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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2016978-1-5361-0000-6Catherine Chambliss · Amy HartlEmpathy Rules: Depression, Schadenfreude and Freudenfreude Research on Depression Risk Factors and Treatment
  ''978-1-5361-0001-3Jim PrentzasDigital Stories and Their Integration in Early Childhood and Primary Education: Teaching Scenarios and Practical Ideas (Education in a Competitive and Globalizing World)
2017978-1-5361-0002-0Antonio Mazzocca · Pasquale Agosti · Carlo SabbaPathobiology of Hepatocellular Carcinoma and Clinical Impact
  ''978-1-5361-0003-7Patrik DridScience and Medicine in Combat Sports (Sports and Athletics Preparation, Performance, and Psychology)
2016978-1-5361-0004-4Raghvendra Pratap Narayan · Durgesh K. Tripathi · R. K. GaurTechnological Advancements in Plant Sciences (Plant Science Research and Practices)
  ''978-1-5361-0005-1Enrico IvaldiThe Measurement of Well-Being in the Current Era (Economic Issues, Problems and Perspectives)
  ''978-1-5361-0006-8Andrey Grigorievitch SemenovAcoustics of Moving Inhomogeneities (Physics Research and Technology)
2016978-1-5361-0007-5Aaron P. RobertsPolyoxometalates: Properties, Structure and Synthesis (Chemistry Research and Applications)
  ''978-1-5361-0008-2Paula GarciaPolypropylene: Properties, Uses and Benefits
  ''978-1-5361-0009-9Kathleen SandersDDT: Properties, Uses and Toxicity (Environmental Remediation Technologies, Regulations and Safety)
  ''978-1-5361-0010-5Michelle ButlerXanthan Gum: Applications and Research Studies
  ''978-1-5361-0011-2Edward K. MartinezCoastal Fishes: Habitat, Behavior and Conservation (Fish, Fishing, and Fisheries)
2017978-1-5361-0012-9Morena J. AcostaAdvances in Energy Research
2016978-1-5361-0013-6Hiroto S. WantanabeHorizons in Cancer Research
2016978-1-5361-0031-0Marilyn DavisCameras in Federal Courts: Issues and Perspectives (Government Procedures and Operations)
  ''978-1-5361-0033-4Diana HughesCongestion Impacts of Freight Flows (Transportation Issues, Policies and R&d)
  ''978-1-5361-0035-8Martha AtkinsonHurricane Damage: Implications of Increased Risk on the Federal Budget (Natural Disaster Research, Prediction and Mitigation)
  ''978-1-5361-0038-9Brenda LewisUse of Restrictive Housing in the Prison System: Overview, Concerns, Recommendations
  ''978-1-5361-0040-2Cassidy CroftOxidative Stress: Causes, Role in Diseases and Biological Effects
2016978-1-5361-0041-9Jenna PopePatient Rights: Ethical Perspectives, Emerging Developments and Global Challenges
  ''978-1-5361-0042-6Dean T. CobbPolyphenols: Food Sources, Bioactive Properties and Antioxidant Effects
  ''978-1-5361-0043-3Adelle HogarthRecent Advances in Eye Research
2017978-1-5361-0044-0Evgeniya PushchinaThe Neurochemical Organization and Adult Neurogenesis in the Masu Salmon Brain (Neuroscience Research Progress)
2016978-1-5361-0045-7Hilmar Por, Ph.D. HilmarssonInternational Financial Institutions, Climate Change and the Urgency to Facilitate Clean Energy Investment in Developing and Emerging Market Economies
2017978-1-5361-0047-1Nana Yaw OppongMastering Business Letter Writing Skills: A Practical Approach (Business Issues, Competition and Entrepreneurship)
2016978-1-5361-0048-8Konstantinos PapazoglouListening to Their Voices of Bravery and Heroism: Exploring the Aftermath of Officers’ Loss and Trauma in the Line of Duty (Law, Crime and Enforcement)
2017978-1-5361-0049-5Conor Mcguckin · Lucie CorcoranBullying and Cyberbullying: Prevalence, Psychological Impacts and Intervention Strategies (Bullying and Victimization)
