year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
978-1-4481-0012-5The Creeper
978-1-4481-0119-1Brotherband: The Outcasts: Book One
2016978-1-4481-0680-6Nancy FridayMen In Love
978-1-4481-0697-4The Lasko Tangent
978-1-4481-0771-1The Chieftains: The Authorised Biography
2011978-1-4481-0883-1Georgette HeyerFriday's Child
978-1-4481-1023-0Good Omens
2011978-1-4481-1139-8Gayle KasperTender, Loving Cure (Loveswept)
  ''978-1-4481-1508-2Carmen ReidThe Jewels of Manhattan
2009978-1-4481-1519-8Misha GlennyMcMafia
2011978-1-4481-1523-5Clarissa Dickson WrightA History of English Food
2010978-1-4481-1533-4Liza MarklandRed Wolf
2011978-1-4481-1545-7John BoyneGrippen
2009978-1-4481-1579-2Dennis O'DonnellThe Locked Ward
2012978-1-4481-1587-7Jo CarnegieHorse Play
2010978-1-4481-1591-4Kimberley Chambers · Read by Annie AldingtonThe Traitor
2007978-1-4481-1599-0Jon Roberts · Evan WrightAmerican Desperado
2011978-1-4481-1772-7Sydney CroftUnleashing the Storm, A Rouge Paranormal Romance
978-1-4481-1815-1A Nurse and Mother
978-1-4481-1910-3The Animals Of Farthing Wood: The Story Continues....
2012978-1-4481-2244-8Grace McCleenThe Land of Decoration
  ''978-1-4481-2248-6Tarquin HallThe Case of the Deadly Butter Chicken
2008978-1-4481-2260-8Sadie JonesThe Uninvited Guests
2012978-1-4481-2268-4Giles KristianThe Bleeding Land
  ''978-1-4481-2272-1Anne TylerThe Beginner's Goodbye
  ''978-1-4481-2292-9Irvine Welsh · Narrator Tam Dean BurnSkagboys
2012978-1-4481-2307-0Always By My Side
  ''978-1-4481-2313-1Rachel JoyceThe Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry (Unabridged)
  ''978-1-4481-2321-6Nick HarkawayAngelmaker
2008978-1-4481-2345-2Broken (Complete and Unabridged) - read by David Rintoul
2012978-1-4481-2349-0Science of Discworld
  ''978-1-4481-2353-7Pauline QuirkeWhere Have I Gone?
  ''978-1-4481-2374-2John IrvingIn One Person
2009978-1-4481-2408-4Carmen Reid · read by Kate HarbourHow Not to Shop - Complete and unabridged; playing time 9 hours 55 mins
2012978-1-4481-2412-1Terry LeahyManagement in 10 Words by Terry Leahy Audiobook complete & Unabridged read by Rupert Holliday Evans 8 CD's
2010978-1-4481-2432-9Joseph DelaneyThe Sppoks Nightmare Book 7 Wardstone Chronicles - 6 CD AUDIOBOOK UNABRIDGED
2012978-1-4481-2440-4Ben KaneSpartacus Rebellion, [Audio CD]
  ''978-1-4481-2443-5Ben KaneSpartacus
  ''978-1-4481-2472-5CD Im Not Really Here
  ''978-1-4481-2480-0Carmen ReidShopping with the Enemy
2011978-1-4481-2518-0Lehane DennisGone Down to Corpus Mustorycuts
  ''978-1-4481-2519-7Lehane DennisRunning Out of Dog Storycuts
2011978-1-4481-2520-3Lehane DennisCoronado a Play in Twstorycuts
  ''978-1-4481-2521-0   ''Icu Storycuts
  ''978-1-4481-2522-7   ''Until Gwen Storycuts
  ''978-1-4481-2528-9Atkinson KatePleasureland the Catshort Story
  ''978-1-4481-2529-6Atkinson KateCharlene and Trudi Goshort Story
2011978-1-4481-2530-2Atkinson KateDissonance Shortcutshort Story
  ''978-1-4481-2531-9   ''Evil Doppelgängers Short Story
  ''978-1-4481-2532-6   ''Sheer Big Waste of Loveshort St
2011978-1-4481-2533-3Atkinson KateTemporal Anomaly Storycuts
