Various Trade

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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1993978-1-55044-001-0Ser Read See HearPuff the Magic Dragon-B/C
978-1-55044-002-7   ''Snow White-Seven Dwarfs Bc
1993978-1-55044-003-4   ''Nonsense Alphabet-Bk./Cas.
978-1-55044-004-1   ''Jack & Jill-Read/Hr.Bk/Cas
978-1-55044-005-8   ''Three Little Kittens-Bk/Ca
978-1-55044-006-5Ser Read See HearThree Billy Goats-Bk./Cass
978-1-55044-007-2My Counting Book-Bk/Cass.
978-1-55044-009-6Ser Read See HearThree Bears-Read/Hr.Bk/Cas
978-1-55044-010-2Little Boy Blue-Bk./Cass.
978-1-55044-011-9Ser Read See HearLittle Red Riding Hood B/C
978-1-55044-012-6   ''Ten Commandments-Bk./Cass.
978-1-55044-013-3   ''Bible Stories-Book/Cass.
978-1-55044-014-0   ''My First Book About Jesus
978-1-55044-023-2Ser Play PalChristmas Sing-a-Long-Play
978-1-55044-024-9   ''Merry Christmas-Play Pal
978-1-55044-025-6Puff the Magic Dragon/Othe
978-1-55044-026-3Ser Play PalsSongs-Tickle Funny Bone
978-1-55044-027-0Ser Play PalSongs from Sesame Street
978-1-55044-028-7Ser Play Pals101 Golden Nursery Songs
978-1-55044-029-4Ser Play PalChristmas Songs That Tickl
978-1-55044-030-0Ser Play PalsFiddle Dee Dee-Play Pal
978-1-55044-031-7Ser Play PalBest of Mother Good-Play P
978-1-55044-032-4Nursery School Songs-Play
1990978-1-55044-033-1Ser Play Pal8 Bedtime Stories-Play Pal
978-1-55044-034-8Ser Play Pal7 Fairy Tales-Play Pal
978-1-55044-035-5   ''Kindergarten Fun Time-Play
978-1-55044-036-2Ser Play PalsOld Macdonald Had a Farm
978-1-55044-038-6Rudolph the Red Nosed Rein
978-1-55044-039-3Ser Play PalSanta Claus Is Coming to T
978-1-55044-040-912 Days of Christmas-Mus.S
978-1-55044-041-6Frosty Snowman-Xmas Mus.St
978-1-55044-042-3Jingle Bells-Xmax Mus.Stoc
978-1-55044-043-0First Noel-Christ.Musical
978-1-55044-044-7Joy to to World-Xmas Mus.S
978-1-55044-045-4Silent Night-Xmas Mus.Stoc
978-1-55044-046-1Peter Cottontail-Easter Ba
978-1-55044-047-8Easter Is Loving Time-East
978-1-55044-048-5Easter Parade-Easter Bask.
978-1-55044-050-8Ser Sing a LingChristmas Sing-a-Ling B/Ca
978-1-55044-059-1Alfred Hitchcock Ghost Sto
978-1-55044-060-7Spooky Sounds-Mus.Hallowee
978-1-55044-064-5Goldilocks-3 Bears ABC Pop
978-1-55044-065-2Alice in Wonderland-Pop Up
978-1-55044-066-9Cinderella- ABC Pop-Up
978-1-55044-067-6Three Little Pigs-ABC Pop
978-1-55044-068-3Elephant-Fun Time Col./Act
978-1-55044-069-0Hippo-Fun Time Col./Act.
978-1-55044-070-6Puppy-Fun Time Col./Act.
978-1-55044-071-3Bunny-Fun Time Col./Act.
978-1-55044-072-0Bunnies-Fun Time Col.Act.
978-1-55044-073-7Turtle-Fun Time Col./Act.
978-1-55044-074-4Doggie- Fun Time Col./Act.
978-1-55044-075-1Piggy- Fun Time Col./Act.
978-1-55044-076-8Dinosaur & Babies-Fun Time
978-1-55044-077-5Dinosaur & Playing-Fun Tim
978-1-55044-078-2Dinosaur & Skates-Fun Time
978-1-55044-079-9Dinosaur & Butterflies-Fun
978-1-55044-080-5Ser Play PalSesame Street Songs
1990978-1-55044-083-6Visit Santa's Shop Bk&Cass