2016978-1-5361-0050-1Mira, Ph.D. MosheTemporal Love: Temporality and Romantic Relationships (Social Issues, Justice Status)
  ''978-1-5361-0051-8Mira Anicic Uroševic · Gordana Vukovic · Milica TomaševicBiomonitoring of Air Pollution Using Mosses and Lichens: A Passive and Active Approach: State of the Art Research and Perspectives (Air, Water and Soil Pollution Science and Technology)
  ''978-1-5361-0052-5Leehu ZysbergEmotional Intelligence & Health Outcomes (Health Psychology Research Focus)
2017978-1-5361-0053-2Mykhaylo V. Zagirnyak · Atef S. Almashakbeh · Mohamed Z. QawaqzehFunctional Interrelation of the Parameters of Electric Machines, Devices and Transformers (Electrical Engineering Developments)
2016978-1-5361-0054-9Brian J., Ph.D. McVeighDiscussions With Julian Jaynes: The Nature of Consciousness and the Vagaries of Psychology (Psychology Research Progress)
2017978-1-5361-0055-6Donald E. Greydanus · Manmohan K. Kamboj · Joav MerrickChronic Disease and Disability: The Pediatric Pancreas (Pediatrics, Child and Adolescent Health)
2016978-1-5361-0056-3Leon V. BerhardtAdvances in Medicine and Biology
2016978-1-5361-0057-0Victoria M. PetrovaAdvances in Engineering Research
  ''978-1-5361-0058-7Justin A. DanielsAdvances in Environmental Research
  ''978-1-5361-0059-4Maryann C. WythersAdvances in Materials Science Research
  ''978-1-5361-0060-0James C. TaylorAdvances in Chemistry Research
  ''978-1-5361-0061-7Eunice WagnerTunisia: Social, Economic and Environmental Issues (African Political, Economics, and Security Issues)
2016978-1-5361-0062-4Nina MortonEating Disorders: Prevalence, Risk Factors and Treatment Options (Eating Disorders in the 21st Century)
  ''978-1-5361-0063-1Whitney ShermanHandbook on Africa: Challenges and Issues of the 21st Century (African Political, Economic, and Security Issues)
  ''978-1-5361-0079-2Brenda MartinezFema and Regional Preparedness: Coordination Efforts (Natural Disaster Research, Prediction and Mitigation)
  ''978-1-5361-0081-5Oliver ThompsonHazing in the Military: Persistence, Policies, Recommendations
  ''978-1-5361-0083-9Vanessa ShawJustice Antonin Scalia: Jurisprudence, Impact, and Supreme Court Vacancy (Government Procedures and Operations)
2016978-1-5361-0085-3Jeanne PooleThe U.s. Defense Budget and Overseas Contingency Operations Funding: Overviews and Analyses
  ''978-1-5361-0087-7Vijay ParamanikA Handbook on Estrogen Receptors in the Brain (Neuroscience Research Progress)
  ''978-1-5361-0088-4Ana Rita Gomes · Teresa Rocha-santos · Armando DuartAdvances in Natural Products Discovery (Chemistry Research and Applications)
2017978-1-5361-0089-1Susan ElswickData Collection: Methods, Ethical Issues and Future Directions (Government Procedures and Operations: Ethical Issues in the 21st Century)
2016978-1-5361-0090-7Mils HillsWhy Cyber Security Is a Socio-Technical Challenge: New Concepts and Practical Measures to Enhance Detection (Computer Science, Technology and Applications)
  ''978-1-5361-0091-4Justine C. LeeCraniosynostosis and Rare Craniofacial Clefts: Diagnosis, Treatment, and Outcomes (New Developments in Medical Research)
  ''978-1-5361-0092-1John Michael Weaver · Jennifer Yongmei, Ph.D. PomeroyIntelligence Analysis: Unclassified Area and Point Estimates and Other Intelligence Related Topics (Intelligence and Counterintelligence Studies)
2016978-1-5361-0093-8Shemya VaughnTransgender Youth: Perceptions, Media Influences and Social Challenges (Human Sexuality)