  ''978-1-4481-2534-0   ''Bodies Vest Storycuts
  ''978-1-4481-2535-7   ''Transparent Fiction Storycuts
  ''978-1-4481-2536-4   ''Tunnel of Fish Storycuts
  ''978-1-4481-2537-1   ''Unseen Translation Storycuts
2011978-1-4481-2538-8Atkinson KateWedding Favours Storycuts
  ''978-1-4481-2539-5Frederick ForsythThe Art of the Matter (Storycuts)
  ''978-1-4481-2542-5Frederick ForsythThe Veteran (Storycuts)
2011978-1-4481-2543-2Frederick ForsythWhispering Wind (Storycuts)
  ''978-1-4481-2595-1Daisy JordanWild about Harry
2012978-1-4481-2598-2Jane Maas[Mad Women: The Other Side of Life on Madison Avenue in the '60s and Beyond] [by: Jane Maas]
2016978-1-4481-2605-7Leif G. W. PerssonThe Dying Detective
2017978-1-4481-2767-2Alison JamesonThis Family of Things
2011978-1-4481-2854-9Enright AnneUntil the Girl Died Short Story
  ''978-1-4481-2855-6Enright AnneCaravan Natalie Short Story
  ''978-1-4481-2856-3   ''Here S to Love Honeyshort Story
  ''978-1-4481-2857-0   ''Della the Bad Sex Short Story
2011978-1-4481-2858-7Enright AnneGreen in the Bed Short Story
  ''978-1-4481-2859-4   ''Little Sister Pale Short Story
  ''978-1-4481-2860-0   ''Men and Angels Short Story
2011978-1-4481-2864-8Enright AnneShe Ownsevery Short Story
  ''978-1-4481-2867-9   ''Historical Letters Short Story
  ''978-1-4481-2868-6   ''Felix Mr Snip Snip Short Story
  ''978-1-4481-2900-3Mcewan IanIn Between the Short Story
  ''978-1-4481-2910-2Mcewan IanDead As They Come Short Story
2011978-1-4481-2911-9Mcewan IanPornography Story Short Story
  ''978-1-4481-2912-6   ''Psychopolis Short Story
  ''978-1-4481-2913-3   ''Reflections of a Short Story
2011978-1-4481-2914-0Mcewan IanTwo Fragments Short Story
  ''978-1-4481-2920-1Amis MartinDenton S Death Short Story
  ''978-1-4481-2921-8Amis MartinHeavy Water Let Me Short Story
  ''978-1-4481-2922-5   ''Career Move Short Story
  ''978-1-4481-2923-2   ''State of England Short Story
2011978-1-4481-2924-9Amis MartinStraight Fiction Short Story
  ''978-1-4481-2925-6   ''The Coincidence of Short Story
  ''978-1-4481-2926-3   ''The Janitor on Mars Short Story
  ''978-1-4481-2936-2Harvey JohnFavour Storycuts Short Story
  ''978-1-4481-2942-3Matthew PearlThe Dante Club
2011978-1-4481-2945-4Gerard WoodwardIsland to Island
  ''978-1-4481-2946-1D. J. TaylorThackeray
  ''978-1-4481-2948-5Matthew BaylisStranger Than Fulham
  ''978-1-4481-2949-2Giulio LeoniThe Third Heaven Conspiracy
  ''978-1-4481-2950-8John SugdenSir Francis Drake
2011978-1-4481-2951-5Jose SaramagoThe Gospel According to Jesus Christ
2017978-1-4481-2978-2Robert M. SapolskyBehave: The Biology of Humans at Our Best and Worst
978-1-4481-3016-0The Locked Ward: Memoirs of a Psychiatric Orderly
978-1-4481-3029-0A Lucid Dreamer: The Life of Peter Redgrove
978-1-4481-3274-4Colin LarkinThe Virgin Encyclopedia of The Blues
978-1-4481-3282-9Stella Artois Le Demi Half Pint Glass CE 10oz / 285ml (Set of 4) + 4 Stella Beer Mats
2011978-1-4481-3422-9Haddam JaneActs of Corporal Ch Short Story
  ''978-1-4481-3423-6Slaughter KarinRootbound Cornelius Short Story
