year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2016978-1-4735-0210-9Simon Kurt UnsworthThe Devil's Evidence
  ''978-1-4735-0546-9James PattersonCross the Line: (Alex Cross 24)
  ''978-1-4735-0548-3James PattersonBullseye: (Michael Bennett 9)
  ''978-1-4735-0553-7   ''Private Paris
  ''978-1-4735-0554-4   ''The Games (Private)
2017978-1-4735-0706-7John NivenNo Good Deed
2019978-1-4735-0709-8Jenni FaganUntitled
2016978-1-4735-0734-0Samantha HayesIn Too Deep
2018978-1-4735-0751-7Katie PriceWinner Takes All
2016978-1-4735-0786-9Karin SlaughterThe Kept Woman
2017978-1-4735-0845-3James HenryFrost at Midnight (DI Jack Frost Prequel)
2018978-1-4735-0858-3Sarah JasmonUntitled Book 2
2017978-1-4735-0864-4Samuel BjorkThe Owl Always Hunts At Night
2016978-1-4735-0867-5Andy McNabCold Blood: (Nick Stone Thriller 18)
2016978-1-4735-0879-8Lee ChildNight School: (Jack Reacher 21)
  ''978-1-4735-0881-1Liza MarklundThe Final Word
2017978-1-4735-0937-5Meredith WadmanThe Vaccine Race: How scientists used human cells to combat killer viruses
2016978-1-4735-0955-9Ava MarshExposure
  ''978-1-4735-0959-7Tammy CohenWhen She Was Bad
2014978-1-4735-1007-4Oliver Graham-JonesZoo Tails
2017978-1-4735-1059-3Ian Cameron EsslemontDeadhouse Landing: Path to Ascendancy Book 2
2016978-1-4735-1166-8Oliver HarrisThe House of Fame: Nick Belsey Book 3
2018978-1-4735-1174-3Jo NesboMacbeth (Hogarth Shakespeare)
2016978-1-4735-1233-7Ruth WareThe Woman in Cabin 10
  ''978-1-4735-1731-8Donna DouglasA Nightingale Christmas Carol
2017978-1-4735-1798-1Hester YoungThe Shimmering Road
2098978-1-4735-1847-6Don WinslowVengeance
2016978-1-4735-1903-9Harlan CobenFool Me Once
  ''978-1-4735-1904-6Harlan CobenHome (Myron Bolitar)
2016978-1-4735-1934-3Professor Robert B. CialdiniPre-suasion: A Revolutionary Way to Influence and Persuade
2017978-1-4735-1937-4Dexter DiasThe Ten Types of Human
  ''978-1-4735-1989-3James Patterson · Ashwin SanghiPrivate Delhi
2016978-1-4735-2033-2Isabel BuchananTrials: On Death Row in Pakistan
2017978-1-4735-2037-0Tracy ChevalierOthello (Hogarth Shakespeare)
2016978-1-4735-2038-7Karin FossumHell Fire
2017978-1-4735-2041-7Lawrence OsborneCalypso
2016978-1-4735-2246-6Abir MukherjeeA Rising Man
2017978-1-4735-2310-4Neel MukherjeeA State of Freedom
  ''978-1-4735-2312-8Olivier RolinThe Meteorologist
2016978-1-4735-2313-5Eva DolanAfter You Die
2017978-1-4735-2314-2   ''Watch Her Disappear
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  ''978-1-4735-2379-1Peter HoegThe Susan Effect
2017978-1-4735-2385-2Koethi ZanThe Follower
  ''978-1-4735-2392-0Laura SpinneyPale Rider
2016978-1-4735-2398-2Fred VargasA Climate of Fear
2017978-1-4735-2419-4Jennifer DoudnaA Crack in Creation: The New Power to Control Evolution
2018978-1-4735-2420-0Ross RaisinBook 2
2017978-1-4735-2430-9Xiaolu GuoOnce Upon A Time in the East: A Story of Growing up
  ''978-1-4735-2431-6Michel LaubA Poison Apple
2016978-1-4735-2446-0Stuart NevilleSo Say the Fallen
2017978-1-4735-2451-4Elanor DymottSilver & Salt
  ''978-1-4735-2461-3Anneliese MackintoshSo Happy It Hurts
