year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
978-1-5420-0064-2Artie Shaw The Last Recordings Rare & Unreleased. 2 CD collectors Edition. 1991
2019978-1-5420-0461-9Charlotte LucasYour Perfect Year: A Novel
2020978-1-5420-0475-6Aimie K. RunyanAcross the Winding River
  ''978-1-5420-0515-9Fiona ValpyThe Skylark's Secret
  ''978-1-5420-0525-8James MaxwellA World of Secrets (The Firewall Trilogy)
  ''978-1-5420-0529-6James MaxwellA Girl From Nowhere (The Firewall Trilogy)
  ''978-1-5420-0635-4Lindsay Jayne AshfordThe House at Mermaid's Cove
2020978-1-5420-0646-0Maddie DawsonA Happy Catastrophe: A Novel
  ''978-1-5420-0713-9Marlowe BennPassing Fancies (A Julia Kydd Novel)
  ''978-1-5420-0769-6Arun Arora · Peter Dahlstrom · Klemens Hjartar · Florian WunderlichFast Times: How Digital Winners Set Direction, Learn, and Adapt
  ''978-1-5420-0792-4Jen LancasterWelcome to the United States of Anxiety
  ''978-1-5420-0794-8Jen LancasterWelcome to the United States of Anxiety
2020978-1-5420-0799-3Julie ValerieThe Peculiar Fate of Holly Banks (Village of Primm)
2019978-1-5420-0853-2Karina HalleDiscretion (The Dumonts)
2020978-1-5420-0862-4Petra Durst-BenningAn Artificial Light (The Photographer's Saga)
  ''978-1-5420-0865-5Carole LawrenceEdinburgh Midnight (Ian Hamilton Mysteries)
  ''978-1-5420-0974-4Liz TalleyThe Wedding War
  ''978-1-5420-1020-7Suzy KrauseSorry I Missed You
  ''978-1-5420-1482-3Camille PagánThis Won't End Well
2020978-1-5420-1640-7Stewart LewisHappily Whatever After
2019978-1-5420-1698-8Rachel HollisParty Girl (The Girls)
2020978-1-5420-1868-5Elizabeth ToppPerfectly Impossible: A Novel
  ''978-1-5420-1959-0Rysa WalkerRed, White, and the Blues (Chronos Origins)
  ''978-1-5420-1961-3Luanne G. SmithThe Glamourist (The Vine Witch)
2019978-1-5420-1973-6Tara HaighOn Far Malayan Shores
2020978-1-5420-2009-1Charlie N. HolmbergSpellbreaker
  ''978-1-5420-2050-3Sandra le GuenThe Refuge
  ''978-1-5420-2077-0Imogen ClarkThe Last Piece
2020978-1-5420-2091-6Kelly HarmsThe Bright Side of Going Dark
  ''978-1-5420-2122-7Allison Winn ScotchCleo McDougal Regrets Nothing: A Novel
2019978-1-5420-2166-1Russell BraddonNancy Wake: World War Two's Most Rebellious Spy
  ''978-1-5420-4037-2Wendi SilvanoTurkey's Eggcellent Easter (Turkey Trouble)
  ''978-1-5420-4043-3Ilaria GuarducciSpiky
  ''978-1-5420-4057-0Kelly HarmsThe Overdue Life of Amy Byler
2019978-1-5420-4061-7Martin ÖsterdahlTen Swedes Must Die (Max Anger)
  ''978-1-5420-4112-6Hayley NolanAnne Boleyn: 500 Years of Lies
  ''978-1-5420-4121-8Alya MooroThe Greater Freedom: Life as a Middle Eastern Woman Outside the Stereotypes
  ''978-1-5420-4123-2Trisha Speed ShaskanThe Itty-Bitty Witch
  ''978-1-5420-4176-8Ray KingfisherBeyond the Shadow of Night
2020978-1-5420-4180-5Harold SchechterRipped from the Headlines!: The Shocking True Stories Behind the Movies' Most Memorable Crimes
2020978-1-5420-4182-9Harold SchechterRipped from the Headlines!: The Shocking True Stories Behind the Movies' Most Memorable Crimes
2019978-1-5420-4216-1Saud AlsanousiMama Hissa's Mice: A Novel
  ''978-1-5420-4217-8Saud AlsanousiMama Hissa's Mice: A Novel
  ''978-1-5420-4242-0Humayun AzadI Remember Abbu
  ''978-1-5420-4283-3Mark LawrenceOne Word Kill (Impossible Times)
  ''978-1-5420-4296-3Kelly HarmsThe Overdue Life of Amy Byler
2019978-1-5420-4297-0Marco RafalàHow Fires End
  ''978-1-5420-4299-4   ''How Fires End: A Novel
2020978-1-5420-4307-6Anna CoxI Keep My Worries in My Teeth: A Novel
2019978-1-5420-4323-6Flora J. SolomonAlong the Broken Bay
2020978-1-5420-4328-1Kataneh VahdaniKat and Juju
2019978-1-5420-4332-8Laura GehlJuniper Kai: Super Spy
  ''978-1-5420-4353-3Marko KloosAftershocks (The Palladium Wars)
  ''978-1-5420-4355-7Marko KloosAftershocks (The Palladium Wars)
  ''978-1-5420-4438-7Carsten JensenThe First Stone
2019978-1-5420-4439-4Carsten JensenThe First Stone
