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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
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2000978-1-55041-505-6Don QuinlanCanada Continuity Change Selected Teach: A History of Our Country from 1900 to The Present
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2006978-1-55041-535-3Thompson/Zoo I.Q.
2004978-1-55041-537-7Langston LauraCat Maclean Book 2 Pb
1999978-1-55041-541-4Fitzhenry & WhitesideOmar & Jingle Bells
  ''978-1-55041-542-1Fitzhenry & WhitesideAndrew's Mittens
2000978-1-55041-555-1Roger RiendeauA Brief History of Canada
2006978-1-55041-559-9Maryann KovalskiOmar's Halloween
2005978-1-55041-560-5Aubrey LangBaby Porcupine
  ''978-1-55041-562-9Aubrey Lang · Wayne LynchBaby Porcupine
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978-1-55041-567-4Van Horne's Road: The Building of the Canadian Pacific Railway
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2005978-1-55041-574-2Phil EdmonstonLemon Aid 2006: New cars and Minivans
2007978-1-55041-575-9Deborah EllisJakeman
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2002978-1-55041-639-8Liss Nancy & TedAmerican Character
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2006978-1-55041-686-2Nancy HundalCamping
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  ''978-1-55041-711-1Aubrey LangBaby Lion
2004978-1-55041-713-5   ''Baby Lion
2003978-1-55041-715-9   ''Baby Elephant
2004978-1-55041-717-3   ''Baby Elephant
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2004978-1-55041-721-0Deborah EllisA Company of Fools
2003978-1-55041-724-1Aubrey LangBaby Fox
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2004978-1-55041-796-8Aubrey LangBaby Owl
2004978-1-55041-797-5Aubrey LangBaby Ground Squirrel
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2004978-1-55041-876-7Aubrey LangBaby Koala
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2004978-1-55041-908-5Deborah EllisThe Heaven Shop
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  ''978-1-55041-913-9   ''Our Stories, Our Songs: African Children Talk about AIDS
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978-1-55041-999-3Fitzhenry & WhitesideBest Bargains in Golf Counter Display