  ''978-1-4735-2463-7Laurent BinetThe Seventh Function of Language
2017978-1-4735-2470-5David ConnThe Fall of the House of Fifa
  ''978-1-4735-2472-9Thomas MorrisThe Matter of the Heart: A History of the Heart in Twelve Operations
  ''978-1-4735-2490-3Henning MankellAfter the Fire
2015978-1-4735-2533-7Richard MurphyThe The Joy of Tax
2017978-1-4735-2552-8Emily HauserFor the Winner
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2018978-1-4735-2611-2Trisha AshleyA Good Heart is Hard to Find
2016978-1-4735-2618-1Christopher FowlerBryant & May - Strange Tide: (Bryant & May Book 13) (Bryant and May)
2018978-1-4735-2624-2Trisha Ashley LimitedUntitled Ashley 2
2016978-1-4735-2644-0Frank GardnerCrisis
2017978-1-4735-2677-8James WildeDark Age Book 1
  ''978-1-4735-2681-5Clay ChandlerThe Tao of Jack: Alibaba, China's Digital Revolution and what it means for the World
2017978-1-4735-2688-4A. D. SwanstonIncendium
2016978-1-4735-2692-1Sharon BoltonDaisy in Chains
2017978-1-4735-2702-7Brad StoneThe Upstarts: How Uber, Airbnb and the killer companies of the new silicon valley are changing the world
2018978-1-4735-2704-1TBC AuthorUntitled 1 (Contemporary)
  ''978-1-4735-2725-6Sarah-Jayne BlakemoreInventing Ourselves: The Secret Life of the Adolescent Brain
2017978-1-4735-2745-4Andy WeirArtemis
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  ''978-1-4735-2834-5Patricia WilliamsRabbit: A Memoir
  ''978-1-4735-2850-5Owen SlotThe Talent Lab: The secret to finding, creating and sustaining success
2017978-1-4735-2888-8Rowan ColemanThe Summer Of Impossible Things
  ''978-1-4735-2912-0Jill SolowayTransparent
  ''978-1-4735-2917-5Paul FlynnGood As You: From Prejudice to Pride, a Gay British History
2016978-1-4735-2972-4Marge PiercyHe, She and It
2018978-1-4735-3059-1Douglas Adams · James GossDoctor Who and the Krikkitmen
2017978-1-4735-3075-1Jon SopelIf Only They Didn't Speak English: Adventures in the Strangest Country on Earth
2019978-1-4735-3100-0TBC AuthorThe Woman's Hour Guide to Surviving and Thriving in the Modern World
2018978-1-4735-3131-4Katie DerhamLast Night of the Proms: An Official Miscellany
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2017978-1-4735-3523-7Simon KernickThe Bone Field
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2016978-1-4735-3536-7Michael Hjorth · Hans RosenfeldtThe Man Who Wasn't There
2017978-1-4735-3537-4Michael Hjorth · Hans RosenfeldtThe Silent Girl
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2016978-1-4735-3559-6Emma KavanaghThe Missing Hours
2017978-1-4735-3566-4Simon Sebag MontefioreNovel 3
  ''978-1-4735-3605-0Paul S. KempStar Wars 40
  ''978-1-4735-3607-4Chris MarnewickShepherds and Butchers
2016978-1-4735-3610-4Hollie OvertonBaby Doll
2016978-1-4735-3625-8James PattersonWoman of God
  ''978-1-4735-3643-2   ''Never Never
2018978-1-4735-3657-9Simon AkamThe Changing of the Guard: Soldiers at War in the Twenty-First Century
2016978-1-4735-3667-8Duncan AlexanderOptaJoe's Football Yearbook 2016: That thing you thought? Think the opposite.