  ''978-1-5420-4452-3Jane HealeyThe Beantown Girls
2020978-1-5420-4453-0Anna CoxI Keep My Worries in My Teeth: A Novel
2019978-1-5420-4469-1Anneka HarryGender Rebels: 50 Influential Cross-Dressers, Impersonators, Name-Changers, and Game-Changers
2020978-1-5420-4478-3Patricia CornwellSpin (Captain Chase)
2017978-1-5420-4500-1Andreas KollenderThe Honest Spy
2018978-1-5420-4522-3Suzan TisdaleLa Belle de Findley (The Clan MacDougall) (French Edition)
2017978-1-5420-4543-8Lorena FrancoLa viajera del tiempo (Spanish Edition)
  ''978-1-5420-4553-7Jeanne M. DicksonGrounded Hearts
  ''978-1-5420-4563-6Courtney WalshHometown Girl
  ''978-1-5420-4578-0Heather BurchSomething Like Family
2018978-1-5420-4586-5Aimie K. RunyanDaughters of the Night Sky
2017978-1-5420-4592-6Marc LevyAll Those Things We Never Said (US Edition)
2017978-1-5420-4596-4Melanie MetzenthinIm Lautlosen (German Edition)
  ''978-1-5420-4611-4J.S. DrangsholtWinter in Wonderland (Ingrid Winter)
2018978-1-5420-4613-8Cinelle BarnesMonsoon Mansion: A Memoir
  ''978-1-5420-4614-5   ''Monsoon Mansion: A Memoir
  ''978-1-5420-4628-2Elle CaseyFaux Départ (The Bourbon Street Boys) (French Edition)
2017978-1-5420-4633-6Terrie ToddBleak Landing
  ''978-1-5420-4635-0Renee RyanOnce an Heiress (Gilded Promises)
2018978-1-5420-4637-4Natalia SylvesterEveryone Knows You Go Home
2017978-1-5420-4675-6Elisa LorelloBig Skye Littleton
2018978-1-5420-4687-9Eliza GordonDear Dwayne, With Love
2018978-1-5420-4701-2Sarah PainterBeneath the Water
  ''978-1-5420-4707-4Elle CaseyRose (Red Hot Love)
  ''978-1-5420-4715-9   ''Question à choix multiples (The Bourbon Street Boys) (French Edition)
  ''978-1-5420-4717-3Kent HarringtonLe Jour des Morts (French Edition)
  ''978-1-5420-4729-6Loretta NyhanDigging In: A Novel
2017978-1-5420-4735-7Nora BergerDas Hexenzeichen (German Edition)
2017978-1-5420-4752-4Sun TzuThe Art of War (AmazonClassics Edition)
2018978-1-5420-4791-3Charlie N. HolmbergThe Plastic Magician (A Paper Magician Novel)
  ''978-1-5420-4811-8Renée ShafranskyTips for Living
  ''978-1-5420-4821-7Denise Grover SwankDeadly Summer (Darling Investigations)
  ''978-1-5420-4834-7Emily R. KingThe Rogue Queen (The Hundredth Queen)
2019978-1-5420-4841-5Nancy RommelmannTo the Bridge: A True Story of Motherhood and Murder
2018978-1-5420-4842-2Nancy RommelmannTo the Bridge: A True Story of Motherhood and Murder
  ''978-1-5420-4843-9Rachel Van DykenInfraction (Players Game)
2018978-1-5420-4846-0Marko KloosPoints of Impact (Frontlines)
2017978-1-5420-4848-4Mina BaitesThe Silver Music Box
978-1-5420-4850-7Scott ParazynskiThe Sky Below: A True Story Of Summits, Space, And Speed
2018978-1-5420-4855-2Julia DrostenThe Elephant Keeper's Daughter
2017978-1-5420-4906-1Upton SinclairThe Jungle (AmazonClassics Edition)
  ''978-1-5420-4910-8William ShakespeareMacbeth (AmazonClassics Edition)
  ''978-1-5420-4940-5Friedrich NietzscheBeyond Good and Evil (AmazonClassics Edition)
  ''978-1-5420-4942-9Alexander Hamilton · James Madison · John JayThe Federalist Papers (AmazonClassics Edition)
2020978-1-5420-9005-6Marko KloosBallistic (The Palladium Wars)
  ''978-1-5420-9007-0   ''Ballistic (The Palladium Wars)
2019978-1-5420-9137-4Ellen JavernickWhat If Everybody Thought That?
2020978-1-5420-9140-4Martin L. ShoemakerThe Last Campaign (The Near-Earth Mysteries)
2020978-1-5420-9150-3John RectorBroken
  ''978-1-5420-9260-9Janet MacLeod TrotterA Sapphire Child (The Raj Hotel)
  ''978-1-5420-9268-5Lindsay WardScooper and Dumper
2019978-1-5420-9275-3Lisa RobinsonPirates Don't Go to Kindergarten!
  ''978-1-5420-9296-8Suzy KrauseValencia and Valentine
  ''978-1-5420-9300-2Lisa RobinsonPippa's Night Parade
2019978-1-5420-9363-7Flora J. SolomonAlong the Broken Bay
  ''978-1-5420-9368-2Melanie MetzenthinA Fight in Silence
2020978-1-5420-9378-1Robert MaselloThe Haunting of H. G. Wells: A Novel

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