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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2017978-1-5439-0012-5William MarquetteThe Elements of Selling
  ''978-1-5439-0106-1Maria ComfortRetail Rebooted: Reboot Your Business Model & Stay Relevant
  ''978-1-5439-0268-6Brandon BruceThe Slow Sale: How Slowing Down Wins More Deals.
  ''978-1-5439-0454-3Anthony BaahAgile Quality Assurance: Deliver Quality Software- Providing Great Business Value
  ''978-1-5439-0777-3Brent WilliamsRecruit My Kid!: A Parent's Guide Through the Recruiting Process
2017978-1-5439-0832-9Rowena PattonFind Your Unique Value Proposition, In Principle and Practice: To Dominate Your Real Estate Market
  ''978-1-5439-0833-6Margaret O'Hair · Sofia SanchezBe You Tiful Love, Sofia (1)
  ''978-1-5439-0868-8Andrew RolstonBeetle Battles the Biotoxic Bulldogs
  ''978-1-5439-1074-2Ryan DomenickFlying Beyond the Syllabus: What You Weren't Taught in Groundschool (1)
  ''978-1-5439-1209-8Alex CampbellEssentials of Cleft Surgery
2017978-1-5439-1299-9Paul LawtonThe Last Full Measure: Law Enforcement Deaths in Arizona (1)
  ''978-1-5439-1329-3Norman CohnSales Out of Service: A Humanistic Approach to Sales and Customer Service (1)
  ''978-1-5439-1417-7Obinna IlochonwuFella (1)
2018978-1-5439-1597-6Peter BorghesiAm I a Teacher?
  ''978-1-5439-1727-7Thurman TuckerPowerful Co-Teaching: Special Education & General Education (1)
  ''978-1-5439-1902-8Claudia Squio · Sherri Jones · Lynn HodgeCartonnage Basics & Beyond: The Complete Guide for Fabric Box Making (1)
2018978-1-5439-2233-2Joseph JacksonPrecious Moments: 60 Years in Show Business. a Life in Pictures
  ''978-1-5439-2327-8ABOVE and BEYOND StressThe Yes Game: How Sexual Enhancement Can Change the Date Rape Culture (1)
  ''978-1-5439-2445-9Leon I. HammerConcepts: Contemporary Oriental Medicine
  ''978-1-5439-2795-5John KeyserWhen Leadership Improves, Everyone Wins: A Discussion of the Principles of Highly Effective Leadership
  ''978-1-5439-2925-6Steven RosenbaumUp to Speed: Secrets of Reducing Time to Proficiency
2018978-1-5439-3034-4Victoria DevineSparky's Bully Workshop: A Reason to Rhyme
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  ''978-1-5439-3203-4Nehbi OluwoArise Little Man
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2018978-1-5439-3616-2Danielle LynnGirl in the Box: No Bullies On My Block!
  ''978-1-5439-3694-0Michael McCarthyHow to Sell: Even When You Don't Want To
  ''978-1-5439-3703-9Marion E. Brooks · Nathan Hale WilliamsWhat You Don't Know Is Hurting You: 4 Keys to a Phenomenal Career
  ''978-1-5439-3798-5Stanley AllenThe Art and Science of Private Dental Practice: A Blueprint for Practice Success (1)
  ''978-1-5439-4013-8Nicole JohnsonThe Official Quest for Success Study Guide: Secrets and Strategies to Succeed in the Classroom
2018978-1-5439-4096-1Bill StinsonJuarez
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  ''978-1-5439-4486-0Marco GauthierLe Spectre De Ma Vie - Volume 1 (1) (French Edition)
  ''978-1-5439-4695-6Ivan P. Kovak"The Falsehoods of Christianity: Revised Edition Vol-One
2019978-1-5439-4901-8Mary Gould AlmyMary Gould Almy's Journal, 1778: During the Siege At Newport, Rhode Island, 29 July to 24 August 18778
2018978-1-5439-5030-4Fred WiesenJesus in His Glory: A Logical View of the Book of Revelation
2019978-1-5439-5062-5Michael A. Kahn · Alan C. KohnThe Art of Conflict: Tales from the Courtroom (1)
2018978-1-5439-5238-4Aleksandr LashkovTheory and Practice. The Ultimate Guide To Online Content Marketing
2019978-1-5439-5306-0Mark HaberstrohThe Conscious Driver: How to Conquer Driving While Distracted
2019978-1-5439-6259-8Su Z KaneLife Defined By Jesus Christ: What Jesus Did and Did Not Say About Life, Death, The Soul and Eternity
  ''978-1-5439-6374-8Mike Purdy101 Presidential Insults: What They Really Thought About Each Other - and What It Means to Us (1)
  ''978-1-5439-6401-1Adrena BaconFrom Beginning to Close!: The Real First Time Home Buyers Work Book (1)
  ''978-1-5439-6411-0Danielle RandolphHermit No Name
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2019978-1-5439-6702-9Warren CainThe Order of the Redeemed
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  ''978-1-5439-7181-1Patrick Henry HansenSales-Side Negotiation: Negotiation Strategies for Modern-Day Sales People (4) (From Great Moments in History)
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  ''978-1-5439-8299-2Jonathan MichaelsAutomotive 101: The Car Industry Exposed (1)
2019978-1-5439-8465-1Peter BergeronThe Black and White Club: Genesis
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  ''978-1-5439-8616-7Laszlo EndrodyLife at Sea
  ''978-1-5439-8708-9Scott HaumanBrand Stance: Your Step-By-Step Guidebook for Building a Purposeful and Thriving Brand
2020978-1-5439-8796-6Frank TerlepAuto Industry Disruption: Who and What Is Being Disrupted and What to Do about It!
2019978-1-5439-8813-0Joe Herbert · Anne DailySurvivors' Survival Guide: Selling Real Estate in Probate or Trust
2019978-1-5439-9015-7William Ruse · Donald StansloskiThe World Beyond Tomorrow (1)
  ''978-1-5439-9134-5Emerson Automation SolutionsPerformance Learning Platform: Lab Book
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2020978-1-5439-9815-3CLEOPHAS JONESStop Officer! Don't Shoot Me Just Because I'm Black (1)
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  ''978-1-5439-9904-4Greg KihlstromThe Center of Experience: A Blueprint for Creating the Experience-Led Enterprise