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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
978-1-55009-000-0Calvin B. ErnstCurrent therapy in vascular surgery
1997978-1-55009-030-7Wilson-PauwelsAutonomic Nerves: Basic Science, Clinical Aspects, Case Studies (Book & Windows/Mac CD-ROM)
2001978-1-55009-048-2Ronald Goldstein · Van HaywoodEsthetics in Dentistry
1998978-1-55009-053-6RosserEvidence-Based Family Medicine (Book & Win/Mac CD-ROM)
1997978-1-55009-055-0AndrewPediatric Thromboembolism and Stroke Protocols
2003978-1-55009-058-1Hermes C. GrilloSurgery of the Trachea and Bronchi
2005978-1-55009-066-6Charles BluestoneThe Eustachian Tube
1998978-1-55009-069-7Gerardo SchneiderRudolph's Brief Atlas of the Newborn
  ''978-1-55009-075-8Wilson-PauwelsCranial Nerves: Anatomy & Clinical Comments
  ''978-1-55009-076-5NormanPDQ Statistics
1999978-1-55009-077-2David L. Streiner · Geoffrey R. NormanPDQ Epidemiology
978-1-55009-080-239 PltAdvanced Therapy in Thoracic Surgery 2nd edition by Kenneth L. Franco M.D., Joe Putnam M.D. (2005) Hardcover
1998978-1-55009-085-7NormanBiostatistics: The Bare Essentials
1999978-1-55009-087-1FeldmanEvidence-Based Pediatrics (Book & Win/Mac CD-ROM)
2009978-1-55009-089-5Haresh M. Kirpalani · Lennox Huang · Michael J. Michenko · Mark DuffettManual of Pediatric Intensive Care
1999978-1-55009-093-2HirshGuidelines For Antithrombotic Therapy
2002978-1-55009-103-8LimRecent Advances in Otitis Media (CD-ROM)
2001978-1-55009-104-5SchusterSchuster Atlas of Gastrointestinal Motility
2002978-1-55009-109-0JohnsonPDQ Pharmacology
2001978-1-55009-111-3WiernikAdult Leukemias: American Cancer Society Atlas of Clinical Oncology
2000978-1-55009-113-7HollandCancer Medicine [2 Volume Set/Windows/Mac CD-Rom]
  ''978-1-55009-122-9BaylessAdvanced Therapy of Inflammatory Bowel Disease
  ''978-1-55009-123-6NormanBiostatistics: The Bare Essentials
2001978-1-55009-124-3Hertzel C. GersteinEvidence-Based Diabetes Care
2001978-1-55009-125-0WinnerHeadache in Children and Adolescents
2008978-1-55009-126-7Raphael E. Pollock · Steven Curley · Merrick Ross · Nancy PerrierAdvanced Therapy of Surgical Oncology
2000978-1-55009-129-8WalkerPediatric Gastrointestinal Diseases (Book + Cd-Rom)
2002978-1-55009-134-2ClarkEndocrine Tumors - American Cancer Society Atlas of Clinical Oncology
  ''978-1-55009-148-9Uwe AckermannPDQ Physiology
  ''978-1-55009-149-6Charles Bluestone · Richard RosenfeldSurgical Atlas of Pediatric Otolaryngology
2001978-1-55009-150-2R Baker · Robert MurrayPDQ Biochemistry
2002978-1-55009-155-7Harry Albers'Tooth Colored Restoratives: Principles and Techniques
2001978-1-55009-156-4HirshGuidelines For Antithrombotic Therapy
  ''978-1-55009-164-9Linda Wilson-Pauwels · Elizabeth Akesson · Patricia Stewart · Sian SpaceyCranial Nerves in Health and Disease
2005978-1-55009-169-4Charles Brown · Brian I. Rini · Philip connell · Mitchell PosnerManual of Cancer Medicine
2001978-1-55009-170-0PreglerWomen's Health: Principles and Clinical Practice
  ''978-1-55009-172-4Howard Maibach · Saqib BashirEvidence-Based Dermatology (Bk & Cd) Volume I
2002978-1-55009-176-2William F. KernPDQ Hematology
2002978-1-55009-178-6Ronald DavidsonPDQ Medical Genetics
2004978-1-55009-180-9LoderMigraine in Women