  ''978-1-5361-0094-5Donald E. Greydanus · Joav MerrickDiabetes Mellitus: A Medical History Journey (Public Health: Practices, Methods and Policies)
  ''978-1-5361-0095-2Manmohan K. KambojDiabetes Mellitus: Childhood and Adolescence (Pediatrics, Child and Adolescent Health)
  ''978-1-5361-0096-9Doris DelgadoTraumatic Brain Injury: Diagnosis, Management and Long-term Outcomes (Neuroscience Research Progress)
  ''978-1-5361-0097-6Deanna RomeroNatural Disasters: Risk Assessment, Management Strategies and Challenges (Natural Disaster Research, Prediction and Mitigation)
2016978-1-5361-0098-3Carlos JimenezNanocarrier Systems for Drug Delivery
  ''978-1-5361-0099-0Debra NewtonUrinary Incontinence: Prevalence, Risk Factors and Management Strategies (Urology Research Progress)
  ''978-1-5361-0114-0Adrian ShwartzDetention of Immigrants: Assessments of Medical Care and Holding Facilities
  ''978-1-5361-0116-4Rochelle BriggsHealth Care Use of Electronically Readable Cards: Prospects and Fraud Prevention Role (Health Care in Transition)
  ''978-1-5361-0118-8Trevor DavisNonemergency Medical Transportation: Program Features and Issues (New Developments in Medical Research)
2016978-1-5361-0120-1Kristin WatersRare Earth Elements: Supply Chain Risks and National Defense Issues
  ''978-1-5361-0122-5Cassandra HinesThe 2016 Olympic Games in Rio: Issues, Concerns, and Background on Brazil (Sports and Athletes Preparation, Performance, and Psychology)
  ''978-1-5361-0124-9Veronica SalazarThe Zika Virus: Background, Issues, and U.S. Response Considerations (Virology Research Progress)
  ''978-1-5361-0126-3Folake Ruth Aluko · Moeketsi Letseka · Victor PitsoeAssuring Institutional Quality in Open Distance Learning (ODL) in the Developing Contexts (Education in a Competetive and Globalizing World)
2017978-1-5361-0127-0Lev I. DormanPlasmas and Energetic Processes in the Geomagnetosphere: Plasmas/Magnetic and Current Sheets, Reconnections, Particle Acceleration, and Substorms (Physics Research and Technology)
2016978-1-5361-0128-7Shoji GotoEmerson's Eastern Education (World Philosophy)
  ''978-1-5361-0129-4Donald E. Greydanus · Vincent J. Palusci · Joav MerrickChronic Disease and Disability: Abuse and Neglect in Childhood and Adolescence (Pediatrics, Child and Adolescent Health)
2016978-1-5361-0130-0Owen P. JenkinsAdvances in Animal Science and Zoology
  ''978-1-5361-0131-7Adam Kovacs · Patrik NagyAdvances in Marine Biology
  ''978-1-5361-0132-4William D. NelsonAdvances in Business and Management
  ''978-1-5361-0133-1Jared A. JaworskiAdvances in Sociology Research
  ''978-1-5361-0134-8Alexandra M. ColumbusAdvances in Psychology Research
2016978-1-5361-0135-5Leon V. BerhardtAdvances in Medicine and Biology
  ''978-1-5361-0136-2Dominic WellsCarnosine: Physiological Effects and Research Insights
  ''978-1-5361-0137-9Daniel FigueroaMeningiomas: Risk Factors, Treatment Options and Outcomes
  ''978-1-5361-0138-6Judith HendersonBiofilms: Characterization, Applications and Recent Advances
  ''978-1-5361-0139-3Janet DiazNational Parks: Biodiversity, Management and Environmental Issues (Environmental Remediation Technologies, Regulations and Safety)
2016978-1-5361-0140-9Frances EarleySexual Orientation: Perceptions, Discrimination and Acceptance (Human Sexuality)
  ''978-1-5361-0157-7Carl, Ph.d. RatnerThe Politics of Cooperation and Co-ops: Forms of Cooperation and Co-ops, and the Politics That Shape Them (Capitalism, Counter-capitalism, and Psychology)
  ''978-1-5361-0158-4Cameron SlatonInternational Remittances: Background, Verification Proposals, and Money Laundering Issues (Monetary, Fiscal and Trade Policies)
