ISBN 978-1-4458-0155-1 to 978-1-4458-2538-0 > ISBN 978-1-4458-2540-3 to 978-1-4458-3616-4 >> ISBN 978-1-4458-9301-3 to end of this ISBN range

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
978-1-4458-0155-1Birds, Beasts and Relatives
2010978-1-4458-0158-2Vita Sackville WestAll Passion Spent (Complete and Unabridged) Audiobook
2011978-1-4458-0176-6Susan HillThe Beacon
2007978-1-4458-0182-7LINDA GREENI DID A BAD THING
2011978-1-4458-0197-1IRA LEVIN.Rosemary's Baby
  ''978-1-4458-0198-8Jay PariniThe Last Station
2012978-1-4458-0203-9Simon BrettA Series of Murders (Unabridged)
978-1-4458-0209-1So Much Blood
2012978-1-4458-0214-5K. M. PeytonGoing Home
2011978-1-4458-0215-2P. G. WodehousePsmith Journalist
  ''978-1-4458-0217-6read by Jonathan Cecil P. G. WodehousePSmith in the City: by P. G. Wodehouse (Unabridged Audiobook 6CDs)
  ''978-1-4458-0218-3Aunts Aren't Gentlemen: by P.G. Wodehouse (Unabridged Audiobook 4CDs)
2012978-1-4458-0247-3Clare in the Community series 6: by Harry Venning & David Ramsden (Unabridged Audiobook 3 CDs)
2010978-1-4458-0525-2Maeve BinchyMinding Frankie
2009978-1-4458-0589-4John FarndonDo You Think You're Clever? The Oxbridge Questions by John Farndon Audio CD
2011978-1-4458-0614-3Jonathan CoeTHE hOUSE OF sLEEP / UNABRIDGED ON cds
2010978-1-4458-0618-1Reflex: by Dick Francis (Unabridged Audiobook 8CD's)
2011978-1-4458-0625-9Wendy HoldenGallery Girl
978-1-4458-0633-4the last of the last claude choules audio cd
2010978-1-4458-0695-2Rebecca HuntMr Chartwell - 6 CD set - Complete & Unabridged.
2012978-1-4458-0703-4C. S. ForesterHornblower and the Hotspur by C. S. Forester Unabridged CD Audiobook
  ''978-1-4458-0704-1C. S. ForesterHornblower and the Atropos Unabridged CD Audiobook
2011978-1-4458-0705-8Lieutenant Hornblower [Chivers Audio CDS]
2012978-1-4458-0718-8Ruth Rendell · Read by Nigel AnthonyBlood Lines: Long and Short Stories (Unabridged)
2013978-1-4458-0725-6Mary WesleyAn imaginative Experience
2011978-1-4458-0730-0Monique Roffey · Adjoa AndohThe White Woman on the Green Bicycle (Unabridged) [Audio CD]
2012978-1-4458-0746-1Going Wrong
978-1-4458-0747-8The Tree of Hands
2012978-1-4458-0753-9Ruth RendallTo Fear A Painted Devil
2010978-1-4458-0760-7Charles DickensOur Mutual Friend (Unabridged)
2011978-1-4458-0763-8A Question of Guilt
2013978-1-4458-0768-3Frances FyfieldA Clear Conscience
978-1-4458-0774-4Julian BarnesFlaubert's Parrot
2010978-1-4458-0933-5Susan HillThe Small Hand: A Ghost Story
2013978-1-4458-0947-2The Letter of Marque: by Patrick O'Brian (Unabridged Audiobook 10CDs)
2013978-1-4458-0951-9Patrick O'BrianThe Commodore
2012978-1-4458-0967-0Emma BlairFlower of Scotland
2011978-1-4458-0974-8Isla Dewar · Narrated by Vivien HeilbronThe Woman Who Painted Her Dreams
2010978-1-4458-0982-3Max HastingsDid you really shoot the television audio cd
2012978-1-4458-0983-0Diana PrestonA First Rate Tragedy
  ''978-1-4458-0996-0Murder Must Advertise: by Dorothy L. Sayers (Unabridged Audiobook 10CDs)
2011978-1-4458-1001-0Susan HillA Kind Man
2012978-1-4458-1002-7Cabal: An Aurelio Zen Mystery
2013978-1-4458-1005-8Geoffrey Archer · Bill WallisSkydancer: Complete & Unabridged [Audiobook] [Audio CD]