2002978-1-55009-183-0Anne B. Hansen · Mark Puder · American Cancer SocietyAmerican Cancer Society: Clinical Oncology Series Bundle (15-Book with CD-ROM Set)
2004978-1-55009-185-4Manoop BhutaniHuman Anatomy and Endoscopic Ultrasonography
2002978-1-55009-186-1GreenbergBurket's Oral Medicine: Diagnosis and Treatment
2001978-1-55009-196-0Brad Neville · Douglas Damm · Dean WhiteColour Atlas of Clinical and Oral Pathology
2002978-1-55009-199-1James B. Snow JrBallenger's Manual of Otorhinolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery
2003978-1-55009-207-3Geoffrey R. Norman · David L. StreinerPDQ Statistics
2001978-1-55009-208-0Lewis EversoleClinical Outline of Oral Pathology
2002978-1-55009-209-7B C DeckerProtocols
2003978-1-55009-213-4KufeHolland-Frei Cancer Medicine (2 Volumes plus CDROM)
2002978-1-55009-218-9SciubbaPDQ Oral Disease: Diagnosis and Treatment (Bk and CD)
2006978-1-55009-223-3Harland Winter · M Murphy · Jean-Francois Mougenot · Samy CadranalPediatric Gastrointestinal Endoscopy
2003978-1-55009-227-1SteffenManual of Travel Medicine and Health
2002978-1-55009-230-1WenzelGuide to Infection Control in the Hospital
2003978-1-55009-233-2RapoportConquering Headache
2004978-1-55009-234-9Michael Miloro · Peter Larsen · GE Ghali · Peter WaitePrinciples of Oral Maxillofacial Surgery
2005978-1-55009-235-6Laura Myers · Linda BulichAnesthesia for Fetal Intervention & Surgery
  ''978-1-55009-236-3Qutayba Hamid · James Martin · Joanne ShannonPhysiological Basis of Respiratory Disease
2004978-1-55009-240-0Ronald E. Kleinman · Olivier-Jean Goulet · Giorginia Mieli-Vergani · Ian R. Sanderson · Philip M. Sherman · Benjamin ShneiderPediatric Gastrointestinal Disease
  ''978-1-55009-243-1James B. SnowTinnitus: Theory and Management
2003978-1-55009-245-5Barrie CassilethHerb-Drug Interactions in Oncology
2005978-1-55009-246-2Arno Mundt · John RoeskeIntensity Modulated Radiation Therapy. A Clinical Perspective
2004978-1-55009-247-9Franco Bundle
2005978-1-55009-248-6Theodore Bayless · Anna Mae DiehlAdvanced Therapy in Gastrointestinal & Liver Disease
  ''978-1-55009-252-3R. Allan Purdy · Alan Rapoport · Fred Sheftell · Stewart TepperAdvanced Therapy of Headache
2003978-1-55009-260-8MorrowManaging Breast Cancer Risk
2004978-1-55009-263-9Peter Roland · John RutkaOtotoxicity
2005978-1-55009-264-6McKibbonPDQ Evidence-Based Principles & Practice
2005978-1-55009-265-3Peter Goadsby · Stephen SilbersteinChronic Daily Headache
2007978-1-55009-267-7Edward CohenAtlas of Cosmetic and Reconstructive Periodontal Surgery
2003978-1-55009-269-1RapoportConquering Headache (Spanish Edition)
2006978-1-55009-270-7John Cameron · Corinne SandoneAtlas of Gastrointestinal Surgery
2008978-1-55009-271-4Paul Winner · Donald W. Lewis · A. David RothnerHeadache in Children and Adolescents
2005978-1-55009-273-8John I. InglePDQ Endodontics
2004978-1-55009-279-0Lim8Th International Symposium on Recent Advances in Otitis (Book and CD)
2005978-1-55009-280-6Barrie Cassileth · Gary Deng · Andrew Vickers · K.Simon YeungPDQ Integrative Oncology: Complementary Therapies
2004978-1-55009-281-3HirshPrevention of Venous Thromboembolism in Major Orthopedic Surgery
2005978-1-55009-292-9MariaCurrent Management in Child Neurology (Book and CD)
2006978-1-55009-294-3Anne Hansen · Mary Quinn · Michelle Ambrosino · Janet LloydManual of Neonatal Mock Codes