  ''978-1-5361-0160-7Linda QuinnState Voter ID Requirements: Issues, Considerations, Variation (American Political, Economic, and Security)
  ''978-1-5361-0162-1Patricia DuganThe Sharing (Aka Gig) Economy: Overview, Issues and Perspectives (Economic Issues, Problems and Perspectives)
2016978-1-5361-0164-5Ingrid BermanVerification and Monitoring of the Nuclear Agreement With Iran: Resources and Challenges (Politics and Economics of the Middle East)
2017978-1-5361-0166-9Anzor ErkomaishviliGeorgia: History, Culture and Ethnography
2016978-1-5361-0167-6Sakile Kai Camara · Darlene K. DrummondCommunicating Prejudice: An Appreciative Inquiry Approach (Social Issues, Justice and Status)
  ''978-1-5361-0168-3Amit Kumar Tyagi · Sahdeo PrasadGastrointestinal Cancers: Prevention, Detection and Treatment
  ''978-1-5361-0169-0Amit Kumar Tyagi · Sahdeo PrasadGastrointestinal Cancers: Prevention, Detection and Treatment
  ''978-1-5361-0170-6Georgios I., Ph.D. ZekosThe Independence of Arbitration (Law, Crime and Law Enforcement)
  ''978-1-5361-0171-3Ruthie AlvesAminoglycosides: Pharmacology, Clinical Uses and Health Effects
2016978-1-5361-0172-0Cecilia ValentineThe Five-factor Model: Recent Developments and Clinical Applications
  ''978-1-5361-0173-7Cody WhitmirePhotosensitizers: Types, Uses and Selected Research
  ''978-1-5361-0174-4Angelo BrightPlasmonics: Advances in Research and Applications (Physics Research and Technology)
  ''978-1-5361-0181-2Marianne RutherfordFree Radicals and Health
  ''978-1-5361-0183-6Albert ReimerHorizons in World Physics
2016978-1-5361-0188-1Gerald VasquezAir Travel and Communicable Diseases: U.s. Preparedness, Planning and Challenges
  ''978-1-5361-0190-4Wayne HowardsExplosives Detection Canines and Homeland Security: Background and Analyses (Defense, Security and Strategies)
  ''978-1-5361-0193-5Katrina DixonIncome Replacement and Spending in Retirement: Analyses, Issues, Recommendations (Retirement Issues, Plans and Lifestyles)
  ''978-1-5361-0195-9Derek PierceThe Trans-Pacific Partnership: Key Provisions and Strategic Implications (Trade Issues, Policies and Laws)
  ''978-1-5361-0197-3Lucas Jódar Sánchez · Elena De La Poza Plaza · Luis Acedo RodriguezModeling Human Behavior: Individuals and Organizations (Psychology of Emotions, Motivations and Actions)
2016978-1-5361-0198-0Jeanette D. HoenigEssential Guide to Clinical Neonatology (Pediatrics - Laboratory and Clinical Research)
  ''978-1-5361-0199-7Hiroshi Okada · Kazuhiko KotaniCommunity Pharmacy: An International Comparison (Public Health in the 21st Century)
2017978-1-5361-0200-0David ShemoqmedeliThe Knight In The Panther’s Skin: A Masterpiece in World Literature (Fine Arts, Music and Literature)
2016978-1-5361-0201-7Loretta BarnesZea Mays L.: Molecular Genetics, Potential Environmental Effects and Impact on Agricultural Practices (Agriculture Issues and Policies)
  ''978-1-5361-0202-4Denise MitchellSurface Electromyography: Fundamentals, Computational Techniques and Clinical Applications
  ''978-1-5361-0203-1Deborah WrightNanosheets and Nanospheres: Types, Applications and Research Insights
  ''978-1-5361-0204-8Sarah L. JonesSolar Flares: Investigations and Selected Research (Physics Research and Technology)
2017978-1-5361-0205-5Gary HughesStudent Achievement: Perspectives, Assessment and Improvement Strategies (Education in a Competitive and Globalizing World)
2016978-1-5361-0206-2Andres Costa · Eugenio VillalbaHorizons in Neuroscience Research
2017978-1-5361-0207-9Leon V. BerhardtAdvances in Medicine and Biology
