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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1990978-1-55074-010-3Ken OppelLive-Forever Machine, The
1989978-1-55074-016-5Paulette BourgeoisHurry Up, Franklin
1991978-1-55074-035-6KcpCards Invitation Franklin /6 Min Order
1986978-1-55074-036-3Jean LittleHey World, Here I Am!-Revised
  ''978-1-55074-047-9KcpCards Cake Mack Ate 1 Pkg 10
  ''978-1-55074-049-3   ''Cards Cake Mack Ate 6 Pkg
  ''978-1-55074-077-6Paulette BourgeoisFranklin Fibs
  ''978-1-55074-080-6KcpPoster Big Sarah Boots
1992978-1-55074-081-3Rhea TregebovBig Storm, The
1991978-1-55074-082-0KcpPoster Brenda and Edward
1992978-1-55074-085-1Camilla GryskiFriendship Bracelets
1991978-1-55074-086-8KcpPoster Story of Little Quack
1992978-1-55074-087-5Ted HarrisonO Canada
1991978-1-55074-088-2Kcp KcpPoster Wheels on the Bus
1991978-1-55074-090-5KcpCards Cremation Sam Mcgee 1pkg
1992978-1-55074-105-6Paulette BourgeoisFranklin Is Lost
1993978-1-55074-113-1Valerie WyattThe Science Book for Girls: and Other Intelligent Beings
  ''978-1-55074-119-3Paulette BourgeoisFranklin Is Bossy
1994978-1-55074-128-5Heather Collins · Barbara GreenwoodA Pioneer Story: The Daily Life of a Canadian Family in 1840
1993978-1-55074-131-5Camilla GryskiBoondoggle: Making Bracelets with Plastic Lace
  ''978-1-55074-132-2DrakeThe Kids Cottage Book: Official Activity Book of Summer
1994978-1-55074-134-6Ken OppelFollow That Star
2009978-1-55074-146-9Etta KanerBridges
1995978-1-55074-147-6Adrienne MasonOceans: Looking at Beaches and Coral Reefs, Tides and Currents, Sea Mammals and Fish, Seaweeds and Other Ocean Wonders
  ''978-1-55074-154-4Paulette BourgeoisFranklin's Blanket
1994978-1-55074-159-9Laurie WarkKatie's Hand-Me-Down Day
1992978-1-55074-181-0PerlmanCinderella Penguin: Or, The Little Glass Flipper
1994978-1-55074-194-0Catherine Sheldrick RossTriangles
1995978-1-55074-195-7Ontario Science CentreSolids, Liquids and Gases
1997978-1-55074-200-8Pamela HickmanSeed Grows, A
  ''978-1-55074-202-2Pamela HickmanNew Butterfly, A
1997978-1-55074-204-6Pamela HickmanHungry Animals
1994978-1-55074-205-3Amanda WallworkWild Animals
1993978-1-55074-214-5Maryanne KovalskiBrenda&edward/Ltle Kids(Single Copy)
2009978-1-55074-218-3Etta KanerTowers and Tunnels
1995978-1-55074-222-0Desmond MortonUnited Nations, The: Its History and the Canadians Who Shaped It
  ''978-1-55074-224-4Aubrey DavisBone Button Borscht
  ''978-1-55074-225-1Katherine BurtonOne Gray Mouse
1994978-1-55074-245-9Paulette BourgeoisFranklin Is Messy
  ''978-1-55074-249-7   ''Franklin Wants a Pet
1995978-1-55074-255-8   ''Franklin Plays the Game
2008978-1-55074-257-2   ''Franklin Is Bossy
1995978-1-55074-260-2RobartCake That Mack Ate/Ltle Kids(Single Copy
  ''978-1-55074-261-9Camilla GryskiCamilla Gryski's Favourite String Games
1995978-1-55074-262-6FernandesDifficult Day/Ltle Kids (Single Copy)
  ''978-1-55074-265-7Judy Ann SadlerCorking
1994978-1-55074-266-4Ellen MorganSadie & Snowman/Ltlekids(Single Copy)
1995978-1-55074-268-8Paulette BourgeoisFranklin Goes to School
1995978-1-55074-270-1Paulette BourgeoisFranklin and the Tooth Fairy
1996978-1-55074-271-8Jane Yealland · AnnMaureen OwensForts of Canada
  ''978-1-55074-273-2Catherine Sheldrick RossSquares
  ''978-1-55074-274-9Libby Nicholson · Yvonne LauCreating with Fimo
  ''978-1-55074-275-6Jane Drake · Ann LoveKids Campfire Book, The: Official Book of Campfire Fun
