
  ''978-1-55109-569-1Deanne FitzpatrickEast Coast Rug-Hooking Designs
  ''978-1-55109-573-8Sean WoodWineries and Wine Country of Nova Scotia
  ''978-1-55109-575-2Marion RobertsonRed Earth
2006978-1-55109-578-3Ruth Holmes WhiteheadStories From the Six Worlds
  ''978-1-55109-580-6David SchmidtMi'kmaq Hieroglyphic Prayers
  ''978-1-55109-581-3Wilfred GrenfellThe Best of Wilfred Grenfell
  ''978-1-55109-584-4John LangleySteam Lion: A Biography of Samuel Cunard
  ''978-1-55109-585-1Brad Gushue · Alex J. WallingGolden Gushue: A Curling Story
2006978-1-55109-595-0Bill JessomeMaritime Mysteries Boxed Set
  ''978-1-55109-596-7Theresa WilliamsLexicon Vol VII
2007978-1-55109-610-0Sandra McIntyre · Mary Jo AndersonVagrant Revue of New Fiction: The Future of Fiction from Atlantic Canada
  ''978-1-55109-612-4Donna and Allan Billard BarnettWaterfalls
978-1-55109-613-1Wild Nova Scotia
2007978-1-55109-622-3Albert Bigelow PaineTent Dwellers Anniversay Edition: Sports Fishing in Nova Scotia in 1908
2008978-1-55109-623-0John LangleySteam Lion PB
2007978-1-55109-629-2Calvin CoishAtlantic Canadian Crosswords
  ''978-1-55109-634-6Colleen JonesCurling Secrets
  ''978-1-55109-638-4Theresa WilliamsLexicon Vol VIII: Puzzles to Challenge and Entertain
2008978-1-55109-646-9Sheree FitchKisses Kisses Baby-O!
2008978-1-55109-651-3Ken SmithHistory of Disaster
  ''978-1-55109-653-7Sheree FitchKiss the Joy as it Flies
  ''978-1-55109-656-8Ronald ReesSt. Andrews By-the-Sea
  ''978-1-55109-658-2Lawrence W. CoadyLost Canoe
  ''978-1-55109-661-2Theresa WilliamsLexicon Vol IX
2008978-1-55109-662-9Deirdre Kessler · Lucy Maud MontgomeryAnne of Green Gables: Stories for Young Readers
  ''978-1-55109-664-3Paul Arseneault · Paul HollingsworthSidney Crosby: 2nd Edition
  ''978-1-55109-670-4Janet KitzShattered City 3rd Edition
  ''978-1-55109-672-8Theresa WilliamsLexicon Junior
  ''978-1-55109-677-3Calvin CoishNova Scotia Quiz Revised Ed.
2008978-1-55109-680-3John BoileauThe Peaceful Revolution: 250 Years of Democracy in Nova Scotia
  ''978-1-55109-681-0Sandra LightburnPumpkin People
  ''978-1-55109-682-7Helene BoudreauAcadian Star
  ''978-1-55109-684-1Tom SheppardHistoric Bridgewater
  ''978-1-55109-688-9Diane FaulknerCrosswords from Atlantic Canada
2009978-1-55109-689-6Carole MacDonaldHistoric Glace Bay
2008978-1-55109-690-2Theresa WilliamsLexicon X
2008978-1-55109-693-3Bruce NunnNova Scotia History With A Twist
  ''978-1-55109-695-7Darril Fosty · George FostyBlack Ice
2009978-1-55109-701-5Len WaggNova Scotia (Wagg)
  ''978-1-55109-706-0Jocelyn BethuneHistoric Baddeck
  ''978-1-55109-708-4Don Artz · Don CunninghamHalifax Street Railway 1866-1949
  ''978-1-55109-711-4Jennifer McGrathWhite Cave Escape
2009978-1-55109-713-8Douglas BaldwinPrince Edward Island: An Illustrated History
  ''978-1-55109-716-9Theresa WilliamsLexicon 11
  ''978-1-55109-721-3Norene SmileySimon et el catapulte la périlleux aventure au parc
  ''978-1-55109-722-0Anthony Mollica Jr.Thousand Islands
  ''978-1-55109-723-7Christine WelldonChildren of Africville
2009978-1-55109-731-2Laurie Glenn NorrisCumberland County Facts and Folklore
  ''978-1-55109-742-8George FischerUnforgettable Paris Inoubliable
  ''978-1-55109-744-2Theresa WilliamsBig Book of Lexicon
  ''978-1-55109-745-9Sheree Fitch · Bernie FrancisWeska'qelmut Apje'juanu
2010978-1-55109-747-3John BoileauHalifax and the Royal Canadian Navy
  ''978-1-55109-748-0Barrett & MacKay PhotographicPrince Edward Island
2010978-1-55109-753-4Helene BoudreauKeep Out!