2017978-1-5361-0208-6Bernard OlsonBiology Research Summaries: With Biographical Sketches
  ''978-1-5361-0210-9Bor-sen ChenSystems Synthetic Biology: System Models, User-oriented Specifications, and Applications (Systems Biology - Theory, Techniques and Applications)
2016978-1-5361-0211-6Hussein Kanaan · Oksana BelousMarine Algae of the Lebanese Coast
  ''978-1-5361-0225-3Gregory WillardBee Health: Problems for Pollinators and Protection Efforts (Insects and Other Terrestrial Arthropods: Biology, Chemistry and Behavior)
  ''978-1-5361-0227-7Frederick JohnstonDrug Development and Rare Pediatric Diseases: Issues, Strategic Plan, and Voucher Program Assessment (Pharmacology-research, Safety Testing and Regulation)
  ''978-1-5361-0230-7Erika BrooksFederal Tax Incentives for Research and Development: Policies, Issues, Effectiveness (Business Issues, Competition and Entrepreneurship)
2016978-1-5361-0232-1Sheldon TylerKuwait: Conditions, Issues, and Foreign Relations (Politics and Economics of the Middle East)
  ''978-1-5361-0234-5Austin CarlsonTechnology in Education: Future Ready Learning and Schools (Education in a Competitive and Globalizing World)
  ''978-1-5361-0236-9Matthew J. AndersonFlamingos: Behavior, Biology, and Relationship With Humans (Birds: Evolution, Behavior and Ecology)
  ''978-1-5361-0237-6J. C. Perazzo · Francisco Eizayaga · Salvador Romay · Carlos E. Brodersen · Alberto E. MuñozChronic Liver Disease: From Molecular Biology to Therapy (Hepatology Research and Clinical Developments)
2017978-1-5361-0238-3Istudor Nicolae · Ignacio De Los Ríos · Jean-vasile AndreiRural Communities in the Global Economy: Beyond the Classical Rural Economy Paradigms (Economic Issues, Problems and Perspectives)
  ''978-1-5361-0239-0Mary GrosserDeveloping Critical Thinking: A Multi-Dimensional Approach in the Context of South Africa (Education in a Competitive and Globalizing World)
2016978-1-5361-0240-6Maximiliano E. KorstanjeTerrorism in a Global Village: How Terrorism Affects Our Daily Lives (Terrorism, Hot Spots and Conflict-related Issues)
2017978-1-5361-0241-3Donald E. Greydanus · Joseph L., Jr. Calles · Dilip R. Patel · Ahsan Nazeer · Joav MerrickClinical Aspects of Psychopharmacology in Childhood and Adolescence (Pediatrics, Child and Adolescent Health)
2016978-1-5361-0242-0Josephine Weber3d Reconstruction: Techniques, Analysis and New Developments
2016978-1-5361-0243-7Felicia GravesPhilanthropy: Past, Present and Future Perspectives (Psychology of Emotions, Motivations and Actions)
  ''978-1-5361-0244-4Kathleen HollandDNA Methylation: Patterns, Functions and Roles in Disease (Genetics - Research and Issues)
  ''978-1-5361-0245-1Janice RiveraBreast Reconstruction: Perspectives, Outcomes and Potential Complications
  ''978-1-5361-0246-8Rosalie GarnerFood Insecurity: Patterns, Prevalence and Risk Factors (Nutrition and Diet Research Progress)
  ''978-1-5361-0247-5Jeffrey WarrenCaspases: Roles and Significance in Cell Death and Disease
2016978-1-5361-0248-2Angelina C. SparksErgonomics: Challenges, Applications and New Perspectives
  ''978-1-5361-0249-9Timothy SteeleProsocial Behavior: Perspectives, Influences and Current Research (Psychology of Emotions, Motivation and Actions)
  ''978-1-5361-0250-5Cecilia SchultzPoverty: Global Perspectives, Challenges and Issues of the 21st Century (Hunger and Poverty: Causes, Impacts and Eradication)
  ''978-1-5361-0251-2Prasad S. KokaStem Cells: Mediated Regeneration (Stem Cells - Laboratory and Clinical Research)
  ''978-1-5361-0268-0Jamie MaloneFederal Deficits and Debt: Impacts and Issues (Economic Issues, Problems and Perspectives)
