year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2013978-1-4733-0175-7Francis YounghusbandSouth Africa of To-Day
  ''978-1-4733-0275-4Richard Harding DavisWith Both Armies in South Africa
2015978-1-4733-0406-2William YouattOn the Economy and Management of the Dairy - A Guide to the Methods and Equipment of Livestock Farming
  ''978-1-4733-0522-9Flinders PetrieEgyptian Tales, Translated from the Papyri - First Series Ivth To Xiith Dynasty
  ''978-1-4733-0544-1M. R. JamesThe Tractate Middoth (Fantasy and Horror Classics)
2013978-1-4733-0670-7John BuchanThe History of the South African Forces in France
  ''978-1-4733-0729-2Lewis CarrollAlice's Adventures in Wonderland - Illustrated by Ada Bowley
2013978-1-4733-1009-4Beatrice Webb · Sidney WebbEnglish Prisons Under Local Government - With a Preface by Bernard Shaw
2014978-1-4733-1259-3Thomas BurkeBroken Blossoms - A Selection of Stories from Limehouse Nights
  ''978-1-4733-1281-4Lewis CarrollSongs from Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass - Music by Lucy E. Broadwood - Illustrated by Charles Folkard
2015978-1-4733-1663-8Jerome K. JeromeFanny and the Servant Problem
  ''978-1-4733-1696-6Jerome K. JeromeIdle Ideas in 1905
  ''978-1-4733-1748-2John BuchanThe African Colony
  ''978-1-4733-2470-1Charles A. GoodrichA New Family Encyclopedia; or, Compendium of Universal Knowledge: Comprehending a Plain and Practical View of Those Subjects Most Interesting to Persons, in the Ordinary Professions of Life
2015978-1-4733-2476-3Charles A. GoodrichA Geography of the Chief Places Mentioned in the Bible, and the Principal Events Connected with Them, Adapted to Parental, Sabbath-School and Bible-Class Instruction
  ''978-1-4733-2530-2Robert BarrA Ladies Man
  ''978-1-4733-2539-5Robert BarrIn a Steamer Chair and Other Stories
  ''978-1-4733-2542-5   ''Lord Stranleigh Abroad
  ''978-1-4733-2543-2   ''Mrs. Tremain
2015978-1-4733-2544-9Robert BarrOne Day's Courtship, and the Heralds of Fame
  ''978-1-4733-2788-7Hans Christian AndersenHans Andersen's Fairy Tales - Illustrated by A. Duncan Carse
2016978-1-4733-2853-2Charles Edgar FrittsThe Watch Adjuster's Manual - A Practical Guide for the Watch and Chronometer Adjuster in Making, Springing, Timing and Adjusting for Isochronism, Positions and Temperatures
  ''978-1-4733-2947-8Alfred Russel WallaceA Summary of the Proofs that Vaccination Does Not Prevent Small-pox but Really Increases It
  ''978-1-4733-2965-2Alfred Russel WallaceMonkeys
  ''978-1-4733-2988-1   ''To Members of Parliament and Others. Forty-five Years of Registration Statistics, Proving Vaccination to be Both Useless and Dangerous
2016978-1-4733-3028-3Roycroft ArtistsThe Roycroft Leather-Book - Being a Catalog of Beautiful Leathern Things made Roycroftie by Hand
  ''978-1-4733-3033-7Clara Hallard FawcettDolls - A Guide for Collectors
  ''978-1-4733-3046-7T. W. SandersGarden Foes - Part I - Flower Foes
  ''978-1-4733-3069-6C. SchwerdtHunting, Hawking, Shooting - Illustrated in a Catalogue of Books, Manuscripts, Prints and Drawings - Volume I
  ''978-1-4733-3070-2C. SchwerdtHunting, Hawking, Shooting - Illustrated in a Catalogue of Books, Manuscripts, Prints and Drawings - Volume II
2016978-1-4733-3078-8Marius DeshumbertDeshumbert's Dictionary of Difficulties met with in Reading, Writing, Translating and Speaking French
  ''978-1-4733-3081-8E. JervoiseThe Ancient Bridges of Mid and Eastern England
  ''978-1-4733-3084-9Edmund F. Du CaneThe Punishment and Prevention of Crime
  ''978-1-4733-3102-0Ann MacbethSchool and Fireside Crafts
  ''978-1-4733-3115-0C. SchwerdtHunting, Hawking, Shooting - Illustrated in a Catalogue of Books, Manuscripts, Prints and Drawings - Vol. III
2016978-1-4733-3116-7C. SchwerdtHunting, Hawking, Shooting - Illustrated in a Catalogue of Books, Manuscripts, Prints and Drawings - Vol. IV
  ''978-1-4733-3133-4Louisa F. PeselEnglish Embroidery - II - Cross-Stitch - A Handbook with Diagrams, Scale Drawings and Photographs taken from XVIIth Century English Samplers and from Modern Examples
  ''978-1-4733-3134-1   ''English Embroidery - I - Double-Running or Back-Stitch
  ''978-1-4733-3137-2Christine HolbrookFurniture Arrangement and Balance
  ''978-1-4733-3145-7J. P. WheeldonSporting Facts and Fancies
2016978-1-4733-3230-0E. H. CorsonThe Star-Rider's Manual - An Instruction Book on the Uses of the American Star Bicycle
2017978-1-4733-3608-7Biblicus DelvinusA Brief Treatise on Geology; Or Facts and Suggestions, and Inductions in that Science
  ''978-1-4733-3733-6E. BroughThe Bloodhound and its use in Tracking Criminals
  ''978-1-4733-3739-8William FloydHints on Dog Breaking
  ''978-1-4733-3740-4Henry SmithRetrievers and How to Break Them
  ''978-1-4733-3741-1Stewart SmithRetrievers - Their Breaking for Sport and Field Trials
2017978-1-4733-3742-8AnonDeanes' Manual of the History and Science of Fire-Arms
  ''978-1-4733-3744-2John RossThe Book of the Red Deer and Empire Big Game
  ''978-1-4733-3760-2Marion ChappellDogs and Their Masters with Illustrations in Colour
  ''978-1-4733-3761-9Evan G. MackenzieGuns and Game
  ''978-1-4733-3810-4J. M. LevinsonHome Book to Learn Expert Shoe Repairing
2017978-1-4733-3819-7A. AndrewShoes of All Kinds and Styles - Men's and Boys' Shoes
  ''978-1-4733-3827-2C. B. HatfieldDesigning, Cutting and Grading Boot and Shoe Patterns, and Complete Manual for the Stitching Room
  ''978-1-4733-3828-9Canadian Rubber Co.Royal Canadian Rubber Footwear - Illustrated Catalogue - Season 1906-07
  ''978-1-4733-3840-1Joseph A. SeissThe Assassinated President - Or The Day of National Mourning for Abraham Lincoln, At St. John's (Lutheran) Church, Philadelphia, June 1st, 1865.
  ''978-1-4733-3850-0Joseph A. SeissRecreation Songs

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