Open Road Media Mystery & Thriller

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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2010978-1-4532-0004-9Josephine HartSin
  ''978-1-4532-0008-7Josephine HartDamage
  ''978-1-4532-0014-8Jack HigginsMidnight Never Comes (The Paul Chavasse Novels)
  ''978-1-4532-0019-3Jack HigginsTo Catch a King
  ''978-1-4532-0029-2   ''The Violent Enemy
2010978-1-4532-0034-6Jack HigginsBloody Passage
  ''978-1-4532-0039-1   ''The Last Place God Made
  ''978-1-4532-0049-0   ''A Prayer for the Dying (The Martin Fallon Novels)
  ''978-1-4532-0059-9   ''Luciano's Luck
2010978-1-4532-0064-3Jack HigginsExocet
2015978-1-4532-0468-9Albert EinsteinLetters on Wave Mechanics: Correspondence with H. A. Lorentz, Max Planck, and Erwin Schrödinger
2010978-1-4532-0478-8Jonathon KingMidnight Guardians (The Max Freeman Mysteries)
2015978-1-4532-0498-6Albert EinsteinThe World As I See It
2010978-1-4532-0986-8Jonathon KingThe Blue Edge of Midnight (The Max Freeman Mysteries)
  ''978-1-4532-0988-2   ''A Killing Night (The Max Freeman Mysteries)
  ''978-1-4532-0989-9   ''Shadow Men (The Max Freeman Mysteries)
2011978-1-4532-1042-0Alan Dean FosterPredators I Have Known
  ''978-1-4532-1849-5James JonesWhistle (The World War II Trilogy)
  ''978-1-4532-1850-1James JonesSome Came Running: The Definitive Edition
2011978-1-4532-1854-9Lawrence BlockThe Liar's Companion: A Field Guide for Fiction Writers
  ''978-1-4532-1855-6Lawrence BlockThe Liar's Bible: A Handbook for Fiction Writers
2012978-1-4532-2023-8Andrea J. BuchananGift
2011978-1-4532-3164-7Leon UrisTopaz
2012978-1-4532-3480-8Donald E. WestlakeJimmy the Kid (The Dortmunder Novels)
2011978-1-4532-3691-8Patricia C. WredeShadow Magic (The Lyra Novels)
  ''978-1-4532-3692-5Patricia C. WredeDaughter of Witches (The Lyra Novels)
  ''978-1-4532-3693-2   ''The Harp of Imach Thyssel (The Lyra Novels)
  ''978-1-4532-3694-9   ''Caught in Crystal (The Lyra Novels)
2011978-1-4532-3695-6Patricia C. WredeThe Raven Ring (The Lyra Novels)
  ''978-1-4532-3934-6Lawrence BlockAfterthoughts
2012978-1-4532-4670-2William HjortsbergFalling Angel: A Novel
  ''978-1-4532-5480-6Kirk DouglasI Am Spartacus!: Making a Film, Breaking the Blacklist
  ''978-1-4532-5813-2Mark SalzmanThe Man in the Empty Boat
  ''978-1-4532-5814-9Eileen GoudgeThe Replacement Wife
2011978-1-4532-5825-5Alan Dean FosterPredators I Have Known
2011978-1-4532-5828-6Patricia C. WredeDaughter of Witches (The Lyra Novels)
2011978-1-4532-5829-3Patricia C. WredeShadow Magic (The Lyra Novels)
2010978-1-4532-5833-0Jack HigginsA Prayer for the Dying (The Martin Fallon Novels)
2011978-1-4532-5836-1Harold EvansGood Times, Bad Times: The Explosive Inside Story of Rupert Murdoch
  ''978-1-4532-5839-2Leon UrisArmageddon: A Novel of Berlin
2012978-1-4532-7070-7Dan GutmanFunny Boy Meets the Dumbbell Dentist from Deimos (with Dangerous Dental Decay)
  ''978-1-4532-7097-4Robert GoldsboroughArchie Meets Nero Wolfe: A Prequel to Rex Stout's Nero Wolfe Mysteries (The Nero Wolfe Mysteries)
  ''978-1-4532-7109-4Noah GordonThe Winemaker
  ''978-1-4532-7110-0Noah GordonThe Physician (The Cole Trilogy)
2012978-1-4532-7113-1William HjortsbergFalling Angel: A Novel
  ''978-1-4532-7296-1Bernard EvslinGods, Demigods and Demons: An Encyclopedia of Greek Mythology
  ''978-1-4532-7413-2Bernard EvslinThe Trojan War
  ''978-1-4532-9527-4Dan GutmanFunny Boy Meets the Airsick Alien from Andromeda
  ''978-1-4532-9530-4   ''Funny Boy Takes on the Chit-Chatting Cheeses from Chattanooga
2012978-1-4532-9532-8Dan GutmanFunny Boy Versus the Bubble-Brained Barbers from the Big Bang
  ''978-1-4532-9787-2Timothy ZahnBlackcollar (The Blackcollar Series)
  ''978-1-4532-9788-9Timothy ZahnThe Backlash Mission (The Blackcollar Series)
  ''978-1-4532-9789-6   ''A Coming of Age
2013978-1-4532-9920-3Robin JarvisDark Waters of Hagwood (The Hagwood Trilogy)
  ''978-1-4532-9921-0Robin JarvisThorn Ogres of Hagwood (The Hagwood Trilogy)
2016978-1-4532-9922-7   ''War in Hagwood (The Hagwood Trilogy)