1995978-1-55074-276-3Paulette BourgeoisFranklin Goes to School
  ''978-1-55074-278-7   ''Franklin's Blanket
1996978-1-55074-283-1   ''Franklin's Halloween
1995978-1-55074-284-8KcpKcp 100 Way-Summer Fun(Empty) Bk Display
1996978-1-55074-285-5Paulette BourgeoisFranklin's Halloween
1996978-1-55074-289-3Paulette BourgeoisFranklin's School Play
1994978-1-55074-290-9Janet PerlmanThe Emperor Penguin's New Clothes
1996978-1-55074-291-6Paulette BourgeoisFranklin's Bad Day
  ''978-1-55074-293-0   ''Franklin's Bad Day
  ''978-1-55074-295-4David BoothThe Dust Bowl
  ''978-1-55074-302-9Paulette BourgeoisFranklin Has a Sleepover
  ''978-1-55074-306-7Pamela HickmanNight Book, The: Exploring Nature after Dark with Activities, Experiments and Information
1997978-1-55074-315-9Barbara GreenwoodThe Kids Book of Canada
1996978-1-55074-322-7Pamela HarrisHot, Cold, Shy, Bold
1996978-1-55074-324-1Katherine BurtonOne Gray Mouse
1997978-1-55074-325-8Judy Ann SadlerEasy Braids, Barrettes and Bows
1996978-1-55074-326-5Aubrey DavisBone Button Borscht
  ''978-1-55074-328-9Neil FrancisPaper Airplanes and Other Super Flyers
  ''978-1-55074-330-2Paulette BourgeoisSun, The
  ''978-1-55074-338-8Judy Ann SadlerBeading
1997978-1-55074-341-8Margaret CarneyAt Grandpa's Sugar Bush
  ''978-1-55074-354-8Paulette BourgeoisFranklin Rides a Bike
1996978-1-55074-355-5Deborah HodgeBears: Polar Bears, Black Bears and Grizzly Bears
1996978-1-55074-357-9Deborah HodgeWild Cats: Cougars, Bobcats and Lynx
1997978-1-55074-359-3Inc. Kids Can PressPioneer Crafts
  ''978-1-55074-360-9Deborah HodgeWild Dogs: Wolves, Coyotes and Foxes
  ''978-1-55074-361-6Paulette BourgeoisFranklin's New Friend
  ''978-1-55074-363-0   ''Franklin's New Friend
1997978-1-55074-368-5Paulette BourgeoisFinders Keepers for Franklin
  ''978-1-55074-370-8   ''Finders Keepers for Franklin
  ''978-1-55074-371-5   ''Franklin (hebrew)in The Dark
  ''978-1-55074-375-3Judy Ann SadlerThe Jumbo Book of Crafts
1996978-1-55074-381-4Gillian ChanGlory Days and Other Stories
1994978-1-55074-385-2Gillian ChanGolden Girl and Other Stories
1997978-1-55074-388-3Julie LawsonEmma and the Silk Train
  ''978-1-55074-391-3Dancy Burns · Shelley SouthernFun with Franklin: A Learning to Read Book
1998978-1-55074-399-9Deborah HodgeSimple Machines
1998978-1-55074-401-9Ontario Science CentreSolids, Liquids and Gases
  ''978-1-55074-403-3Paulette BourgeoisFranklin and the Thunderstorm
1997978-1-55074-404-0Heather CollinsThis Little Piggy
1998978-1-55074-405-7Paulette BourgeoisFranklin and the Thunderstorm
1997978-1-55074-406-4Heather CollinsEensy Weensy Spider
  ''978-1-55074-408-8   ''Hickory Dickory Dock
  ''978-1-55074-409-5Paulette BourgeoisMeet the Author Video
  ''978-1-55074-410-1Heather CollinsOne, Two, Buckle My Shoe
1997978-1-55074-412-5Paulette BourgeoisFranklin (hebrew) Goes To School
978-1-55074-414-9Franklin Rides a Bike
1997978-1-55074-420-0Deborah HodgeWild Dogs: Wolves, Coyotes and Foxes
1999978-1-55074-421-7Etta KanerAnimal Defenses: How Animals Protect Themselves
1996978-1-55074-422-4Troon HarrisonAaron's Awful Allergies
1995978-1-55074-424-8Paulette BourgeoisFranklin Goes to School
1998978-1-55074-425-5Pamela HickmanAnimal Senses: How Animals See, Hear, Taste, Smell and Feel
1994978-1-55074-426-2Paulette BourgeoisFranklin Is Messy
1998978-1-55074-439-2Inc. Kids Can PressElectric Gadgets and Gizmos: Battery-Powered Buildable Gadgets that Go!