2011978-1-4458-1013-3P R ReidThe Latter Days at Colditz
2012978-1-4458-1015-7Graham Green · Read by Richard MorantA Burnt-out Case
2011978-1-4458-1016-4read by Tim Pigott-Smith Graham GreeneTravels With My Aunt: by Graham Greene (Unabridged Audiobook 8CDs)
2012978-1-4458-1025-6Graham SwiftEver After by Graham Swift Complete & Unabridged 8 Audiobook CD's - Read by Michael Maloney 8 Hours 40 Minutes Listening time
2011978-1-4458-1026-3John Braine · Read by Paul McGannRoom at the Top
  ''978-1-4458-1130-7Call for the Dead: by John le Carre (Unabridged Audiobook 4CDs)
  ''978-1-4458-1132-1A Small Town in Germany: by John Le Carre (Unabridged Audiobook 12CDs)
2012978-1-4458-1163-5Lynn ShepherdMurder At Mansfield Park
2011978-1-4458-1169-7Bonecrack: by Dick Francis (Unabridged Audiobook 6CDs)
  ''978-1-4458-1170-3Dick Francis · read by Tony BrittonEnquiry: By Dick Francis (Unabridged Audiobook 6cds)
2011978-1-4458-1172-7Rat Race: by Dick Francis (Unabridged Audiobook 6CDs)
2012978-1-4458-1174-1read by Tony Britton Dick FrancisThe Sport of Queens: by Dick Francis (Unabridged Audiobook 6CDs)
2011978-1-4458-1175-8Dick Francis · read by Tony BrittonTrial Run: by Dick Francis (Unabridged Audiobook 6CDs)
2012978-1-4458-1176-5Slay-Ride: by Dick Francis (Unabridged Audiobook 6CDs)
978-1-4458-1177-2Dick FrancisNERVE
2011978-1-4458-1178-9For Kicks: by Dick Francis (Unabridged Audio Book 8CDs)
2012978-1-4458-1179-6Dick Francis · read by Tony BrittonThe Danger: by Dick Francis (Unabridged Audiobook 8CDs)
2011978-1-4458-1180-2Forfeit: by Dick Francis (Unabridged Audio Book 6CDs)
2012978-1-4458-1181-9Longshot: by Dick Francis (Unabridged Audiobook 10CD'S)
2010978-1-4458-1185-7Scott Murray & Simon FarnabyThe Phantom of the Open Scott Murray & Simon Farnaby Maurice Flitcroft the World's Worst Golfer Audio CD
2011978-1-4458-1188-8Alexander KentIn the King's Name
2012978-1-4458-1223-6Dirk \bogardeSnakes & Ladders
  ''978-1-4458-1225-0DIRK BOGARDECleared for Take-Off
  ''978-1-4458-1226-7   ''Great Meadow
2008978-1-4458-1439-1Chris EwanThe Good Thief's Guide to Paris by Chris Ewan Audio CD
2012978-1-4458-1447-6Martin GilbertChurchill: A Life - Part One (1874-1918): by Martin Gilbert (Unabridged Audiobook 10CDs)
  ''978-1-4458-1448-3Martin GilbertChurchill: A Life - Part Two (1918-1965): by Martin Gilbert (Unabridged Audiobook 12CDs)
  ''978-1-4458-1449-0Doreen HawkinsDrury Lane to Dimapur
2011978-1-4458-1451-3Jane ShillingThe Stranger In The Mirror - Audio Book
2012978-1-4458-1471-1Where There's a Will: by John Mortimer (Unabridged Audiobook 6CDs)
2011978-1-4458-1479-7Matt ReesMozart`s Last Aria AUDIO CD
2012978-1-4458-1501-5Our Game: by John Le Carre (Unabridged Audiobook 10CDs)
2012978-1-4458-1502-2The Tailor of Panama: by John Le Carre (Unabridged Audiobook 12 CDs)
  ''978-1-4458-1503-9The Secret Pilgrim: by John Le Carre (Unabridged Audiobook 12CDs)
  ''978-1-4458-1532-9Conn IgguldenQUANTUM OF TWEED
  ''978-1-4458-1533-6Chris RyanKilling for the Company
2013978-1-4458-1534-3Chris RyanKilling for the Company
2011978-1-4458-1905-1VariousThe Nation's Favourite Children's Poems
2011978-1-4458-1913-6Gwyneth ReesThe Magic Princess Dress