  ''978-1-4735-3688-3Donna LeonThe Waters of Eternal Youth: Brunetti 25
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2016978-1-4735-3759-0Ben MezrichThe 37th Parallel: The Secret Truth Behind America's UFO Highway
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2018978-1-4735-3780-4James ClearAtomic Habits
2017978-1-4735-3785-9Matt WatkinsonThe Grid: The Decision-Making Tool for Every Business (Including Yours)
2016978-1-4735-3796-5Marcus Speller · Luke Moore · Pete Donaldson · Jim CampbellThe Football Ramble
2016978-1-4735-3799-6A. L. GaylinWhat Remains of Me
  ''978-1-4735-3972-3Graeme Garden · Tim Brooke-Taylor · Barry Cryer · Jon NaismithThe Complete Uxbridge English Dictionary: I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue
2018978-1-4735-4003-3Barney NorrisTurning for Home
2016978-1-4735-4044-6A. A. DhandStreets of Darkness
  ''978-1-4735-4047-7Sharon BoltonHere Be Dragons: A Short Story
  ''978-1-4735-4068-2James CrumleyBordersnakes
  ''978-1-4735-4069-9James CrumleyDancing Bear
2016978-1-4735-4070-5James CrumleyThe Final Country
2016978-1-4735-4071-2James CrumleyThe Mexican Tree Duck
  ''978-1-4735-4072-9   ''One To Count Cadence
  ''978-1-4735-4073-6   ''The Right Madness
  ''978-1-4735-4074-3   ''The Wrong Case
  ''978-1-4735-4075-0   ''The Last Good Kiss
2017978-1-4735-4084-2Marcia WillettThe Beach Hut
2017978-1-4735-4127-6Jack EwingFaster, Higher, Farther: The Inside Story of the Volkswagen Scandal
2016978-1-4735-4154-2Shari LapenaThe Couple Next Door
2098978-1-4735-4158-0Jim Al-KhaliliSunfall
2017978-1-4735-4160-3Melissa DahlThis is Awkward: Why Some People Are Comfortable In Any Situation - And Some Never Are
  ''978-1-4735-4166-5Richard DawkinsScience In The Soul: Selected Shorter Writings
  ''978-1-4735-4175-7John ManThe Amazons
2016978-1-4735-4195-5John NixonDebriefing the President: The Interrogation of Saddam Hussein
2017978-1-4735-4196-2Joseph KnoxSirens
  ''978-1-4735-4210-5Scott GallowayWinners and Losers
2016978-1-4735-4316-4Lissa EvansTheir Finest
2017978-1-4735-4376-8Sam KeanCaesar's Last Breath
2018978-1-4735-4400-0James McCaulUntitled
2017978-1-4735-4494-9Tim PeakeAsk an Astronaut
  ''978-1-4735-4511-3Laird HuntThe Evening Road
2017978-1-4735-4590-8Brian Van ReetSpoils
  ''978-1-4735-4594-6Catherine ChidgeyThe Wish Child
2016978-1-4735-4640-0Yashar KemalThe Undying Grass
  ''978-1-4735-4658-5Francis DuncanMurder has a Motive
  ''978-1-4735-4659-2Francis DuncanSo Pretty a Problem
2016978-1-4735-4660-8Francis DuncanIn at the Death
  ''978-1-4735-4661-5   ''Behold a Fair Woman
2017978-1-4735-4666-0Richard Lloyd ParryGhosts of the Tsunami
  ''978-1-4735-4678-3Marie-Elsa BraggTowards Mellbreak
  ''978-1-4735-4689-9Afua HirschBrit(ish): Getting under the skin of Britain's race problem
2018978-1-4735-4693-6Nicholas ShaxsonThe Finance Curse: How global finance is making us all poorer
  ''978-1-4735-4734-6Mary Lynn BrachtWhite Chrysanthemum
2017978-1-4735-4819-0Guy BrowningMy Life in Lists
2019978-1-4735-4829-9Caroline Criado-PerezThe Other Half: Why We Need to Close the Gender Data Gap
2018978-1-4735-4886-2Julian BarbourThe Janus Point
2017978-1-4735-4934-0Howard JacobsonPussy
2017978-1-4735-5030-8Jacqueline SheehanA Dog Like Lloyd
2019978-1-4735-5037-7Deborah BurrowsAmbulance Girls At War
2018978-1-4735-5184-8No Author DetailsVolume 1
  ''978-1-4735-5413-9Marisa BateThe Periodic Table of Feminism
  ''978-1-4735-5451-1Ben RhodesThe World As It Is: Inside the Obama White House
  ''978-1-4735-5564-8Mary PortasWork Like a Woman
  ''978-1-4735-5774-1Ma JianChina Dream
2019978-1-4735-5807-6Edward De BonoSur/petition: Going beyond competition
2019978-1-4735-5874-8Nico WalkerCherry
2018978-1-4735-5956-1Emmeline PankhurstMy Own Story (Vintage Feminism Short Edition) (Vintage Feminism Short Editions)
  ''978-1-4735-6027-7Career Girls: Cautionary Tales for the Working Woman
  ''978-1-4735-6192-2No Such Thing As A FishThe Book of the Year 2018
  ''978-1-4735-6224-0Spencer JohnsonOut of the Maze: A Story About the Power of Belief
2019978-1-4735-6601-9Pete Lindsay · Mark BawdenPig Wrestling: The Brilliantly Simple Way to Solve Any Problem... and Create the Change You Need

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