  ''978-1-55074-452-1Elizabeth Bennett · Shelley SouthernFun with Franklin: Math Activity Book
  ''978-1-55074-454-5Jane Drake · Ann Love · Heather CollinsKids Campfire Book
1999978-1-55074-456-9Elizabeth MacLeodAlexander Graham Bell: An Inventive Life
  ''978-1-55074-458-3Elizabeth MacLeodAlexander Graham Bell: An Inventive Life
1998978-1-55074-463-7Gayle FriesenJaney's Girl
  ''978-1-55074-465-1jane-drakeThe Kids Summer Games Book: Official Book of Games to Play (Family Fun)
1998978-1-55074-466-8Paulette BourgeoisFranklin's Christmas Gift
  ''978-1-55074-467-5Jane Drake · Ann LoveThe Kids Cottage Games Book: Official Book of Games to Play
  ''978-1-55074-468-2Paulette BourgeoisFranklin's Christmas Gift
  ''978-1-55074-469-9Jane · Love, Ann DrakeThe Kids Summer Games Book: Official Book of Games to Play (Family Fun)
1999978-1-55074-470-5Paulette BourgeoisFranklin's Class Trip
  ''978-1-55074-472-9   ''Franklin's Class Trip
1998978-1-55074-474-3Paulette BourgeoisFranklin's Secret Club
  ''978-1-55074-476-7   ''Franklin's Secret Club
  ''978-1-55074-480-4   ''Franklin's Valentines
  ''978-1-55074-482-8   ''Franklin's Valentines
  ''978-1-55074-501-6Judy Ann SadlerMaking Candles
1999978-1-55074-503-0Linda HendryMaking Gift Boxes
2001978-1-55074-506-1Adrienne MasonMealworms: Raise them, watch them, see them change
1998978-1-55074-507-8Barbara GreenwoodLast Safe House, The: A Story of the Underground Railroad
1998978-1-55074-509-2Barbara GreenwoodThe Last Safe House: A Story of the Underground Railroad
  ''978-1-55074-510-8Inc. Kids Can PressFun with Modeling Clay
1999978-1-55074-516-0AnnMaureen Owens · Jane YeallandCanada's Maple Leaf: The Story of Our Flag
2001978-1-55074-522-1Margot GriffinThe Sleepover Book
2000978-1-55074-526-9Deborah HodgeKids Book of Canada's Railway, The: and How the CPR Was Built
2002978-1-55074-534-4Linda BaileyAdventures in Ancient Greece
  ''978-1-55074-536-8Linda BaileyAdventures in Ancient Greece
2000978-1-55074-538-2   ''Adventures in the Middle Ages
1996978-1-55074-539-9Jane · Love, Ann DrakeThe Kids Campfire Book: Official Book of Campfire Fun (Family Fun)
2000978-1-55074-540-5Linda BaileyAdventures in the Middle Ages
2001978-1-55074-542-9Linda BaileyAdventures with the Vikings
2000978-1-55074-543-6Robert HeidbrederI Wished for a Unicorn
2001978-1-55074-544-3Linda BaileyAdventures with the Vikings
2000978-1-55074-546-7   ''Adventures in Ancient Egypt
  ''978-1-55074-548-1   ''Adventures in Ancient Egypt
  ''978-1-55074-549-8Inc. Kids Can PressNative Crafts: Inspired by North America's First Peoples
1998978-1-55074-554-2Kady MacDonald DentonA Child's Treasury of Nursery Rhymes
2001978-1-55074-557-3Robert HeidbrederI Wished for a Unicorn
2000978-1-55074-566-5Heather CollinsTwinkle, Twinkle Little Star