2012978-1-4458-1916-7Terence BlackerThe Secret Life of Ms Wiz
2011978-1-4458-1923-5Dick King-Smith · Nigel LambertLady Daisy
  ''978-1-4458-1926-6Judy Brown · Glen McReadySuper Soccer Boy and the Exploding Footballs
  ''978-1-4458-1935-8KAYE UMANSKY · Prunella ScalesPONGWIFFY and the holiday of doom
  ''978-1-4458-1943-3Jenny Nimmo · Read by Bill WallisCharlie Bone and the Hidden King
2008978-1-4458-1955-6Salamander DrakeRiding The Storm Dragonslade
2009978-1-4458-1960-0The SHAPESHIFTER Going to Ground..Ali Sparkes. Read by GLEN McCREADY. Complete & Unabridge Audio CDs (6 CDs)
2012978-1-4458-1995-2Elisabeth BeresfordThe Wombles Go Round the World
2012978-1-4458-1996-9Elisabeth Beresford: Elisabeth Beresford:The Wombles to the Rescue
2011978-1-4458-1997-6Derek LandySkulduggery Pleasant (Skulduggery Pleasant, Book 1)
  ''978-1-4458-1998-3Laurie Halse AndersonChains
  ''978-1-4458-1999-0Laurie Halse AndersonForge
  ''978-1-4458-2000-2David WalliamsBillionaire Boy
  ''978-1-4458-2001-9Malorie BlackmanBoys Don't Cry
2011978-1-4458-2002-6Louis Sachar: Louis Sachar:Holes
  ''978-1-4458-2003-3John GreenPaper Towns
  ''978-1-4458-2004-0Andrew Cope: Andrew Cope:Spy Pups: Danger Island
  ''978-1-4458-2005-7Rick RiordanThe Throne of Fire (Windsor) (The Kane Chronicles)
  ''978-1-4458-2006-4Louise Rennison: Louise Rennison:Withering Tights
2011978-1-4458-2007-1Derek KeiltyWill Gallows and the Snake Bellied Troll
  ''978-1-4458-2008-8Gwyneth ReesThe Twinkling Tutu
  ''978-1-4458-2009-5Jacqueline WilsonSapphire Battersea
2013978-1-4458-2047-7Too Cool for School, Hammy the Wonder H
2011978-1-4458-2057-6C.J. SkusePretty Bad Things
  ''978-1-4458-2066-8Michelle MagorianA Little Love Song
2012978-1-4458-2084-2Kate O'HearnPegasus and the Flame
  ''978-1-4458-2141-2Lee GoldbergMr Monk on the Couch
2012978-1-4458-2142-9Lee GoldbergMr Monk on the Couch
  ''978-1-4458-2143-6Debbie Macomber1225 Christmas Tree Lane
  ''978-1-4458-2144-3Debbie Macomber1225 Christmas Tree Lane
  ''978-1-4458-2147-4Robyn CarrBring Me Home for Christmas
  ''978-1-4458-2148-1Robyn CarrBring Me Home for Christmas
2012978-1-4458-2149-8Susan MalleryOnly His
  ''978-1-4458-2150-4Susan MalleryOnly His
2011978-1-4458-2204-4Sue MongredienKitten Club: Ginger's New Home & Smokey's Great Escape (Unabridged)
2012978-1-4458-2222-8Margaret MahyNonstop Nonsense Read By Tony Robinson
  ''978-1-4458-2237-2Claire O'BrienCordelia Codd Not Just the Blues
2011978-1-4458-2240-2Read by Katherine Fenton Kate O'HearnPegasus and the Fight for Olympus
  ''978-1-4458-2270-9Kate Harbour Jenny AlexanderHow to Get What you Want By Peony Pinker
2012978-1-4458-2271-6Agatha Raisin: Kissing Christmas Goodbye: by M.C. Beaton (Unabridged Audio Book 6CDs)
  ''978-1-4458-2272-3Anne FineThe Devil Walks
  ''978-1-4458-2343-0F. Scott FitzgeraldThe Great Gatsby
2013978-1-4458-2344-7F. Scott FitzgeraldThe Great Gatsby
2012978-1-4458-2351-5Sabrina JeffriesHow to Woo a Reluctant Lady
2013978-1-4458-2352-2Sabrina JeffriesHow to Woo a Reluctant Lady
2012978-1-4458-2353-9   ''To Wed a Wild Lord
2013978-1-4458-2354-6   ''To Wed a Wild Lord
2012978-1-4458-2356-0Alan MacDonaldIggy the Urk: Euuugh! Eyeball Stew!
