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1994978-1-55077-050-6Michael MandelThe Charter of Rights and the Legalization of Politics in Canada
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2004978-1-55077-132-9Ted Temertzoglou · Paul ChallenExercise Science: An Introduction to Health and Physical Education
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2007978-1-55077-151-0Ted TemertzoglouHealthy Active Living: Student Activity Handbook 9
2005978-1-55077-157-2Steven HickSocial Work In Canada: An Introduction
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2007978-1-55077-168-8Steven HickSocial Welfare in Canada: Understanding Income Security
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2010978-1-55077-183-1Ted TemertzoglouMy Health: Talking Openly About Healthy Living
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2014978-1-55077-225-8Inc. Thompson Educational PublishingAnatomy and Career Posters Visual Aids for the Classroom
2012978-1-55077-226-5David Newhouse · Kevin FitzMaurice · Tricia McGuire-Adams · Daniel JettéWell-Being in the Urban Aboriginal Community: Fostering Biimaadiziwin, a National Research Conference on Urban Aboriginal Peoples
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