1999978-1-55074-569-6Jean E PendziwolNo Dragons for Tea: Fire Safety for Kids (and Dragons)
2000978-1-55074-570-2Heather CollinsRow, Row, Row Your Boat
1999978-1-55074-571-9Jean E PendziwolNo Dragons for Tea: Fire Safety for Kids (and Dragons)
2000978-1-55074-572-6Heather CollinsRock-a-Bye Baby
1999978-1-55074-574-0Barbara GreenwoodA Pioneer Thanksgiving: A Story of Harvest Celebrations in 1841
2000978-1-55074-575-7Pamela HickmanAnimals in Motion: How Animals Swim, Jump, Slither and Glide
2001978-1-55074-579-5   ''Animals Eating: How Animals Chomp, Chew, Slurp and Swallow
2000978-1-55074-584-9Valerie WyattThe Math Book for Girls: and Other Beings Who Count
1997978-1-55074-588-7Jan Bourdeau WabooseMorning on the Lake
1999978-1-55074-590-0Judy Ann SadlerBeanbag Buddies: and Other Stuffed Toys
2001978-1-55074-595-5Diane SwansonHmm?: The Most Interesting Book You'll Ever Read about Memory
  ''978-1-55074-597-9Diane SwansonHmm?: The Most Interesting Book You'll Ever Read about Memory
  ''978-1-55074-601-3   ''Burp!: The Most Interesting Book You'll Ever Read about Eating
2000978-1-55074-605-1Mary LabattStrange Neighbors
1986978-1-55074-606-8Robert ServiceCremation of Sam McGee, The
2000978-1-55074-607-5Mary LabattAliens in Woodford
1998978-1-55074-608-2Robert ServiceThe Shooting of Dan McGrew
1998978-1-55074-610-5Bourgeois PauletteFranklin's (Metro News)***
1999978-1-55074-613-6Pamela HickmanA New Duck
1999978-1-55074-615-0Pamela HickmanA New Frog
2001978-1-55074-617-4John GordonThe Kids Book of Golf
  ''978-1-55074-619-8Trudee RomanekThe Technology Book for Girls: and Other Advanced Beings
2000978-1-55074-621-1Judi Gillies · Jennifer GlossopThe Jumbo Cookbook
1999978-1-55074-628-0Jane Drake · Ann LoveMy Grandmother and Me
  ''978-1-55074-630-3   ''My Grandfather and Me
  ''978-1-55074-632-7Mary LabattSpying on Dracula
  ''978-1-55074-634-1   ''Spying on Dracula
2000978-1-55074-635-8Jane Drake · Ann LoveMy Mother and Me
1999978-1-55074-636-5Mary LabattThe Ghost of Captain Briggs
2000978-1-55074-637-2Jane Drake · Ann LoveMy Father and Me
2000978-1-55074-639-6Jane Drake · Ann LoveMy Baby Brother and Me
  ''978-1-55074-641-9   ''My Baby Sister and Me
1998978-1-55074-654-9Hancock/Greenwood Pat/BarbaraPrime Min/Book of Can Assmt Price Club
978-1-55074-656-3Kcp Slimline Spinner Rack a-Combo (Frank
978-1-55074-658-7Kcp Slimline Spinner Rack B-Combo(Craft)
1999978-1-55074-667-9Deborah HodgeDeer, Moose, Elk and Caribou
  ''978-1-55074-669-3Aubrey DavisThe Enormous Potato
1997978-1-55074-671-6Margaret CarneyAt Grandpa's Sugar Bush
2001978-1-55074-675-4Etta KanerAnimals at Work: How Animals Build, Dig, Fish and Trap
1998978-1-55074-677-8Fenn Winter Promo Pack
  ''978-1-55074-679-2Deborah HodgeBeavers
