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2015978-1-5127-0393-1Sharon HagenAnother Ruth
  ''978-1-5127-0544-7Claudia WhiteJesus, Can I Talk to You?: Father, Are We the Generation that Will See Your Return? Father, What Shall We Do in This Economy? Father, Do You Still Love Us?
2016978-1-5127-0766-3Erin CushmanAnchored: A Bible Study for Miscarriage, Stillbirth, and Infant Loss
2015978-1-5127-1279-7Jr. Jim M. CostonThe Diagnosis Is Terminal: What Do We Do Now?
  ''978-1-5127-1545-3Nancy HuberRome AD 85
  ''978-1-5127-1546-0   ''Rome Ad 85
2016978-1-5127-1623-8Matthew White · Judith BellLeading with Courage: Daily Reminders for the Decision Maker
2015978-1-5127-1668-9Carol Ann BartzThe Believer: An Inspirational Story of Zachary David Bartz (The Boy Who Never Gave Up)
  ''978-1-5127-1803-4Becky ColeTell Someone: A Story to Raise Awareness and Help Prevent Childhood Sexual Abuse
2016978-1-5127-2458-5EdD Jacqueline D. GarciaI Am Smart in Different Ways!: My Smarts Superpowers!
2016978-1-5127-2642-8Troy DunganJesus Makes Salsa by the Seashore: And Other Fresh-Approach Bible Studies
  ''978-1-5127-3054-8Gerald McdanielThe Eighteen Spiritual Gifts
  ''978-1-5127-3093-7Frank E Webb IIIStreak of Fire
  ''978-1-5127-3715-8Sandra Lyn MouritsenYou Are A Princess
  ''978-1-5127-3746-2Paula Moyer SavaianoMy Gramma Has Ants in Her Pants
2016978-1-5127-3880-3Judith B. MundayTeaching a Child with Special Needs at Home and at School
  ''978-1-5127-3972-5Jo-Anne B. SaxeThe Walk
  ''978-1-5127-4161-2Heidy RamosStreet Blind: KALYEBULAG
  ''978-1-5127-4163-6   ''Street Blind: KALYEBULAG
  ''978-1-5127-4273-2D.D. JohnsonLeroy and the Honeybee
2016978-1-5127-4374-6Mike GaylorThe Well
  ''978-1-5127-4448-4Susan I AndersonThe Miracle of the Shared Lily Pad
  ''978-1-5127-4530-6L G BrackenThe Reign
  ''978-1-5127-4597-9Susie LarimoreCaroline' s Destiny
  ''978-1-5127-4755-3Kristen Poirier MarquardtReleasing Jesus from the Weeds
2016978-1-5127-4901-4Pamela MemmottRightful
  ''978-1-5127-4989-2Murray PeatPoppyseed & Sunflower's First Adventure
  ''978-1-5127-4996-0Martha KerrAdventures Far From Home
  ''978-1-5127-5120-8SandielynBefore Eternity: The One Who Dwells in Zion
  ''978-1-5127-5121-5   ''Before Eternity: The One Who Dwells in Zion
2016978-1-5127-5158-1Mary E. CalvertThe Healer of Guildenwood
  ''978-1-5127-5159-8   ''The Healer of Guildenwood
  ''978-1-5127-5172-7Lorraine Andrews TaylorLeaving Time and Tennessee
2016978-1-5127-5173-4Lorraine Andrews TaylorLeaving Time and Tennessee
  ''978-1-5127-5333-2Bren FredericksKavanna, Mermaid Angel of the Ocean
  ''978-1-5127-5362-2Carol O. RiordanThe Unseen
  ''978-1-5127-5363-9   ''The Unseen
  ''978-1-5127-5366-0Rick PietlickiBlow the Trumpet in Zion
2016978-1-5127-5367-7Rick PietlickiBlow the Trumpet in Zion
  ''978-1-5127-5630-2Richard RamoneLife Is, As It's Been Given
  ''978-1-5127-5632-6   ''Life Is, as It's Been Given
  ''978-1-5127-5647-0Bertha RamseyHard Times in the Valley of Korah
  ''978-1-5127-5910-5Genia WetselMr. Larry and the Three Thieves
2017978-1-5127-5962-4Shannon GuerraUpside Down: Understanding and Supporting Attachment in Adoptive Families
2016978-1-5127-6064-4Kimberly JenkinsTil Death Do We Part
2016978-1-5127-6181-8Dale WellsAmen! Hallelujah!
  ''978-1-5127-6186-3Joye ThackstonIf Only Donkeys Could Talk: Sam's Christmas Question
  ''978-1-5127-6237-2PL BennettMy Alabaster Box
2017978-1-5127-6591-5Ray G. DagueFaubel's Fables
2016978-1-5127-6706-3Jay DePoyThis Little Light
  ''978-1-5127-6760-5Arv EdgeworthPerilous Times Shall Come
2017978-1-5127-7668-3Kenneth FoleyOne More Miracle
  ''978-1-5127-7670-6   ''One More Miracle: What Place Do Miracles Have in a Technological World?
2017978-1-5127-7732-1Daniel Welch KellyThe Beauty Beneath
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2017978-1-5127-8880-8Matthew ChavisOld Highway 316
  ''978-1-5127-9382-6Rev Gary M SchimmerEmmaus Road: Stories, Scripture, Hymns, and Art for the Christian Journey
  ''978-1-5127-9621-6Jason AlvarezThe M&M's of Life: An Encyclopedia for Victorious Living
  ''978-1-5127-9622-3   ''The M&m's of Life: An Encyclopedia for Victorious Living