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2016978-1-5272-0011-1Clifford's Fort the Low Lights and High Lights North Shields
  ''978-1-5272-0141-5Stephanie J MooreWhy Eating Less and Exercising More Makes You Fat: Current Health Advice is Failing Us - Learn the Four Fundamentals For Burning Fat and Getting Healthy
  ''978-1-5272-0160-6I. M. RawesHonk, Conk and Squacket: Fabulous and Forgotten Sound-Words from a Vanished Age of Listening
  ''978-1-5272-0205-4William MatchettSecret Victory: The Intelligence War that beat the IRA
2018978-1-5272-0246-7Mark GreenstreetHow to become an effective networker
2016978-1-5272-0297-9James AsquithBreaking Borders: Travels in Pursuit of an Impossible Record
  ''978-1-5272-0344-0Charles DowdingCharles Dowding's Vegetable Garden Diary: No Dig, Healthy Soil, Fewer Weeds
2016978-1-5272-0439-3Byron MorrisonBecome a Better You: Stop dieting, start living
2017978-1-5272-0609-0Helen SandersonThe Home Declutter Kit card and book set. The Mindful Method to a Stress Free Home
  ''978-1-5272-0642-7Christian Campbellcharacter colouring
  ''978-1-5272-0653-3None StatedBeyond Parnham 2017: The Story of an educational phenomenom that inspired a generation of designers and furniture makers; forty years on they reflect on their careers
  ''978-1-5272-0665-6Verity CraigIVF and Infertility, Our Journey: A True Story of One Couple's Struggle Against the Odds
  ''978-1-5272-0726-4David IckeEverything You Need to Know but Have Never Been Told
978-1-5272-0783-7Pig Wrestling: Clean your thinking to create the change you need
2017978-1-5272-0918-3Sarah RichardsContent design
2017978-1-5272-0944-2pubs Public Houses in Eastbourne: A History of Public Houses and Breweries That Existed in 1986 or Before
  ''978-1-5272-0972-5The 30th Scottish Fluid Mechanics Meeting: Book of Abstracts
  ''978-1-5272-0980-0Vanessa FisonA Glimpse of Old Ham and Petersham
  ''978-1-5272-1045-5John FarebrotherThe Damned Balkans - a refugee road trip: (humanitarne mućke)
  ''978-1-5272-1248-0Michael PoplawskiCSA on the Move: A Practical Audio Guide to the Clinical Management of Common RCGP CSA Scenarios
2017978-1-5272-1280-0Alastair SawdayThe Extra Mile: Delicious Alternatives to Motorway Services
  ''978-1-5272-1446-0James MayerThe Private Client Global Elite 2017: Annual directory of the leading legal advisers in the trusts and private client world (Private Client Global Elite by Legal Week)
  ''978-1-5272-1474-3Sonia AlconOne in 1000
  ''978-1-5272-1497-2David FoxPop Fantastic (The Adventures of)
  ''978-1-5272-1554-2Trevor EllisThe Standedge Tunnels
2018978-1-5272-1568-9North East Scotland at War 2018: Events and Facts from 1939-1945
2017978-1-5272-1698-3Mark DalyElectric Vehicles: A Guide For Just About Anyone
2018978-1-5272-1750-8Mrs WordsmithMrs Mrs Wordsmith Narrative Journey: Box Set
2017978-1-5272-1759-1Gary Moss · Andrew StothertHot CX: Customer Experience For Realists
2017978-1-5272-1826-0Lucy HallSocial Media Planner 2018: Social Media Content Planning Diary
  ''978-1-5272-1854-3Helen TaylorFyvie Memorials 2 2017: Fyvie Cemetery (Newest Section) 1875 - 2017
2018978-1-5272-2034-8Estelle Keeber · Laura Young · Jennifer Lamb · Tamara Eggleston · Kelly Colley · Lori Blackburn Suthar · Alia Jones · Leanne OrrickMumpreneur on Fire 2: 20 Amazing Women Share their Inspirational Stories of Struggle and Success!: Volume 2