2003978-1-55009-298-1SchlagenhaufTraveller's Bundle
2006978-1-55009-307-0KufeHolland-Frei Cancer Medicine 7 (Password F/Online Edition Access Included)
  ''978-1-55009-309-4   ''Holland-Frei Cancer Medicine Review
2005978-1-55009-311-7W. Allan WalkerPediatric Gastrointestinal Disease 4E + Review of Pediatric Gastrointestinal Disease and Nutrition (Bundle)
2006978-1-55009-315-5MaibachEvidence-Based Dermatology (Book and CD)
  ''978-1-55009-323-0Michael Siegal · Sol Silverman · Thomas SollecitoTreatment Common Oral Conditions
2005978-1-55009-328-5BrownDiagnosis and Treatment of Chronic Orofacial Pain (Booklet)
  ''978-1-55009-330-8ShipClinician's Guide to Common Geriatric Oral Conditions (Booklet and CDROM)
2007978-1-55009-332-2PattonHIV-Infected Patients (Booklet)
2008978-1-55009-333-9John I. Ingle · Leif K. Bakland · J. Craig BaumgartnerIngle's Endodonics
2001978-1-55009-334-6TylerMedically Complex Dental Patients (Booklet)
2007978-1-55009-336-0Patricia Schlagenhauf-LawlorTravelers Malaria
2009978-1-55009-337-7James B. Snow · P. Ashley WackymBallenger's Otorhinolaryngology Head and Neck surgery
2006978-1-55009-338-4MiloroEssentials of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery (Book and CD)
2005978-1-55009-340-7CorsiniWhat About My Kids?: A Resource Book For Parents Living With Breast Cancer
2007978-1-55009-343-8CochranWeight Management: Childhood and Adolescence FAQs
  ''978-1-55009-344-5William Bell · Cesar GuerreroDistraction Osteogenesis of the Facial Skeleton
2008978-1-55009-345-2Martin S. Greenberg · Michael Glick · Jonathon A. ShipBurket's Oral Medicine
2008978-1-55009-347-6Geoffrey R. Norman · David L. StreinerBiostatistics: The Bare Essentials
2007978-1-55009-352-0WeberMenopause FAQs
2008978-1-55009-353-7NadolSchucknect's Pathology of the Ear
2006978-1-55009-358-2Paul Monagle · Anthony Chan · Andrew Massicotte · Gabrielle deVeberAndrew's Handbook of Pediatric Thrombosis And Stroke
  ''978-1-55009-360-5Abdel Rahim MohammadTobacco Cessation
2008978-1-55009-361-2Christopher Duggan · John B. Watkins III · W. Allan WalkerNutrition in Pediatrics
  ''978-1-55009-364-3Ronald E. Kleinman · Olivier-Jean Goulet · Giorginia Mieli-Vergani · Ian R. Sanderson · Philip M. Sherman · Benjamin L ShneiderWalker's Pediatric Gastrointestinal Disease
2007978-1-55009-365-0Arthur SmithTextbook of Endourology
2006978-1-55009-366-7Jonathon ShipOral Health in Geriatric Patients
2007978-1-55009-369-8Robert Steffen · Annalies Wilder-Smith · Herbert DuPontManual of Travel Medicine and Health
2008978-1-55009-378-0Robert Rietschel · Joseph FowlerFisher's Contact Dermatitis
  ''978-1-55009-385-8Nicholas, C Bambakidis · Cliff, A Megerian · Robert Spetzler · Randall, W. PorterSurgery of the Cerebellopontine Angle
  ''978-1-55009-399-5Wiley W. Souba · Mitchell P. Fink · Gregory J. Jurkovich · Larry Kaiser · William Pearce · John H. Pemberton · Nathaniel J. SoperACS Surgery: Principles and Practice
2008978-1-55009-400-8Geoffrey R. Norman · David L. StreinerBiostatistics: The Bare Essentials (with SPSS Package)
  ''978-1-55009-411-4BrownDiagnosis and Treatment of Chronic Orofacial Pain (Aaom Clin Guide)
2002978-1-55009-416-9Harry AlbersTooth Colored Restoratives CD ROM: Principles and Techniques
2005978-1-55009-418-3Board Review From Medscape: Case-Based Internal Med Self-Assess Questions