2000978-1-55074-686-0Paulette BourgeoisFranklin's Blanket
  ''978-1-55074-689-1Inc. Kids Can PressFace Painting
1999978-1-55074-692-1Michele LemieuxStormy Night
2005978-1-55074-694-5David Wistow · Kelly McKinley · Art Gallery of OntarioMeet the Group of Seven
2001978-1-55074-695-2Louise DicksonSecret Languages
2000978-1-55074-697-6Jan Bourdeau WabooseSkySisters
2000978-1-55074-699-0Jan Bourdeau WabooseSkySisters
  ''978-1-55074-701-0Eugenie FernandesSleepy Little Mouse
1999978-1-55074-708-9Paulette Bourgeois & Brenda ClarkFranklin and the Baby
  ''978-1-55074-716-4Cynthia Pratt NicolsonPlanets, The
2000978-1-55074-717-1Deborah HodgeEagles
  ''978-1-55074-719-5Stacy WilsonThe Hockey Book for Girls
2001978-1-55074-721-8Laurie Skreslet · Elizabeth MacLeodTo the Top of Everest
978-1-55074-725-6KcpWestern/Grocers Franklin Books Asst #1
2000978-1-55074-726-3Sharon Jennings · Mark Koren · Alice Sinkner · Sean Jeffrey · Jelena SisicFranklin Forgets
  ''978-1-55074-727-0Renee SchwarzPapier-Mache
2000978-1-55074-728-7Eva Moore · Alice Sinkner · Mark Koren · Sean Jeffrey · Jelena SisicFranklin's Bicycle Helmet
978-1-55074-729-4Franklin's Neighborhood
1999978-1-55074-731-7KcgFranklin Collection -Hardcover-Complete
978-1-55074-733-1   ''Franklin Collection -Softcover-Complete
2000978-1-55074-734-8Paulette BourgeoisFranklin Goes to the Hospital
  ''978-1-55074-739-3Judy Ann SadlerMaking Fleece Crafts
978-1-55074-740-9Avon Activity 3-Pack #1
1999978-1-55074-742-3Paulette BourgeoisFranklin's Classic Treasury, Volume I
  ''978-1-55074-743-0Katherine Farris · Linda HendryKids Can Press French & English Word Book, The
  ''978-1-55074-744-7Barbara GreenwoodA Pioneer Thanksgiving: A Story of Harvest Celebrations in 1841
  ''978-1-55074-746-1David BoothDust Bowl, The
1999978-1-55074-751-5KcpKcp Franklin Collection - Single (Tp)
2003978-1-55074-762-1Irene LuxbacherThe Jumbo Book of Art
2002978-1-55074-776-8Eugenie FernandesBusy Little Mouse
2001978-1-55074-777-5Paulette BourgeoisOma's Quilt
2002978-1-55074-779-9David J SmithIf the World Were a Village: A Book about the World's People
2000978-1-55074-782-9Gayle FriesenMen of Stone
1991978-1-55074-783-6Paulette BourgeoisFire Fighters
2000978-1-55074-793-5Paulette BourgeoisFranklin and the Tooth Fairy
  ''978-1-55074-794-2   ''Franklin's Baby Sister
  ''978-1-55074-795-9   ''Franklin Wants a Pet
2001978-1-55074-798-0   ''Franklin's Thanksgiving
  ''978-1-55074-805-5Biz StormsQuilting
  ''978-1-55074-811-6Judy Ann SadlerJumbo Book of Easy Crafts, The
2001978-1-55074-813-0Paulette BourgeoisFranklin's Classic Treasury, Volume II
2003978-1-55074-814-7Laurie Skreslet · Elizabeth MacLeodTo the Top of Everest
2001978-1-55074-816-1Helen NolanHow Much, How Many, How Far, How Heavy, How Long, How Tall Is 1000?
