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2018978-1-5326-1545-0Michael J. GormanAbide and Go: Missional Theosis in the Gospel of John (The Didsbury Lecture)
  ''978-1-5326-1547-4Michael J GormanAbide and Go (Didsbury Lecture)
2017978-1-5326-1578-8Laura Kelly FanucciTo Bless Our Callings: Prayers, Poems, and Hymns to Celebrate Vocation
2017978-1-5326-1580-1Laura Kelly FanucciTo Bless Our Callings
2018978-1-5326-1825-3John A. DaviesLift Up Your Heads: Nonverbal Communication and Related Body Imagery in the Bible
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2018978-1-5326-1894-9Melton Bennett WinsteadNew Testament Philology: Essays in Honor of David Alan Black
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2017978-1-5326-1919-9Gerald L StevensStevens Greek Workbook
2019978-1-5326-3282-2Miguel G Jr EchevarriaThe Future Inheritance of Land in the Pauline Epistles
2018978-1-5326-3383-6Colin BuchananDid the Anglicans and Roman Catholics Agree on the Eucharist?: A Revisit of the Anglican-Roman Catholic International Commission’s Agreed Statements of 1971 and Related Documents
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  ''978-1-5326-3582-3John Paul HeilLuke-Acts
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  ''978-1-5326-3767-4Mark W. KarlbergReforming the Christian Faith
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  ''978-1-5326-4063-6Kurt C. SchaeferHusband, Wife, Father, Child, Master, Slave: Peter through Roman Eyes
  ''978-1-5326-4064-3   ''Husband, Wife, Father, Child, Master, Slave
2019978-1-5326-4086-5Michael KuykendallLions, Locusts, and the Lamb
2018978-1-5326-4133-6Mark J. KeownJesus in a World of Colliding Empires, Volume One: Introduction and Mark 1:1-8:29: Mark's Jesus from the Perspective of Power and Expectations
2018978-1-5326-4134-3Mark J. KeownJesus in a World of Colliding Empires, Volume One: Introduction and Mark 1:1-8:29
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2019978-1-5326-4182-4Nestor Medina · Alison Hari-Singh · Hyeran Kim-CraggReading In-Between
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2018978-1-5326-4201-2C. Paul BurnhamThe Eagle Returns
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  ''978-1-5326-4341-5Melanie BaffesText and Context (Contrapuntal Readings of the Bible in World Christianity)
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2018978-1-5326-4643-0Caurie BeaverMark’s Argumentative Jesus: How Jesus Debated His Opponents Using Greek Forms of Argumentation
  ''978-1-5326-4644-7   ''Mark's Argumentative Jesus
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2018978-1-5326-5015-4Addison Hodges HartThe Letter of James
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  ''978-1-5326-5055-0Anthony C ThiseltonPuzzling Passages in Paul
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2019978-1-5326-5113-7Benjamin Wing Wo FungA Defense for the Chronological Order of Luke’s Gospel: The Meaning of “Orderly” (kathexes) Account in Luke 1:3 (Africanus Monograph)
2019978-1-5326-5114-4Benjamin Wing Wo FungA Defense for the Chronological Order of Luke's Gospel (Africanus Monograph)
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  ''978-1-5326-5126-7Mark A Lamport · Benjamin K Forrest · Vernon M WhaleyHymns and Hymnody: Historical and Theological Introductions, Volume 2
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2019978-1-5326-5784-9Roy A III HarrisvilleThe Faith of St. Paul
  ''978-1-5326-5851-8Douglas D ScottIs Jesus of Nazareth the Predicted Messiah?
  ''978-1-5326-5913-3Marshall H. LewisViktor Frankl and the Book of Job: A Search for Meaning
  ''978-1-5326-6067-2Jerry BergmanGod in Eisenhower's Life, Military Career, and Presidency
2018978-1-5326-6089-4David a DorseyThe Roads and Highways of Ancient Israel
2019978-1-5326-6230-0Seth KissiWisdom, Knowledge, and Spirituality in Self-defense: A Rhetorical Exegetical Study of 1 Corinthians 1–6
2018978-1-5326-6456-4Douglas W. KennardA Biblical Theology of Hebrews
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2018978-1-5326-6829-6Richard L. RohrbaughThe Biblical Interpreter: An Agrarian Bible in an Industrial Age
2019978-1-5326-6881-4Mathieu BaudinLes Benedictions de la Grace de Dieu (French Edition)
  ''978-1-5326-6914-9Colin HamerGod's Divorce
2019978-1-5326-6946-0Tom HollandHope for the Nations
  ''978-1-5326-6982-8Peter E RoussakisPiety in Song
  ''978-1-5326-6986-6Bong Chur ShinNew Exodus in Hebrews
2018978-1-5326-6993-4Odette MainvilleThe Spirit in Luke-Acts
2019978-1-5326-7077-0Mary RisoHeroines
2018978-1-5326-7108-1Samuel G. GreenHandbook to the Grammar of the Greek Testament: Together With Complete Vocabulary, and an Examination of the Chief New Testament Synonyms
  ''978-1-5326-7109-8Samuel G GreenHandbook to the Grammar of the Greek Testament
2019978-1-5326-7388-7Judith E AndersonStones and Stories
  ''978-1-5326-7391-7Brury Eko SaputraThe Shema and John 10
2019978-1-5326-7507-2E Ray ClendenenJesus's Opening Week
2018978-1-5326-7676-5David a DorseyThe Roads and Highways of Ancient Israel
2019978-1-5326-7798-4Walter C. Kaiser Jr.The Christian and the Old Testament
  ''978-1-5326-7913-1David DaubeThe Sudden in the Scriptures
  ''978-1-5326-8066-3Lois BarrettThe Way God Fights
  ''978-1-5326-8076-2Victor (Sung Yul) RheeFaith in Hebrews

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