2016978-1-5361-0270-3Wayne StevensForeign-Born STEM Entrepreneurship: Participation and Differences With U.S.-Born Workers (Business Issues, Competition and Entrepreneurship)
  ''978-1-5361-0272-7Tabitha WagnerLocal Food Systems: Background, Federal Policies and Programs (Agriculture Issues and Policies)
  ''978-1-5361-0274-1Peter R. Bennett · Margaret O. MyersSmall Business Considerations, Economics and Research
  ''978-1-5361-0276-5S. SahakyanSpin-Dependent Transport Phenomena in Magnetic Nanostructures (Nanotechnology Science and Technology)
  ''978-1-5361-0277-2Mingxi LiDiabetic Nephropathy: From Bench to Bedside (Nephrology Research and Clinical Developments)
2017978-1-5361-0279-6Divya Pandey · Abhijit SarkarSustaining Future Food Security in Changing Environments (Hunger and Poverty: Causes, Impacts and Eradication)
2016978-1-5361-0280-2Chaomei ChenCiteSpace: A Practical Guide for Mapping Scientific Literature (Computer Science, Technology and Applications)
2016978-1-5361-0281-9Diana Sheets · Michael F. ShaughnessyThe Doubling: Those Influential Writers That Shape Our Contemporary Perceptions of Identity and Consciousness in the New Millennium (Fine Arts, Music and Literature)
  ''978-1-5361-0282-6Veronica Sanda ChedeaProcyanidins: Characterisation, Antioxidant Properties and Health Benefits (Biochemistry Research Trends)
2017978-1-5361-0283-3Michael FlanaganCraniospinal Hydrodynamics in Neurodegenerative and Neurological Disorders (Neurology - Laboratory and Clinical Research Developments: Muscular System - Anatomy, Functions and Injuries)
2016978-1-5361-0284-0Masayoshi YamaguchiRenal Failure: Diagnosis, Management and Potential Complications (Recent Advances in Hematology Research)
  ''978-1-5361-0285-7Elizabeth SandersNeonatal Intensive Care: Issues, Insights and Studies (Pediatrics - Laboratory and Clinical Research)
  ''978-1-5361-0286-4Carole SnyderCoastal Lagoons: Geology, Characteristics and Diversity (Coastal and Oceanic Landforms, Development and Management)
  ''978-1-5361-0287-1Mary NewmanUric Acid: Detection, Applications and Role in Health and Disease
2016978-1-5361-0288-8Kurt JensenHeterogeneous Catalysts: Design, Applications and Research Insights (Chemistry Research and Applications)
  ''978-1-5361-0289-5Candice GreeneSaponins: Types, Sources and Research (Biochemistry Research Trends)
  ''978-1-5361-0290-1Raymond AndersonBorderline Personality Disorder (BPD): Prevalence, Management Options and Challenges (Psychiatry - Theory, Applications and Treatments)
2017978-1-5361-0291-8Clarissa KleinHandbook on Cassava: Production, Potential Uses and Recent Advances
  ''978-1-5361-0292-5Denise CamposHandbook on Navier-stokes Equations: Theory and Applied Analysis
2016978-1-5361-0293-2Jeremiah WeaverAnimal Welfare: Assessment, Challenges and Improvement Strategies (Animal Science, Issues and Research)
  ''978-1-5361-0294-9Franklin Holloway · Ahmed M. Abdel-Khalek · Andrea Sagi · J. J. Muros · C. Cofre-BoladosSelf-Esteem: Perspectives, Influences and Improvement Strategies (Psychology of Emotions, Motivations and Actions)
2016978-1-5361-0314-4Rickey LambertMaking Federal Highway Spending More Productive: Analyses, Approaches and Perspectives
  ''978-1-5361-0316-8Taylor BrooksMilitary Officers in the U.s. Armed Forces: Background, Considerations and Provisions
  ''978-1-5361-0318-2Denise TorresNarcotics Decriminalization: Adopted Practices in Select Countries (Drug Transit and Distribution, Interception and Control)