  ''978-1-4481-3424-3Slaughter KarinEastlake School Ink Short Story
2011978-1-4481-3425-0Slaughter KarinNot Quite U Short Story
  ''978-1-4481-3426-7   ''Plan B Storycuts Short Story
  ''978-1-4481-3427-4   ''Stroke of Luck Short Story
  ''978-1-4481-3428-1   ''Blessing of Broken Short Story
  ''978-1-4481-3429-8   ''Goblin Short Story
2011978-1-4481-3430-4Slaughter KarinSnake Eater By Short Story
2011978-1-4481-3431-1Slaughter KarinThe Things We Did Short Story
  ''978-1-4481-3432-8   ''Two Deaths and Short Story
  ''978-1-4481-3433-5   ''Vanitas Storycuts Short Story
  ''978-1-4481-3434-2   ''XX Storycuts Short Story
  ''978-1-4481-3440-3Richard AsplinT-Shirt and Genes
2011978-1-4481-3441-0Matt MarshallThe Bank
  ''978-1-4481-3442-7James EllroyBlood on the Moon
2016978-1-4481-3672-8Simon KernickThe Witness
2018978-1-4481-3691-9Steve RoudThe Village
2017978-1-4481-3699-5Katie FfordeA Secret Garden
2015978-1-4481-3763-3Edmund De WaalThe White Road: A Pilgrimage of Sorts
978-1-4481-4012-1Mary Berry's Ultimate Cake Book (Second Edition)
978-1-4481-4151-7In Search of the Dark Ages
2097978-1-4481-4199-9Matt MasterTop Gear Quiz Book
  ''978-1-4481-4231-6Justin RichardsDoctor Who: the Secret Lives of Monsters
2016978-1-4481-4768-7Debbie BlissTips for Knitters
978-1-4481-4945-2Aspirem Benzoyl Peroxide (White)
2097978-1-4481-5249-0Terry WaltonThe Allotment Almanac
2016978-1-4481-5409-8Mari JungstedtThe Fourth Victim: Anders Knutas series 9
2017978-1-4481-5424-1Kathy LetteUntitled
2012978-1-4481-5901-7James PattersonNever More
  ''978-1-4481-5905-5James PattersonConfessions of a Murder Suspect
  ''978-1-4481-5909-3James Patterson · Chris GrabensteinDaniel X Armagedon
2012978-1-4481-5949-9Stephen ClarkeThe Merde Factor
  ''978-1-4481-5961-1Richard RussoOn Helwig Street
2011978-1-4481-5969-7Shaun HutsonTwins Of Evil
2006978-1-4481-5981-9S.J. BoltonLike This, For Ever
2013978-1-4481-6001-3Katie Price · Read by Kate KirkHe's the One
  ''978-1-4481-6017-4Rachel JoycePerfect
2011978-1-4481-6034-1Douglas JacksonHero of Rome
2013978-1-4481-6038-9Rupert ShorttChristianophobia: A Faith Under Attack
  ''978-1-4481-6042-6Oliver JamesHow Not to F*** Them Up
  ''978-1-4481-6046-4Paul J. ZakThe Moral Molecule: the new science of what makes us good or evil
2012978-1-4481-6050-1Chris Turney1912: The Year the World Discovered Antarctica
2012978-1-4481-6074-7Nick Robinson · Simon ShepherdLive from Downing Street Unabridged Audio CD
  ''978-1-4481-6080-8Tyler Hamilton · Daniel CoyleThe Secret Race: Inside the Hidden World of the Tour de France: Doping, Cover-ups, and Winning at All Costs
  ''978-1-4481-6085-3Ross KempRaiders
978-1-4481-6087-7Trainspotting -- Preloaded Digital Audio Player (Playaway Adult Fiction) [Audio Book]
2010978-1-4481-6092-1CD Jasper Jones
2016978-1-4481-6173-7Erik Axl SundThe Crow Girl
2017978-1-4481-6227-7Adam ThorpeMissing Fay
2016978-1-4481-6422-6C. C. HumphreysFire
2017978-1-4481-6518-6Douglas Kennedyuntitled 2
  ''978-1-4481-6703-6James HollandThe War in the West: A New History: Volume 2: The Allies Fight Back 1941-43
2018978-1-4481-6904-7Manda ScottAccidental Gods