  ''978-1-55109-755-8Brian AtkinsonNew Brunswick's Covered Bridges
  ''978-1-55109-756-5Harvey SawlerUnforgettable Atlantic Canada
  ''978-1-55109-761-9Interpretation Resources Consulting IncNova Scotia Street & Road Atlas 2nd
  ''978-1-55109-764-0George FischerLes Îles de la Madeleine: Inoubliables
2011978-1-55109-765-7   ''Unforgettable Tuscany and Florence
2010978-1-55109-766-4Shauntay GrantCity Speaks In Drums Book & CD
2010978-1-55109-767-1Deirdre KesslerLobster in my Pocket 2nd edition
  ''978-1-55109-768-8Sherrie DavidsonQuilts of Prince Edward Island
  ''978-1-55109-770-1James LambCorvette Navy
  ''978-1-55109-772-5Sheree FitchSleeping Dragons All Around
  ''978-1-55109-773-2Ruth Holmes WhiteheadSix Mi'kmaq Stories
2010978-1-55109-780-0Deanne FitzpatrickInspired Rug-Hooking: Turning Atlantic Canadian Life Into Art
  ''978-1-55109-782-4Lesley CreweShoot Me
  ''978-1-55109-788-6Sheree FitchMabel Murple
2011978-1-55109-791-6Paul HollingsworthSidney Crosby
2010978-1-55109-796-1Rachelle Goguen · Matt ReidCrosswords from Atlantic Canada Volume 2
  ''978-1-55109-797-8Theresa WilliamsLexicon 12
2011978-1-55109-805-0Pascal Arseneaule Goût des Îles 2 (pb)
  ''978-1-55109-813-5Terry JamesBuildings of Old Lunenburg
2011978-1-55109-823-4Sandra BarryElizabeth Bishop
  ''978-1-55109-829-6Doris EatonLifetime of Rug-Hooking
2013978-1-55109-830-2Rob RoySaint John
2011978-1-55109-846-3Doris EatonLifetime of Rug Hooking
  ''978-1-55109-852-4George Fischer · Pascal Arseneaule gout des isles 2 (hc)
  ''978-1-55109-855-5Shirley Jean Roll TuckerAmazing Foot Race of 1921
  ''978-1-55109-860-9Lesley CreweAva Comes Home
2011978-1-55109-861-6Starr DobsonMy Goat Gertrude
  ''978-1-55109-865-4Wendy KittsSable Island the Wandering Sandbar
  ''978-1-55109-866-1Sheree FitchThere Were Monkeys in My Kitchen
  ''978-1-55109-869-2Elisabeth BaileyTaste of the Maritimes: Local, Seasonal Recipes the Whole Year Round
  ''978-1-55109-870-8Damian LidgardSable Island
2011978-1-55109-873-9Walter FeenerCrosswords from Atlantic Canada Volume 3
  ''978-1-55109-874-6Theresa WilliamsLexicon 13
  ''978-1-55109-876-0J.S. McLennanLouisbourg: From its Foundation to its Fall
2012978-1-55109-891-3Pascal Arseneau · Christopher HumeQueen Street
  ''978-1-55109-896-8Monica GrahamHistoric New Glasgow, Stellarton, Westville and Trenton: An Illustrated History of New Glasgow and area
  ''978-1-55109-904-0Jordan CroweMaritime Lighthouses
2012978-1-55109-914-9Marie NightingaleOut of Old Nova Scotia Kitchens (revised edition)
  ''978-1-55109-915-6Kraig Anderson · Kelly Anne LougheryLighthouses of New Brunswick: Past and Present
  ''978-1-55109-916-3Logan MarshallSinking of the Titanic (2nd edition): Thrilling Stories of Survivors with Photographs and Sketches
  ''978-1-55109-917-0Laurie LaceyMi'kmaq Medicines (2nd edition): Remedies and Recollections
  ''978-1-55109-918-7Yvonne HumeThe First Violin: The Life, loves, and loss of the Titanic's violinist John Law Hume
2012978-1-55109-921-7Len WaggNova Scotia (Wagg) 2nd Edition
  ''978-1-55109-922-4Lesley CreweKin
  ''978-1-55109-923-1Laurie LaceyMedicine Walk (new edition)
2013978-1-55109-924-8Sean FischerPanama
2012978-1-55109-927-9Steve VernonMaritime Murder: Deadly Crimes from the Buried Past
  ''978-1-55109-928-6Theresa WilliamsLexicon 14
  ''978-1-55109-932-3Joan DawsonNova Scotia's Historic Rivers: The Waterways That Shaped the Province
2012978-1-55109-933-0Dan SoucoupThe Christmas Secret: An Atlantic Canada Christmas Reader
  ''978-1-55109-934-7Ronald ReesNew Brunswick's Early Roads: The Routes that Shaped the Province
2013978-1-55109-936-1Walter FeenerCrosswords from Atlantic Canada Volume 4
2012978-1-55109-939-2Sheree FitchToes in My Nose
  ''978-1-55109-941-5Cindy DayGrandma Says: Weather Lore From Meteorologist Cindy Day
  ''978-1-55109-943-9Alistair MacLeodTo Every Thing There is a Season: A Cape Breton Christmas Story
  ''978-1-55109-947-7Clive DoucetMy Grandfather's Cape Breton (new edition)
2012978-1-55109-949-1Allan BillardWaterfalls (new edition): Nova Scotia's Masterpieces
  ''978-1-55109-950-7Glen BlouinWeeds of the Woods (new edition)
  ''978-1-55109-955-2Read to Me FoundationLis-moi un livre !: Un guide mensuel de lecture avec votre bebe pendant sa premiere annee
  ''978-1-55109-956-9Mike ParkerWoodchips and Beans (new edition): Life in the Early Lumber Woods of Nova Scotia
  ''978-1-55109-957-6Samuel de ChamplainAlgonquians, Hurons and Iroquois: Champlain Explores America 1603-1616
2013978-1-55109-982-8Ruth Holmes WhiteheadStories From the Six Worlds (2nd edition): Mi'kmaw Legends
2013978-1-55109-990-3FMH Ladies AuxiliaryDutch Oven 2nd edition: A cookbook of coveted traditional recipes from the kitchens of Lunenburg