  ''978-1-5272-2151-2Chris MunroSLAY Your Network Marketing Business: 9 Steps To Killing It In Your Company And Becoming A Top Earner
  ''978-1-5272-2347-9Elizabeth JaneKetogenic Global Kitchen: The World's Most Delicious Foods Made Keto & Easy
  ''978-1-5272-2552-7Peter BlairScotland in 3D - A Victorian Virtual Reality Tour
2018978-1-5272-2588-6JD, Richard GreenGAY RIGHTS,TRANS RIGHTS: A psychiatrist/lawyer's 50-year battle
  ''978-1-5272-2598-5Alastair SawdayThe Extra Mile: Delicious alternatives to Motorway Services in England, Scotland and Wales
  ''978-1-5272-2639-5Stuart 'Scooby' Cochrane · Gary RalstonScooby: The Glory of the Ride
2020978-1-5272-2651-7Sophie BushHotel to Home: Industrial Interiors from the World's Most Original Hotels
2018978-1-5272-3025-5Ed Burnett Yacht Designs: A selection of plans, drawings and notes
  ''978-1-5272-3079-8Dimitris KalogirouOwning the Spotlight: Conquer the Stress of Public Speaking and Presentations
  ''978-1-5272-3095-8April GreenBloom for Yourself II: Let go and grow
2018978-1-5272-3097-2Aaron KoduahDEVELOPING A STRONG MINDSET: 500 Motivational Quotes That Are Designed To Help You Through Bad Times. Perfect For Dealing With Issues Like Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Relationship Breakdown Etc.
  ''978-1-5272-3260-0Wayne ShawMaria Dominica 2018 My trip of a lifetime
2019978-1-5272-3350-8Chris Fern · Tania Dickinson · Leslie WebsterThe Staffordshire Hoard: An Anglo-Saxon Treasure (Research Report of the Society of Antiquaries of London)
  ''978-1-5272-3476-5Andrew R GallimoreAlien Information Theory: Psychedelic Drug Technologies and the Cosmic Game
  ''978-1-5272-3782-7Leonard John Maguire · Derek John MaguireSecrets of Successful Dentists
  ''978-1-5272-3841-1Georgina StarmerForaging for Health: Hedgerow Plants and Fruits
2019978-1-5272-3847-3Russell DavisConceivable: Get off the infertility emotional rollercoaster and fast-track your journey to getting pregnant whether naturally or with IVF
  ''978-1-5272-3923-4Assia BrillDistitch: A new knitting concept
  ''978-1-5272-4176-3Lucy MitchellInstructions For Falling In Love Again
  ''978-1-5272-4180-0Sheila GrangerNo More Diets! Believe In A Better, Healthier You - Simple Steps To Reset Your Eating Habits, Using Sheila Granger's Amazing Virtual Gastric Band!
  ''978-1-5272-4386-6Sid BrettellSquad Cars: The Durban Police Dog Unit in the 1970s
2019978-1-5272-4542-6Bjorn Kolbrek · Thomas DunkerHigh Quality Horn Loudspeaker Systems 2019: History, Theory and Design
2020978-1-5272-4626-3Sara DavenportReboot your Brain: AFRAID OF LOSING YOUR MIND? UNDERSTAND IT • HEAL IT • FUTURE-PROOF IT
2019978-1-5272-4788-8O Neill IanLean DevOps: A Practical Product Management Handbook for an Agile Workforce
  ''978-1-5272-4840-3Nick IngeExposing the Truth - Whistleblowing Uncovered
  ''978-1-5272-4845-8Hector HallGo and Tell Redemption's Story
  ''978-1-5272-4926-4Martin BaileyHow to implement a manufacturing system: Best practices and pitfalls when implementing an MRP/ERP system
2020978-1-5272-5426-8Simon BrownPlaying Off The Roof & Other Stories: A patchwork of memories

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