1999978-1-55074-820-8Bourgeois/Clark Paulette/BrendaFranklin Bk/Cassette Asst#2
2000978-1-55074-825-3Paulette Bourgeois · Mark Koren · Jelena Sisic · Sean JeffreyFranklin Helps Out
1991978-1-55074-826-0Paulette BourgeoisGarbage Collectors
2000978-1-55074-830-7Valerie WyattMath Book for Girls, The: and Other Beings Who Count
1999978-1-55074-835-2Bourgeois/Clark Paulette/BrendaWestern/Grocers Franklin Bk/Cass Asst #2
2002978-1-55074-838-3Adrienne MasonCarnival Caper, The
2000978-1-55074-845-1Patricia SilverFace Painting
2001978-1-55074-848-2Elizabeth MacLeodBake and Make Amazing Cakes
  ''978-1-55074-850-5Barbara GreenwoodGold Rush Fever: A Story of the Klondike, 1898
2000978-1-55074-854-3Maxine TrottierNative Crafts: Inspired by North America's First Peoples
  ''978-1-55074-858-1Paulette BourgeoisFranklin's Baby Sister
2001978-1-55074-862-8Jane Drake · Ann LoveThe Kids Winter Cottage Book
978-1-55074-866-6Collins HeatherNursery Rhyme 4 Pack (Shrinkwrap Pkg)
2002978-1-55074-868-0Carlotta HackerThe Kids Book of Canadian History
2000978-1-55074-872-7Paulette BourgeoisFranklin's Friendship Treasury
2001978-1-55074-873-4   ''Franklin and Harriet
2001978-1-55074-874-1Paulette BourgeoisFranklin and Harriet
  ''978-1-55074-877-2   ''Franklin's School Treasury
2003978-1-55074-881-9Linda BaileyThe Best Figure Skater in the Whole Wide World
2001978-1-55074-883-3Mary LabattWeekend at the Grand Hotel, A
  ''978-1-55074-885-7   ''A Weekend at the Grand Hotel
  ''978-1-55074-886-4Cynthia Pratt NicolsonBaa!: The Most Interesting Book You'll Ever Read about Genes and Cloning
  ''978-1-55074-887-1Mary LabattSecret of Sagawa Lake, The
2001978-1-55074-889-5Mary LabattSecret of Sagawa Lake, The
2008978-1-55074-890-1Briony PennThe Kids Book of Canadian Geography
2003978-1-55074-892-5Rosemary SadlierThe Kids Book of Black Canadian History
2001978-1-55074-895-6Gillian ChanThe Carved Box
2000978-1-55074-898-7Paulette BourgeoisFranklin in the Dark
2001978-1-55074-910-6Sharon Jennings · Mark Koren · Sean Jeffrey · Jelena Sisic · Joanne RiceFranklin Runs Away
  ''978-1-55074-913-7Frank AschZiggy Piggy and the Three Little Pigs
  ''978-1-55074-916-8Sharon Jennings · Mark Koren · Alice Sinkner · Jelena SisicFranklin and the Babysitter
2002978-1-55074-921-2Linda HendryCat Crafts
  ''978-1-55074-923-6Alan BartholomewElectric Mischief: Battery-Powered Gadgets Kids Can Build
  ''978-1-55074-925-0   ''Electric Mischief: Battery-Powered Gadgets Kids Can Build
2002978-1-55074-931-1Renee SchwarzMaking Masks
  ''978-1-55074-935-9Elizabeth MacLeodThe Wright Brothers: A Flying Start
  ''978-1-55074-940-3Amanda LewisThe Jumbo Book of Paper Crafts
  ''978-1-55074-946-5Trudee RomanekZzz ...: The Most Interesting Book You'll Ever Read about Sleep
2003978-1-55074-948-9Zoran MilichThe City ABC Book
  ''978-1-55074-951-9Cynthia Pratt NicolsonTornado!
2003978-1-55074-953-3Barbara GreenwoodPioneer Christmas, A: Celebrating in the Backwoods in 1841
  ''978-1-55074-955-7   ''A Pioneer Christmas: Celebrating in the Backwoods in 1841
  ''978-1-55074-959-5Jennifer GlossopThe Kids Book of World Religions
2002978-1-55074-960-1Linda HendryDog Crafts
2002978-1-55074-962-5Linda HendryDog Crafts
  ''978-1-55074-963-2Deborah HodgeSalmon
  ''978-1-55074-964-9Linda HendryCat Crafts
2001978-1-55074-965-6Valerie WyattThe Kids Book of Canadian Firsts
2002978-1-55074-977-9Jennifer Glossop · Judi GilliesThe Jumbo Vegetarian Cookbook
  ''978-1-55074-982-3Etta KanerAnimal Talk: How Animals Communicate through Sight, Sound and Smell
  ''978-1-55074-984-7   ''Animal Talk: How Animals Communicate through Sight, Sound and Smell
2000978-1-55074-988-5John IbbitsonJeremy's War 1812
2002978-1-55074-992-2Sharon Jennings · Sean Jeffrey · Alice Sinkner · Shelley SouthernFranklin and the Magic Show
2002978-1-55074-996-0Sharon Jennings · Alice Sinkner · Shelley Southern · Sean JeffreyFranklin's Music Lessons (Cdn edition)
2005978-1-55074-998-4Diane SilveyThe Kids Book of Aboriginal Peoples in Canada