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2019978-1-4729-6910-1Basak Gardner · Christopher GardnerFlora of the Silk Road: An Illustrated Guide
2020978-1-4729-6918-7Andrew JenningsComprehension Ninja for Ages 5-6
  ''978-1-4729-6921-7Andrew JenningsComprehension Ninja for Ages 6-7
  ''978-1-4729-6923-1   ''Comprehension Ninja for Ages 7-8
  ''978-1-4729-6925-5   ''Comprehension Ninja for Ages 8-9
  ''978-1-4729-6926-2   ''Comprehension Ninja for Ages 9-10
2020978-1-4729-6929-3Andrew JenningsComprehension Ninja for Ages 10-11
2019978-1-4729-6939-2Stephen MossHighlands - Scotland's Wild Heart
  ''978-1-4729-6941-5Perrin Towler · Mark FishwickReeds PBO Small Craft Almanac 2020 (Reed's Almanac)
2020978-1-4729-6976-7Tom GarryMastery in Primary Mathematics: A Guide for Teachers and Leaders
  ''978-1-4729-6986-6Daniel GeeyDone Deal: An Insider's Guide to Football Contracts, Multi-Million Pound Transfers and Premier League Big Business
2019978-1-4729-7003-9Charles-Edouard BoueeThe Fall of the Human Empire: Memoirs of a Robot
  ''978-1-4729-7020-6Timothy Radcliffe OPAlive in God: A Christian Imagination
  ''978-1-4729-7026-8Christopher Gardner · Basak GardnerFlora of the Mediterranean: An Illustrated Guide
2019978-1-4729-7051-0Daniel Griffin · Albert van der MeerPress Start
  ''978-1-4729-7132-6Mary David OSB · St Cecilia's AbbeyThe Joy of God: Collected Writings
2020978-1-4729-7135-7Pragya AgarwalSway: Unravelling our Unconscious Bias
2019978-1-4729-7174-6James LowenRSPB Spotlight: Badgers
  ''978-1-4729-7187-6Kubi SpringerI Am My Brand
  ''978-1-4729-7191-3Sara McCorquodaleInfluence
  ''978-1-4729-7209-5Thomas Keating O.C.S.O.Open Mind, Open Heart 20th Anniversary Edition
2020978-1-4729-7285-9Lawrence BoothWisden Cricketers' Almanack 2020
2019978-1-4729-7303-0Ben Laker · Dave Cobb · Philip AylingToo Proud to Lead
2020978-1-4729-7307-8Rowan WilliamsThe Way of St Benedict
2020978-1-4729-7351-1Roger SeymourYachtmaster for Sail and Power: A Manual for the Rya Yachtmaster(r) Certificates of Competence
  ''978-1-4729-7371-9Steve WoodhallField Guide to Butterflies of South Africa: Second Edition
  ''978-1-4729-7372-6Jamie Victoria Barnes50 Fantastic Ideas for Forest School
  ''978-1-4729-7421-1Phil HewittOutrunning the Demons: Lives Transformed through Running
2019978-1-4729-7500-3Dictionary of Agriculture
2021978-1-4729-7512-6Henry ScowcroftCross Everything: A personal journey into the evolution of cancer
2019978-1-4729-7528-7Steve RichardsReeds Vol 15: Electronics, Navigational Aids and Radio Theory for Electrotechnical Officers (Reeds Marine Engineering and Technology Series)
  ''978-1-4729-7590-4Harvey MarcovitchBlack's Student Medical Dictionary
2020978-1-4729-7599-7John TusaOn Board: The Insider's Guide to Surviving Life in the Boardroom
2019978-1-4729-7612-3Rawdon WyattCheck Your English Vocabulary for Leisure, Travel and Tourism: All You Need to Improve Your Vocabulary
2019978-1-4729-7618-5Christopher BookerThe Seven Basic Plots: Why We Tell Stories
2020978-1-4729-7760-1Piet HoebekeMembers Club: A User's Guide to the Penis
  ''978-1-4729-7776-2Paul ChalonerThis Is Esports (and How to Spell It): 'redeye''s Inside Guide to the World of Pro Gaming
  ''978-1-4729-7860-8Mark PilkingtonRetail Therapy: Why The Retail Industry Is Broken - And What Can Be Done To Fix It
  ''978-1-4729-7866-0Adam Slipinski · Jiahui Li · Hong PangLadybird Beetles of the Australo-Pacific Region: Coleoptera: Coccinellidae: Coccinellini
  ''978-1-4729-7867-7Kendall CarterReeds Astro Navigation Tables 2021
2020978-1-4729-7934-6Manfred ZellerSport and Society in the Soviet Union: The Politics of Football after Stalin (Library of Modern Russia)
  ''978-1-4729-7959-9N/AWhitaker's 2021
2021978-1-4729-7985-8Tatiana ElleYoga for Women: 45 Poses for Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Wellbeing
2020978-1-4729-8015-1Perrin Towler · Mark FishwickReeds Channel Almanac 2021 (Reed's Almanac)
  ''978-1-4729-8017-5   ''Reeds Eastern Almanac 2021 (Reed's Almanac)
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