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1991978-1-55075-032-4Alice M HughesIndex to the 1881 census of Ontario: Lanark County, Montague Township (Publication / The Ottawa Branch, The Ontario Genealogical Society)
1993978-1-55075-051-5Malvern Primitive Methodist Cemetery, Scarborough, Ontario: Lot 18, concession 3, City of Scarborough, Ontario
1990978-1-55075-054-6Our Lady of LaSalette (i.e. La Salette) Parish register, 1856-1932
  ''978-1-55075-055-3Johnson Cemetery, Concession A, Lot 1, Charlotteville Township, Norfolk County
  ''978-1-55075-056-0Dan WalkerNormandale Cemetery, Concession A, Lot 16, Charlotteville Township, Norfolk County
  ''978-1-55075-059-1Robert W CalderBookton Cemetery, Concession 4, Lots 21-22, Windham Township, Norfolk County
  ''978-1-55075-060-7Ken WaiteHuffman grave, Concession 5, Lot 13, Windham Township, Norfolk County
1990978-1-55075-061-4Old Windham Pioneer Cemetery, Concession 12, Lot 1, Windham Township, Norfolk County
1991978-1-55075-062-1Patricia WhiteSaint Alban's Anglican Church register, Delhi, Ontario, 1850-1915
  ''978-1-55075-063-8Ken WaiteBethel Methodist Cemetery, Concession 14, Lot 7, Windham Township, Norfolk County
1995978-1-55075-083-6John SayersBourget Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Cemetery, Concession 4, Lot 20, Clarence Township, Russell County, Ontario
1991978-1-55075-151-2Garden River First Nation Roman Catholic Cemetery (1984-1991)
1994978-1-55075-157-4Mary Ann MacDonaldGoldenburgh Cemetery (Wells Township)
1999978-1-55075-166-6Old Greenwood Cemetery (Sault Ste. Marie, Ont.)
1991978-1-55075-204-5Hazen grave, Concession 4, Lot 23, Windham Township, Norfolk County
1990978-1-55075-205-2St. James United Church, Simcoe, Ontario: Marriage register, 1858-99
1998978-1-55075-215-1Bloomsburg Baptist Cemetery, Con. 11, Lot 4, Townsend Township, Norfolk County
  ''978-1-55075-216-8Mount Zion United Renton Cemetery, Con. 14, Lot 12, Townsend Township, Norfolk County
1992978-1-55075-218-2Delhi Cemetery, Concession 11, Lot 24, Woodham Township, Norfolk County
1994978-1-55075-222-9Irene HopperVillage of Delhi, 1901 census
  ''978-1-55075-223-6St. Peter's Lutheran Chuch [sic], Rhineland, Norfolk County: Marriages, 1858-1921, deathes [sic], 1855-1916
  ''978-1-55075-226-7Shelly GodfreeSacred Heart Roman Catholic Cemetery, Langton, North Walsingham Township, Norfolk County
1995978-1-55075-279-3Oetzel Evangelical United Brethren, conc. 6, lot 6, North Easthope Twp
1995978-1-55075-281-6St. Peter's Lutheran Cemetery, Brodhagen, con. 8, lot 27, Logan Township
  ''978-1-55075-287-8German Baptist Cemetery, Brodhagen, con. 9, lot 27, Logan Township
  ''978-1-55075-289-2Trinity Lutheran Cemetery, Kurtzville, con. 5, lot 51, Wallace Township
  ''978-1-55075-291-5St. John's Lutheran Cemetery, Hesson, con. 13, lot 15, Mornington Twp
1994978-1-55075-310-3Brotherston Mennonite Cemetery, con. 7, lot 43, Wallace Township
1995978-1-55075-311-0Zion United Cemetery, con. 6, lot 31, Wallace Township
  ''978-1-55075-313-4Shakespeare Cemetery, con. 1 & 2, lot 20, South Easthope Township
1995978-1-55075-315-8St. James Lutheran Cemetery, Trecastle, Wallace Township, Perth County
  ''978-1-55075-317-2Zion Methodist cairn, con. 6, lot 4, Wallace Township
1994978-1-55075-318-9Roy's Cemetery, con. W, Thames Rd., lot 31, Fullarton Twp
1995978-1-55075-319-6South Easthope United Church Cemetery, con. 2, lot 30, South Easthope Township
  ''978-1-55075-320-2Old St. John's Lutheran Cemetery, Poole, con. 3, lot 14, Mornington Township
1998978-1-55075-432-2The imperial atlas of 1903 for the County of Wentworth: Barton Township
  ''978-1-55075-434-6The imperial atlas of 1903 for the County of Wentworth: Beverly Township
  ''978-1-55075-436-0The imperial atlas of 1903 for the County of Wentworth: Flamboro East Township
1998978-1-55075-438-4The imperial atlas of 1903 for the County of Wentworth: Glanford Township
  ''978-1-55075-440-7The imperial atlas of 1903 for the County of Wentworth: Saltfleet Township
  ''978-1-55075-442-1The imperial atlas of 1903 for the County of Wentworth: Binbrook Township
  ''978-1-55075-444-5The imperial atlas of 1903: Complete county index (excluding the City of Hamilton)
  ''978-1-55075-446-9Hamilton Branchof the Ontario Genealogical Society1901 census: East Flamborough Township, Wentworth County
1997978-1-55075-578-7Michael W CostelloThe murder of Abel McDonald, Saturday November 20th, 1875 and the arrest, trial, and conviction of John and James Young: A scrapbook account from the pages of the Canadian Press

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