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  ''978-1-4465-0422-2Horace LindrumBilliards and Snooker for Amateurs
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  ''978-1-4465-2452-7   ''A Guide for the Complete After Dinner Entertainer - Magic Tricks to Stun and Amaze Using Cards, Dice, Billiard Balls, Psychic Tricks, Coins, and Cigarettes
2010978-1-4465-2455-8   ''Become Your Own Balancing Act - Learn to Balance Everything from Brooms to Chairs on Your Chin
2015978-1-4465-2456-5AnonSimple But Mystifying Magic Tricks with Cards, Matches, Money and Glasses
  ''978-1-4465-2458-9   ''A Series of Stage Illusions Perfect for Amateurs - Magic Tricks for Those Ready to Step on Stage
  ''978-1-4465-2459-6   ''Let's Put on a Magic Show - A Book for Children Wanting to Learn Magic
  ''978-1-4465-2462-6   ''Everyday Magic - Magic Tricks to Shock Using what is in Your Pocket - Coins, Notes, Handkerchiefs, Cigarettes
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2015978-1-4465-2473-2AnonSlick Card Tricks - An Introduction and Lessons in Sleight of Hand
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  ''978-1-4465-3888-3José Fernández GinerFilipinas - Notas de viaje y de estancia
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2017978-1-4465-4207-1Arthur WakelingThe Photographic Guide to Model Plane, Train and Boat Making
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