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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2012978-1-4598-0016-8Richard ScrimgerInk Me
  ''978-1-4598-0036-6Mark ZuehlkeAssault on Juno
  ''978-1-4598-0051-9Lois PetersonThe Paper House
  ''978-1-4598-0077-9Tom RyanWay to Go
  ''978-1-4598-0119-6Darlene RyanCuts Like a Knife
2012978-1-4598-0154-7Uncle Wally's Old Brown Shoe
2013978-1-4598-0176-9Richard WagameseHim Standing
  ''978-1-4598-0248-3Richard Van CampLittle You
2020978-1-4598-0262-9Lisa BowesLucy Tries Sports High-five Pack
2013978-1-4598-0406-7James HeneghanA Woman Scorned: A Sebastian Casey Mystery
  ''978-1-4598-0478-4Hazel HutchinsThe Great Bike Rescue
  ''978-1-4598-0487-6Melodie CampbellThe Goddaughter's Revenge: A Gina Gallo Mystery
2014978-1-4598-0546-0Sigmund BrouwerTin Soldier
2015978-1-4598-0730-3Sigmund BrouwerUnleashed
2016978-1-4598-0957-4Monique Gray SmithMy Heart Fills with Happiness
  ''978-1-4598-1053-2Melodie CampbellThe Goddaughter Caper
2016978-1-4598-1059-4John Lawrence ReynoldsA Murder for Max
2017978-1-4598-1413-4Melodie CampbellThe Bootlegger's Goddaughter: A Gina Gallo Mystery
2016978-1-4598-1490-5Margriet RuursStepping Stones: A Refugee Family's Journey
2017978-1-4598-1541-4Daphne GreerCamped Out
  ''978-1-4598-1559-9Melodie CampbellWorst Date Ever
  ''978-1-4598-1583-4Monique Gray SmithSpeaking Our Truth: A Journey of Reconciliation
2018978-1-4598-1644-2Mere JoyceShadow
  ''978-1-4598-1746-3Sheree FitchPocket Rocks
  ''978-1-4598-1798-2Sylvia TaekemaRunning Behind
2019978-1-4598-2091-3Jillian RobertsOn the Playground: Our First Talk About Prejudice
2020978-1-4598-2142-2Gail Anderson-DargatzRide Home, The
2020978-1-4598-2157-6Rowena RaeChemical World: Science in Our Daily Lives
2019978-1-4598-2205-4Heather Smith · Bruce KerriganUne idée pour Papi
  ''978-1-4598-2208-5Alison Hughes · Ninon PelletierSilence se glisse près de toi (Le)
2014978-1-4598-2233-7Thomas MauetTrial Techniques
2020978-1-4598-2433-1Sonya Spreen BatesOh Brother