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2010978-1-4460-0278-0John Gray McKendrickAnimal Physiology
  ''978-1-4460-0479-1Michael FosterPhysiology
  ''978-1-4460-0620-7Henry De WormsEngland's Policy In The East
  ''978-1-4460-1439-4William Edward DicksonPractical Organ-Building
  ''978-1-4460-1586-5MacMalcolm And Clara - A Tale Of The Scottish Highlands, And Other Poems
2015978-1-4460-2126-2Thomas Little HeathApollonius of Perga - Treatise on Conic Sections
2010978-1-4460-2531-4Robert Shelton MackenzieSir Walter Scott
2010978-1-4460-3736-2Russell Thacher TrallThe Hydropathic Encyclopedia A System Of Hydropathy And Hygiene, In Eight Parts
  ''978-1-4460-4383-7Andrew Jackson HoweManual Of Eye Surgery
2017978-1-4460-5153-5Leila C. DorionHistory of Bowling and Billiards
2011978-1-4460-5440-6Lydia Howard SigourneyPleasant Memories Of Pleasant Lands
  ''978-1-4460-5442-0R. DonaldWonders Of Architecture
  ''978-1-4460-5443-7Edward Hepple HallLands Of Plenty - British North America For Health, Sport, And Profit. A Book For All Travellers And Settlers
  ''978-1-4460-5444-4William SwintonLanguage Lessons - An Introductory Grammar And Composition For Intermediate And Grammar Grades
2011978-1-4460-5445-1Robert Murdoch SmithPersian Art
  ''978-1-4460-5447-5Harlan Ingersoll SmithAnthropological Papers Of The American Museum Of Natural History
  ''978-1-4460-5799-5Arthur William DunnCommunity Civics And Rural Life
  ''978-1-4460-5936-4William Cornwallis CartwrightThe Jesuits - Their Constitution And Teaching. An Historical Sketch
  ''978-1-4460-6126-8Alexander Allan CarrA History Of Coldingham Priory; Containing A Survey Of The Civil And Ecclesiastical History Of The Eastern Portion Of Berwickshire, Anciently Termed Coldinghamshire
2011978-1-4460-6206-7Arthur Conan DoyleThe Hound of the Baskervilles
  ''978-1-4460-6207-4Caspar W. WhitneyA Sporting Pilgrimage - Riding To Hounds, Golf, Rowing, Football, Club And University Athletics. Studies In English Sport, Past And Present
  ''978-1-4460-6645-4Floyd DellWomen As World Builders; Studies In Modern Feminism
  ''978-1-4460-7295-0Godfrey Charles MundyPen And Pencil Sketches. Being The Journal Of A Tour In India - Vol. 1
  ''978-1-4460-8036-8Francis ThompsonShelley - An Essay
2011978-1-4460-8345-1Graham Montgomery AinslieHand Grenades; A Handbook On Rifle And Hand Grenades
2017978-1-4460-8371-0Esther SingletonFurniture

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