Exile Editions

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2007978-1-55096-015-0Marie-Claire BlaisNights in the Underground
2006978-1-55096-020-4Brian BrettUproar's Your Only Music: A memoir
978-1-55096-029-7Desire As Natural Disaster
2006978-1-55096-038-9Robert MarteauPig Skinning
2007978-1-55096-045-7Priscila UppalOntological Necessities
1994978-1-55096-062-4Elizabeth UkrainetzMinor Assumptions: A Novel
2009978-1-55096-063-1Lawren HarrisLawren Harris: In the Ward: His Urban Poetry and Paintings
978-1-55096-066-2Prime Minister
2007978-1-55096-070-9Janice Kulyk KeeferMidnight Stroll
1998978-1-55096-074-7Austin ClarkeThere Are No Elders: Stories
2007978-1-55096-075-4James HanleyThe German Prisoner
1991978-1-55096-089-1Claire Weissman WilksIn the white hotel
2007978-1-55096-092-1Austin ClarkeThere Are No Elders
  ''978-1-55096-102-7Jon PapernickWho By Fire, Who By Blood
2008978-1-55096-106-5Austin ClarkeIn This City
  ''978-1-55096-110-2Morley CallaghanThe New Yorker Stories
2009978-1-55096-118-8Marie-Claire BlaisA Season in the Life of Emmanuel
  ''978-1-55096-122-5Priscila UppalThe Exile Book of Poetry in Translation: 20 Canadian Poets Take On the World
2010978-1-55096-124-9Gene LeesEcho and Narcissus: The Life of Artie Shaw
  ''978-1-55096-135-5Larry ZolfTo the Loser Go the Spoils: Essays and Anecdotes
2011978-1-55096-144-7M.T. KellyWith My Father
2011978-1-55096-145-4Daniel David MosesThe Exile Book of Native Canadian Fiction and Drama
978-1-55096-150-8Sparrow Has Cut The Day In Half
2011978-1-55096-151-5Morley CallaghanThe Loved and the Lost
1997978-1-55096-162-1David DayJust Say No To Family Values
978-1-55096-181-2Charge Of The Empormyable Moose
1997978-1-55096-183-6M MoriarityGift Of Stern Angels
2011978-1-55096-243-7David CronenbergDead Ringers: The Complete Screenplay
2014978-1-55096-361-8Morley CallaghanThat Summer in Paris: A New Expanded Edition
  ''978-1-55096-387-8Pablo Neruda100 Love Sonnets: A Spanish-English Bilingual Edition
2015978-1-55096-490-5Gloria VanderbiltCVC5: Carter V Cooper Short Fiction Anthology
2000978-1-55096-523-0Michel TremblayThe Guid Sisters: A Translation of Les Belles-Soeurs into Modern Scots
  ''978-1-55096-524-7George MurrayCarousel: A Book of Second Thoughts
  ''978-1-55096-529-2Daniel David MosesBrebeuf's Ghost
978-1-55096-532-2There Are No Elders
1999978-1-55096-542-1Shannon BramerSuitcases And Other Poems
2001978-1-55096-543-8Gwendolyn MacEwenThe Poetry of Gwendolyn MacEwen: Volume 1
  ''978-1-55096-547-6Gwendolyn MacEwenThe Poetry of Gwendolyn MacEwen: Volume 2
2016978-1-55096-579-7Various ContributorsClockwork Canada: Steampunk Fiction
2016978-1-55096-589-6Kelsi Morris · Kaitlin TremblayThose Who Make Us: Canadian Creature, Myth, and Monster Stories
2017978-1-55096-593-3Corey RedekopStrange Breed: New Canadian Comedy
2004978-1-55096-607-7Brian BrettUproar's Your Only Music: New Poems/Memoir
  ''978-1-55096-611-4Branko GorjupWhite Gloves of the Doorman: The Works of Leon Rooke
  ''978-1-55096-613-8Morley Callaghan · James DubroStrange Fugitive
  ''978-1-55096-617-6Christopher AdamsonThe Road to Jewel Beach
2001978-1-55096-634-3Shannon BramerScarf
2006978-1-55096-635-0Our Fathers War
2007978-1-55096-648-0Lawren HarrisIn the Ward
  ''978-1-55096-650-3   ''In the Ward
2005978-1-55096-652-7Sandy ShreveSuddenly, So Much
2017978-1-55096-670-1Dan Bloom · Bruce MeyerCLI-FI: Canadian Tales of Climate Change; The Exile Book of Anthology Series, Number Fourteen
2007978-1-55096-688-6Morley CallaghanThat Summer in Paris
2017978-1-55096-691-6Bruce MeyerThat Dammed Beaver: Canadian Humour, Laughs and Gaffs
2018978-1-55096-716-6Jean-Philippe WarrenLiving Art: Individual and Collective Creativity: Becoming Paul-Émile Borduas