2017978-1-4481-6978-8Andrew HughesThe Coroner's Daughter
  ''978-1-4481-7002-9Rachel JoyceThe Music Shop
2017978-1-4481-7011-1James BeckerThe Templar Heresy (Knights Templar)
2098978-1-4481-7202-3Helen SkeltonUntitled Young Fiction Book 2
2014978-1-4481-7553-6Guy AdamsThe Rain-Soaked Bride
  ''978-1-4481-7695-3Debbie JohnsonThe Pool of Life
2013978-1-4481-7704-2Justin RichardsThe Suicide Exhibition: The Never War
2014978-1-4481-7705-9   ''Blood Red City
  ''978-1-4481-7756-1David WingroveThe Empire of Time: Roads to Moscow: Book One
2017978-1-4481-7758-5David WingroveThe Master of Time: Roads to Moscow: Book Three
2011978-1-4481-7829-2Steven (Read by Ralph Lister) EriksonGardens of the Moon - Audio (22 CDs) Complete & Unabridged
2013978-1-4481-7851-3Liesel SchwarzA Conspiracy of Alchemists: The Chronicles of Light and Shadow
  ''978-1-4481-7855-1Victoria LambHis Dark Lady
  ''978-1-4481-7859-9Shaun Hutson · Read by Sean BarrettThe Revenge of Frankenstein
2013978-1-4481-7882-7Jennie RooneyRed Joan
  ''978-1-4481-7886-5Ahmed ErrachidiThe General
  ''978-1-4481-7901-5Andrew Rosenheim · John ChancerThe Informant
  ''978-1-4481-7941-1Patricia Furness-SmithFlying with Confidence: A Guided Relaxation
  ''978-1-4481-7951-0HUGH HOWEYSHIFT
2013978-1-4481-7955-8Stella Gemmell · Read by Simon ShepherdCD The City
  ''978-1-4481-7978-7NoViolet BulawayoWe Need New Names
  ''978-1-4481-7982-4Kathleen GrissomThe Kitchen House
2014978-1-4481-7990-9CD Spooks I Am Grimalkin
2017978-1-4481-8117-9Zachary MasonVoid Star
  ''978-1-4481-8158-2Elif BatumanThe Idiot
2016978-1-4481-8433-0Laura McHughArrowood
2017978-1-4481-8500-9Kathy ReichsTwo Nights
2016978-1-4481-8565-8Annie HauxwellHouse of Bones (Catherine Berlin)
  ''978-1-4481-8574-0Tony ParsonsThe Hanging Club (DC Max Wolfe)
2017978-1-4481-8594-8Daniel CoyleCulture Power: The Hidden Language of Successful Groups
2013978-1-4481-8607-5Debbie MacomberStarting Now
2012978-1-4481-8647-1E.J. SwiftOsiris: The Osiris Project (Osiris Project 1)
2016978-1-4481-8841-3D.J. BrazierAlone
  ''978-1-4481-8845-1Julia GrayThe Otherlife
  ''978-1-4481-9170-3Simon PasternakDeath Zones
978-1-4481-9249-6A Walk in the Park: The Life and Times of a People's Institution
2017978-1-4481-9255-7Emily RuskovichIdaho
2016978-1-4481-9442-1Jordan StratfordThe Case of the Girl in Grey: The Wollstonecraft Detective Agency
2017978-1-4481-9579-4Jennifer BellThe Smoking Hourglass (THE UNCOMMONERS)
2016978-1-4481-9605-0Jonathan StroudLockwood & Co: The Creeping Shadow
  ''978-1-4481-9705-7Andy McNabStreet Soldier
  ''978-1-4481-9780-4Andy McNabStreet Soldier: Episode 1
2016978-1-4481-9781-1Andy McNabStreet Soldier: Episode 2
2016978-1-4481-9782-8Andy McNabStreet Soldier: Episode 3
  ''978-1-4481-9784-2   ''Street Soldier: Episode 4
  ''978-1-4481-9785-9   ''Street Soldier: Episode 5
  ''978-1-4481-9786-6   ''Street Soldier: Episode 6
2017978-1-4481-9798-9Ian BeckThe Carmody Casebooks (The Casebooks of Captain Holloway)
2018978-1-4481-9809-2Jacqueline WilsonMy Mum Tracy Beaker

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