  ''978-1-4458-2357-7Alan MacDonaldBoom! (Iggy the Urk)
  ''978-1-4458-2360-7Robert J. RandisiCrow Bait
2013978-1-4458-2361-4Robert J. RandisiCrow Bait
2012978-1-4458-2362-1Loren D. EstlemanBurning Midnight
2013978-1-4458-2363-8Loren D. EstlemanBurning Midnight
2012978-1-4458-2364-5Tessa DareThree Nights with a Scoundrel
2013978-1-4458-2365-2Tessa DareThree Nights with a Scoundrel
2012978-1-4458-2366-9   ''One Dance with a Duke
2013978-1-4458-2367-6Tessa DareOne Dance with a Duke
2012978-1-4458-2368-3   ''Twice Tempted by a Rogue
2013978-1-4458-2369-0   ''Twice Tempted by a Rogue
2012978-1-4458-2370-6Jacklyn BradyA Sheetcake Named Desire
2013978-1-4458-2371-3Jacklyn BradyA Sheetcake Named Desire
2012978-1-4458-2373-7Riley AdamsFinger Lickin Dead
2013978-1-4458-2374-4Riley AdamsFinger Lickin Dead
2012978-1-4458-2384-3Max BrandGunman's Goal
  ''978-1-4458-2385-0Tim ChamplinThe Tombstone Conspiracy
  ''978-1-4458-2386-7Jane Candia ColemanDoc Holliday's Gone
  ''978-1-4458-2387-4L L ForemanLongrider
  ''978-1-4458-2389-8William M RaineDesert Feud
2012978-1-4458-2392-8Bradford ScottThe Hate Trail
  ''978-1-4458-2393-5Walt CoburnDrift Fence
  ''978-1-4458-2394-2Dudley DeanDiamond Deuce
  ''978-1-4458-2395-9Ray HoganGuns Against the Sun
  ''978-1-4458-2396-6Lauran PaineLonghorn Trail. Lauran Paine
2012978-1-4458-2397-3Francis W HiltonPhantom Rustlers
  ''978-1-4458-2400-0Laura ChildsAgony of the Leaves
2013978-1-4458-2401-7Laura ChildsAgony of the Leaves
2012978-1-4458-2402-4Kate CollinsTo Catch a Leaf
2013978-1-4458-2403-1Kate CollinsTo Catch a Leaf
2012978-1-4458-2404-8Eli ColterThree Killers
  ''978-1-4458-2406-2Wayne D OverholserProud Journey
  ''978-1-4458-2408-6Robert J HortonThe Cavalier of Rabbit Butte
  ''978-1-4458-2409-3Hal DunningWhite Wolf's Pack
2012978-1-4458-2410-9Noel M LoomisHeading West: Western Stories
  ''978-1-4458-2412-3Eli ColterThe Adventures of Hawke Travis
  ''978-1-4458-2413-0Louis L'amourBlack Rock a Western Trio
  ''978-1-4458-2414-7L P HolmesRoaring Range
  ''978-1-4458-2415-4Wayne C LeeMcquaids Gun
2012978-1-4458-2416-1B M BowerShadow Mountain
  ''978-1-4458-2417-8Lewis PattenTired Gun
  ''978-1-4458-2418-5ed La VanwayCaprock Range
  ''978-1-4458-2420-8Merle ConstinerDeath Waits at Dakins Station
  ''978-1-4458-2461-1Thomas TaylorHaunters Read By Tom Lawrence
2012978-1-4458-2467-3Malcolm HulkeDoctor Who And The Sea-Devils
  ''978-1-4458-2475-8M. C. BeatonAgatha Raisin and the Day the Floods Came (BBC Audio)
2013978-1-4458-2477-2M. C. BeatonAgatha Raisin and the Love from Hell (Agatha Raisin 11)
2020978-1-4458-2478-9Nigel Robinson · Antony CoburnDr Who An Unearthly Child Unabridged Cds
2013978-1-4458-2480-2M. C. BeatonAgatha Raisin Hiss and Hers (Agatha Raisin 23)
2012978-1-4458-2481-9Doctor Who - Sound Effects (LP) [VINYL]
2013978-1-4458-2496-3Kerry WilkinsonLocked in
  ''978-1-4458-2501-4Kerry WilkinsonVigilante
  ''978-1-4458-2506-9   ''The Woman in Black
2013978-1-4458-2511-3Kerry WilkinsonThink of the Children
  ''978-1-4458-2516-8   ''Playing with Fire
978-1-4458-2525-0Ost: Out of This World - Sci
2012978-1-4458-2526-7P. D. JamesDeath of an Expert Witness (BBC Audio)
2013978-1-4458-2527-4P. D. JamesThe Black Tower (BBC Audiobooks)
  ''978-1-4458-2538-0Marina ChapmanThe Girl with No Name; Complete & Unabridged: 8 CDs

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