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2019978-1-4766-7874-0Vincent TerraceEncyclopedia of Television Pilots: 2,470 Films Broadcast 1937-2019
  ''978-1-4766-7883-2Karin MitchellSouth Africa's High Treason Club: The White Separatist Boeremag Conspirators on Trial
2020978-1-4766-7885-6Randy LaistThe Twin Towers in Film: A Cinematic History of the New York World Trade Center
2019978-1-4766-7891-7Edlyn Vallejo PeñaCommunication Alternatives in Autism: Perspectives on Typing and Spelling Approaches for the Nonspeaking
  ''978-1-4766-7898-6Robert Michael Bobb CotterThe Great Monster Magazines: A Critical Study of the Black and White Publications of the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s
  ''978-1-4766-7901-3John Kenneth MuirHorror Films of the 1990s
  ''978-1-4766-7902-0Carole Chandler WaldrupWives of the American Presidents 2d ed
2020978-1-4766-7905-1Andrew Paul MeleThe Italian Squad: How the Nypd Took Down the Black Hand Extortion Racket
2019978-1-4766-7913-6Stephen HandzoHollywood and the Female Body: A History of Idolization and Objectification
2020978-1-4766-7927-3Cheryl FairJoe Quigley, Alaska Pioneer: Beyond the Gold Rush
2019978-1-4766-7930-3Jason J. CruzMixed Martial Arts and the Law: Disputes, Suits and Legal Issues
2019978-1-4766-7940-2Edward MickolusTerrorism Worldwide, 2018
  ''978-1-4766-7948-8Brent MueggenbergThe Cossack Struggle Against Communism, 1917-1945
2020978-1-4766-7955-6Robert M. RandolphPeyton Randolph and Revolutionary Virginia
2019978-1-4766-7957-0Michael P. Riccards · Cheryl A. FlaggWoodrow Wilson as Commander in Chief: The Presidency and the Great War
  ''978-1-4766-7960-0Nathaniel FanningSailing Under John Paul Jones: The Memoir of Continental Navy Midshipman Nathaniel Fanning, 1778-1783
2020978-1-4766-7972-3Kwan Kew LaiInto the African Bush and Out of the Academy: A Doctor's Memoir
  ''978-1-4766-8003-3Brent E. WalkerMack Sennett's Fun Factory: A History and Filmography of His Studio and His Keystone and Mack Sennett Comedies, With Biographies of Players and Personnel
  ''978-1-4766-8020-0Arkady PolishchukAs I Was Burying Comrade Stalin: My Life Becoming a Jewish Dissident
2020978-1-4766-8043-9Mark Joseph MongilutzVoices of the 9/11 Pentagon Recovery Effort: Essays from the U.S. Army's Old Guard
  ''978-1-4766-8048-4Jim Williams · Ann WilliamsThe Davidson Family of Rural Hill, North Carolina: Three Generations on a Piedmont Plantation
  ''978-1-4766-8049-1Nicole M. BergDiscovering Kubrick's Symbolism: The Secrets of the Films
  ''978-1-4766-8065-1E. Ike UdoguHuman Rights in Islamic North Africa: Clashes Between Constitutional Laws and Penal Codes
  ''978-1-4766-8072-9Tony CullenChess Rivals of the 19th Century: With 300 Annotated Games
2020978-1-4766-8078-1Wayne MutzaEngines and Other Apparatus of the Milwaukee Fire Department: An Illustrated History
  ''978-1-4766-8079-8Harry WaldmanNazi Films in America, 1933-1942
  ''978-1-4766-8082-8Alan I. WestChristopher H. Tebault, Surgeon to the Confederacy
  ''978-1-4766-8093-4Tom A. JermanSanta Claus Worldwide: A History of St. Nicholas and Other Holiday Gift-bringers
  ''978-1-4766-8094-1Charles F. G., Jr. Kuyk · Charles F. G., III KuykWest Point Graduates and the United States Air Force: Shaping American Aerospace Power
2020978-1-4766-8100-9Kevin M. SullivanThe Bundy Murders: A Comprehensive History
  ''978-1-4766-8108-5Sue JohnsonThe Quadruple Aim in Nursing and Healthcare: Improving Care, Lowering Costs, Serving Populations, Elevating Work Life
  ''978-1-4766-8110-8Heinz TschachlerGeorge Washington on Coins and Currency
  ''978-1-4766-8117-7Steven Rossi · West PetersonGearhead at Large: A Backroad Tour of Automotive History and the Old Car Hobby
  ''978-1-4766-8118-4Graham WebbEncyclopedia of American Short Films, 1926-1959
2019978-1-4766-8137-5Alec Worley · Foreword by Brian SibleyEmpires of the Imagination: A Critical Survey of Fantasy Cinema from Georges Méliès to The Lord of the Rings
2020978-1-4766-8138-2Steve AldousThe Songs of Genesis: A Complete Guide to the Studio Recordings
2020978-1-4766-8149-8David Neil KirkmanElder Fraud Wars: Case Histories from an Enforcement Attorney
  ''978-1-4766-8154-2Marian Mathison DesrosiersThe Banisters of Rhode Island in the American Revolution: Liberty and the Costs of Loyalties
  ''978-1-4766-8163-4Derrick Bang · Foreword by Pat IrwinCrime and Spy Jazz on Screen Since 1971: A History and Discography
  ''978-1-4766-8176-4Dean W. HoltAmerican Military Cemeteries, 2d ed.
2019978-1-4766-8177-1Theresa BaneEncyclopedia of Vampire Mythology
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  ''978-1-4766-8369-0Louis J., Jr. PalmerEncyclopedia of Capital Punishment in the United States
2020978-1-4766-8370-6Bud HanningsForts of the United States: An Historical Dictionary, 16th Through 19th Centuries
  ''978-1-4766-8371-3J. Kelly, Jr. FloryAmerican Cars 1960-1965: Every Model, Year by Year
  ''978-1-4766-8372-0   ''American Cars 1966-1972: Every Model, Year by Year