  ''978-1-5361-0320-5Dawn MitchellNational Parliaments and the European Parliament: Background, Role and Legislative Processes for Selected Countries
  ''978-1-5361-0322-9Peter HawkinsPrivate Health Insurance: Factors Affecting Premiums, Federal Policy, and Tax Credits (Health Care in Transition)
2016978-1-5361-0324-3Aubrey YoungSlow Growth in the Post-Recession Expansion: Trends and Analyses (Economic Issues, Problems and Perspectives)
2017978-1-5361-0330-4Piero BoitaniLooking Upwards: Stars in Ancient and Medieval Cultures (Contemporary Cultural Studies)
2016978-1-5361-0331-1Fotini Kranou Kyriakides · Charis PsaltisPsychosocial and Cognitive Development of Undergraduate University Students in Cyprus: The Role of Social Relations
2017978-1-5361-0332-8Marcia Erazo Bahamondes · Kjersti NessCigarette Smoking: Health Effects and Challenges for Tobacco Control (Public Health in the 21st Century)
2016978-1-5361-0333-5M. Thangamani · V. Ravindra Krishna ChandarSecurity in Computing
2017978-1-5361-0334-2Patricia GarnerCeliac Disease: Risk Factors, Health Implications and Dietary Management (Digestive Diseases - Research and Clinical Developments)
2016978-1-5361-0335-9Albert TavidzeProgress in Economics Research
  ''978-1-5361-0336-6Melanie WaltonGermplasm: Characteristics, Diversity and Preservation (Genetics - Research and Issues)
  ''978-1-5361-0337-3Anthony ReedChaos Theory: Origins, Applications and Limitations (Mathematics Research Developments)
  ''978-1-5361-0338-0Rachael PalmerPeanuts: Consumption, Allergies and Nutritional Content (Nutrition and Diet Research Progress)
2017978-1-5361-0339-7Olivia Wilson-floresEconomic Crises: Risk Factors, Management Practices and Social Impacts (Economic Issues, Problems and Perspectives)
2016978-1-5361-0340-3Christina EdwardsPsychology of Empathy: New Research (Psychology of Emotions, Motivations and Actions)
  ''978-1-5361-0341-0Evelyn HughesEndophytic Fungi: Diversity, Characterization and Biocontrol (Microbiology Research Advances)
2017978-1-5361-0342-7Wayne ColemanEarthquakes: Monitoring Technology, Disaster Management and Impact Assessment (Natural Disaster Research, Prediction and Mitigation)
2016978-1-5361-0343-4Zachary HillVirtual Reality: Advances in Research and Applications
2016978-1-5361-0344-1Prathamesh Gorawala · Srushti MandhatriAgricultural Research Updates
  ''978-1-5361-0345-8Daniel MartinFault Detection: Methods, Applications and Technology (Systems Engineering Methods, Developments and Technology)
  ''978-1-5361-0365-6Jesse M. DavisAutonomous Weapon Systems: An Exploration of Issues and Recommendations (Defense, Security and Strategies)
  ''978-1-5361-0367-0Gail NelsonFederal Contracting With Tribal Firms and Small Business Administration Oversight of Alaska Native Corporations: Assessments (Business Issues, Competition and Entrepreneurship)
  ''978-1-5361-0369-4Kristina ChavezIndia’s Strategic Potential and Evolving Nuclear Force: Prospects and Recommendations
2016978-1-5361-0371-7Keith WatkinsIRS Referral Program for Suspected Tax Fraud: Issues and Assessments (Government Procedures and Operations)
  ''978-1-5361-0373-1Lucas FletcherLarge-scale Nasa Programs: 2015 in Review
  ''978-1-5361-0375-5Violet ClarkeNhtsa Oversight of Safety Defects and New Automotive Technologies: Challenges and Assessments
  ''978-1-5361-0377-9Mateusz Samoraj · Lukasz Tuhy · Katarzyna ChojnackaInnovative Bio-Products for Agriculture: Innovative Bio-Based Micronutrient Fertilizers (Air, Water and Soil Pollution Science and Technology)
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